Delta WiFi Details and Complete Guide (September 2022)

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Delta Air Lines (DL), one of America’s largest airlines, started interstate routes in 1978 before the Airline Deregulation Act (1978).

With its regional affiliates and subsidiaries, the airline manages over 5000 flights daily to more than 300 destinations across 6 continents.

This airline offers top-quality Delta WiFi service for as low as $16.00

We have compiled basic information and contact details for Delta Air Lines (DL) to give you a better understanding of the company.

Delta Airlines Info

Airlines NameDelta Air Lines, Inc.
FoundedMarch 2, 1925
Operation CommencementAugust 17, 1929
HeadquarterAtlanta, Georgia, United States of America
Main hubAtlanta Hartsfield – Jackson
BasesMinneapolis St. Paul International / KMSP Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County DTW / KDTW New York John F. Kennedy / JFK New York La Guardia / LGA Los Angeles International / KLAX Salt Lake City International / KSLC Seattle Tacoma International / KSEA
Focus CitiesCincinnati Raleigh/Durham
Frequent Flyer ProgramSkyMiles
AllianceSkyTeam SkyTeam Cargo
CountryUnited States of America
SubsidiariesEndeavor Air
Wi-Fi ProviderGogo
Wi-FiInflight-Paid Messaging – No Charge on iMessage Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp
Size of the Fleet840+
Average Fleet Age14.6 years
AddressP.O. P.O.
Phone Number800-221-1212
Social MediaFacebook

Delta WiFi

Delta Air Lines (DL), offers Wi-Fi internet access. Gogo, a well-known Wi-Fi provider, provides Wi-Fi. Nearly all Delta Air Lines flights now have Wi-Fi.

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Below are the flight details. You can also check if your flight is Wi-Fi enabled on the official website for Delta Air Lines.

2KU from Gogo737-700 737-800 737-900 757-200 (Select) 757-300 A220 A319 A320 A321 A330-900 A350
KU (On Long-haul International Flights).A330 757-200 (Select) 767-300 767-400 777-200
ATG (On Short-Haul Flights)CRJ-700 CRJ-900 E-170 ERJ-175 717

You can send messages for free using the WiFi service of Delta Airlines. To send free messages via iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, you must have the apps installed. It is not possible to send photos, videos, or SMS messages.

Delta Airlines Paid InFlight WiFi

You will need a pass to surf the Internet while on Delta Air Lines inflight Wi-Fi. For $16 per 24-hour domestic day pass, Wi-Fi passes are available.

You can purchase the $28, 24-hour international day pass if you travel internationally. You can purchase the domestic monthly pass or the domestic annual pass ($49.95 or $599.99, respectively) if you fly often.

These links have been provided for your convenience.

Delta Airlines WiFi Plans & Cost

PassData plan DetailsPricePurchase Details
North America Day PassAvailable on one or more Delta flights. Offers 24-hour continuous access and unlimited WiFi on Delta flights within North America.$16.00Buy From Delta
Global Day PassAvailable on any number of flights. Provides 24-hour continuous access and unlimited WiFi on Delta flights around the world.$28.00Purchase From GoGo
North America Monthly PassAre you traveling a lot in the next month? A monthly Wi-Fi Pass allows you to access unlimited In-Flight Wi-Fi on North American flights.$49.95Buy From Delta
North America Annual PassWhen you are constantly on the go, it is even more crucial to remain connected. Get unlimited Wi-Fi internet access in-flight on North American flights for a year when you subscribe to the Unlimited In-Flight Wi-Fi Access program.$599.99Buy From Delta

These are pre-purchase tickets. There are many options for inflight passes available onboard.

Hotline Support

Gogo can help you if you have any questions. Gogo can be reached via their website to contact Gogo Customer Care via live messaging or eChat.

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Questions or comments regarding the service should be directed to Gogo Customer Care at 1-877-350-0038 or [email protected]

How do I connect to DL WiFi?

You must have Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect. Wi-Fi is also required on the aircraft. The official website has the information, as well as the table discussed earlier.

  1. Check that your device is in flight mode
  2. Open settings
  3. Turn on WiFi in WiFi settings and network settings
  4. Check out available wireless networks, and then select “DeltaWiFi”.
  5. Connect to “DeltaWiFi”.
  6. Start your internet browser.
  7. You should be redirected back to the United Wi-Fi Portal. If not, visit “”.
  8. Select the Gogo subscription that is right for you, or purchase a plan that suits your needs. You can also choose the free messaging option.
  9. Enjoy browsing!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Do Delta Airlines offer WiFi?

They provide high-quality WiFi in flight.

Are all aircraft equipped with Delta WiFi?

Delta Air Lines offers the service on all aircraft.

Does the Delta WiFi service cost nothing?

The WiFi service is not free. While WiFi allows you to send free messages, internet-based services require that you purchase a pass.

How do I buy a subscription once I’m on board?

Yes, after you board the plane, you can purchase the subscription.

Can I get a daily subscription?

Yes, you can subscribe to the daily service. A monthly or annual subscription is also available.

Limited DL WiFi Service

It depends on what package you purchase. There is no time limit.

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