10 Best Weiser Door Locks (September 2022) Reviews

No one wants to reside in a house that isn’t equipped with a door and locking system. It is crucial to have both to feel safe and secure within your home. You also require an effective lock that can guarantee the safety of your home, particularly while you’re out of town. If you’re considering buying Weiser door locks, but you’re not certain which locks are the best, this post provides the best Weiser locks available.

What criteria did we use to select the top? Our selection process is based on extensive research, which includes the safety certificate, pick resistance bump proof, SmartKey security and other important security features. We also looked at consumer reviews to see if existing or past customers are happy with the product.

If you’re planning to upgrade your Weiser locks to newer model, or purchase it for the first time, you can get the best lock by browsing our top selections. This selection includes lever locks for passage as well as smart locks and dummy knobs to satisfy your requirements.

For starters, let’s take a brief glance at our top choices:

Top 10 Best Weiser Door Locks 2022

1. Weiser Lock GED1460X 3BR SMT MS RLR2 Powerbolt Electronic Deadbolt

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It is Weiser Powerbolt Electronic Deadbolt has an opening on the outside panel which lets you use a key that is physical as well as the 6-button keypad. You can choose to use the two methods of entry or select just one. Dual access allows you to quickly switch between the two options if one fails. In the event of a low battery or when you’ve lost the keys you have.

In addition to the ease to operate the lock it was built for security. Furthermore it comes with Smartkey technology which allows you to rekey the lock by yourself.

This lock works with the majority of entrance doors, both front and back. It is able to be fitted on residential doors that have two inches of backset or 3/8 inches’ of backsets although the installation might require a bit of modification of the door to ensure that the lock fit correctly.

2. Weiser Lock GAC531 B26D WS 6LR1 Beverly Entry Knob

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If you’re searching for Weiser door knobs that are keyed at an affordable cost, look into this Weiser Beverly Entry Knob. It has keys on both the handle on the exterior and the interior. The interior is also equipped with the ability to turn.

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The lock can be put in on any door that is standard. It gives a decent amount of security. Its satin chrome finish is a perfect match for most door styles. If you’re looking to add the privacy you desire in your bathrooms, bedrooms, or other areas of your house This knob is basic but functional. It’s not a secure option for doors on the outside.

3. Weiser Lock GA101 P 15 MS 6LR1 Phoenix Passage Knob

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It is possible to use Weiser Phoenix as a Weiser Phoenix passage knob on hallways, closets as well as other doorways that don’t require locking. It requires turning the knob either way to open the door. The knob for passage can be fitted on doors that are standard, and the polished nickel look nice on the majority of residential door finishes.

This lock is sturdy and will definitely provide the best value for money.

4. Weiser Lock GLA331 TC11P B 6LS1R1 Toluca Privacy Lever

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If you’re planning to replace your privacy knobs in your home with a lever lock The Weiser Toluca Privacy Lock is a lever lock you should look into. It allows you to enter and exit through your doors from either side by turning the handle.

It has a turn-piece to the inside of the lock that is used to secure the lock. This will prevent access by members of your household , or so.

The lever lock can be used on standard doors however, make sure you choose the correct option for the left-handed or right-handed door.

This lock is very sturdy and built to withstand attempt to break-in. It is rated ANSI/BHMA grade 2 that proves its high-end quality in regards to quality, finish and durability. It is possible to use this lever lock in your bedroom, bathroom and any other areas in areas where privacy is essential.

5. GDC9471 3BR K3 MS KW Single Cylinder Deadbolt

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Deadbolts are simple to install in operation and is the most popular method for locking the exterior of doors. With a single-cylinder deadbolt, it’s only the exterior portion of the lock that requires a key for physical access, and a turn part on the inside assists to regulate the lock.

The lock is fitted with Smart Key technology that lets you rekey your lock yourself in the event of losing keys.

Furthermore it comes with a the brass finish which can be a great addition to your door or your home’s overall decor. It is a good fit for the standard doors for residential use.

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6. GAC331 MSL 6LR1 Y15 Yukon Privacy Knob

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Looking for door knobs that are sturdy to protect your privacy doors? This privacy Knob from Weiser could be the perfect alternative. This lock is specifically designed for rooms with doors like bathrooms and bedrooms. The lock can be operated by turning the knobs to both ends. It can also be controlled with physical keys for the outside.

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The door knob comes with an adjustable bracket that is 3-1/2 inches, or 2-1/2 inches. It is able to be fitted on all standard doors. If you’re looking for a straightforward door knob for privacy that can do the task of providing secured access to your home, it is the Weiser Yukon Privacy Knob is a reasonable and effective alternative.

