Halo Dog Collar Review 2022 $999 For What? Scam or legit?

Looking for Halo Dog Collar Review 2022? Read through this article!

Halo 2 Collar has been a popular smart collar in 2022. You’ll find out why after we have reviewed the Halo Collar and explained all its features and pros. My experience will also be shared. I was initially skeptical. “What kinda collar is that?” was my first thought. While other smart collars, such as the Fi Collar, are much cheaper, Halo far exceeded my expectations. This could be the perfect Christmas gift for dog owners.

Many dog owners worry about their dogs running away from home, or following small animals or squirrels they find on the streets. Because we love our dogs so deeply, being away from them for too long can cause them to lose their sight, safety, and physical fences.

This is especially true if they don’t have any tools to locate them immediately. This is where the Halo Collar comes into play. This collar is a wonderful choice for your dog, not only because of the many features I will discuss below but also because Cesar supports it (I’m sure you have heard of him), who is a well-known expert on dogs and an animal lover.

As a dog trainer and breeder, I was excited to test the Halo collar. Because potential buyers are looking for this information, I decided to spend the money on the collar and write a review. Read the Halo Collar Review below to see if it’s worth $999.

Quick disclaimer: If you do decide to buy a Halo collar, I would greatly appreciate it if you used my referral URL a few times during the review. It helps me maintain high-quality content and allows me to test expensive dog technology. This is not an endorsement. Unlike many websites, I don’t delete negative comments. Before you decide to spend $999 on the collar, feel free to review them!

Halo Collar may not be available due to delays in the shipment of electronic parts by COVID-19. If you find one and are interested in purchasing it, I recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

What’s a Halo Collar?

The next generation of smart dog collars, Halo Collar, features an invisible and configurable virtual fence that protects your dog within the limits you set. This prevents your dog from running away. The collar combined all the features:

  • It is a GPS collar for tracking your dog.
  • It’s to monitor your dog’s activities and health
  • It uses “smart fencing” technology and can be used as an invisible dog fence
  • And many other things

Each device doesn’t need to be purchased separately. Halo collar can combine them all, saving you money and allowing you to get a decent gadget for your dog ( see the current price, the regular price is $999, but they have specials every once in a while).

This collar is different from other smart dog collars that only alert you when your pet leaves the safety zone you have created. The Halo Dog Collar stops your dog from getting lost or leaving your house before you even know it.

They have just upgraded to Halo 2!

Halo vs. halo 2: What has changed?

The company Halo has made great modifications to the Halo 2 collar to address the concerns of dog owners about the original Halo collar. The new Halo 2 collar is more durable and can withstand chewing and rough terrain. It also features a Pro-case, which provides enhanced location accuracy, WiFi, Bluetooth, and battery performance.

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The Halo Collar GPS, which is cutting-edge, is an excellent piece of equipment. The initial version received mixed customer feedback. There were concerns about collars breaking and incorrect GPS positions. False-positive warnings were also raised. The firm listened to customers and made a few changes to address these concerns before Halo 2 was released in late 2021.

The new Halo 2 wireless is more efficient and lasts for 12 hours on average. It has GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth, and WiFi technologies, as well as LTE and WiFi technologies. The device is also IP-67 waterproof. You can travel up to 10 miles. With a variety of sound, vibration, and optional static prompts, you can adjust your dog’s feedback to match their learning style. You can customize your dog’s profile and match the Halo LED to their collar. This illuminates at night and alerts you when it is time to change its mode.

The Halo 2 collar is far more innovative and improved than the original Halo. To access premium Cesar Millan content and data storage, you will need to subscribe to Halo 2. The basic plan is less expensive than USD 5 and covers most of the necessary items to get your system up and running. You can get more benefits by choosing the higher-tiered plan, which could cost between USD 10 and USD 30 depending on how you choose.

Are there Halo Collar Alternatives Available?

SpotOn virtual fencing is the only viable alternative to Halo. SpotOn is more expensive than Halo and difficult to obtain due to the COVID-19 electronic component crisis. SpotOn is too expensive and I wouldn’t recommend it as it has the same features as Halo.

You might consider invisible dog fences, but they aren’t as practical as Halo.

Who is Halo Collar used for?

The Halo Collar can be used by all dog owners and trainers, regardless of their experience. However, it is specifically designed for dog owners who want to train their dogs. Many dog owners don’t know how to properly train their dogs.

Sometimes, positive reinforcement and reinforcement are not enough. Because the Halo Collar can be used with Cesar Millan’s 21-Day Training Program, dog lovers will not want to miss this smart collar. It was a great tool to teach my dogs to respect boundaries. You can read more about this below.

Features of Halo Collar

  • Smart Fences

The Halo Collar has smart virtual fences that can be set up via the Halo App. This allows you to place the boundaries of the fences where your dogs want to play and stay safe. This feature allows you to let your dog roam free within the virtual smart Halo Fences without worrying about them getting out. This is my favorite feature, but there are many more.

  • Safe Boundaries

The Halo Collar’s smart virtual Halo Fences can be stored in the collar. This is another great feature. The Halo Fences integrates with GPS and the Halo Collar’s internal logic. This feature is available even without Wi-Fi and cellular data, so dog owners don’t have to worry.

  • Natural Guidance

The Halo Fence boundaries communicate intuitively and automatically with the customizable Prevention Feedback, which can be customized to suit your dog’s needs. A great feature is the use of Encouragement Feedback, which can be used to guide and command your dog to return home.

