How Much Weight Can You Put on Vinyl Plank Flooring? (September 2022) Guide

Many homeowners have large furniture such as sectional sofas dressers, and even other heavy objects like gun safes and pianos A common worry is usually whether their flooring made of vinyl is able to support this weight objects without causing harm.

This is a real concern since vinyl plank flooring is floating flooring. With floating vinyl flooring The planks are usually joined at the edges. They are then joined together with a an altered toe and groove design. The grooves and tongue that are engineered into the boards permit them to be locked together.

This method of installation comes with its drawbacks, especially when it comes down to putting an enormous amount of weight over the floors.

When an massive piece of furniture such as a piano is set upon the ground, direct pressure applied to the planks and joints can cause an increase in buckling when expansion and contraction is limited.

What Do You Need to Weight onto Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Grand pianos are extremely heavy up to 1400 pounds or as low at 500 pounds. The weight can vary from model to.

A few upright models, specifically those that are at least 48 inches can weigh as low as 300 pounds while models with more than 48-inches of measurement could reach as much as 800 pounds.

Vinyl plank flooring can easily support pianos that weigh up 1400 pounds. But, it’s vital that you put floor protectors beneath the piano’s feet.

If your piano does not have wheels, then you need to look into putting furniture pads made of felt. The felt furniture pads are great at dispersing the weight of your piano in a uniform way in order to protect the subfloor of vinyl plank flooring below. They also protect the flooring from scratching and scratches.

I highly suggest the X-Protector Furniture Pads Felt that create solid protection between your flooring and your piano which protects the piano against scratches, scuffs and scrapes, while spreading its weight out equally to prevent the planks of your flooring from breaking with the weight.

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If your piano is equipped with wheels, I would suggest placing safe caster cups such as those from the WOGOD upright Caster Cups for Store Upright Pianos. If it’s grand piano I suggest that you purchase the Sound Harbor Store Grand Piano Caster Cups Grand Piano.

As well as protecting your flooring made of vinyl against scratches and dents caused by the piano, these caster cup can also help support and equally disperse the weight of the piano, meaning you don’t need to worry about damage to your floor.

Gun safes can be extremely heavy and many people worry about the possibility of them damaging their floors.

Gun safes weigh as little as 200-600 pounds all up to 1600 pounds. There are guns that are commercially-grade and weigh as much as 5000 pounds. Naturally, it’s the case that you will not need to put in an expensive gun safe.

If you’re using an gun safe that weighs 1600 pounds and a vinyl flooring, it’s sturdy enough to support the weight. But, just like other furniture that is heavy, it’s essential that you put something beneath to keep your flooring from breaking.

You have two options;

  • Install a piece of plywood that evenly distributes the weight while also making sure that there are no scratches or scratches on your flooring. This Woodpeckers Store Premium Baltic Birch Plywoodfrom Amazon is an excellent option. It’s extremely durable, yet light and very sturdy. It can be placed under your gun safe. It is better if there was carpeting on the floor that can provide additional security
  • The second option is to install an extra-strong mat such as one like the the Rubber-Cal Shark Tooth Heavy-Duty Matwhich will help to shield floors that are submerged from damage due to heavy machinery, furniture or other large objects. But, as this mat is made from rubber, it could be a good idea place a felt pad beneath it as rubber is notoriously prone to react with the chemicals in vinyl flooring, producing discoloration. The best mat is RUGPADUSA half Thick 100% Felt cushioning protection Rug Padwhich will protect your flooring from staining from the mat.
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How do I safely move Furniture that is heavy on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

If you’re moving a heavy piece of furniture from one area to another, you should avoid dragging or pulling it across plank flooring made of vinyl – you are at risk of scratching or tearing it or even causing the planks to bow under the pressure of the weight.

This is definitely not what you want.

When the furnishings are too heavy you can use a dolly to slowly move over the flooring. As you remove it from the dolly make sure that you have some helpers since dropping it onto the floor could seriously scratch it and result in the furniture to “lift” around the edges.

If you are moving, ensure that you have professionals handling the heavier furniture and , of course, make sure that they have the appropriate equipment to prevent harming the flooring.

If you’re moving couches that are heavy or other objects that you can manage then you should consider using these Furniture Felt Pads from FLERISE to protect Hard and Carpeted Floors. The felt pads feature a smooth , textured surface that allows you to effortlessly and quickly move furniture over the various types of hard surfaces and carpets. They also protect your floors from dents and scratches. They’re not loud and are very sturdy.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

1.Can You Place Heavy furniture on vinyl plank flooring?

Furniture that is heavy will certainly damage the flooring made of vinyl. This is why it’s essential to put furniture pads or chairs on casters to shield the flooring from scratches. They assist in spreading the weight evenly, thereby avoiding destruction.

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Don’t put furniture or other heavy objects directly on the vinyl flooring planks at any times.

2. How can you protect vinyl plank Flooring from the weight of Furniture?

As I previously explained that placing furniture pads made of felt or cup casters on furniture with wheels such as pianos is among the best methods to ensure the safety of your vinyl flooring from furniture that is heavy.

Vinyl flooring is soft and they are prone to damage, particularly by heavy furniture.

If you’re moving furniture with a lot of weight on the ground, make certain to use furniture sliders like the ones mentioned above.

What Do You Need to Weight in Vinyl Flooring? The Bottom Line

Vinyl flooring can be considered to be one of the top and most sought-after flooring options. It’s sturdy, durable and easy to keep clean.

But, just like other subfloor vinyl plank flooring could be damaged when exposed to heavy pressure. The good thing is that you can stop this from happening with the use of caster cup or pads for furniture over pianos and furniture that weigh a lot since these two tools can help distribute the load equally.

You can now put large furniture or other things on the flooring made of vinyl. It won’t break as long as you follow the proper precautions in accordance with the guidelines.

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