What to Put Under a Piano on Hardwood Floors? (October 2022) Guide

Are you unsure of what you can put underneath a piano that is on hardwood floors?

So, I’ve got the solution you’ve been looking for.

If your piano is situated on the floor of your hardwood chances of it causing deep scratches and dents are extremely high.

Moving the piano across a hardwood floor can be even more difficult and more risky.

A piano is very heavy to drag across the floor. It will cause some serious scratches and scratches.

In addition, the piano itself is an instrument that is delicate to play.

So , what can you do?

The best method to safeguard your hardwood flooring against piano scratches is by installing furniture pads.

I suggest placing on the pads of the X-Protector Furniture Non Slip.

Furniture pads do not just protect your floor from scratches but can also aid in keeping it from shifting.

What if My Piano Comes With Wheels

If you have one with wheels, these pads for furniture won’t work.

You’ll need pianocaster cups, such as those from the upright piano caster cups from the WOGOD Store.

Also, if you’re thinking what you can do to safeguard your floors from damage when moving the piano I have the solution you need.

I highly recommend that you purchase the X-Protector Furniture Sliders for Felt Hardwood Floors.

The furniture sliders will help to move your heavy piano over hardwood flooring smooth and easy without causing scratching and scratches and.

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What should you put under an Piano Hardwood Floors?

Put these sturdy and long-lasting X-Protector non-slip furniture pads under your piano , to guard the floors of your hardwood.

Why do I recommend the X-Protector Furniture Non Slip Pads?

  • These pads for furniture help to protect your hardwood floors from dents and scratches resulted by the piano
  • They are able to provide a firm cushion between the piano’s legs and the hardwood flooring, thereby providing maximum protection.
  • In creating a cushion the furniture pads extend the lifespan of the hardwood flooring
  • Because they’re non-skid, they’ll help to keep your piano in placeand won’t slide or slide across the floor
  • The furniture pads are also equipped with an adhesive that is strong enough to allow them to stay firmly on the piano’s feet. They will not easily slip off
  • You can use them to store any type of furniture or appliances, such as couches tables, sofas beds, chairs and dressers, washers refrigerators, freezers, and many other heavy appliances and furniture
  • These furniture pads for all kinds of flooring, including laminate floors, hardwood flooring, vinyl floors concrete floors, marble floors, tile floors bamboo floors, linoleum flooring, and more
  • They’re built to last and will hold securely onto the piano’s feet for many years of time. They aren’t going to wear down anytime soon.
  • They are durable and strong enough to support even the largest furniture, pianos and appliances
  • The cost is very low and reasonable.
  • They’re square and will sit nicely on the piano’s feet.
  • They won’t stain or discolor the hardwood flooring
  • They aren’t toxic so they are safe for pets and children.
  • They can be cut to fit the appliance or furniture feet you like.
  • The adhesive won’t damage your hardwood floor’s finishes
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What is the price these Furniture Pads Set You Back and where can I purchase them?

I bought mine from Amazon and, when compared with other online stores, Amazon sells them at affordable prices.

Furthermore, when you purchase them on Amazon you’re buying directly from a trusted seller, so the chances of receiving counterfeits are very low.

Go Here To view their current Cost at Amazon

What if My Piano Legs Come With Wheels?

In this case, the furniture pads are not going to do any much since the wheels will slide off of them.

What you require is to purchase high-end piano caster cups.

I suggest you to purchase the WOGOD Store Upright Piano Caster Cups for the following reasons:

  • They’re constructed of solid wood, so they won’t break or stretch your hardwood floors when you put them under the pressure of the piano.
  • The caster cups were designed to safeguard your hardwood floors from dents, scratches and even tears caused by the impact of your piano
  • They are made to support the weight of your piano , while safeguarding your flooring.
  • They work with all hardwood floors or carpets, as well as tile flooring
  • They are precisely sized to match the wheels of your upright piano.
  • They’re fairly simple to put in- simply move the piano to either side, then place the wheel into this cup
  • It’s also simple to take off
  • They look very classy with a more modern style and will thus make your home appear more elegant and have elegant style
  • A single box includes four cups for casters.
  • They are made of top-quality materials strong, robust and last for a long duration of time
  • They won’t significantly raise the height of your piano – they’re just the right size.
  • They’re quite affordable and inexpensive, which is they are a good value for budget
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NOTE: These casters wheels are intended to be used on upright pianos.

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What is the cost of these piano Caster Cups Cost? Where Can You Purchase?

The casters are on Amazon.

You can buy them from Amazon for a low price.

I saw them on sale at a bargain here, as compared to other online stores.

They’re quite affordable and inexpensive and are an excellent value as they’re designed to last.

They’re a great option for upright piano that has wheels.

What to put under a Piano Hardwood Floors- Bottom Line

The piano is among the largest instruments. It can put your hardwood flooring at risk, not just when it is moved however, but also when it sits on the floor.

It’s guaranteed to cause irreparable scratches on hardwood floors because of scratches and dents.

Flooring made of hardwood can be costly to replace, therefore it is essential to ensure you take the proper steps to safeguard it.

I have recommended the X Protector Slip Furniture Pads. Slip furniture Pads to safeguard your floors from scratches caused by your piano.

I’ve also suggested WOGOD Store Upright Piano Caster Cups If your piano has wheels instead of normal feet.

I hope you’ve learned how to place the piano on hardwood floors in order to keep them secure and prolong their lifespan.

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