  • Unlimited Locations

Because the Halo Fences can be integrated with GPS or GNSS, it is much easier to use. You don’t need to install anything to put up safety fences for your dogs. To set up a fence, simply use the Halo App and tap on the area on the map.

  • All Terrain Types
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Integration of GPS into Halo Fences improved its ability to work in all-terrain types like streams and rivers or driveways and other types of surface and elevation.

  • True Portability

The Halo Collar allows you to create virtual fences at home, but you can’t take your electric fence with you when you go on walks or for long trips. This feature of the Halo Collar is extremely useful and will ensure your dog’s safety everywhere you go. The Halo Collar allows you to track your dog’s location within 10 feet. You can also create as many as 20 fences depending on your needs.

  • Safety Statuses

You can see the safety statuses on the Halo Collar in real-time. The integration of GPS and cellular systems, as well as Wi-Fi and cellular technologies into the Halo Collar, makes this possible. This will make it easier to be with your dog wherever you might be.

  • Activity Tracking

This feature allows you to track your dog’s activity, just like Fitbit or AppleWatch. This feature will allow the device to track and generate reports on how many steps your dog has taken, how much time they spent doing activities, and other details. These data will all be displayed in the dashboard.

  • Prevention Tracking

The Halo Collar also features Prevention Tracking, which tracks the frequency of prevention received by the dog. This includes the Prevention Feedback, such as the warnings, boundaries, and emergency prompts. This data will show you which patterns or changes are occurring in your dog’s behavior and should be addressed during training.

  • 21-Day Halo Program

The Halo Company collaborated and partnered with Cesar Millan, a well-known trainer of dogs, to incorporate his expertise in Behavioral psychology Training Methods into Halo Collar. This involves 21 days of boundary training by following only the four steps they provided. This 21-Day Training Program has been praised as being one of the safest and most effective training methods. It is a proven fact that I have trained all my dogs, even Steve the Bulldog!

The training includes Steps 1 & 2 which include the Days 1 & 2 Training. These involve setting up a user and introducing the Halo Collar, respectively, to your dogs. For the first and second days, you will need to familiarize your dog and yourself with the Halo Collar. The Halo Collar is easy to use, with step-by-step instructions to help you. This Halo Collar was something I tried because I wanted to see how Cesar Millan’s method worked and if it would work for my dog’s training needs.

The Halo app tracks the progress of your dog’s training and allows you to track it. Cesar has created videos that will show you how he trains his dogs. The tutorials are clear and easy to follow. There are also short looped videos that provide step-by-step guidance. This platform is perfect for me as I’m a visual person.

Cesar Millan With A Dog

Day 3 to 10, which is Indoor Training, and Day 11 to 21, which is Outdoor Training, are the third and fourth steps. The Halo Collar offers 6 types of feedback.

  • Encouragements include warning, boundary, and emergency feedback
  • Preventions include a good dog, coming home, and feedback on the whistle.

Three types of customizable feedback:

  • Vibrations
  • Sounds
  • Static
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This feedback feature is so intuitive and does the job. I especially love the come-home feedback. The system automatically sends the feedback to your dog to let him know when it should. Cesar’s “TSCH” command was also included in the feedback feature. You don’t have to be a fan of the feedback type or this brand. The Halo brand allows you to customize and modify everything so that your dog has the experience you want. Cesar can also help you choose the right feedback for your dog. This is what helped me to find the one my dog liked the most.

My dog is very sneaky so I had to use a different collar for him before buying the Halo Collar. My old collar showed me only his location and records of his daily activities. It was not very useful in finding him. My dog is too naughty to be trained properly. I tried my best but it was not enough. This is why I decided to get the Halo Collar for my dog.

The Indoor Halo Beacons communicate with the Halo Collar and provide the perfect feedback to help your dog avoid the boundaries you have set. I found this very helpful when training my dog. The Halo Collar is intuitive in helping to create positive associations and boundaries.

The GPS and GNSS systems are great for Outdoor Training. When my dog tries to run, the Halo Collar warns me at least 10 to 15% before I set the boundary. This smart collar is also very convenient. It works independently so I don’t have to be there to give commands or watch my dog.

Is it worth it to purchase the Halo Collar?

It is worth the purchase due to all the advanced technology and features they have integrated into Halo Collar. It is also approved by one of the most respected dog experts in the world, including me. He even integrated his training program into it as one of its main benefits that are truly beneficial to all dog owners.

Pros & Cons of the Halo Collar

Water rating IP67Smart virtual fencing
There are many subscription plans available
You can set up 20 virtual fencing
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE technologiesCesar Millan’s dog psychology and training features
High priced ( Check the current price
Smaller breeds of dogs (e.g. Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers, and other small dog breeds are not recommended.
Without an internet connection, it won’t work properly
No subscription is required to access premium features

Final Verdict

The Halo collar is amazing! I love it all and the many features helped me to correct my bulldog’s bad behavior and encourage the good ones. The smart collar can be used to guide and train my dog. Two things that I don’t like about this product are that it is extremely expensive. It will make it difficult to decide if the investment is worthwhile. This smart collar was very effective in training my dog. I recommend this collar to all dogs. The current prices can be found on their official website. They also have great financing options for those who are interested in this collar. If you are looking for smart fencing and activity tracking features, but no GPS or training, then I recommend Fi collar. Halo Collar is the best dog collar for the price.

Important Note: If you found this review useful and decided to purchase halo, I would greatly appreciate it if you used my referral URL to make the purchase. You will get a small commission. This will motivate me to purchase expensive gadgets for dogs, test them thoroughly and write honest reviews.
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