10 Best Wood Filament (October 2022) Reviews

Thermoplastic filaments are extensively used in a variety of industries, but at times, they do not give the perfect texture for wood designs.

In this situation, a wood filament is exactly what you need. It is made up from 70 percent polymer, and around 30 percent wood fibers. We will therefore assist you in finding the most suitable wood filament that is suitable for your daily use.

Each one can be molded to allow you to use them in any way you would use thermoplastic filament. It is possible to create some complex designs with these filaments and create the shape you wanted in your head.

Our Top 10 Best Wood Filaments 2022 Reviews

The great thing about wood filament is the fact that there are many choices to look over We will present the top choices so that you are able to select the one you prefer the most.

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1. A 3D printing filter made of SUNLU wood

There are many interesting aspects about this product. One of the greatest is that, even though it can be described as a filament made from wood it comes in appealing colors and color combinations.

The 3D wood filament is renowned for its woodfibers’ content that is comprised of about 20 percent wood fibers. The entire wooden component is composed of recycled wood.

The wood counterpart is blended with a polymer which is the best ingredient for creating exceptional flexibility and color combinations. These can help you create distinctive designs that are precise.

While using an Flexible filament may be great but you need to ensure your dispersion rates are optimal for you to achieve the most effective results when creating an item made of the filament.

So, the exact diameter rate can be useful. This will ensure that the diameter remains consistent with the flow as it can cause overflows which could be very disturbing.

In that scenario it is the only product that can perform better than this because it has a non-clog and bubble-free flow. This provides you with better control and a better balance between and the rate of flow.

It’s possible that you should purchase this wood 3D filament to ensure the most efficient results. It’s also compatible with a wide range of machines and printers, so you won’t need to alter the default settings too much It will function well from the start.


  • Wooden components made of recycled wood.
  • Incredible combinations of colors.
  • High-quality, high-end wood texture.
  • Compatible with the majority of printers.
  • Bubble-free dispersion rate.


  • Requires a slightly balanced rate of temperature.
  • Clogging can occur in the slightest if it is not dried.

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The greatest feature of this item is the fact that you’ll be able find a variety of combinations of colors for this product. Regardless of the color you choose, you’ll get the most value from every individual.

Of their many products among them, the most effective is the wooden filament because they are ideal for creating complex wooden structure. The percentage of wood components is precise.

Another amazing thing about wood filament that is ideal for 3D printers is it is extremely precise and smooth. Whatever the model is the flow rate of filament is precisely balanced to ensure internal precision.

The circularity that filaments have is vital to the balance of control and stability. If it is not round, the filament will become very unstable, and then it will be very difficult to regulate various conditions.

The dimension accuracy is approximately +0.02mm. 0.02mm which means that you’ll enjoy seamless flow throughout process without any issue. Each spool has 300m-340m of filament.

Another benefit of the product is it won’t create any bubbles or blockages in dispersion. This will stop the nozzle from being damaged due to overflow.

Additionally, it is manufactured of 100% eco-friendly materials and also comes with vacuum packaging. This is crucial because excess moisture can cause damage to filaments making them difficult to use.


  • Zero warping potential.
  • Fantastic strength and structural integrity.
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • The high-quality packaging helps prevent dust accumulation.
  • It is compatible with high precision nozzles.


  • Because of the build’s brittleness it is prone to breaking easily.
  • Not the most suitable for those who are just starting out.

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3. HATCHBOX Wood 3D Printer Filament

Hatchbox is a well-known brand that produces some top filaments. The majority of its products are recognized for their remarkable versatility and ease of use. It’s compatible with all printers available.

3D printing with wood filament is an original method of 3D printing. You may be wondering what makes it different? This will make your designs more natural, and also affect the texture.

This is a spool of 1kg that can be used for numerous reasons, such as intricate designs as well as larger projects. The filaments that are contained in the entire spool will ensure the sameness of their components.

Another benefit of this product is its diameter assurance. Hatchbox guarantees a precise diameter and filament quality , no regardless of how long you’re using it.

3D printing isn’t all this software can do It can also assist you in creating functional parts for repair of various objects. Each one of them is able to withstand the pressure and constant movement.

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Furthermore, the parts that are functional are not prone to wear off regardless of whether they come into contact with any compartment during the course of its movement. It will maintain the highest strength and structural integrity.

Furthermore, the product will be dry in a short time and begin to take shape without your time. You can count on it for any project that is critical or lengthy construction work.


  • Ideal for more complicated projects. Perfect for more complex.
  • Strong and sturdy structure.
  • Ideal for creating stretchy products.
  • Natural texture can be stunning in certain projects.
  • Easy to mix and match various shades.


