Duratrac vs KO2 (Which is the Best?)

When you’re looking for off-road adventure, tires are what you should be paying attention to. All-terrain tires are the best choice if you frequently take your vehicle off-road.

Duratrac and KO2 are the two most well-known all-terrain tires. These two tires are the best on the market for their grip and strong footing on uneven surfaces.

They are nearly identical tires, but there are some significant differences. Which is better between the Goodyear Wrangler Duratec or BF Goodrich KO2 tires? This all-terrain tire comparison guide can help you determine the right answer.

Duratrac vs. KO2

Goodyear Wrangler Duratec Overview

Goodyear Duratrac is an all-terrain tire that has been around for some time. It’s still a popular choice. It is because of the Goodyear Duratrac’s exceptional qualities and aggressive design that this tire has been so successful. Goodyear Duratrac all-terrain tires are recommended for off-roading, mud tracks, and daily driving, especially in winter.

These tires have a deep tread, large lugs, and a massive sidewall. They are designed to provide truck and SUV owners with reliable tires that withstand the most challenging road conditions. However, they also offer dependable performance for everyday use.

Although the tread design is a bit confusing for some, it blurs the line between all-terrain and mud tires beautifully. Amazon reviews of Goodyear Duratec tires say that they can be used on all terrains and are reliable and satisfied.

Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac all-terrain tires are suitable for everyday use.

BF Goodrich KO2 Overview

Goodrich KO2 tires replace the most well-known Goodrich tire, BF KO. The model is a minor upgrade. However, the comparison of Bf Goodrich all terrain KO and KO2 shows that the latter offers a significant improvement.

The KO2 offers better traction in mud and snow, longer tread life and is more resistant to sidewall splitting than its predecessor. These significant improvements are expected to make the tire more appealing to truck and SUV drivers. The KO2 tire is ideal for vehicles that travel on highways, at work, or in off-road conditions.

The tread pattern may look similar if you’ve used BF Goodrich tires in the past. This is not true. The tire is more aggressive and features new technology (CoreGuard technology). The tire can compete with all-terrain and mud tires thanks to its aggressive design and improved tread pattern.

Both Wrangler Duratrac and KO2 can be classified as all-terrain tires. However, they have significant differences in their usability. The KO2 performs well on-road but is also very good in off-road conditions.

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Steering and Comfort

Comparing Goodyear Duratrac vs. BFG KO2 is a great way of making a decision. All-terrain tires are chosen for their ability to work in all weather conditions. However, every all-terrain tire is better suited for a particular road.

This information will help you decide which route is best for you, whether you are driving on well-paved or off-road roads.


BFG AT KO2 can be recommended if you are more likely to travel on paved roads. It is outstanding for its quietness and ease of use. It is surprising how responsive and easy the steering is when driving on the road. With KO2, long-distance highway travel will not be an issue.

They offer a very smooth and relaxed ride. They are quiet and comfortable to ride on. The noise level is very low, and Duratrac is quieter than TA KO2.


Contrary to KO2, Goodyear Duratrac vibrates more on smooth roads than KO2. It is also louder. However, the aggressive design of this tire makes it quite efficient.

BFG KO2 is slightly less comfortable than Duratrac when it comes to comfort. However, Goodyear Duratrac can also be used on the highway. You can drive at a slower speed without feeling any vibrations, so you will enjoy a smooth ride.

Although the tire isn’t very loud, passengers can hear that it is an off-road tire. Duratrac tires are quieter than real mud tires.

Goodyear Duratrac tires reviews highlight the tire’s tendency to sway. This is most likely due to heavy trucks. Sidewalls are not designed to support heavy trucks. The problem could persist because the tires are all-terrain tires, not mud tires.


You should ensure that you compare all-terrain tires on both the road and off-road. This will help you determine which type of tires is best suited to the terrain you drive on most often.


The Goodrich KO2 offers better road performance. Although it performs well in off-road conditions, the grip on snow and mud is not as good.

Goodrich KO2 tires are the best for street and highway performance. These tires can provide excellent performance, even when hauling heavy loads. As a result, you can confidently drive on wet and dry surfaces. In addition, you can get more traction in harsh weather conditions by siping.

