15 Best Wood for Knife Handles (September 2022)

A knife blade will only work well if it is paired with a sturdy handle, which provides the best grip during cutting.

Every knife user wants a high-quality stainless steel blade with a strong handle before they add one to their collection.

Although a knife handle can come in many materials, the most popular and widely used natural material for knife handles is wood.

This is because wood is an attractive natural ingredient. The handle can be comfortably held by the user.

It’s durable and widely available all over the world.

You should be able to hold the knife tightly while you use it.

If two knives are attached together to make a handle, they are called scales.

We will be discussing the advantages of wooden knife handles and the best woods to use for knife handles before we move on.

The Benefits of Wooden Knifehandles


Wooden knife handles are extremely durable and can last for many years. Timbers are strong and durable, making them an ideal choice for knife handles.

They can also withstand frequent use without cracking and allow you to easily cut meat and vegetables. Wood is a great raw material for making knife handles because of its resilience.

Comfortable grip

A wooden knife handle will last longer if it is properly cared for.

Applying a few drops oil to the surface of the wood and allowing it soak would keep it from cracking.

If the knife handle is made from stabilized wood, it wouldn’t be necessary to absorb stabilization resin. It would also last for a long time.


A wooden knife handle will last longer if it is taken care of properly. A few drops of oil on the surface will prevent the wood from drying out and keep it strong.

If the knife handle is made from stabilized wood, it wouldn’t be necessary to absorb stabilization resin. It would also last for a long time.

Beautiful and Beautiful

Natural wood handles are often very attractive. Wood carving is simple and gives the knife handle a unique shape. It also ensures a comfortable grip.

Knives with wooden handles make a great choice for those who use knives regularly, but knife enthusiasts who want a more exotic selection of knives will also love wooden knife handles.

Large Price Range

There are many options for knife handles made from wood. Knives with wooden handles are available in a wide range of prices, from very affordable and affordable to very costly.

Knife handles made from high-quality wood are a great choice for your cutting, chopping and slicing needs.

With a little maintenance and care, your wooden knife handle can last many years.

We now know how important wood is for knife handles. Let us share a list of the top woods for knife handles.

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Top 15 Best Wood for Knife Handles 2022

1. Natural Oak Wood

Many knife users around the world consider natural oak wood to be the best wood for knife handle construction.

Oakwood is easy to carve, giving it the right shape for gripping the handle.

Oak timber is a fine grain wood that can withstand long periods of use.

Natural oak wood can last thousands of years. Oak wood is also cheaper than other types of wood because it is widely used.

Oak wood handles are light in color, and light brown to light brown in shade.

2. Rosewood

Rosewood is another popular choice for knife handles. Rosewood is a darker shade of oak wood than ebony and it has a similar appearance to ebony.

Rosewood can be found all over the globe. However, Indian rosewood is preferred over all other rosewood varieties.

This wood is beautiful and affordable. It is also strong, durable, resistant to termites, and very resistant to other pests.

Rosewood is ideal for handles for cooking knives, ornamental knives and outdoor hunting knifes.

Rosewood handles will last for longer no matter how often you use your knife.

3. Ebony Wood

Ebony wood has a strong and durable appearance.

This wood is highly praised by knife users for its beautiful appearance and perfect grip.

It is considered the best wood for knives handles by custom knife users. This wood is durable and resistant to termites, which makes it long-lasting.

Ebony wood is very elegant and used for ornamental and custom knife handle designs. Ebony wood is more expensive than other woods because of its high demand.

4. Cocobolo

Cocobolo is highly sought after, especially because of its toughness and resilience in both wet and dry environments.

Natural oil is what gives this wood its strength. This wood is resistant to insects and makes it one of the strongest for knife handles.

Cocobolo comes in a variety of colors including yellow, orange and red as well as purple, brown, black, and purple.

Cocobolo is a high-end wood, but knife handles made from cocobolo will last many years even after extensive use.

5. Bocote

Bocote wood, which is found in Mexico and Central Americas, is a popular choice for knife lovers who desire a beautiful yet comfortable handle.

Bocote wood is an exotic variety of wood that can be used to make knife handles. It is yellowish and has dark brown to black stripes. Bocote wood tends to darken with age.

The tree species that Bocote is made from can make it moderately to extremely durable. Bocote is a medium-to-very expensive hardwood because of its beautiful appearance.

This wood is also susceptible to pest infestation. However, Bocote can be made last longer if it is properly maintained and cared for.

