How to Get Rid of Powderpost Beetles in Hardwood Floors (September 2022) Guide

If you’re facing an extremely gruesome of all wood-destroying insects that is the powderpost beetle it is imperative to act immediately. If you don’t, you’ll end up replacing your whole hardwood flooringand you’re aware of the cost and time-consuming it can be. If you’re thinking how to eliminate powderpost beetles that are present in hardwood floors, then you’ve come to the right spot.

In this post I’m going to offer the best and most effective method of eliminating the wood-destroying pests that are so gruesome.

How Do I Remove Powderpost Beetles on Hardwood Floors?

After confirming a powderpost beetle presence on the hardwood floor by the most obvious signssuch as round holes and fine sawdust that is powdery It’s an ideal time for you to take care of the area affected.

One of the most effective ways to eliminate powderpost beetles that have invaded the flooring of your hardwood is applying a pesticide containing “borate.”

Pesticides that contain Borate are able to penetrate and kill the wood boring insects that live within the flooring of hardwood. They also kill beetles that are entering or leaving the the floor.

The pesticide also targets the larvae in the wood, thereby preventing the larvae from causing further destruction.

One of the most effective pesticides to get rid of powderpost beetles is Bora Care 1-Jug of Natural Borate termite control NI1001 made by Nissus.

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It’s a trademarked formula that is deeply absorbed in wood. It kills any infestation that is already present in wood.

This kills the adult beetles, as well as larvae.

This formulation is extremely efficient, which is the reason it’s one of the most sought-after solutions for infestations of powderpost beetles.

Apart from eliminating powderpost beetles as well as removing powderpost beetles, Bora Care Borate Pest Control will also protect you from drywood termites and subterranean termites decay fungi, Formosan termites algae, and carpenter termites.

Here is a step-by step guide to swiftly and efficiently eliminate powderpost beetles that can be found on hardwood floors.

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How to Remove Powderpost Beetles from Hardwood Floors by using Bora Care (Step-by-Step Guide)

  • First , you must ensure that the product is mixed properly according to the instructions of the manufacturer. These instructions are in the packaging of the item. The product should be dilute by adding water as it comes as a concentrated formulation
  • For the application of the mix, you can spray, brush or spread it over the wood’s surface. Make sure to apply enough solution so that it gets into the wood
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Given that hardwood floors are usually coated, it’s a good idea to sand off the damaged surfaces first to allow the treatment to work. Refinishing can be done afterward.

Note: One application of this pesticide might not be enough to eradicate powderpost beetles that have invaded the hardwood flooring completely. Since the majority of wood boring beetles’ lives span between three months and a year and more than just a few applications might be required. Reapplication is also an option in the event that you discover new holes after the first treatment. This could mean that some larvae are still in the wood.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, since the floor can be extremely dried, solutions might not get through properly. It is possible that you will miss many larvae as well as adult beetles.

There is no need to leave your home for the treatment. This means that you can finish the task at anytime. The only occasion you’ll need to relocate for a short period of time is when you call for professional fumigation service.

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Make use of Fumigation

If a substantial portion of your hardwood floors are heavily infested with powderpost beetles, then you be thinking about employing professional pest control experts.

A pest control service will likely torch your floors with effective pesticides and equipment. Fumigation is an extremely effective method for getting rid of powderpost beetles at any stage of their development.

When you’re fumigated is required, you’ll have to leave your house temporarily because poisonous fumes from pesticides could be hazardous to your health and the health of your family members.

Note: The fumigation procedure must be done by a certified pest control expert. It is also important to make sure that the pesticides or chemical used to remove powderpost beetles off your hardwood floors do not leave behind any residue. You don’t want your pet or your family to be sick due to the residues left by pesticides. It is a risk that could be dangerous to your health.

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BASF’s CyperTC is one of the top and most inexpensive chemical cleaners that you can find, particularly to get rid of the dreaded Powderpost beetles. It’s quick-acting and powerful and can remove any infestation of beetles within days, providing confidence that your home will be secure and free of beetles within one week.


Cyper TC is cypermethrin based product that is designed to treat common termite and beetle problems. It’s an insecticide liquid concentrate that contains the active ingredient cypermethrin which can cause hyperexcitation and paralysis in nerve systems in the central nervous system of all insects that come in the contact of it.

