Can You Put Rugs on Vinyl Plank Flooring? (September 2022) Guide

Do you have the option of putting rugs over vinyl flooring?

Well, yes!

Rugs can be placed onto your planks of flooring and feel the warmth and comfort that it offers.

But, there’s something you must be aware of.

“Not every rug is suitable to use on vinyl flooring.”

To be precise I’m talking about rubber-backed rugs that can cause discoloration and staining on the flooring you have chosen to use for vinyl planks.

The rubber in rug rugs reacts with the chemicals in vinyl, and this causes staining.

Most of the time, warmth from sun or friction from the foot’s movement on rubber-backed carpets trigger this chemical reaction

If you’ve purchased a rubber-backed rug but you’re worried about it, you’ll still be able to place it on your floor.

Simply place rug pads underneath the rug to safeguard your flooring made of vinyl from discoloration.

Rugs that are not backed with rubber can be slippery for vinyl floors as well as generally, on all flooring.

The best part is that putting a rug on a pad on the floor will not only hold your rug in its place but also stop it from sliding across your flooring.

Rugs Can Be Put on Flooring made of Vinyl Planks?

I would recommend putting on the Mohawk Home Felt All Surface Rubber non slip rug pad. (This rug pad is made of bottom made of rubber. The manufacturer has stated clearly that, after extensive tests, the rug pad won’t stain any flooring such as the vinyl flooring).

If you haven’t yet purchased an area rug to match the flooring made of vinyl I’d like to suggest the unique Loom Contemporary Solo Shag Collection Plush Graphite Gray Area Rug.

In contrast to other area rugs, unlike other area rugs, the Unique Loom Area Rug comes with the backing of jute.

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Jute is a naturally-occurring material that doesn’t react with the chemicals that are in the flooring you have installed. This makes it completely suitable for your plank flooring vinyl.

However, jute-backed carpets can be slippery which is why you’ll still require your hands on the Mohawk Home Felt All Surface non slip rug pad.

In the meantime, here is an extensive analysis of Mohawk Rug Non Slip Pad as well as the unique Loom Shag Rug.

Why do I recommend this Mohawk home non slip rug pad?

I bought this rug pad to go with my rug in the living room a while ago and I must say that it has been very useful to me.

I love that it guards my floors from staining my rug.

We both know well that the stains caused by chemical reactions can last for a long time and the only option is to replace the affected region.

This is why it’s best to stop this from happening prior to it happening.

Here’s an exhaustive list of things I enjoy regarding Mohawk Home’s Non Slip Rug Pad. Mohawk Rug Pad for Home. Slip Rug Pad;

  • It stops it from sliding across carpets and floors thanks to its bottom rubber which firmly grips the hard surfaces
  • It doesn’t stain floors even the fact that it has the bottom of the rug made of rubber. The rug pad passed the staining test in high marks.
  • The rug pad will not leave any residue or marks on your flooring plank vinyl
  • The rug pad provides an extra layer of cushioning between the vinyl plank flooring and the rug pad that allows you to have the softness of your feet as well as comfort
  • It shields your flooring from stains and scratches while extending its lifespan
  • It can prolong the lifespan of your rug by decreasing wear and tear due to furniture, foot traffic pets, and so on.
  • The rug pad is easily cut using scissors to fit the exact dimensions and shape of the rug (a rug pad should be at a minimum 1-inch smaller than your rug. This keeps it in its place, while making sure that the edges aren’t curled which reduces the danger of tripping.
  • The rug pad is a great way to block the sound and therefore is the best option for those who live on the third or second floor, so that your neighbors don’t be able to hear every sound that comes from the house.
  • It’s very easy to vacuum
  • It’s easy to put it upAll you need to do is take it off and cut it into the desired the required size, then set your rug on top of it.
  • It’s manufactured in the USA
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What’s Not To Like about this Mohawk Carpet for Home?

In all honesty, this rug pad is amazing and I don’t have anything negative to say about it.

Since I’ve owned it, it’s never affected my floors or my area rug remains in great shape, showing no signs of wear and wear and tear.

I also like the way it keeps my floors secured from the impact of furniture and foot traffic by putting in a foundation with cushioning.

This is why I strongly suggest that you put it under your area rug , which is on Vinyl plank floors.

In actual fact, it’s advised to lay rug pads underneath the carpets or rug on your floor, as the advantages are numerous.

Why Should I Recommend the unique Loom Contemporary Solo Shag Collection Plush Graphite Gray Area Rug?

As I’ve mentioned previously that choosing an area rug that doesn’t have a rubber backing is an excellent option for vinyl flooring.

This Unique Loom Shag Area Rug is one such rug.

Instead of a backing made of rubber this rug is backed with Jute backing that is a natural product which won’t discolor or stain the flooring you have purchased.

However, because Jute backing can be slippery in nature, you’ll have to put on a rug pad, such as The Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad in order to ensure that it is less slippery.

In any case, here are the various reasons this Unique Loom Area Rug is an ideal option for vinyl plank flooring

  • It’s a luxurious, soft and cozy area rug.
  • It comes with a jute backing that won’t discolor or stain the flooring you choose to install on vinyl
  • It’s durable and strong- it’s made of top-quality materials and is designed to withstand wear and tear even under high foot traffic.
  • It’s the perfect option for areas with high traffic in your house.
  • It’s safe and comfy for your pets and kids.
  • It’s gorgeous and elegant, with a variety of colors and styles.
  • It is available in a diverse selection of styles and sizes such as square, round standard, and runner sizes.
  • It’s a fantastic choice for your bedroom or living room and dining room
  • It’s a machine-made rug made of polypropylene, a durable and strong material.
  • It’s water-resistant
  • It is mold-resistant.
  • It is mildew-resistant.
  • Its stain-resistant properties
  • It is not shed
  • It’s colorfast, which means that the colors on this particular run will not come off when cleaning or fade with time.
  • It’s simple to vacuum
  • It’s easy to clean. The manufacturer suggests spot cleaning
  • It’s dense
  • It’s durable and sturdy
  • It is affordable
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What You Will Not Like about the Original Loom Shag Rug Area

In all other ways the way, this rug is ideal. It’s tough, durable and reasonably priced too.

But, there’s a small issue.

Because it’s made of polypropylene, the rug can produce a mildly unpleasant smell due to off-gassing, which is a typical occurrence for polypropylene rug.

Do not fret though. The scent won’t last long.

It will eventually recede in an open and well ventilated zone.

If the smell is strong enough it is recommended that you leave it outside on a bright day to neutralize the odor.

The manufacturer also suggests baking soda be added to the rug when outside to speed up the process.

Do you have the ability to put Carpets onto Vinyl Flooring? The Bottom Line

Area rugs are completely safe for flooring made of vinyl.

However, as I mentioned earlier it’s crucial to install a rug pad of high-end quality such as mohawk non slip rug pad to safeguard your floors from discoloration as much as preventing slips.

Don’t be afraid to add a rug to the flooring made of vinyl.

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