What to Put Under Gun Safe on Hardwood Floor? (October 2022) Guide

What do you need to put under gun safes on hardwood floors?

This was a question I was pondering after my wife expressed her concern about the heavy weight of my brand new rifle gun safe might harm the hardwood floors in our home.

And she was right.

Within a couple of months, the place where we put the gun safe had scratches and large scratches.

I was aware that I needed to come up with the solution.

Gun safes are known to be heavy, and if they are put directly onto hardwood flooring, the damage can be significant.

After some investigation I discovered a number guns safe proprietors that recommend using a mat of rubber or a piece of wood under the gun safe.

It was the right choice I’ve made, as the new location does not have any dents or scratches.

After some digging I came across this mat: XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat. (NB I have heard that this mat is currently out of availability. This is a great alternative that’s suitable for guns with heavy frames. It’s made of vulcanized Rubber and therefore extremely strong and long-lasting. I highly recommend the IncStores’ Premium 4-foot x 6-ft Rubber Gym Floor Mats Vulcanized Flooring Mats for Equipment.

In contrast to most mats made of rubber the one we have here is constructed entirely out of recycled rubber.

This makes it very robust, flexible, durable stable, and, the most important thing is that it is moisture as well as mildew and mold-resistant.

In this post I will detail the various reasons why it is important to place this mat underneath your gun’s secured for hardwood flooring.


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What Should You Put Under the Gun Safe to Hardwood Floor?

Why should I recommend the XMark Fitness Ultra Thick Mat for Equipment?

  • It’s very thick, and creates a protective cushion between your gun safe and your hardwood floors.
  • It can help prevent damage to the hardwood floors. There are no scratches or dents
  • It’s a heavy mat, and it will not slide or slide when in the use
  • It’s a dense mat that is strong enough to hold even the biggest gun safe
  • It doesn’t retain moisture, and will therefore not cause your gun to rust.
  • It’s a multi-purpose mat that could be utilized as a gym mat garage mat, exercise mat, or for other purposes.
  • It’s made from the most durable rubber that is easily perforated to secure to the back wheels on the guns securely down, making it unmovable
  • It will not stain or discolor your hardwood floors.
  • It is heavy, tough and will last an extremely long time
  • It provides a simple way to lift the gun’s safe from of the floor
  • With this mat, your flooring can comfortably accommodate the gun safe that is heavy.
  • By using this mat you are able to conveniently place the guns safes on the 2nd floor without having to worry about it falling over the floor (this is not often the case)
  • It’s available at a reasonable cost.
  • Due to its robust construction This mat will give you the best value for investment

How Much Does This Mat for Gun Safety Cost and where can I purchase it?

Due to its strong and durable rubber construction, I’d suggest that this mat is reasonable in price.

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It is made of recycled rubber, which is extremely sturdy, strong and long-lasting.

I purchased mine from Amazon for a low price.

Go Here To see its current Prices from Amazon

Is a Gun Safe Too Heavy for my Hardwood Floor?

For you to ensure your firearms are secured, you’ll require an extremely sturdy and robust gun safe.

A large gun safe would be difficult for thieves to take it with them regardless of how they try.

This is precisely why you need an extremely strong safe.

However, the majority of gun owners frequently ask

“Is the gun safe I have weighty for my wood flooring?”

The short answer is no.

A gun safe won’t be too heavy for hardwood flooring.

If your floor has been constructed in conformity with code, your floor will be designed to support the burden of the secure.

The entry level gun safes weigh between 200 and 600lbs, while middle size safes weigh between 600-1000lbs.

The most expensive gun safes are heavier than 1000lbs and commercial gun safes are weighed between 2000lbs to 500lbs.

You don’t need to be concerned about your gun safe falling down the floor, particularly on the second level.

But, what you have to be worried about is the risk of the gun damaging and leaving deep scratches on the hardwood flooring.

This is why I’ve suggested using an extremely durable and thick mat such as the XMark Fitness ‘ XMat Ultra Thick Equipment mat.

Does a rubber mat ruin my Hardwood flooring?

I’ve been using this mat for a long time and it hasn’t been a problem for my floors.

You can also place it on your carpet , and it won’t stain it.

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Does Moving Gun Be Safe Hardwood Floor Scratch it?


A gun safe over hardwood floors is sure to cause ugly scratches and scratches.

Use an hand truck such as that of the Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy-Duty Dolly and Hand Truck that folds for moving your firearm on floors made of hardwood.

This cart isn’t just making it simple for you to transport your heavy gun safe around the house and protects the floors against scratches.

What to put under the Gun Safe to Hardwood Floor- Bottom Line

Gun safes could cause irreparable damage to hardwood flooring.

They’re extremely heavy and their weight can rapidly cause damage to your flooring.

As well as causing damage to your floors, putting the gun safe onto your hardwood floors may make it susceptible to corrosion from the accumulation of moisture.

Installing a mat that is moisture resistant like that of the XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat will keep your floors dry and also the gun secure itself.

Put your gun safe under the hardwood flooring without concerns.

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