10 Space Saving Best Stackable Pots and Pans (October 2022) Reviews

The best pans and pots can save space. It will prevent slamming or falling of cookware whenever you attempt to remove one pan.

Alongside our endless supply of dishes that are dirty at the sink, we also face the added challenge of keeping our kitchen cabinets tidy.

We all want to dump your pans and cookware carelessly on top of each other to make space. If we try to remove a single pan from the massive stacks of uncoordinated cookware it results in chaotic cabinets filled with pots that are slamming or falling over.

Steel pans made of stainless steel have an advantage as they protect against scratches even if they’re stacked on top of each the other, however this isn’t the case for non-stick pans.

Non-stick cookware is not recommended to stack in a general way, since stacking them on top of each other could cause scratches to the pan’s surface and render its non-stick coating less effective.

Fortunately, some producers have addressed the issue and created a variety of pans and cookware that can be put together without having to worry about scratching or space.

However, searching for pots and pans that can be stacked and have removable handles is similar to searching for an elusive needle in a maze. We also have recommendations for the top ceramic non stick pans 2022 and our top choices for non stick cookware for electric stoves..

Top 10 Space Saving Best Stackable Pots and Pans 2022

We’ve researched and tried cookware from a few of the best brands to discover an excellent set of pots that stack and pans to cut down on clutter and avoid the loss of pots and pans because of scratches.

1. Granitestone Stackmaster C59500 – Best Space Saving Cookware

The Granitestone Stackmaster lineup is produced by the same firm, E. Mishan & Sons that makes Gotham Steel stackable pans. The main difference is the type of material that is used to coat the pans.

Granite Stone non-stick cookware set features a triple-layered granite surface with diamond dust in it to improve the strength and long-lasting that the material.

Like Gotham Steel, Granite Stone’s stackable set of 10 pieces is created to be stacked on top of each other without scratching the coating and thereby saving space in kitchen cabinets.

This set is intended for small families; the sizes of the pans are great for flipping eggs , or cooking small quantities of food. The lids on pots as well as pans can be swapped and designed to be affixed over one another.

While the non-stick set is cleanable with just a few swipes of a sponge lids’ rims are more difficult to scrub clean because the food particles or grime can be difficult to get out.

The non-stick performance of this set is remarkable and food is easily able to slide across the set. The non-stick coating is able to be used with steel spoons and spatulas, too.

The set is oven-safe up to 550 degrees F due to the handle made of stainless steel. Additionally, the base of the pan is designed to be compatible with induction cooking however, the base isn’t robust enough to be able to heat or cook faster on an induction burner. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase this collection of pans to cook on gas stoves as well as electric stove tops.


  • Diamonds in the triple-layer have an excellent non-stick coating
  • Fits with every cooktop and induction
  • Lightweight makes flipping food items simple
  • Safe for dishwashers and the oven to 550 degF


  • Not recommended for high-temperature cooking
  • Food particles stuck on lid’s rims are difficult to get rid of

2. Ninja Neverstick – Best Stackable Cookware

Ninja’s Foodie cooking set that comes with 10 pieces of superior “NeveStick” covering. The non-stick top layer is strengthened by an extremely high temperature of 30,000 degrees making it a strong and long-lasting coating. other non-stick cookware and pots are manufactured at a maximum temperature of 900 degrees F.

The nesting system is a solution to the space shortage in the kitchen cabinets . It occupies 55% less space. The lids can also be stacked to give a neat design in the kitchen.

Ninja’s set is constructed of cold-forged , anodized aluminum with a strong feeling to it. Both the exterior and interior are similar greyish shades. The handles are round and are dual-riveted onto the pan for more strength, control and grip.

Additionally, the handles made of steel of this collection aren’t too hot while cooking. The sturdy rounded handles help balance the pan so that the empty pan won’t fall over, which is an typical problem for pans with weak handles.

This Ninja cooking set comes oven-safe up to 500 degrees F for cooking in the oven, without having to replace the pot. It’s equipped with induction cookware equipped with an stainless steel disk that is attached to the bottom of the.

Another important factor is the thick gauge 4.5 millimeter base, which will take a bit longer to heat up, however it’s heat retention as well as dispersion properties of the Ninja cookware is exceptional that leaves no cold or hot areas.

Likely, thanks to the strength and durability of this coating this cookware set is made of metal and is safe for use with metal utensils. The use of metal whisks, spatulas and forks lets us enjoy more freedom and not being concerned about scrapes that result from contact with non-stick coating.


