How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas (October 2022) Guide

“How do I repair carpet that is matted in areas that are heavily used?”

This is a frequent issue that homeowners frequently are asked.

A carpet that is matted often appears very dirty and messy.

Naturally, with all the foot movement, the matted part of carpet is likely to hold more dust, dirt and other debris.

Due to the pressures of the entire foot movement, the carpet’s fibers are crushed, compressed and thus give a flattened appearance.

Typically, the area with a matte is more brittle instead of being as fluffy as the normal carpet is meant to be.

I am aware of how stressful the feeling of a carpet that is matted can be. This is why I’m going to help you out by presenting you with some of the most efficient methods on how you can repair your carpet that is heavily matted in areas with high traffic.

3 Methods for How to Repair Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas

1.Vacuum the Matted Carpet Totally

One of the most effective ways to smooth out a matted carpet is to clean it regularly.

I would recommend cleaning the carpet with a matted space at least once per week.

While vacuuming the carpet is only going to loosen the mat slightly but it will definitely aid in removing any loose debris, dirt and dust which could be holding the fibers.

Like I said before the accumulation of dirt on a carpet in areas with a lot of traffic will cause it to get extremely matted.

The dirt is usually visible because the matted area is often slightly dirtier in comparison to the other areas.

If you don’t own a high-quality carpet cleaner I would highly would recommend BISSELL TurboClean Powerbrush Pet upright carpet cleaner and shampooer.

The high-quality upright carpet cleaner from Bissell is equipped with four rows of dirt lifter power brush, as well as a strong suction system that lets it effortlessly remove dirt embedded in the carpet, difficult stains and pet spills.

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In conjunction together with Bissell Oxy formula When combined with the Oxy Formula, the Bissell TurboClean Powerbrush upright carpet cleaner machine leaves your carpet fresh and clean.

As I said previously, it’s only the beginning of fixing the carpet that has become matted in areas that are prone to traffic.

The use of a carpet rake is an effective method of making a fluffy carpet.

Let’s talk about the use of a carpet rake in order to smooth your carpet below.

2. Make use of an Carpet Rake to create a fluffy Carpet

With all the dust and dirt that has been ingrained from the area that is matted in your carpet time to get a carpet rake for separating the carpet fibers that have been compressed.

Carpet rakes are an instrument that can help revive carpet fibers that are matted, and helps keep the carpet looking fresh and fresh. It loosens the carpet fibers, making them more flexible and able to be able to stand upright.

Alongside making a carpet more fluffy, a carpet rake could be used to gently agitate trafficked areas that are soiled on your carpet. It also helps to remove dirt that has been buried.

This tool basically is great at of bringing animal hairs, particles hair, mud and other debris to the surface for easy cleaning.

One of the top carpet rakes that can fix carpets that are matted can be one of the best carpet rakes for fixing matted carpets is LandHope Carpet Rrake with Long Handle.

This rake is better in getting rid of hair, dirt dust, paper scraps and other types of particles than a standard broom.

It can even collect tiny dust particles that your normal vacuum cleaner might not be able.

The LandHope Carpet Rake has a very long handle which means you don’t have to fret about back pain caused by the handle being too low to bend.

Utilizing the carpet rake is simple. All you need to do is move the rake forward and back over the matt area on the floor until fibers stand up straight.

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The rake is sold at a reasonable price and is available for purchase it from Amazon. Go Here To check its current Prices at Amazon.

It is possible to sweep the carpet prior to vacuuming to help loosen debris and loosen the fibers for better results when vacuuming. Alternately, you can brush it after you have vacuumed, so to give your carpet a fresh look and feel.

3. Place a little moisture on Matted Carpet. Matted Carpet

Another way to revive carpet fibers that have become matted is to use the right amount of moisture and using a brush to straighten the carpet fibers.

For large areas of matted I would suggest spraying lukewarm water only enough to get the area moist. Be careful not to pour the water directly, since this could cause it to leak across the carpet to the floor. This could harm the floor beneath or cause the carpet carpet pad to begin to rot.

When the carpet is wet enough, you can run a nylon brush over the carpet’s fibers until they’re all straight.

A carpet that is matted could result from the feet of furniture.

In the midst of the tremendous pressure exerted by heavy furniture feet, such as couch beds, bed frames, dressers recliners, couches, and more carpet fibers could get compressed, resulting in an indentation that is deep.

Indentations can be given an updated look with the removal of their matt look by applying an ice cube to the indentation’s small area.

After the ice melts, “comb” the area using a nylon brush straighten the fibers.

You should change the placement of your furniture regularly to stop the carpet from matting in these places.

But, it could be extremely annoying and frustrating.

The best part is that you are able to avoid all matting and still not needing to move the furniture around by placing felt pads under the feet of the furniture.

An excellent example of felt furniture pads I would absolutely recommend, as I utilize them on my feet for furniture is those from the X-Protector Furniture Felt Pads.

These pads for furniture create a sturdy shield over your flooring and furniture feet, which prevents indentation caused by the large pressure being put on the carpet. This, of course, helps to prevent matting too.

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They can also shield the carpet against wear and tear caused by furniture feet, as well as aiding in keeping furniture in the right place which will prevent sliding or slipping.

Let’s talk about the fourth approach to fixing carpets that are matted in high traffic areas.

4. Make Use of Clothes Iron to refresh the Carpet

Utilizing a clothes iron in order to smooth out a carpet is among the oldest, yet most effective methods.

The best part is matted carpets in areas that are heavily trafficked appear new and fresh.

The whole process is simple and stress-free.

It’s like this:

  • Clean a white piece of cloth that is free of lint and squeeze it to get rid of any the excess water. Don’t absorb the carpet
  • Next, you need to set the iron for clothes to moderate temperature.
  • Then, place the damp cloth over the carpet that has been matted.
  • Iron the cloth – the heat and moisture will to soften and loosen the carpet’s fibers, thereby getting rid of the matted look.
  • To cover a large area it is best to use a large, white cloth with no lint.
  • If carpet fibers appear matted, use an nylon bristle to smooth them

How to Repair Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas- Bottom Line

Resolving matted carpets in areas with high traffic isn’t as difficult as appears. Utilizing a carpet rake is one of the most simple and most efficient ways to do this.

It’s essential that these spaces are kept spotless to stop dirt and particles from causing the carpet fibres to become stuck to one another.

Take the steps that I’ve listed above and bring back your carpet’s matte appearance.

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