Do You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Appliances? (September 2022) Guide

Vinyl plank flooring can be used under appliances.

The simple answer to this question is YES.

Vinyl plank flooring can be installed under appliances.

There are some risks.

Why are heavy appliances on vinyl plank flooring a risky affair

1. The Floor may lift or bubble from heavy appliances

Vinyl plank flooring is floating and may bubble or lift when heavy kitchen appliances are applied.

The result is that heavy appliances can prevent proper expansion and shifting of the floors.

This causes the floor’s surface to warp, lift, or bubble, creating large bumps.

These bumps can quickly become a tripping danger, and repairing the flooring could become a tedious, costly, and repetitive task.

2. Heavy Appliances may scratch, dent, or leave marks on your vinyl plank flooring

Also, directly placing appliances on vinyl plank flooring can cause scratches or deep dents.

These scratches can become very permanent, so it is worth replacing planks.

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It’s possible to place heavy appliances, such as refrigerators or freezers, directly on vinyl plank flooring.

It’s possible to do so as long as you take some precautionary steps.

How to Protect Vinyl Flooring Under Heavy Appliances

1. Glue down the areas under the appliances

Vinyl plank flooring is not required to be glued or bonded, as you may have guessed.

They do not interlock well, but heavy furniture can cause them to bubble up or lift.

Experts recommend that you glue those sections to minimize the chance of flooring warping under heavy appliances.

2. Make sure the floor does not come in contact with the walls or kitchen cabinets

As I mentioned earlier, placing heavy appliances on vinyl plank flooring is very risky.

This problem can be easily avoided by ensuring that the floor is not in direct contact with cabinets or walls of the kitchen.

This will allow the planks to move without warping or popping.

3. Use Furniture Pads to Protect Vinyl Plank Flooring From Scratches

Vinyl plank flooring can be a durable and strong flooring option. Vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners.

Its soft nature means it is susceptible to scratches and dents.

Nothing is frustrating than seeing beautiful floors covered in unsightly scratches and dents.

Heavy appliances can scratch floors and cause permanent damage.

It is a good idea to place furniture pads of high quality right under your appliances’ feet.

Your floor will be protected from scratches and dents by creating a protective barrier between your vinyl plank flooring and your appliance feet.

There are many furniture pads on the market, but I only recommend the X-Protector non-slip Furniture Pads.

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These furniture pads will ensure that your floors are protected from scratches and scuffs with no hassle.

There are many sizes available for all types of furniture and appliances.

These furniture pads are safe for vinyl plank flooring. Rubber furniture pads should be avoided as they can stain vinyl flooring.

4. Use furniture sliders to move appliances across vinyl plank flooring

A floating floor such as vinyl plank flooring can be damaged quickly by pulling or dragging heavy appliances like a fridge, freezer, washing machine, or washer.

Some planks may warp or lift due to the heavy appliances.

Worse, your floors may be scratched or dented by the appliance.

This is something you don’t want.

Furniture sliders are a great way to move heavy appliances safely across vinyl plank flooring.

The X is the best furniture slider to use with vinyl plank flooring.

The felt bottom allows the appliances to glide easily on hard floors.

This protects against scratches and prevents the floor from being lifted under the weight of appliances.

Furniture sliders can also evenly distribute the weight of appliances, thereby reducing pressure on one side.

5. Move heavy appliances across vinyl plank flooring using an appliance hand truck

Using an appliance truck is better than dragging it across the vinyl plank flooring when moving appliances.

You don’t want the floor to be refinished due to bumps or to have it replaced due to unsightly scratches from dragging and pushing.

Protect your vinyl plank flooring by using a hand truck equipped with rubber tires.

This makes it easy to move heavy appliances between floors and up or down stairs.

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Because most kitchen appliances are heavy, choosing an appliance hand truck with a large load capacity is important.

The Harper Appliance Hand Truck is a durable and convenient appliance hand truck that can be used to move appliances across vinyl plank floors.

Rubber wheels ensure that your vinyl plank floors won’t be scratched or dented by the device.

Single straps are used to secure the hand truck to the truck’s frame. The hand truck also features stair climbers to make it easy to move the appliance up or down the stairs.

The best feature of this hand cart is its load capacity of 800lbs.

It can carry all heavy appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, and dryers.

Wrapping Up!

Do You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Appliances?

Vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice for homeowners as it is durable and one of the most preferred flooring options.

It does not perform well under heavy appliances.

To prolong its life, ensure that your floor does not bubble or lift under heavy appliances.

Here are some great solutions to protect your vinyl plank flooring.

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