7. The Weiser Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock

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If you’re in the market for an Weiser intelligent lock think about the Premis Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt. It is a smart lock with many features and is manufactured from Kwikset. The lock features an illuminated touchscreen on the outside of the hardware, which can store entry codes as well as the keyway to the mechanical key and it has a turning piece in the inside.

Furthermore it’s also compatible with Apple’s HomeKit which allows you to connect it to other smart devices around your home, like Siri along with Apple TV. Although it is connected to the Apple TV and allows you to lock and unlock it remotely however, remote functions are disabled by default in the event that the Apple TV sleeps. It is recommended to disable the sleep mode of your Apple TV to prevent losing remote’s functions suddenly.

The smart lock includes the Kwikset Premis iOS app that allows you to remotely control and check the condition that the locks are in. The smart lock isn’t compatible with Android operating systems.

The lock is affixed to between 1-3/8 inches and two inches of thick door. It’s perfect for doors that are exterior.

8. GLA101 A15 MS 6LR1 Aspen Pass Lever

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If one of your internal passage levers requires to be replaced The Weiser Aspen Pass Lever is one of the options to think about. Its nickel-colored look (though not the brightest) is a great match for the majority of interior door styles. The lever lock for passage is ideal for hallways, closets and other places in the house in which locks aren’t necessary.

The lever handle that is on both sides allows it to be used by hands that aren’t as agile. The lock has an adjustable bracket measuring 2-3/8 ” or 3/4 inch to can be used on doors of all sizes.

9. Weiser GD9471 26D Welcoming Home Series SGL Cyl Heavy-Duty Deadbolt

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The Weiser Deadbolt is one piece from Weiser’s Welcome Home Series you can secure entranceways to your home.

If you’re in search of an easy-to-use door lock that is simple in installation and use, this deadbolt might be the best choice. Since it’s a single-cylinder deadbolt it has one keyway that is only located for the exterior. However, the turn piece allows you to access the lock from inside.

There is no need to make door modifications since the lock is compatible with the majority of doors.

10. Weiser Lock GA12 P11P MS Phoenix Dummy Knob

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This Weiser Phoneix Dummy Knob is an easy to use knob. It’s ideal for interior doors where a knob locks aren’t needed, but is required for decorative purposes or as something to hold to. The Venetian bronze makes it suitable for daily use since it doesn’t be worn out in a short time.

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For appliances, cabinets or other items that do not require a latch open, just a pull the knob, this dummy can be used. Installation of the lock can be done in just a few just a few minutes for the majority of doors. You can install it yourself, as installation is fairly easy.

FAQs About Weiser Door Locks

Who is the manufacturer of Weiser Locks?

The Black & Decker Corporation is the producer of Weiser locks. They acquired the control of Weiser in 2003 from Masco Building Products Corporation. Black & Decker also produce and sell other products like lawn equipment, power tools and garden equipment.

Are Weiser Locks Good?

Weiser is among the most reputable and oldest door hardware manufacturers. It is known for quality residential locks that are of the highest standard. They recently upgraded their traditional pin-and-tumbler design to the SmartKey system, which allows homeowners to change the key on their locks by themselves. This also helps protect against the security of locks from bumping, as well as other burglary methods.

Are Kwikset And Weiser Keys Compatible?

Certain Kwikset keys are designed to be compatible with Weiser locks, making them compatible. However, this isn’t the case reversed – Weiser keys don’t work with Kwikset.

But they both Kwikset along with Weiser are owned by the same firm, Black and Decker, which means there’s a good chance that most locks and keys are compatible, though it’s unlikely to be now but in the near future.

Can Weiser Locks Be Rekeyed?

Yes you can reset the key on Weiser locks and the best part is that there is no need to hire a professional. If you have a Weiser lock is equipped with SmartKey technology you can change the lock’s key in a matter of minutes. Of course, all of the latest Weiser locks come with SmartKey technology, which allows for easy reconfiguring.


Based on your requirements You can choose the most suitable Weiser knobs, door locks levers, locks, etc. They are suitable for the exterior and entry doors however, you must check compatibility prior to you buy. This will ensure that you don’t put an interior lock for your front door. Doors that are front-facing require strong locks. We offer specific Locks made by Weiser that would be perfect for door locks and also the ones for the interior doors.

Additionally, you need to take care when installing the device and make sure it’s executed. If you’re unsure of how to install it correctly You should consider hiring an expert locksmith to ensure a seamless installation. Also, make sure that the lock is compatible with the door you have before purchasing.

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