  • Quick and even heat distribution
  • Ideal for cooking with high heat
  • Both lids and pans are oven safe to 550degF.
  • It can be used on gas, electric, glass, Ceramic and Induction cook tops


  • The lids do not have an air vent hole
  • The handle heats up when it is baked

3. Gotham Steel Stackmaster Pots and Pans

Gotham Steel is a household name that is known for ceramic cookware and pans and offers the 15-piece set that stacks to make space in your cabinets without being scratched. The sets are stacked neatly over one another to free the space of 30% within your cramped cabinets.

The set with copper hues has a Titanium coated ceramic (Ti-Cerama) that has remarkable non-stick properties and ease of food release off its surface. The coating’s ceramic is able to stand up to the test of durability due to its non-metallic surface that can withstand scratches even when using metal spoons, whisks, or spatulas.

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The greatest benefit of this set is that it is possible to swap the lids. The lids are firmly fitted even in the event that you mix them in error, and they will hold the moisture. Glass lids that are tempered let you observe the cooking process.

It’s among the most effective collection made up of saucepans and pots that can handle high temperatures because of its oven temperature resistance of up to 550 deg F. One reason for its strength and durability when baking is its stainless-steel handle, which doesn’t break or stretch when baking.

The pans feature an angled handle that distributes heat. The handle stays cool throughout cooking. The saucepans come with traditional handles that are double-sided to make it easy to lift. Additionally the stackmaster non-stick essentials set comes with an induction burner secure with flat bottoms that rapidly heat up on an induction stove.

Although it’s advertised as dishwasher safe however, the experts here at kitchenunder100 do not advise dishwashing non-stick pans and pots.


  • Unblocking 30% of cabinet space
  • Ceramic ultra non-stick and titanium coating
  • Even distribution of heat with no hot or cold spots
  • All pans and pots are oven-safe up to 550degF.


  • It won’t work with conduction cooktops.
  • The handle of the lid gets too hot to contact

4. T-Fal Stackable Non-Stick Set that can be stacked The Best Nesting Pans and Pots

T-Fal sets that stack comprising 10 pieces is one of the most affordable, yet durable sets. The pans and pots that have titanium in their construction form a tower that eliminates clutter of pans and pots in the kitchen.

If you’ve ever owned T-Fal and have ever used it, you are aware of its unique thermo spot indicator which turns red when the pan has reached the ideal temperature to ensure the highest cooking results.

To help you make your life easier This non-stick cookware set comes with an spout that pours to allow you to transfer food without spilling or contaminating the counter. The stackable version of T-Fal is flexible with a variety of uses.

Making your cooking on the stovetop and then baking the food in the oven, then cooling leftover food in the same dish adds convenience. The set comes with two lids made of plastic that are flat to cover the pots in order to place into the fridge.

Even though the pans come with grips that are riveted, they may become loose after a long period of use. However, the most important benefit is that the handles made of silicone provide a comfortable grip and stay cool even after the pan has been placed cooking for long periods of time. The whole assortment of pans and pans are oven-safe at temperatures up to 400 deg F.

For the non-stick functionality the smooth surface of non-stick allows for simple release of food items without oil use. The set is dishwasher-safe however, it is recommended to limit use of dishwashers since it may make the surface dry. surfaces and diminish the non-stick qualities of the pot.


  • Thermo spot preheat indicator
  • Super-durable and ultra-nonstick coating
  • Food is cooked evenly and without freezing spots
  • The handles are comfortable and secure to hold


  • The company says it is scratch-resistant, however in reality it’s not.
  • Dishwasher cleaning isn’t safe

5. Calphalon Premier – The Best Cookware Set that is Non-stick Stackable and Non-stick

Among an impressive collection of Calphalon non-stick and steel cookware, Calphalon Premier offers the most practical styles that may be nestled within any sequence. The premier version comes with a variety of variations, comprising of 3 5 as well as 16 items of cookware that can be stacked.

Made of hard-anodized aluminum in the center of cookware pans and pots are resistant to scratching, corrosion, stretching and even when the coating wears away.

In terms of the non-stick coating that is non-stick, the Calphalon Premier collection comes with three layers of coating that are more durable and long-lasting than their two-layered “classic collection.”

The cookware and pans they sell are the perfect combination of solid construction, top-quality non-stick performance and style. The lids of the cookware set feature a flat design rather than concave lids with handles that are usually awkward at the topthat cause difficulties when stacking.

The lids that are flat made from tempered glass feature easily grippable handles that can be used as side handles to save space and height when stacking. Handles made of stainless steel are cool and will save you from having to use kitchen gloves.