When deciding between Goodyear Duratec vs. BFGoodrich KO2, it is important to consider traction on snow and mud. Goodyear Duratec snow reviews claim that KO2 has a good grip on snowy or muddy terrain. However, KO2 is not as effective on snow.

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Goodyear Duratrac tires are quiet and smooth on the road and an excellent choice for everyday driving. However, these tires are best known for their grip on snow and mud.

These tires are not as good as dedicated mud tires, but they are great for winters.

Although the off-road performance of these tires is excellent, it is not recommended for use on extremely rough terrain. These tires are capable of handling most terrain. However, they are not specifically designed to handle difficult terrain.

Durability and Tread life

Both BFGoodrich and Goodyear have great tread life. There is no clear winner.

Goodyear tire owners shared statistics about tires that lasted 75000+ miles before they even considered buying a new set. BFGoodrich tire owners also report a claim of tires lasting between 60,000 and 70,000 miles.

Duratrac tires wear slower than KO2, but KO2 tires have a tread warranty of 50,000 miles. This warranty allows you to choose a safer option.

Durability is Duratrac’s key feature. Duratrac has a toughened tread component that can withstand and handle off-road conditions. KO2 has a different tread pattern.

This ensures that the load is evenly distributed throughout the tire. In addition, thanks to a new tread design, the KO2 tires are resistant to puncture, cuts, and wear.

These tires are great if you’re looking for durability and long-lasting performance.

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When choosing the right tire for you, price is an important consideration. The sizes of both tires are different, so that the prices may vary depending on the price.

Although there isn’t much difference in the tire’s prices, the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac’s price is slightly more than the KO2’s.

You should be aware that prices may differ in local stores from online. You might also get a discount if you buy directly from the manufacturer.

Comparison Within the Brand

It is important to compare tires within a company. This will help you understand the company’s priorities and decide which tire is best for you. You might even find a better tire that suits your needs.

Goodrich KO vs. KO2

Although KO was a tire that has been incredibly popular for 18 years, it’s important to understand the differences between BF Goodrich KO and KO2.

The KO2 tire is a significantly improved version of the KO, which is why it has so many customers. The KO2 tire has a twice as long tread life on gravel and rough terrain, 15% tread life on asphalt, and 20% tread life on snow and mud. It also offers approximately 20% resistance to sidewall splitting.

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Goodrich KO2 tires also have better durability than KO tires that use CoreGuard technology. This technology strengthens the sidewall by 20%, making it more durable and stable. In addition, the new tread design provides better traction in wet and offroad conditions.

The KO2 tires are the best in traction, especially in the snow. Goodrich upgraded the KO tires to improve snow grip.

Goodyear Adventure vs. Duratrac

The new addition to the Goodyear all-terrain tires is the adventure tires. These tires are great for both off-road and on-road stability. In addition, these tires are specifically designed for trucks, SUVs, vans, and trucks of different sizes.

A new tread compound makes Goodyear Adventure tires stronger and more durable. The tread compound provides greater durability and resistance to punctures, cuts, and tears.

Adventure is also equipped with Goodyear Durawall technology which increases the sidewall strength. This prevents cutting and chunking.

The symmetrical pattern is more stable in wet and snow conditions, thanks to the open shoulder blocks. Moreover, with the high grip adventure tires, you can drive confidently.

Duractrac is the better choice in terms of traction, however, when compared to Goodyear Adventure. Duratrac is more expensive, but you get what you pay. Goodyear Adventure is a great option if you’re looking for a low-cost tire with excellent features.

Final Verdict

This comparison guide compares BFGoodrich all-terrain t/a KO2 tires to Goodyear Wrangler Duratec. There is no clear winner. Each tire is unique and can be used in different situations.

The Goodrich KO2 is quieter, more stable, and offers a better road grip. As a result, the KO2 is a better choice if you prefer a more relaxed and comfortable ride.

Duratrac, on the other hand, is more suitable for high traction in off-road conditions, winters, and dirt roads. Duratrac also has a longer tread life. It is, however, a bit noisier than the KO2. Therefore, Duratrac is better if you live in cold areas with many snowy days and frequently travel in off-road situations.

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