  • It is necessary to improve flow even when setting the speed to a lower level.
  • It is possible that you require a specific feeder to avoid jamming.

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4. AMOLEN Dark Wood Walnut PLA Filament

In exclusive colors, nothing beats AMOLEN filaments. They offer an array of colors that you can pick from, each one better than each other. Each one will meet your individual requirements in aesthetics.

This what is known as what’s known as the Dark Wood Walnut version that is great for wooden textured designs and building. The natural look on the item is exact and superb.

Another wonderful feature of one of the best things about this 3D Wood filament printed is the fact that it’s compatible with the majority of FDM printing machines and other printers. This means that you can have the ability to use it in various scenarios.

Although it is one of the cheapest items available however, it is of high-end quality. It’s a mixture of recycled wood and PLA particles.

When you choose the correct temperature level, you’ll enjoy a smooth and silky flow of filament. This will give you more control over the designs you’re trying to achieve.

It is also perfect for complex, large designs as its structural strength is ideal for such designs. It ensures that the product is strong enough.

In addition because it is made up of 70 percent PLA, it’s very elastic. It is able to be used at any temperature or pressure, and it will remain in shape, no matter what you do, which is fantastic for durability.


  • Incredible wood color on the surface.
  • The variance in diameter is around 30 microns.
  • A consistent flow of filament.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Sufficient filament melting.


  • Printing speed is slower.
  • Filaments are often wasted in large projects.

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5. Enotepad Wood PLA Filament

Diameter is the most important element to a high-quality filament. An accurate diagram will guarantee you get the smoothest flow, regardless of how long you’ll be using it.

In that sense this product is definitely one of the most impressive products. If you choose to purchase this product, you’ll receive a high-quality wooden structure. The texture is extremely accurate with intricate designs.

When using 3-D printer filament you’ll want to have a filament that is fluid and doesn’t cause any problems. One of the main issues of using filaments is they can be very messy when it is clogged.

In the instance of this filament it’s quite amazing when it comes to fast-flowing designs. Its exact diameter is great when you’re trying to keep your nozzle clean. It doesn’t block the nozzle.

If you are concerned about temperature, this filament will be ideal for handling a higher temperature. The ideal temperatures for this type of filament are around 170degC to 190degC.

Another advantage of this particular filament is the fact that it’s totally free of any pollutants; it does not contain anything that could block the nozzle or create any chaos when dispersing.

Furthermore, it aids to maintain a fluid flow of filament with no unnecessary knots. This is ideal for long-term use and intricate structural designs that are difficult to manage in certain circumstances.


  • Wooden components of high-quality.
  • Free of contaminants.
  • Vacuumed packaging that contains desiccant.
  • Non-toxic build.
  • Absolutely free of any tangling problems.


  • Not exactly compatible with steel nozzles that have been hardened.
  • The printer may require calibration for use.

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6. TIANSE 3D Wood Filament Printer

The filament is small skin-colored wood PLA that lets you create humanoid-like models with a natural skin tone.

When you purchase the wood filament you’ll want the filament to have an adequate quantity from wood composites. The composition of the wood used in this product is around 25%-30 percent.

The wood-recycled addition can give you the look of wood and style to the projects you are working on. You may want to consider this type of product if you are planning to construct projects using an organic side.

Another important aspect to note is the size of the spool. it’s about 1kg of size, which is perfect for large-scale projects. It can be used for all the time you need to and not run out of it too quickly.

Additionally, the extremely flexible and strong products are perfect for when you wish to build a stronger internal strength for your product. It can also assist you to ensure that the structure is strong enough in the event that you are planning to construct something that is stretchy.

Stretch is an essential element when designing products for daily use. Additionally, bigger projects need balance and solidity to ensure that they don’t deteriorate quickly.

Filaments should be protected from the elements, and this high-end packaging is ideal for daily use.


  • Amazing dimension accuracy.
  • Costs are not too high compared to other items.
  • A large amount of wood composition.
  • Molding is easy and simple.
  • Perfect for larger projects.


  • You must be properly instructed to use it.
  • The longer wood grain requires an extended staining process.

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7. Eryone Wood PLA Filament

Its smoothness is admirable and it’s one of the best products for sale. You can create some incredible objects using it for all printing requirements.

One of the most appealing aspects about Eryone is the packaging, as the packaging is crucial to ensure you get the most out of your filaments. If the PLA has moisture in it that is present, it will not be able to properly mold.

Therefore, using vacuum packaging is the best method to choose if desire your product to last longer and provide more efficient molding capabilities. This will also assist in getting the right temperature for your filament.

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The dimension of the printer is around 1.77mm which is the right size for the majority of 3D printers. It allows users to work on projects that take longer at a faster speed.

