Why Do My Nails Burn When I Get Acrylics? Let’s Know the Reason

There are many reasons you may feel a burning sensation when you get your acrylic nails done. I will explain them all.

Depending on the severity, it could cause discomfort or even be unpleasant.

Continue reading to learn more about the causes of burning and how you can prevent it from happening.

These are the reasons your nails will burn when you use acrylic.

Inadequate preparation of nails: As you can see in nearly all of my blog posts, I emphasize the importance of prepping your nails. An improperly prepared nail can cause acrylic nails to become brittle. A burning sensation can be caused by too much pressure when your nails are filed or buffed. This is because you may have removed layers of your natural nails, which could irritate you. You may feel a burning sensation if the nail bed is damaged during nail preparation. A nail file or drill can cause damage to the nail bed, resulting in a burning sensation.

The curing process for gel acrylic nails is not perfect. You should not heat your gel acrylic nails while curing. This can lead to blistering.

If too much methacrylic acid primer has been used, primers should be applied only to the nail bed. They should not come in contact with the skin surrounding your nails. To reduce the burning sensation you may feel after priming your nails, and I suggest soaking your hands in baking soda with water for two to three minutes. You should use the primer sparingly.

Acrylic nails for the first time: This new treatment can cause a burning sensation in your nails.

A thin nailbed: You may feel a burning sensation after you have applied your nail glue to it. A weak or thin nail bed could cause a burning sensation as the glue can emit heat when it cures. I recommend using a medium viscosity adhesive on a thin nail bed. If your nail bed becomes weaker, I would advise waiting until it gets stronger before applying acrylic nails. Make sure the nail technician doesn’t touch your skin when using nail glue.

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Thick acrylic nail: When applying acrylic powder to your nails, ensure that you use a thin layer because the thicker your acrylic nails are, the more pressure is applied to your natural nail bed. This can lead to a burning sensation. Because acrylic nails can cause bleeding, nail technicians must buff them well enough to make them thin.

What You Can Do To Prevent Your Acrylic Nails from Burning

  • You may feel a burning sensation after applying acrylic nails. To soothe the pain, dip your nails in lukewarm water or spray alcohol onto the nails. This will reduce the heat from the acrylic nails.
  • Choose shorter acrylic nails to save the acrylic powder. To prevent infection, wash your nails with warm water.
  • If you have a thin nail bed, ensure that the nail technician applies the nail glue only to your skin.
  • Because of the tendency to leave a dent in the nail bed, any electric device can cause burning sensations. Nail technicians should use only a nail file.
  • Let your nail technician know when you feel pain or discomfort while having your nails done.

Wrapping Up!

Acrylic nails can cause my nails to burn.

Most likely, your nails will burn for the reasons mentioned in this blog post.

Acrylic nails can irritate due to the chemicals used in the entire process.

Most sensations of burning are temporary and should disappear within 24 hours. If it does, I recommend that you remove your acrylic nails and use painkillers.

Let me know if you ever felt a burning sensation when you had acrylic nails done. Also, let me know what you did to relieve the burning sensation.

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Can you spot the cause of your acrylic nails burning?

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