What Backing is Not Good for Vinyl Plank Flooring? (October 2022) Guide

What is the best backing in vinyl flooring?

I’m pretty sure that you’re asking this question because you’ve heard that certain rug contain backings that cause discoloration to the flooring made of vinyl. Therefore, you shouldn’t to commit the error of buying an unsuitable rug.

Well, it’s true. There are carpets with backings that aren’t suitable for flooring made of vinyl and you should stay away from them if you have this type of flooring.

It’s about latex- and rubber-backed rug.

What is a Backing good for vinyl plank flooring?

What is it that makes rubber-backed Rugs and Latex-Backer Rugs unsuitable for flooring made of vinyl planks?

The vinyl flooring option is among the most popular flooring choices for homeowners of all kinds.

It’s usually regarded as an attractive alternative to tile flooring and hardwood floors, primarily due to its flexibility and versatility.

It’s much more comfortable and is extremely sound-absorbing and is water-proof, easy to maintain and clean, and many more benefits.

But vinyl plank flooring can possess one major drawback: it can easily be discolored or stained by latex or rubber backing mats or rugs.

This is the reason it’s recommended to stay clear of rugs and mats when you can.

It is true that the latex and rubber used in mats or rugs (both synthetic and natural) is prone to go through a reaction when it comes into contact with the chemical compounds found in vinyl. The result is staining which can quickly turn permanent.

Most often the chemical reaction occurs caused by exposure to heat generated by sun or friction generated by pedestrians. Areas with high traffic may show more severe discoloration as compared to other locations.

Alongside latex and rubber certain rugs include backings composed of a particular kind of plastic referred to as PVC.

Rugs of this kind are generally made using glues, as well as other kinds of adhesives that adhere to flooring. The sticky residue could harm your flooring planks of vinyl well.

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It is recommended to stay clear of these types of rug too.

What kind of rug are safe for vinyl plank Flooring? – Best Rugs for vinyl plank flooring?

The most effective flooring rugs for vinyl planks are ones that don’t include any of the components I’ve listed above.

Look for natural-backed rugs. They include:

  • Jute
  • Cotton
  • Regular woven backings

One excellent illustration of a Jute-backed rug would be the nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug. It’s a gorgeous area rug that will fit in with your decor and will not damage your vinyl flooring as it doesn’t contain a latex or rubber backing.

If you’re looking for a pure Jute rug, I would highly suggest the NULOOM Rigo Hand-Woven Jute area Rug. It’s entirely natural, sturdy and durable, and extremely versatile. Because it doesn’t contain any latex or rubber nuLoom’s Jute rug is a great option for flooring made of vinyl.

However, there’s something else you must be aware of.

Jute-backed area rugs are known to be slippery when compared with latex- or rubber-backed rug. This is why a large percentage of the area rugs on the market are made with an underlying of latex or rubber that helps to keep the rug in its place.

In this situation, what you’ll need is a rug pad.

A rug pad made of felt won’t stain or mark flooring surfaces. However, this isn’t all there is to a rug pad.

It also stops the rug from sliding because it can grip the surface with firmness. It also shields your flooring with vinyl planks from scratch marks caused by furniture that is set on the area rug.

The RUGPADUSA 1/2” Thick 100% Felt – Safe cushioning rug pad is among the top rug pads on the marketplace right now.

Contrary to some rug pads this pad doesn’t have a latex or rubber backing, making it an excellent, safe choice for vinyl plank flooring.

The pad you place on it can not only shield your flooring made of vinyl from scratches and stains but also extend its life span and the lifespan of the rug in general.

A rug pad of a good thickness provides additional cushioning between your plank flooring made of vinyl and the area rug. Because it’s thick it’s able to take all the impact of the foot and take the brunt of massive furniture that is placed over it.

This means that both your vinyl plank flooring as well as your area rug are protected against destruction.

What if I have a Rug with a Rubber Back that I have on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

If you’ve purchased the rug that is rubber-backed before you knew the extent of damage it could cause your vinyl flooring, don’t fret.

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It is easy to put a rug pad on the floor such as that of the RugpadUSA’s 1/2” thick 100% Felt – Cushioning Protective rug pad.

The rug pad is designed to protect your rubber-backed area rug from scratching the flooring.

When you purchase rug pads, be certain to take measurements of the rug.

Typically an area rug should be at a minimum of 1 inch smaller that the area rug. When the pad of the rug is smaller than it’s edges will be a little shorter. rug would then taper off to the floor.

The tapering of the area rug to the floor stops it from curling around the edges, thereby preventing dangers of slipping in the event that the heels of shoes touch the rug’s edge.

Additionally, it stops the excessive wear and tear on the rug as there won’t be any curving around the edges that could always be caught in shoes.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Can You Make Use of Rubber Bonded Rugs for Vinyl Flooring?

If used with no felt rug pad beneath the rug, rubber-backed rugs are not recommended for flooring made of vinyl.

It’s the reason you must put a felt rug pad between your plank flooring made of vinyl and a rubber-backed area rug to avoid staining.

Alternately, you could buy a non-staining rug to use on a vinyl floors similar to the one I’ve recommended in the previous paragraph. But, you’ll need to buy rug pads as these rug pads are generally slippery and pose an accident hazard for your home.

Are polypropylene rugs safe for floors made of vinyl?

Polypropylene is one the most commonly used elements in rug – and yet, the damage these rugs cause eventually surpasses the benefits they initially offer.

Polypropylene by itself isn’t damaging to vinyl floors. It is impervious to UV rays, water and stains. It is soft and long-lasting.

However, these carpets are typically backed with rubber. This is as a result of an chemical reaction that takes place within the first four weeks after placing it on the vinyl flooring to show unattractive patterns. Additionally, polypropylene backings are not ideal because of their resistance to ultraviolet light, which could make your vinyl flooring fade with time.

Does PVC Rug Backing safe for vinyl floors?

PVC-backed rugs are very popular, however, like polypropylene rugs, they may frequently have negative effects upon vinyl floors. This, too, is mostly due to being a victim of chemicals that can soften vinyl as time passes. In this instance the chemical that is of concern is phthalate.

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But that’s not all. Rubber-backed and PVC-backed rugs are also made from glue and other adhesive materials which may stain or harm your flooring made of vinyl. In general, it’s recommended to stay clear of these kinds of carpets.

Can you use a rug Pad for Vinyl Flooring?

Rug pads are extremely useful in protecting your flooring made of vinyl. They will not only shield your flooring from scratches and indentations, they also shield it from the rugs.

As previously mentioned Certain rugs have backings made of materials that could harm vinyl flooring. In addition, certain rug pads are made of these substances and must be kept away from.

Fortunately, memory foam as well as carpet pads made of felt are suitable for usage and count among the most comfortable rug pads on the market.

Which Rugs Perform Well on Vinyl Flooring?

There are a variety of carpets to pick from, and so many that it can appear overwhelming. But with regard to vinyl floors, certain carpets are more secure than others.

The most beneficial carpets to purchase are wool rugs. They remain loved because of their softness and their ease of maintenance. They are available in a variety of designs and colors and you’ll be able to locate the best one to suit your personal preferences.

Additionally, cotton rugs are a good choice, even though they can give areas they are put in a relaxed and casual style.

What Backings are Not good for vinyl plank flooring? Line

One of the biggest errors that homeowners often make is placing rugs with rubber backings without the rug pad. This can be a costly error.

In reality, the majority of people are unaware that rubber – or latex-backed flooring could color their stunning and costly vinyl flooring.

Perhaps, you’ve now figured out which backings are not suitable for flooring made of vinyl and why using an edging pad on the floor is a fantastic idea.

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