Some products may also block the nozzle midway through the construction process, which could be very problematic as it could completely degrade the structural strength of the product.

It’s therefore crucial to make sure that the filament isn’t blocking the nozzle regardless of the situation, and you’re getting the most of it. The higher speed will not be an issue to manage.

Furthermore, the right retractor allows the product cut down on strings, and it doesn’t waste filaments in any project. This means that you’ll benefit the most from it in the long run.

What is retraction for 3D printers? Find out more about retraction with solutions to common issues!


  • High abrasive quality.
  • A sufficient speed of 50 to 100 millimeters per second.
  • Tolerance rate of this product perfectly.
  • It is easy to store and maintain.
  • Useful in all printing temperatures.


  • As time passes, the quality of the structure could decrease if the structure is the structure is not maintained.
  • Not perfect for larger projects.

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8. ISANMATE Filament

This filament is included on the list of top wood filaments because of its exceptional strength and build quality. It also has a solid balance, making it an ideal choice for any event.

Due to its brittle structure It is possible to keep a higher temperature rate to begin using the product. the filaments will melt very quickly.

One of the great things about wood structures is that it allows you to feel the wood designs more strongly. It’s also constructed of recycled parts that are free of charge that are great for the environment.

PLA’s material PLA is quite harmful when not used in a way that is safe for wood structures and builds. If you’re looking for something beneficial for yourself and your work, you must choose this.

Furthermore it is simple to use, meaning you can complete more extensive projects without worrying about the possibility of damage or interruption. The precise diameter is also helpful in the flow, so there isn’t any interruption in dispersion.

This is great to use with the printer that you be using because jamming, clogging and clogging can result in long-term damages to printers. If you make use of this it will protect you from this.

Following the drying of the filamentsthere is only a slim chance that the product will shrink or be damaged over time. It will keep the shape it was constructed from the beginning.


  • Potential for low shrinkage.
  • It is easy to work around larger projects.
  • It also includes a helpful guide.
  • A laser measuring system ensures diameter.
  • Prevents moisture accumulation.


  • Slight string effect during dispersion.
  • Printers are not compatible with this printer.

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9. 3D BEST-Q Rosewood

The rosewood product is one of the rare combination of colors that are available on the market today. By using this material it is possible to create some visually appealing items.

Color is crucial when it comes to 3D printing. You require incredible color combinations to ensure you get the best results for anything you’d like to create.

If you do, then you require a solution that will ensure that you get the most of it. This is what this incredible filament can do. By using this filament, it is possible to create incredible products.

Because of the color rosewood, you’ll receive a more classic appearance in the projects you create. If you are planning to create a project that will show thatyou are a professional, you should opt to this material.

Another thing that is amazing about this product is its precision of the diameter; you will receive a free-flowing the filament in any temperatures, without getting stuck in the nozzle.

A thing to bear in mind is that if the nozzle becomes blocked for longer durations, you could end up causing long-term damage to the printer’s nozzle. It could be extremely costly to repair over the long term.

Another benefit of this item is the fact that it will not require an heating bed to use it and the standard temperature rating is adequate to ensure the maximum benefit the product.


  • Does not require heating mattress.
  • Great even in default settings.
  • The percentage of wood is approximately 30 to 30 percent.
  • Great for larger projects.
  • Nozzle doesn’t need extra cleaning.


  • Filament is sometimes a bit stiff.
  • A little prone to breaking.

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10. ESUN Nature Wood Filament

If you are looking for an item that’s perfect for small batches of work This is the product that will perform better than other. You should buy this one to get better performance.

Additionally, the wood finish is awe-inspiring for any kind of project. You can build amazing structures without risking any structural damages. Additionally, it’s simple to use.

Although it is smaller than the standard spool however, it’s awe-inspiring that you’ll be able do complex smaller projects. In addition you don’t need to be concerned about the strength for the filament.

It will dry in a way which will ensure that you have enough strength within the item doesn’t crack under pressure. It is important to make sure that your items will shape themselves regardless of pressure.

Furthermore, the accurate diameter rating is a huge benefit for even dispersion of the nozzle. Even in high-speed flow there will be no spills or strings. Additionally, it will stop interruptions during constructions that last for a long time.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the packaging It is essential to have a suitable packaging to safeguard the product from external contaminants and other elements of this kind.

Additionally, it’s easy to operate and use at any time you’d like and you don’t need to perform any extra work to setup it because of the lightness of classification. It’s therefore simple to use.


  • High-quality packaging.
  • Lightweight product.
  • Perfect for smaller projects.
  • It is fairly simple to set up.
  • Different color options are available.


