When Can I Put Furniture on Refinished Hardwood Floors? (September 2022) Guide

A frequent homeowner questions who have hardwood flooring is “When should I place furniture on my refinished hardwood floors. ?

This is a great one since a lot of people end up ruining their hardwood floors they are trying to improve by putting furniture in the area before the finish is set and fully dried.

The fact is, the length of time you must be waiting before you can put furniture back onto refinished hardwood floors is dependent on one factor- the kind of Polyurethane that is used.

In general there are two major types of polyurethanes –

  • Oil-based Polyurethane
  • Water-Based Polyurethane

In this post I’ll go over in detail the amount of time before your wood floors that have been refinished will be able to support furniture.

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When is the Best Time to Put Furniture on Hardwood Floors Refinished?

Oil-based Polyurethanewhen to Use Furniture on Hardwood Floors Refinished

Polyurethane made from oil typically takes more time to completely dry.

This is in addition to the fact that additional coats of finish are required to maintain its durability.

If, for example, three coats are required to be applied, it is possible to be completed in three consecutive days. Between coats, each should be allowed at least 24-hours to cure. Stains require at minimum 24 hours to dry. The darker stains might need more time.

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Things like humidity can impact the timeline of drying. If the conditions are humid, it may take longer to dry. Other variables that could influence drying times could be influenced by factors such as the type of wood used and the types of wood.

Then when do you put furniture on hardwood floors that are refinished?

In the ideal scenario, you should be waiting four days before moving furniture back in.

Four days is sufficient time to let the floor dry and to cure naturally.

When you move furniture backwards be careful not to pull or drag it. Your floors might already be dry, but that doesn’t mean it eliminates the chance of getting scratches, scuffs and scratches.

I would recommend investing in high-end wooden furniture slides to make moving easy and painless and as well ensure your floors are protected against damage caused by furniture feet. The best flooring furniture sliders that I absolutely recommend are FLERISE felt furniture Sliders.

If you do finally put furniture down on your floor, I suggest using felt furniture pads such as those from X-Protector Furniture Pads Felt. The pads create an effective barrier between the furniture’s feet and your hardwood floor, thereby safeguarding the floor from scratches, dents, and scratches.

In reality these pads for furniture should remain in place for as long as possible in an effort to guard and extend the life of your gorgeous hardwood floors.

If you own dogs I’d advise against letting them walk on the ground- not until at least two weeks have passed.

The hardwood flooring and dogs don’t get along. The final thing you’d like to avoid are ugly scratches on your floors after an costly Refinishing process.

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Of of course, there’s no need to wait for two weeks before bringing your pet back in the home.

Since it is safe walking on freshly finished hardwood flooring after 24 hours (you have to wear socks, however) Dogs can wear doggie boots too.

It’s all you have to do is ensure that they wear them every day. If you’re not planning to install a rug or carpet for your floors made of hardwood, make sure to ensure that your dog is wearing pet boots.

Check on our QUMY Waterproof Dog Boots shoes on dogson Amazon. They are among the most popular dog boots sold on Amazon. They’ll guard your floors and hardwood floors, and keep your dog’s in a safe place and even protect the paws from sliding across the hardwood flooring.

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Water-based Polyurethane- When to Use Furniture on Hardwood Floors that have been Refinished?

Polyurethane that is water-based generally takes shorter time to dry completely. Each coat takes approximately 2-4 hours to dry. Therefore, within 48 hours the floor is likely to be dry, and it is safe to place the furniture back.

However, you should make use of furniture sliders when moving furniture to prevent damage to the flooring. Also, make sure you put the furniture pad onto furniture to protect floors and to keep them in the right place.

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What is the time frame before putting Rug back on the newly refinished Hardwood floors?

It is recommended to wait for at least four weeks before you can put the rugs on the newly finished hardwood flooring.

This will allow it to heal completely.

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Why do we have to wait this time?

Rugs made of natural fibers like silk or wool are prone to being damaged due to the new finish especially if they’ve dyed using organic dyes. It’s not the case with rugs made using artificial fibers or dyes.

The waxes, varnishes, and solvents may penetrate the rug’s fibers and then dissolve into dyes. This causes damage to the rug and discoloration the floors that you have just refinished.

This is why it’s crucial to wait until the four weeks are over for the installation of the rug area.

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What is the best time to put furniture on refinished Hardwood Floors? – Bottom Line

Refinishing furniture and placing it back on hardwood floors must be done with diligence. It’s crucial to take your time to return it in order to avoid ruining your newly finished flooring.

Make sure you take the proper precautions before setting furniture back on the floor. This involves using furniture sliders as well as furniture pads. This will safeguard your flooring’s finish, while also prolonging the lifespan of your flooring.

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