This cookware set stackable is oven-safe for up to 450deg F and compatible with all stoves, excluding induction stoves. But, when you consider the dimensions of the pans and pots and the solid construction the set is heavier when you attempt to remove the pots to use them or to sort the stack after washing the pots.


  • Unique shape lets you arrange the set efficiently
  • Hard-anodized aluminum’s interior is good for heat transfer
  • Handles made of stainless steel that are riveted strongly
  • Compatible with electric, gas or electric coils. Also compatible with halogen and glass stoves


  • Don’t believe companies’ claims about scratch resistance.
  • Not recommended for use with metal tools.

6. All-Clad HA1 Cookware . Best Induction Cooktop Compatibility

All-Clad can be described as the word that stands for trustworthiness in the field of cookware. This premium cookware set of 13 pieces comes from their HA-1 collection that includes all cookware items that kitchens require to cook every kind of food.

The cookware set HA-1 can be neatly placed in a stack and the nesting pans and pans won’t fall over when stored. To protect yourself ensure that you keep paper plates or kitchen towels in between to keep them from scratching.

The cookware set is hard-anodized aluminum as well as one of the best non-stick coatings with three layers that doesn’t contain PFOA. With stainless steel on the base of pots and pans The collection is also able to be used on an induction stove. Their latest and less expensive “Essential Collection” isn’t equipped with that top of stainless steel.

One of the great things about All-Clad is its sturdy construction made of high-gauged materials and an anti-warp base which can handle temperature fluctuations to a certain level.

The negative and positives of All-Clad collections is the same – their handles. The stainless steel handle permits the pans and pots to increase the endurance of oven temperatures up to 500 degrees F The downside is the appearance of the handles made of stainless steel.

The handles are made unnaturally, which makes for a difficult grip. In addition it’s among the best sets you can keep in your kitchen.


  • Solid construction that is durable and warp-resistant
  • Triple-layered ultra-nonstick coating
  • Compatible with induction as well as other cooktops
  • Handles are cool even if they’re made of steel


  • A little heavier than a flipper to raise and lift.
  • Set of expensive cookware
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7. GreenPan Levels – Best Teflon, PFAS, PFOA Free

Green Pan a company that is committed to healthy cooking. It has also launched the latest “Teflon-safe” technology called “Thermolon” and used it in their entire line of ceramic non-stick pans and pots.

The Thermolon coating distributes heat quickly and evenly and makes it more responsive, so it is possible to sear your food even when it’s on medium heat.

The GreenPan Levels collection checks all the boxes for one of the best pans and pots that can be stacked. The towering stack measures 13.5 inches in height and it is a great example of small size and its space-saving.

It’s a six-piece set that is also available in other variations as well. GreenPan Levels has hard-anodized aluminum for its construction, making it more durable, secure as well as resists warping and rust.

The coating of ceramic is coated with diamond dust that will not only give the interior a glittering sparkle but also enhances the strength of the coating.

The lids are resistant to heat, however, the rim of metal around the lids is sharp and could cause injury in the event that you’re not careful in lifting the pan. However, the stockpot and their saucepan include a strainer lid to help you strain the liquid effortlessly. It also comes with an additional strainer that folds up for dumplings, vegetables or fish.

The handles are encased in a layer of silicone that allows the handle to stay cool while cooking, however the knob on the lid gets hot and needs to be handled with care.

It’s a top, solid set with a remarkable non-stick finish that will last for years when you care for the pans and pots.


  • PFAS, PFOA, and non-stick ceramics that are toxic-free
  • A durable and scratch-resistant surface
  • It is comfortable to grip with the silicone wrapped handle
  • Set comes with very unique lids with strainers


  • Not compatible with induction cooktops.
  • Cleaning dishes and using ovens is not recommended.

8. GreenPan Lima – Best Ceramic Stackable Cookware

Another cooking set made by GreenPan which is not specifically made to be stackable however the 12-piece cookware set is stylish and comes in a variety of size options that could be stackable together to create a tidy design within the kitchen.

GreenPan Lima range has utilized the same thermal lin technology to provide a safe Ceramic nonstick coat. It is effective and scratch-proof, it is evenly heated, and the quick response to the heat makes it an ideal choice for searing.

While GreenPan Levels feature diamond-infused coatings The Lima collection doesn’t feature diamonds within the coating. However, both collections feature hard-anodized aluminium that adds additional strength and durability. This makes the pans suitable for use in the event that aluminum is exposed due to scratching it; the aluminum isn’t able to leach into food products.

