Does Furniture Dent Vinyl Plank Flooring? (September 2022) Guide

Does furniture dent vinyl plank flooring?

It is a frequent issue for homeowners who have recently installed stunning and costly planks of vinyl flooring.

The fact is that

Yes, furniture can scratch and leave ugly marks on vinyl flooring.

Does Vinyl Plank Flooring Dent Easily?

Vinyl plank flooring can be extremely robust, durable, water-proof, easy to maintain and attractive, dragging furniture across it can cause serious scratches.

If you’re constantly dragging heavy furniture across the flooring made of vinyl and you’re sure that the floor is covered in scratches and dents.

The most painful thing is that over time your flooring will wear and wear, and getting less water-proof.

The positive side is that stopping scratches on your gorgeous vinyl flooring is simple and inexpensive.

I’m talking about using durable and high-quality furniture felt pads, such as the top-selling felt pads for furniture, X-PROTECTOR..

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How to Avoid dents on vinyl plank flooring?

As I’ve stated before One of the most effective ways to maintain your gorgeous flooring and maintain its durability is to use high-quality furniture pads, such as those from furniture pads X-PROTECTOR.

The felt pads are usually small round disks can be removed and then slapped on the legs on your sofa, chair or other furniture.

The primary purpose of these is to build a solid protection between furniture and flooring, safeguarding your floors from scratches, dents or scratches.

The best part is you are able to put them on any flooring.

For instance, if your home office or another space has different flooring and you don’t have to buy additional felt pads.

Why do I recommend furniture pads from X-PROTECTOR? and Felt Pads

Replacing vinyl flooring can be very expensive.

Why not simply stop the damage before it occurs?

This The X-PROTECTOR Furniture Pads felt Padshave been designed to protect you.

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I too use them, and absolutely love these products, not only because they do an excellent job at protecting my wood flooring and also make it less noisy when furniture is moved.

You’ll love them tooI’m sure of it.

There are many reasons to consider we recommend furniture pads X-PROTECTOR Padsare the top furniture felt pads;

  • These pads for furniture provide the protection you need between the flooring made of vinyl and furniture, shielding it from scratches scratch marks, and scuffs.
  • They provide excellent protection to floors of all types from damage caused by furniture, laminate tiles, hardwood, and even carpeted floors
  • These are premium furniture pads which will give your flooring made of vinyl long-lasting protection from scratches
  • The pads are designed to last – they won’t be worn out for a long time
  • They can be put for any furniture chair and sofas, office chairs as well as dining tables, recliners and ottomans. They can also be used on beds cabinets, desks electronics, and more.
  • The anti-scratch felt pads are simple to apply – simply place them onto your furniture feet and you’re ready to go.
  • Brown pads have been designed to be used on furniture that is dark.
  • The furniture pads that are beige have been specially designed for furniture with a brighter color.
  • These are offered in range of sizes.
  • Make use of the 3/4-inch felt pads on small chairs, plant pots or vases, as well as other small objects
  • Use the felt pads of 1 inch on arm-chair and chair legs
  • Use the 1 by 1 inch felt pads for armchairs and coffee table legs
  • Use the 3 by 4- inch pads for furniture that is heavy such as recliners, beds couches, sofas, and dressers
  • If you can’t locate the correct size, just cut the pads to the size and shape you want.
  • With these furniture pads you’ll never need to repair scratches or scratches on your flooring planks of vinyl
  • Also, you can ignore the uncomfortable and annoying screaming that happens by furniture being dragged across the floor
  • The furniture pads are made of an adhesive that is strong and attaches them to your furniture for a prolonged duration. They won’t fall off when you drag or lift your furniture
  • The package includes 133 furniture padspriced at just $1, it’s a very affordable and inexpensive
  • These pads for furniture are safe for vinyl plank flooring, as well as any flooring surface. They’re made of felt that won’t harm the floor over time.
  • They’re also non-staining that means they won’t stain your floor’s vinyl over time.
  • They are safe and non-toxic. are completely safe for be used around babies as well as pets.
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What is the price of furniture pads X-PROTECTOR cost and where can I purchase them?

The X-PROTECTOR Furniture Pads are among the most inexpensive and affordable furniture pads available on the market today.

I suggest buying them from Amazon because they are much less expensive there.

Please Click here to see their current Cost at Amazon

Does the X-Protector Furniture Pads function with Carpets?

Yes, you can put these mats on carpet.

The manufacturer suggests the use of an X-PROTECTOR furniture Sliders in conjunction with Carpet.

The sliders not only help protect the carpet against wear and tear, particularly when moving furniture and also allow you to move furniture heavy on the carpet much more easy.

Due to how challenging to drag heavy furniture this furniture slider is essential.

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Can you put heavy Furniture onto Vinyl Flooring?


It is possible to put furniture on your gorgeous vinyl flooring.

But, do not place furniture directly on the floor as it will cause damage to the flooring.

This is why we’ve suggested this product: X-PROTECTOR Furniture Pads and Felt Pads.

It is no longer necessary to be embarrassed every time someone in your family drags or moves furniture over your flooring.

If you’re looking to safeguard your vinyl flooring from furniture that is heavy the pads are a good choice.

How do I protect the Vinyl Flooring against Wheels of Office Chairs?

It is the X-Protector Furniture Pads are only made for use with furniture legs.

But what are you using to guard your flooring from getting damaged by chair wheels?

So, I’d like to suggest the The X-PROTECTOR Furniture Caster Cups Premium Rubber Caster Cups.

The caster cups do more than only keep your furniture wheels in the right place. They also

  • Make sure your flooring is protected from furniture that has wheels, including bed frames, office chairs couches, chairs, piano dresser, bedframe tables, and much more.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of floorings: laminate floors, hardwood bamboo, carpeted floors.
  • Guards your vinyl flooring from scratches and dents
  • Will not stain or cause damage to your flooring
  • They are durable
  • They are also quite affordable and accessible
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How do I remove scratches on vinyl plank flooring?

What if your plank of vinyl flooring has already a few scratches from furniture.

But, don’t fret as you will be able to easily remove the scratches.

I will demonstrate exactly how to fix scratches in the vinyl flooring.

Since I often utilize the old English Scratch Remover It’s the only thing I’m going to endorse right now.

This Old English Scratch Remover offers these benefits:

  • It conceals those ugly scratches, dents and nicks from the flooring you have on vinyl and any other kind of wood flooring
  • It aids in restoring wood surfaces by giving them a clean and revitalizing touch
  • It provides a shield of protection that makes your flooring less susceptible to wear and tear
  • It is a durable scratch-resistant cover that lasts for a long time.
  • This is a fantastic option when you have pets and cats who are known scratchers.

To apply this product, simply put it on the surface that has been scratched on your flooring.

Be sure to apply enough of the product to completely over the scratches.

This Old English scratch remover penetrates extremely well and covers minor scratches extremely well.

Once the scratch remover is dry, you can apply a polish for furniture that you prefer to finish.

Note This Old English Scratch remover is best suited for small scratches on the flooring surface. It is not able to fill in the deep scratches.

Does Furniture Dent Vinyl Plank Flooring?- Bottom Line

Furniture that is heavy will definitely scratch the vinyl plank flooring.

To ensure that you’re sure Make use of the furniture felt X-PROTECTOR Pads to safeguard your expensive flooring from scratches, dents and cuts.

I’m well aware of the way scratches can make floors appear messy as well as making it more susceptible to damage from water.

You’ve hopefully discovered how to shield your flooring with vinyl from scratches and dents.

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