How to Stop Washing Machine Moving on Laminate Floor? (September 2022) Guide

Are you wondering how you can prevent from preventing your washing machine being moved on the laminate floor?

This was me some time ago.

It was, in truth, among the more frustrating experiences I’ve had with washing machines.

The machine was able to “walk” and it was not just a major risk to my appliance it also damaged my laminate floor just a bit.

A friend of mine suggested buying anti-vibration washing machines dryer pads, and it was the best purchase I’ve ever made.

I bought my STEADY-PAD Anti-Walk Washer, Anti-Vibration Washer, and Dryer Padsfor low prices through Amazon and my washer has not moved since then.

How to Stop the Washing Machine moving on Laminate Floor?

How Come Washing Machines are moving when cleaning clothes?

One of the main reason why a washer moves and vibrates is due to an uneven distribution of loads of laundry in the washer.

If the load of laundry is not even, the drum also spins in a different direction.

The entire machine is caused to shake.

This is the force that triggers it to “walk.”

The machine can also be constantly moving during operation because of uneven flooring.

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It’s also more likely to fall on wooden floors or laminate flooring.

Installing these pads to block vibration is the only way to stop the irritating moving and vibrating noises.

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Why do I recommend using the STEADY-PAD Anti-Walk and Anti-Vibration Washer and Dryer Pads?

  • These pads will keep your dryer and washer level on the laminate floor
  • The appliance won’t move regardless of how strong the vibrations are.
  • They basically stop your dryer or washer from slipping or slipping on the floor of your laminate
  • The pads will keep appliances in position without the use of adhesive. This is due to the micro-grip pattern that is on the bottom of every pad
  • They are extremely durable due to their strong construction. They are constructed by blending hard durometer rubber , which increases their longevity while also enhancing their performance.
  • They also reduce the noise that comes from your dryer and washer.
  • Each pad is extremely thick, which is great for their shock absorption capacity
  • The pads are compatible with all dryers and washing machines sizes. It’s essentially an all-size fit all
  • They work with every dryer and washing machine brands.
  • The pad will raise the size of your washer as well as dryer, by at minimum 1 inch
  • They’re very durable and you don’t have to replace them frequently.
  • With this pad, you are able to put your dryer and washing machine on the second floor , and there won’t be any noise
  • With the pads you are able to enjoy your washing machine in your apartment without worrying about irritating your neighbors by disturbing vibrating
  • The pads are inexpensive and inexpensive.

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What is the cost of these Anti-Vibration Pads Set You Back and Where to Purchase?

You can purchase the pads for anti-vibration at a low cost on Amazon.

I was unable to find them in my area as well as the handful of online stores who offered the items were selling for more expensive prices.

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They make them among the lowest priced on Amazon.

Please Click here to see their Current Cost at Amazon

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What else can you do to stop Your Washing Machine from moving across your Laminate Flooring?

Apart from installing anti-vibration cup, there are other options that will keep your machine from moving around during operation.

1. Make sure your laundry load is balanced inside the Washing Machine

Be sure to place your laundry in the machine in a uniform manner.

As I mentioned previously one of the primary reasons for the vibrations that occur in washing machines is a sloppy load of laundry.

If you’re washing big and bulky objects, try to mix them with smaller clothes.

You’ll feel less vibrations if you combine bulky items with smaller clothes rather than washing them by themselves.

2.Avoid underloading Your Washing Machine

The act of putting clothes in the machine will trigger it to shake.

Make sure that you put in the proper amount of laundry in the washer before switching the machine on.

If you’re washing a single item such as duvets and blankets, ensure you include smaller pieces to distribute the load.

3. Do not overload the washing machine.

A faulty machine might be the reason you’re moving across your laminate floor.

Try loading a sufficient amount of laundry, and you’ll notice how the vibrating will significantly decrease.

4. Make sure that the machine is level

Before you add water and clothing to your machine for washing ensure that it’s at a at a level.

If you discover that the device is in a tilt position then try to make it level by shifting its positions forward, backwards and sideways until you can find a equilibrium.

Does the Anti-Vibration Washing Machine or Dryer Pads Actually Work?


I’ve had them in my home and I’m sure you’ll never see your machine moving on your laminate flooring or any other flooring made of wood.

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And the best part is that if you aren’t satisfied with the pads you are able to return them to get your money return.

The company that makes these pads provides a staggering 120-day money-back-guarantee.

Still not convinced?

So, click here to read the reviews of happy customers who purchased these vibration pads from Amazon.

Are these Anti-Vibration Pads stain the color of my Laminate Flooring?

No. They won’t cause discoloration or staining to the laminate flooring or other floor.

I’m aware of how difficult the staining of the laminate flooring can be.

The good thing is the fact that they don’t contain any substance that could damage or stain the laminate flooring.

Do these pads protect my laminate flooring from scratches as well as Dents from my machine?

The dryer or washing machine won’t scratch the laminate floor if it’s moving , or being moved.

If you put the mats on your device they block this movement, and thus prevent scratches.

They are made from rubber, which is a popular floor protection.

These pads will shield laminate flooring from dents and scratches.

How to stop the Washing Machine from Operating on Laminate FloorThe Bottom Line

Installing vibration pads underneath your washer is the best method to prevent the washing machine sliding across the floor of your laminate.

I’ve suggested the STEADY-PAD Anti Vibration and Anti-Walk Dryer and Washer Padsas they do more than stop the machine from moving, but also minimize the sound of vibration while also protecting the flooring you have laminated.

Perhaps, you’ve learned how to stop the washing machine from moving across flooring made of laminate.

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