Lima cookware, a staple in the kitchen, non-stick collection has sturdy stainless steel handles that are fastened to the pans and pots by rivets to ensure a solid grip.

Due to handle made of stainless steel as well as the hard-wearing ceramic coating it’s GreenPan Lima collection is oven-safe and safe for broilers with temperatures up to 600 degrees F. There aren’t many pans that can stand up to such a temperature, and it’s a feature that we’ve seen on Blue Diamond pans too.

In terms of the non-stick properties food particles easily release the surface. However, the entire collection must be handled carefully and shouldn’t be cleaned in dishwashers or by using scrubbers or harsh detergents.


  • Nonstick, ultra-durable and non-toxic ceramic coating
  • Solid, heavy and warp-resistant, base
  • Ovens and broilers are capable of 600degF or more
  • Easy to wash


  • The handle and lid get hot when cooking
  • Not compatible with the induction cooktop.

9. Anolon SmartStack – Great for high Heat

Anolon SmartStack an excellent option for stackable, mid-priced kitchenware that’s non-stick. The well-designed cookware can is able to be stacked into cabinets into two tiny stacks. The stacks do not exceed 13 inches.

The ample dimensions of saucepans, skillets and stock pots covers everything that a person needs for a large family.

The cookware set features a hard-anodized design and a tough coating. It provides Anolon set the durability to stand up to the constant stirring of spatulas made of metal and the beating of whisks without creating ugly scratches that can eventually damage its nonstick surface.

The patented interlocking handles of the company have an stainless steel handle that has the cover of silicone. The handles are double riveted to give you a additional secure grip. The handles offer the pan an incredible balance, so that it doesn’t topple onto one side when empty.

The pans and pots are oven-safe up to 400 degrees F So you’ll be sure that your oven isn’t exceeding the temperature that is allowed to prolong the life that the cookware.

The lids for pots and pans are made from tempera-tempered glass, with an stainless steel handle on top of the lids. They can be used with each of the pots or pans.

The cookware set can be used on any cooktop, even induction burners. It cooks evenly, ensuring uniform browning of the food , and less risk of burning areas and crusts.


  • Ideal for all cooktops, even induction
  • Ideal for cooking with high heat
  • Patented, secure and interlockable handles that are lockable and secure.
  • Food won’t accumulate around rivets, making it easy to clean


  • The handle gets hot on the the stove and in the oven

10. Blue Diamond Stackable – Best Oven Safe Cookware

If the numerous pots and pans from the collection don’t appeal to you, look into Blue Diamond stackable pots and pans for less than $100.

The stackable pans that do not contain Teflon consist of two frying pans: 8 and eleven inches large non-stick frying pans as well as an 3.5 quarter-quart saute pan that has lid made of glass. The set comes with two spatulas that are made of Nylon.

It’s part of Blue Diamond’s recently launched “triple steel” collection, and is marketed as the latest standard in stainless steel. Triple steel’s construction is distinct from their regular pans.

This aluminum coating is sandwiched between stainless steel layers that run across the entire pan. The interior of the pan has its distinctive “diamond-infused” Starry coat, which is more durable and long-lasting than standard non-stick cookware.

The exterior is made of stainless steel which creates a stunning appearance.

The pans are angled , so you can stack them up to minimize the amount of space that is covered by them in your cabinet. The pans feature a pronged stainless steel handle that stays cool while cooking because of the thoughtfully designed shape.

Blue Diamond pans are one of the most efficient high heat pans since the pans are oven as well as broiler safe . They are able to withstand oven temperatures that can reach 600 degrees F as opposed to many other oven safe pans are able to withstand temperatures of up to 500degrees F. But the lid of the glass is oven-safe with temperatures up to 425degF.

These pans are not suitable meant for induction cookers, and require regular maintenance and care of the non-stick material for them to be used longer.

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  • All the pans and pots included in the set are compatible with induction.
  • Teflon PFAS, PFOA free ceramic non-stick coating
  • Coating is 5x stronger and 10x more durable
  • Ovens and broilers are capable of 600 degF.


  • Not recommended for cooking at high temperatures.
  • It requires a small amount of cooking oil to cook. cooking.

The advantages that come with Stackable pots & Pans

Pots and pans that stack are much more sought-after than conventional sets or single pieces because they provide a variety of advantages.

Reduce clutter: The primary benefit is that it can minimize the messy and cluttered look of the cabinets.

saves space: If you put the pots and pans on top of each other this will save space, which is very beneficial in the case of a small space in your kitchen, or cabinet.