  • It is slightly prone to absorb water.
  • The higher temperature may cause more snapping.

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Wood Filament buying guide

If you’re looking to purchase wood filaments The requirements are similar to the majority filaments on the market. Let’s discuss some of the points you must be aware of:

Spool Size

The majority of products are sold in a spool of 1kg however sometimes, that may make sense for your needs. Therefore, the kind of spool you select is crucial to consider as it will be contingent on the purpose you intend to use it to do.

We advise you to know the amount you will need for your project . Then, look for something you can make use of afterward. It isn’t a good idea to replenish often and then purchase an additional one each and every now and again.

We would recommend taking a larger amount so that you have some leftovers you can utilize later on to get the most value of the money you spend on them.


Another crucial element that you must be sure ofis the flexibility of the filament. in the absence of a more flexible filament your work is at risk of breaking or snapping in mid-construction.

This can ruin everything you’re making It can also result in the products you create using the filaments to be of poor the structural integrity. We would recommend selecting a product with a great flexibility.

In certain situations it is possible to have greater flexibility. be the best option since this will enable you to get the most from the product you create. They also last longer even in a high-pressure condition.

Elasticity is also a guarantee of that the shape is maintained of the products to ensure that it doesn’t lose its structure when in contact with shocks or other object.

Color Combination

Another important aspect is the color selection as you’re purchasing a wood filament, it means you’ll want a top quality wooden texture to give more life to the items you’re trying to create.

It is important to verify that the wood texture is true to life as that’s the main motive behind using a wooden filament. You may want to check the quality of the filament as thoroughly as possible.

There are also a number of variants of the wooden colors, therefore you may need to look into the available options and find the most suitable wood filament available.

With all that details in one place, you can select a filament that can assist you in working on your projects with greater efficiency and produce something you’ll be happy with.

Tips To Use Wood Filament: Guide For Newbie

If you’re trying a wooden filament that you’ve never used before, you’ll need to follow a few steps to have the best outcome whenever you utilize it.

The Dimension Of The Nozzle

Nozzle is a crucial aspect when making use of wood filament. So, you should choose a filament that is able to be cleared to ensure that there’s no interruption in the dispersion process of the filament.

This will allow you to modify the layers using more lines. This is why you must choose a nozzle size that you like and has dispersion accuracy. Check out our guidelines on the size of the nozzle.

Control The Temperature

Another crucial aspect is temperature, as you don’t be able to go overboard in regards to temperature. It will make things more difficult to control, and can cause more smudges.

Always disconnect the filter.

If you’re using the filament to create an continuous flow, you have to ensure that the filament stays in place. If you’re intentionally disrupting the process, immediately disconnect it with the machine.

In the event that it does, it could clog and make it difficult to use. This will make the cleaning process difficult to manage.

Additional filament you can test to print 3D objects:

PVA Filament
PLA Filament
TPU Filament
Nylon Filament
PETG Filament

Frequently Answered Questions

Do I need to adhere to any specific temperature rate when I’m using these filters?

The majority of filaments will have compatibility with the standard temperature however, if you plan to switch the output speed for your filament, you may need to raise the temperature to allow for smoothing the process.

Are these filaments compatible with All 3D Printers?

They work with all 3D printers, however some are specially designed for printers that are more robust and adaptable to temperature. However, the majority of the models listed here are compatible with all printers.

What’s the Specialty Of Wood Filaments?

For specialtywood filaments, the wood contains around 30 to 20% recyclable wood pieces. This composition makes it easier to achieve greater flexibility and a more diversified color scheme. and a texture that gives the impression of wood.

Do We Need A Heating Bed for The Filaments?

There is no need for an heating bed to heat filaments, you could simply use it without one If you do already have one in your possession, it is definitely possible to use the heating bed to achieve greater outcomes. However, the difference won’t be too obvious.

Are these filters suitable for Beginning Students?

The majority of the filaments on this list are user-friendly You won’t have to take on any additional training to accomplish the task. Furthermore, each comes with a comprehensive manual that will assist you to learn the most important uses.

What Size Should I Choose For Larger Projects?

The 1kg spool should be sufficient for the majority of cases You don’t need to look for something else to achieve this. Additionally, if you can use the filament with the right nozzle it won’t be wasted. You are able to continue printing for as long as you wish.

Wrapping up!

Wood filaments are fantastic; they’re fun and simple to use, but if you’re using them, it’s important be sure that they’re made of the materials you value.

If you’re searching for wood filaments that have incredible dimensional accuracy We recommend Sunlux. There are a few other options that you could consider but if you’re searching for something with the smallest spool size choose one of the E-Sun filament they are the most reliable wood filaments that are available.

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