What to Put Under Treadmill on Hardwood Floor? (September 2022) Guide

What should you put under the treadmill on hardwood floors?

This is a common question many treadmill owners with hardwood flooring often have to ask.

You’re asking this question after buying a treadmill, and then innocently put it on your unfinished hardwood flooring.

You were unaware of how much damage this powerful exercise machine can do to your gorgeous hardwood floors.

There’s no need to be alone.

Does a treadmill cause damage floors made of hardwood?

The unfortunate reality is that running on a treadmill will definitely harm your floors made of wood.

Treadmills are usually heavy.

The power of this machine could cause deep scratches on the hardwood flooring, carpet and various wood floors.

If you add your own weight to the force that comes from running, the gorgeous and expensive hardwood floor is more vulnerable to damage.

The positive side is, you’ll be able to shield your flooring with hardwood by putting down the highest-quality, durable, and long-lasting treadmill mat.

I will suggest to you the BalanceFrom High Density GoFit Treadmill Mat.

The treadmill mat that I am currently using on my flooring and I am able to confirm that it can effectively protect floors from injuries from the treadmill.

Why should I recommend the GoFit BalanceFrom Treadmill High Density Mat

As I’ve said before This mat is what I run on for my treadmill.

I also purchased an additional one for my exercise bike.

The two machines mentioned above are extremely heavy and could result in permanent damage to the hardwood flooring.

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Additionally, it protects your floors, this mat blocks out all the sound of pounding.

If you’re in a third, second or the fifth-floor apartments, you won’t need to be concerned about fighting with your neighbors due to the constant pounding.

In this regard I will take a list of all the things I enjoy about this mat. BalanceFrom GoFit Treadmill High Density Mat

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Things I Love about the BalanceFrom High Density GoFit Treadmill Mat

  • It’s a mat with a high density that does an excellent job of protecting your hardwood floor as well as carpets from destructive consequences of your treadmill’s heavy weight.
  • It also absorbs the vibrations created by the treadmill during operation , as well as the pounding that occurs when running on it.
  • The mat isn’t just there to safeguard your flooring from scratches, it also shields your treadmill by absorbing vibrations , and shielding the treadmill from damage and wear.
  • Because it effectively blocks out noise it doesn’t need to worry about disturbing your neighbors below.
  • It’s a non-slip treadmill. It stops it from sliding around during running because of it’s rough designs on the sides
  • Its dimensions are big enough to fit most treadmills and other equipment for heavy workouts.
  • A high-quality treadmill mat made using high-density, premium-grade materials it will last an extremely long time
  • It is also possible to purchase an additional one to you to use it as a yoga mat or exercise mat
  • It’s water-resistant. This means that it will not grow mildew or mold which could cause it to turn into a rotting material.
  • The fact that it is water-resistant makes it very easy to clean using just water and soap, and it is extremely fast drying
  • Two sizes to pick from. Just pick the size that will best fit your treadmill.
  • The mat won’t stain your carpet or hardwood floors. There’s no need be concerned about the gorgeous flooring or carpet suffering an unavoidable discoloration
  • It can be used on any floor
  • It can also be used to jump rope
  • It’s flat and flat with it doesn’t curl.
  • It’s very dense
  • It’s also very affordable and is a great price for the money.
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What I don not like about the GoFit BalanceFrom High Density Treadmill Mat

I’m not sure if I have anything negative to review this mat’s performance as well as its performance and the price.

However there is a little small issue with it.

The mat is available in one colour- Black.

It is evident that this isn’t an issue because the majority of treadmills are black, and this mat is going to make a perfect match.

But, there are some such as me be delighted to have a few brighter colors to pick from.

Other than that, in terms of durability, quality as well as ease of maintenance and overall other aspects, the BalanceFrom GoFit Extreme Density Trampoline Mat is simply fantastic.

Where to purchase the BalanceFrom High Density GoFit Treadmill Mat

The BalanceFrom GoFit High Density Mat is currently among the top treadmill mats sold on Amazon currently.

It has a fairly good rating and plenty of reviews from satisfied customers.

It will be interesting to read the positive things that people have to write about it.

It’s also reasonably priced when you buy it there.

In these circumstances I would highly recommend buying it on Amazon.

Please Click here to view its current Cost from Amazon

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Does This Treadmill Mat safe for Hardwood floors?


As I mentioned earlier, this mat functions as a cushion the treadmill against the hardwood flooring.

It’s designed to stand up to the weight of treadmills and safeguard floors that are sensitive and carpets.

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So , if you’re thinking whether the treadmill mat you’re using is secure, I’m here to tell you that it’s completely safe.

Can this treadmill Cut Noise?

It’s true.

If you place this mat under your treadmill it will reduce the sound of treadmill’s vibrations as well as the noise of running will be greatly reduced.

It’s made from high-quality rubber that significantly reduces vibrations and impact.

Do you think this Treadmill will harm the floor of my Hardwood Floor?


A treadmill can certainly harm the hardwood flooring.

There is no question about it.

This is why it’s crucial to put a high-density treadmill mat under it.

The cushioning will shield your flooring and equipment from being damaged.

What should you put under the Treadmill to Hardwood Floor?- Bottom Line

Treadmills are a hefty piece of exercise equipment.

The machine’s weight can create deep scratches on your wooden flooring or carpet.

Treadmills can damage and tear vinyl flooring very quickly.

You certainly don’t want that.

Hardwood floors are expensive to put up.

A treadmill mat placed under your treadmill will help you save lots of money over the long term.

I hope that I’ve addressed your query about what you should put under the treadmill on hardwood floors.

Take a break and enjoy your workout without stressing about your gorgeous hardwood floors.

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