Transportation: Pots and pans that stack are simple to pack and carry to wherever you’d like. Owners of RVs can also benefit from the compactness of nesting pots and pans made of non-stick.

Interchangeable Lids The majority of lids that stack are interchangeable which means that if one of them breaks it is possible to use another lid for your pan to cover your food items and keep the moisture in.

Pots and Pans that can be stacked Guide

Stackable Design

It is true that all pots and pans are able to be nested if they have an sized difference. The lids are able to be inverted to prevent another pan from being placed over them. But it’s not the mechanism that stacks and stacking pots and pans results in a tower that will be more likely to collapse. Thus, it is recommended to purchase an cookware set specifically designed that has a stackable feature, so that you can save space.


Some cookware that stacks can be equipped with detachable handles , which can save space. But , you need to examine the handle attachment that can be detachable and the way it will be fixed on the pot. A loosely-tightened handle on an oven or a pan can be a dangerous risk in its own.

However handles that are integrated offer greater security however they can be a nuisance for those with cramped living spaces.


The lids could be a issue when stacking in the event that the lid’s top handle is into the way. To overcome this, the specially-designed stackable non-stick cookware set features a lid that is flat and shatterproof to ensure that it doesn’t break when the other pots are stacked over it.

Non-Stick Quality

Selecting non-stick pans and pots that have a durable non-stick coating the individual pieces we’re not placing in a stack within the kitchen area is an important thing. However, for pots and pans that can be stacked, with greater chances of being scratched during stacking one of the requirements is having a cookware set that has a top-quality, durable non-stick coating, which doesn’t get scratched when nesting.

The size and style of pots and Pans

You can’t buy non-stick cookware that stacks. Be sure to check the size of the pans and pots which should be in line with your needs. It is not advisable to purchase a massive fry pan or stockpot when you are a smaller family or the reverse. Be sure to examine all the items in terms of their dimensions, as well as all the accessories prior to buying the set.


The solidly constructed non-stick pans are slightly heavier and when you pile heavy pots and pans the weight of the whole set goes up and makes it difficult to remove this pan at the middle on the rack. However, that doesn’t mean you should purchase a lightweight, flimsy set. Purchase pots and pans that have moderate weights that aren’t too heavy, nor do they weigh light.

Two stacks are better than One!

If the stackable pans and pots are intended to be stacked into two towers, this will decrease the weight and enable you to be able to access the pans and pots quickly. A large tower of pans and pots makes it hard to lift it to remove the pan, or when you need to arrange it after washing or cleaning.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can stainless pans made of steel be put together?

Yes stainless steel cookware can be stackable in the event that you aren’t able to fit all of them in a single pan. Pans made of stainless steel are more resistant to scratches and dents so stacking them shouldn’t be an issue, nor will affect its cooking capabilities. In the worst case scenario If your stacked stainless steel pans suffer scratches, you’ll be able to smooth them off.

Is All-Clad stackable?

Yes All-Clad’s stainless-steel pots and pans can be put in a stack and will save space to avoid chaos and clutter. To help you make the right choice The All-Clad D3 stainless-steel cookware set is one of the most compact, and the All-Clad Essentials are stackable too when you put an old dish towel or paper towel between them to shield from the coating of nonstick.

Why is it important to keep pots and pans upside-down?

Pots and pans are able to be placed in an upright way for storage, however, you can also stack with the lid on the upside which means the handle of the lid remains in the pan and provides an open surface for another pan or pot. Affixing lids to pots can make it easier to find the lid you need when cooking.

Pots and pans?

Storing the pans and pots is not an option; it’s an absolute necessity because of the smaller space in cabinets. But , if you stack them, it can make it difficult to access the pan or pot that is which is buried in the stack. The best solution is to separate the more commonly used pans and pots separately and not have to dig through the other pans and pots. The remaining pots are able to be stacked. Pans that are non-stick are best stacked with an extra cushion or plates between them to prevent them from being damaged or scratched.

Pots and pans beneath the sink?

It’s not a great idea to keep pans and pots in the sink because the area is more susceptible to germs, bacteria and mould. Pipes and faucets that leak could also lead to spills. Therefore, even if do not have enough space for storage, you shouldn’t keep pans and pots in the cabinet.


If you’ve read through the reviews we have written about the best stackable pans and pots You shouldn’t have any trouble choosing the best cookware set to meet your kitchen’s needs. However, remember one point! Whatever collection or brand you select, be sure to secure the barrier, such as an old-fashioned plate or kitchen towel between the pans to prevent scratching and increase the lifespan of your pans.

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