How to Move a Fridge Without Scratching the Floor? (September 2022) Guide

How do you move a refrigerator with out scratching your floor?

I had this exact question when I moved into a new home that had a beautiful hardwood flooring.

A fridge is among the largest and bulkiest appliances that you can find in your home.

When you are moving it across the hardwood floor you risk damaging your floors as well as hurting your back, or harming the device.

The great thing is that you’ll be able to move your fridge and not cause any harm on your hardwood flooring.

I would recommend the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors – SuperSliders SuperSliders Reusable Felt Furniture Movers to Hardwood Floors.

I have these furniture sliders each when I’m arranging my living or kitchen and I’m pleased to say my hardwood floors do not have any scratch.

Additionally is that these sliders make it incredibly simple to move furniture around floors.

In this post I will discuss the reasons why you should look into making use of these furniture sliders when moving your refrigerator or other appliances that weigh a lot.

How to move a fridge without scratching the floor

Why do I recommend SuperSliders? SuperSliders 473395N Reusable Furniture Movers in the case of Hardwood Floors?

  • They shield the floors of your hardwood from dents, scratches, and scratches while you move them
  • They make it incredibly simple for you to shift your refrigerator over hardwood floors. They’ll move your fridge smoothly across the floor
  • They will hold securely beneath your refrigerator and furniture legs due to their tough foam rubber construction, which means they won’t fall off.
  • It is also simple to move refrigerators and other large appliances and furniture. This includes beds, sofas washers, freezers, washing machines and recliners, dressers, tables, and many more large items.
  • They can be used on any hard surface floor including bamboo floors, laminate floors, linoleum and more.
  • After you have moved your fridge, you may either take them out or keep them to clean them up in the future or move them. They will protect the floors of your hardwood from dents and scratches for a while.
  • They’re reusable, which means you can reuse them and over
  • They’re very durable, they will not deteriorate after a few times of use
  • The task of organizing or cleaning your furniture or appliances is no longer an overwhelming job
  • They are quite affordable and are affordable
  • They’re quite heavy and create a buffer between the appliance furniture and the hardwood floor
  • They are available in round and square shapes.
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Note: If you’re searching for the most effective sliders to move your refrigerator across your carpet, I suggest using the SuperSliders 4724095N reusable XL Large Furniture Movers to Carpet.

What You Might Not Like about the furnishings Sliders to Hardwood Floors?

Really, everything worked quite well with the furniture sliders.

I was able move my freezer and fridge up to my kitchen with not a single scratch or scratch to my hardwood flooring.

I put them on in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer to protect your flooring.

I also like the fact that they’re very affordable.

I bought as many I could as I’m always moving my furniture and appliances when doing the cleaning.

They’ll be a delight to you too!

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What is the cost of these Furniture Sliders cost and Where Can I Purchase?

This particular pack includes 4 furniture sliders that can be reused.

The price is affordable, and given the quality of these sliders are, they are worth every penny.

I would recommend purchasing them from Amazon because they are cheaper on Amazon.

Go Here To see their current Cost from Amazon

How to Move a Refrigerator Without scratching floorsFrequently Asked Questions

How thick are these Furniture Sliders?

They are quite heavy.

The sliders made of felt have a thickness of .15″ thick, while they are .29″thick.

Do these Furniture Sliders stain your Hardwood floors?


These sliders for furniture won’t scratch your hardwood floors.

They’re safe and won’t harm the wood floors you have.

What is the way these Furniture Sliders Do They Work?

They are typically used to make a cushioning effect between your fridge and your hardwood flooring.

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They are made to slide on various flooring surfaces and floors, including hardwood floors.

If you put them under the fridge, they easily slide across the floor.

As a result they can help you move your refrigerator easy while also protecting your floor from harm.

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Does Hardwood Floor Scratch Easily?

Your hardwood floor is quite susceptible to being scratched in particular from pets or heavy appliances or furniture across it.

It’s the reason why you utilize furniture gliders, such as SuperSliders. SuperSliders 4703395N reusable Furniture Movers Felt to Hardwood Floors.

They’ll provide a protection against scratches and dents the hardwood flooring.

If your pet is a member, make them wear shoes for dogs or nail caps to shield your hardwood floor from scratches.

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How do I Protect Hardwood floors from scratches?

One of the most effective methods to shield the hardwood floors against scratches making use of furniture sliders while transporting large appliances and furniture across the floor.

If you have pets that are fond of scratching the floor Make sure you buy them some nail caps.

A hardwood floor is expensive to set up and maintain particularly if it has scratches.

It is better to prevent than treat.

How do I Move a Fridge without scratching the Floor? – Bottom Line

If you’re moving your refrigerator to move it or for spring cleaning for spring cleaning, make sure you utilize furniture sliders to protect the hardwood flooring

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They also allow you to move this large appliance fast easily, effectively, and efficiently.

It’s likely that you’ve learned how to move your fridge without damaging the floor.

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