Do You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Appliances? (October 2022) Guide

Do you install vinyl plank flooring beneath appliances?

The answer is simple: yes.

Vinyl plank flooring underneath appliances.

However, there are number of dangers.

Why is it that putting heavy appliances on vinyl plank flooring is an Risky Affair

1. Heavy appliances can cause the floor to lift up or even bubble

Since it is floating flooring, it can lift or pop up when the impact of kitchen appliances is put on it.

The reason is because the load of appliances hinders the normal and appropriate expansion and shift of the floor.

The floor can rise, warp and bubble up, creating huge bumps in the floor.

The bumps could quickly turn into dangerous for pedestrians and of course, repairing the flooring could be a long costly, time-consuming, and expensive job.

2. Heavy appliances can scratch or dent and leave marks on your vinyl plank flooring

Another issue is that placing appliances onto vinyl flooring may cause dents and scratches on the flooring.

In reality, the scratches could be permanent. In these cases the only option is to replace the planks. This can be very expensive.

The positive side is that while the placement of large appliances such as fridges or freezers onto the flooring made of vinyl is dangerous, it’s not completely impossible.

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You are still able to do it in the event that you adhere to certain precautionary steps.

How Do I protect vinyl plank flooring under Large Appliances?

1. Make sure you glue down the Appliances’ Substrates

As you may have guessed the vinyl plank flooring is not require adhesives or glues.

While they can be interlocked however, placing furniture that is heavy could cause them to pop or even lift.

This is why experts suggest the use of glue to limit the chance of flooring buckling under the load that your appliance is putting on it.

2. Be sure that the floor does not come into contact with the walls or Kitchen Cabinets

As I mentioned earlier placing heavy appliance on vinyl plank flooring can be very dangerous.

The great thing is that you can get rid of this issue by making sure the floor doesn’t come in direct contact with kitchen cabinets or walls.

This ensures that the planks have sufficient space to move in any direction, without bubbles or warping.

3. Use furniture pads to protect your vinyl plank flooring from scratches

The vinyl plank floor is an extremely strong and robust flooring. This is why it’s a popular choice for many homeowners.

But, its softness can lead to scratches and scratches and.

Nothing is more annoying than seeing your flooring covered in unattractive scratches or scratches.

Because heavy appliances can cause scratches or possibly permanently damage your floors, it’s not recommended to set these appliances on your flooring.

It is a good idea to put high-quality furniture pads directly below the appliances’ feet.

In forming a protective barrier in between the vinyl flooring as well as your appliance feet, your floor will be shielded from scratches and scratches.

There are numerous furniture pads on the market but the only ones that I’d recommend to you is those from X-Protector Non-Slip furniture pads.

With these pads for furniture You won’t need to worry about replacing your floors that cost a lot because of scratches or scratches.

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The pads are offered in a range of sizes to fit every piece of furniture and appliance in your home.

Note This furniture pad has the bottom of the pad is a felt substance that is safe for vinyl plank flooring, as well as other floor. Avoid furniture pads made of rubber as they may cause stains on the vinyl flooring.

4. Make use of Furniture Sliders when moving appliances across Vinyl Plank Flooring

The act of dragging or pulling a heavy appliance such as a refrigerator, freezer or washing machine could easily damage floating floors such as the vinyl flooring.

The impact of these appliances can cause the planks to warp or rise up.

In addition, the appliance could scratch or damage the floors you have just installed.

This is definitely not what you want.

Furniture sliders are one of the most effective ways to ensure that you are able to safely move even the largest appliances over your newly laid Vinyl plank flooring.

The most efficient furniture sliders for flooring made of vinyl include these the X Protector Furniture with Felt Sliders.

They have an elongated bottom made of felt that allows them to glide effortlessly across hard floor surfaces.

This keeps the floor from rising when appliances are laden down and also protects against scratches.

The furniture sliders are also able to equally distribute the weight of appliances and eliminate pressure on one part on the appliances.

5. Utilize an appliance hand truck when moving heavy appliances across Vinyl Plank Flooring

When you’re moving your appliances across flooring made of vinyl, it’s recommended to utilize a hand truck rather than moving it by pulling or dragging it across the flooring.

You definitely don’t want to completely redo your flooring due to bumps or have to repair it due to ugly scratches or dents caused by the dragging and pushing.

Utilizing a hand-truck with rubber wheels can safeguard your newly laid floor covering made of vinyl.

It is also a great way to move heavy appliances across floors, or to or down the stairs simple and easy.

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If you are choosing an appliance hand-truck, ensure that you choose one with a heavy capacity for load since kitchen appliances are quite heavy.

Harper Trucks 6781 Harper Appliance Hand Truck Harper Trucks 6781 Harper Appliance Hand Truckis an extremely convenient and durable hand truck for appliances and the ideal choice for moving appliances across floors made of vinyl plank.

It comes with rubber wheels that will not scratch or dent the vinyl plank flooring.

The hand truck is equipped with single straps that hold the device against the truck’s frame for stability. Additionally, it has staircase climbers that enable you to move the appliance to and from the staircase.

The most impressive feature of all is the hand cart is equipped with the capacity to carry 800lbs.

This makes it ideal to carry all the heavy appliances you use in your house, such as refrigerators, freezersand cookers, washers, dryers and much more.

Do You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Appliances?- Bottom Line

Plank flooring made from vinyl is considered to be one of the best and robust flooring options and is popular among homeowners.

But, it doesn’t work well with large appliances.

Making sure that your floor does not swell or lift under the weight of appliances is the first step in extending its lifespan.

I’ve listed some options that you can implement to shield your gorgeous and long-lasting vinyl flooring from damage by appliances.

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