How to Keep Recliner from Sliding on Wood Floor (September 2022) Guide

Do you want to stop recliners from sliding over wood floor? Then read on, because I have the perfect solution!


A recliner that is constantly sliding across hardwood floors isn’t only an inconvenience, it can damage and create deep scratches on your floors.

I’m sure of this since I was once faced with the exact same issue, before I came across the efficient method of stopping your recliner’s wheels from sliding onto my hardwood flooring.

This is about putting furniture grippers made of rubber with bottoms!

Yes! If your recliner is moving easily across your hardwood floors, putting these furniture grippers made of rubber that are anti-slip will help to keep it in place all the time and protect your floors from scratchesand scuffs and scratches.

How to Prevent Recliner from sliding onto Wood Floor

In the end, which furniture grips would I suggest?

There are a lot of furniture gripper pads on the market today, however I will only suggest the one I use to keep all my furniture – from furniture, chairs, sofas and beds.

I highly suggest the X-PROTECTOR NONSLIP furniture pads Furniture Grippers.

The furniture grippers feature an anti-slip rubber back that allows them to grip your floors with firmness and will not slide when placed on the feet of recliners.

The grippers feature a strong upper section that sticks to your recliner’s feet securely and won’t fall off without difficulty whether you slide your recliner across the room.

Here are some more reasons I suggest these non-slip furniture grippers.

Why should I recommend the X-Protector Furniture Non Slip Grippers?

  • These furniture grippers stop that your recliner’s seat from sliding across hardwood floors.
  • They come with a rubber back that stops the recliner’s feet from scratching or denting your gorgeous hardwood floors.
  • The upper portion has an adhesive that holds the pads in place and secures these pads to the recliner’s feet for a lengthy period of time. They aren’t able to be removed easily as other furniture pads that are cheap.
  • They are simple to set up and take down
  • They’re safe and suitable for all flooring, including vinyl, laminate, linoleumand marble concrete, tile and many other floors.
  • They can be used on every kind of furniture and household objects, including beds and chairs, coffee tables tables, vases, chairs and ottomans, plant ports and many more.
  • They don’t contain any harmful substances.
  • They are offered for sale at a reasonable price
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NOTE: These furniture gripper pads are top-quality and long-lasting, and will stand up to the weight of your recliner. Since there is no guarantee that anything lasts forever It is essential to be sure to check the wear and tear every couple of years and change them if required. When the wear has stopped the grippers will have less grip and will not stop the recliner from sliding over the hardwood flooring.

Other ways to stop the Recliner from sliding across Hardwood Floors

1.Use Non-Slip Gripper Feet Floor Protectors

Another option to keep the recliner’s feet from sliding across your hardwood flooring is to put in some rubber grippers that are non-slip to the feet of your recliner.

These floor protectors for feet with gripper feet assist in stopping your recliner’s wheels from sliding and safeguarding your floors from scratches scratch marks, and other damage that could be caused by the chair’s motion around.

The best and most effective non-slip foot gripper floor protections is Slipstick CB380 Floor Protectors. Slipstick CB380 recliner Floor Protectors for Feet.

The recliner gripper feet floor protectors keep the recliner’s back from sliding. They also include an additional adapter ring to accommodate larger feet sizes. These are recliner feet ranging from 3/8 inches to 1-1/4 inches in size.

The grippers can be used with all recliner brands, including Berkline, Legget, Plat, Wyn Pro, and numerous others.

These grippers are made of heavy-duty material and allow your furniture, including recliners, to remain securely in place even when you shift the furniture’s weight, or even during heavy movements.

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In addition, they don’t elevate the recliner’s height. They just elevate the chair by 1/4” away from the ground.

2. Install an Area Rug of Thickness over Hardwood Floor Under Recliner

It’s the more costly solution , but I’m able to assure that it’s worth every penny.

A rug for your area is among the best methods to guard your hardwood floors from scratch marks and dents caused by furniture and extend its life.

This also enhances comfort by making the space warmer.

A large area rug underneath the recliner will help keep it from sliding across your hardwood flooring. The rugs that are thin will not do you much good, which is why I recommend high pile carpets.

An excellent example of a carpet with a high pile that can hold your recliner in its place is distinctive Loom Contemporary Solo Solid Shag Plush Taupe Area Carpet.

Because it’s a high-pile rug Your feet on your recliner’s feet will actually be absorbed by the rug’s fibers, which will limit the movement.

I would highly recommend it even though it is a costlier option.

Note: This rug comes with an underside that can cause the rug to slide off or slide, particularly when it’s not secured by furniture. This is why the company suggests placing a premium rug pad with a thicker thickness beneath it.

There are numerous rug pads available however the best and most secure carpet pad to use on hardwood flooring is RugpadUSA The Basics 100% Felt Protection Cushioning Rug Pad.

The rug pad doesn’t include a rubber backing nor any other material that could harm or stain your beautiful hardwood flooring.

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It’s also extremely thick and provides bouncy cushioning, which improves comfort while the feet of your recliner remain in place even during heavy movements.

How to Prevent Recliner from Slides onto Wood Floor- Bottom Line

It’s likely that you’ve learned the best way to prevent recliners from sliding across wood floors. Use one of the strategies I’ve recommended to stop the nagging sliding, while also protecting your floors from harm. The X-PROTECTOR SLIP Furniture Gripsis without doubt the most efficient and economical solution. I would highly recommend it.

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