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It’s quite powerful. Additionally, it’s effective when it dry and turns into an insoluble substance, so you don’t need to spray your home frequently. It’s crucial to remember the fact that Cyper TC is a termiticide that repels insects that means it can only eliminate insects that come in contact with it directly.

This product fights dry termites of wood, subterranean termites wood-infesting beetles beetles and ticks, as well as fleas. It also combats Powderpost beetles, which is of course. The majority of pests that infest your home will face an issue when they come in close contact with Cyper TC It’s an extremely versatile product.


  • Highly potent and powerful – can destroy all beetles.
  • Effective against numerous household pests
  • It contains cypermethrin as an active ingredient
  • Useful even in dry conditions.
  • Only insects that come in contact with it.


  • Has quite a powerful odor

APS Timbor Insecticide

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The Timbor insecticide of APS is formulated with the most potent anti-pest ingredients that are available, and is extremely potent. It also offers great price for the money that’s one of the things we like about it. It is an affordable treatment option for powderpost beetles that doesn’t cost the earth.


The greatest thing about Timbor liquid insecticide is it is that it can be applied to almost every wooden structure that is around your home. This includes decks, fences as well as barns, steps sheds, as well as outbuildings. It’s among the most flexible insecticides available and is ideal to get rid of powderpost beetles.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that any structures you spray the insecticide on must be shielded from excessive rain. Otherwise, the solution will be washed away and the pests will not. If the wood is dryer than average moisture content, it is recommended to apply Timbor using a brush, or by spraying the diluting solution on the wooden surface.

If you’re to a tight budget, we believe you’ll love Timbor because it’s a great value even though you receive lots of product. One quarter of a pound the stuff to be precise. If you’re dealing with the smallest of infestations, that’s enough to wash your home a couple of times over.


  • Very affordable for the majority of people.
  • A large amount of product is contained in each container
  • All wooden structures are suitable for this.
  • The most potent ingredients are effective against powderpost beetles.
  • Simple and easy to make use of


  • Wooden structures need to be protected from rain following the application

System Three Borate Powder

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If you’re in search for a high-quality, effective insect protection for the wooden structures in your home take a look at the borate powder that comes that comes from the System Three. It’s safe and is able to start working immediately to rid your home of insects to give you peace of mind.


It is the System Three borate defense powder is an EPA registered insecticide, termiticide, and fungicide specifically designed to get rid of pests that damage wood. It’s effective on insects that crawl around and eliminates the rot that could otherwise destroy your beautiful home’s wood.

It’s a multi-functional chemical solution that performs well to treat and defend wood against all wood-targeting insects. When powderwood beetles infest your property or you’re struggling to get rid of the fungus that has been taking over your railings, then System Three provides a powerful solution that can be used efficiently and quickly.

Borate powder is water-soluble and is able to be used as dry powder or as a strong solution that penetrates deeply into the wood and purifies any harmful organisms that are lurking in. The package includes a pound of borate powder when you purchase. This is usually sufficient to ensure that your house is free of rot and pests after just one treatment. The most significant drawback is the cost is rather high particularly when compared with similar products.


  • Insecticides registered with the EPA for peace of mind
  • It is safe to use in homes even when children are present
  • It acts as an insecticide, termiticide, and fungicide
  • Dry and as a water-soluble ingredient
  • The product penetrates deep into the wood to provide an effective treatment
  • A large amount of products included in one package


  • It’s not cheap compared to similar products
  • It isn’t easy to use by those who are not familiar with borate powders.

How to Remove Powderpost Beetles on Hardwood Floor- Bottom Line

As with termites, powderpost beetles can be described as pests that are the worst to attack. The harm they cause could easily be hundreds of dollars.

Hardwood floors are costly to set up. If you’ve got a severe powderpost beetle infestation, you’re considering replacing your floor that could cost you an enormous amount of dollars.

The use of a borate-based insecticide is one of the most effective ways to get rid of powderpost beetles from hardwood flooring.

Perhaps, you’ve learned how to eliminate powderpost beetles on hardwood floors.

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