6. Bloodwood Satin

Cardinal wood is also known as bloodwood satin. It comes from Central America and the Caribbean.

Bloodwood satin knife handles offer a pleasant feel. This wood is beautiful and available in a deep, rich red color. It is hardy with fine, linear grains.

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The wood will become more beautiful as it ages. Bloodwood satin is extremely durable and stable. It can be used to make knife handles for many years.

This wood isn’t a common choice for knife handles but knife enthusiasts prefer it over other woods in the same range.

7. Olive Wood

Another popular choice for knife handles manufacturing is olive wood. It is available in light yellow or light-toned brown shades, and has darker brown streaks or black stripes running along its length.

The wood’s color changes as it ages and gives the knife handle a richer look. Olive wood is moderately resistant to insects and can be damaged easily. However, olive wood can be durable for many years with proper care.

Oiling the wood surfaces will help prevent any damage from the knife’s prolonged and excessive use. Olive wood is also inexpensive and can easily be shaped into different shapes.

8. Birch Laminate

Birch laminate is a common wood for furniture making and knife handles.

This wood can be found in America and Europe. It is used to carve various shapes.

Birch laminate is a great wood for knife handles because it can withstand heavy use, even when in direct contact with water.

Birch laminate is the best option for kitchen knife handles.

9. Amboyna Burl

Knife handles made from amboyna Burl are the most rare and expensive. This wood, also known as padouk is extremely durable and resists oxidation.

This product is a good choice for those who want a sleek knife handle. Amboyna is available in a variety of colors such as yellow, red, and golden brown.

Amboyna burl, due to its high price is more commonly used for ornamental and custom knives than it is for kitchen knives.

It is not difficult to find, so don’t be concerned about it being out of stock.

10. Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is beautiful. Black walnut is a native of North and Eastern America. This wood is a true heartwood. It is strong and durable, but flexible enough to be carved easily.

This wood can be used to make knife handles.

Knife lovers who occasionally use their knives and wish to display a beautiful knife can choose such a product.

11. Desert Ironwood

Desert ironwood is also used to make knife handles.

This wood is a native of Southern Arizona and Northern Sonora Mexico. It comes in a dark brown color that becomes darker with age. This wood is very rigid and can be used to make knives handles.

Desert ironwood burl used previously for knife handles. However, plain hardwood is now used because it’s not available.

It doesn’t matter what kind of desert ironwood, it will still look great.

12. Birch Bark

Northern Europe is home to birch bark, which is used as knife handles. These handles are comfortable and provide a secure grip. They also have beautiful looks.

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Birch Bark knife handles are possible to be made without glue. This wood is also water-resistant and doesn’t decay quickly making it an excellent choice for kitchen knives since it is in constant water contact.

Birch bark knife material is durable and can last many years without much maintenance.

13. Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is a popular material for knife handles. It has a beautiful texture and fine grain.

The wood also becomes darker with age, which makes it even more beautiful. Cherry wood is a red-brown color and has a refined and elegant appearance when used as a knife handle.

Cherry wood is moderately tough and provides a firm grip that will last many years.

A cherry wood handle is a popular choice for knife lovers who are looking for a knife that can be used frequently and has a beautiful look.

14. Hickory

For making a knife handle, Hickory is a great choice. Hickory can be used to make knife handles and other tool handles.

Hickory wood is strong, flexible, shock-resistant, and extremely tough. It can be shaped to the desired shape for a tight grip.

The hickory colour is a light cream color with brown streaks along the length. This gives it a contrast look when attached on a steel blade.

15. Maple Burl

Maple burl is a popular material for making knives handles. Burl, an unusual outer growth on the tree, is what gives rise to the wood.

Burl wood is treated with resins to keep it from cracking, and then dyed in different colors before being made into a knife handle.

Maple burl wood is a preferred handle for knives because of its comfortable grip and ease-of-use.

Wrapping Up!

Knives have been used for centuries with handles made of various materials, both synthetic and natural. All knife users prefer wood for knife handles.

Wooden knife handles are naturally found in every part of the globe and can be found everywhere. They can also be ornamental or custom-made for superior looks.

The wooden handles are comfortable and allow the user to use their knife without having to worry about it slipping from their hands.

Knife owners can choose from a variety of wood types to make their knives handles, depending on the type of use they want and how long they will be used.

You can use a knife to carry heavy loads or to simply add to your collection. Before you make a decision, it is important to consider your needs before making a purchase.

Before you decide on the right wood for your next knife handle purchase, think about the utility, appearance, comfort, frequency of usage, sustainability, and durability.

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