How Do You Stick Outdoor Carpet to Concrete? (September 2022) Guide

Installing carpets in the patio or another concrete outdoor space within your home can provide lots of comfort and ease of use, as well as decreasing the chance of slips as concrete can be extremely slippery in wet. But, gluing the outdoor carpet to concrete is a major issue for a lot of people. So, a question that people often get is “How do you fix the outdoor carpet to concrete. ?

How Do You Attach Outdoor Carpet to Concrete? (How to do it correctly)

One of the most effective and most efficient methods to get the outdoor rug to adhere to concrete is using carpet tape that is double-sided such as this YYXLIFE Double-Sided Carpet Tape for Rugs for Area Rugs Carpet adhesive Rug Gripper, Multi-Purpose and Removable Rug Tape.

The YYXLIFE Double-Sided Carpet Tape a carpet tape made of heavy-duty material that keeps the carpet, rug and runners in their proper place.

Concrete is slippery and makes it hard to get carpets and rug mats to remain in the right place. They are prone to slide across the floor. This is definitely not what you want.

A double-sided carpet tape is a certain way to ensure that the carpet stays in the right place.

It’s even better to keep slip accidents from happening.

One of the major advantages of the carpet adhesive is the fact that it doesn’t leave any residue of adhesive behind. That means, when it comes time to take down or replace your rug don’t be forced to endure the difficult task of removing adhesive.

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Another benefit is that it’s extremely robust and can be able to withstand the most severe weather conditions. The adhesive will remain strong for a long period of period of time, meaning that your outdoor carpet will be able to remain in place.

Overall, it’s safe and durable carpet tape that is efficient carpet tape that can keep your outdoor carpet in place to the concrete flooring.


Without further delay this is a step-by-step guide on how you can attach your outdoor carpet to the concrete flooring.

How to Adhere the outdoor Carpet on concrete (Step-by-Step guide)

  • Clean the area where you wish to put the carpet on. Dust and dirt could prevent the adhesive from adhering on the floor. It is important to clean the entire area prior to putting in the carpet. Begin by vacuuming or sweeping and then mopping the area with soapy water and water.
  • Then, let the area to completely dry. Applying the double-sided tape on a damp surface will stop it from keeping your carpet or rug in position.
  • You must then take measurements of the width and length of the concrete flooring. This will help you figure out the dimensions of the outdoor carpet you’ll have to purchase.
  • When everything is ready make sure you mark a few locations along the concrete floor, where you’ll be putting in parts of the double-sided carpet.
  • Then, take off the carpet tape, then apply the sticky side on the floor surface of concrete on which the carpet is to be laid. Don’t remove the top surface by using paper at this point.
  • After all the designated areas are taped, is the time to remove the paper.
  • Then, carefully lay your carpet over the visible adhesive tape, and then apply pressure.
  • The carpet should be unrolled. This is an excellent solution to avoid bumps or uneven surfaces.
  • When the carpet is set, gently smooth it with your hands.
  • That’s all!
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How to stick Outdoor Carpet to Concrete with glue

The use of a double-sided tape to secure your carpet to concrete floor is among the most simple, efficient, and most effective methods. It’s inexpensive and easy to use.

There is another method to do it, even if it’s more messy.

I’m talking about applying an adhesive that is tenacious to the concrete floor and then laying the carpet on top of it.

For this, buy an adhesive of high-quality. One example is R.O. Roberts Carpet Adhesive, 1 Quart creamy Tan.

If the space you’d like to have covered with the rug or carpet is large, you’ll require more glue. You should build some tubs.

  • Vacuum or sweep the concrete surface, then cleanse the area using soapy water. Do not apply the adhesive until the concrete is dry.
  • Then, spread the adhesive across the entire surface. Apply enough glue to guarantee that it is secure and firm of the rug or carpet. The Warner 8 Plastic Adhesive Spreader 1/8″Notchedto to make the process of spreading much simpler and less hassle-free.
  • Then, spread the carpet over the glued down surface. It is a far more convenient option than simply placing it on top
  • Smooth the carpet using your hands to eliminate any uneven or bumpy areas. Make sure you begin from the center of the carpet and work towards the edges to eliminate any air bubbles that may be present under the carpet.
  • You may want to hold off before you walk across the flooring until you are sure that the glue is set the right way
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What is the best way to Attach the Outdoor Carpet on Concrete? The bottom line

It’s clear that gluing an outdoor carpet on concrete isn’t too difficult at all.

With the proper tools, you can complete the task in a matter of minutes.

Perhaps, you’ve learned how to adhere outdoor carpets to a concrete flooring.

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