10 Best Washable Placemats (September 2022) Reviews

A new set of placemats could be useless if stained by ketchup, oily food or wine spills, unless you are comfortable about putting stained tablecloths before guests or even your family members. An incorrect purchase decision could cause the problem because some placemats cannot be easily cleaned. In the case of cleaning the placemats it is possible to clean them using some of the methods.

  • Only clean it.
  • Hand-washed, but not scrubbed with abrasion
  • Hand-washed, and can be scrubbed
  • Machine washing
  • Dishwasher washing

After a thorough test of cleaning 35 table mats using a dishwasher and washing machine We have selected the top washable placemats that have a fresh appearance after washing. You can also look over our suggestions for the most suitable placemats for a wood tables and placemats for toddlers..

It all is dependent on the design and materials that the mats are made of. Placemats designed for rough, dirty and tough usage are easy to clean and last longer than other thin and gaudy placemats. They can be refreshed and renewed following every meal, and will last longer.

Note: It is suggested to that you read the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer and select the product that is low maintenance when cleaning them.

Top 10 Best Washable Placemats 2022 And Waterproof

For your help in selecting the best placemats Below are our top picks for washable tablecloths that are economical and that have keep our promise to bring you the top kitchen appliances for less than $100..

1. Solino Linen – Best Washable Handmade Placemat

Anything created from linen, be it tablecloths, bedding or placemats, provides an exquisite experience.

Solino placemats, which are made of 100% natural linen are elegant and simple. They are a must-have for any home. hand-crafted placemats. They come with mitered corners, a deep hemstitch and the perfect amount of detail that draws the attention of your guests.

They are available in a range of shades. The most appealing thing is that the selection of Solino placemats comes with table runners, napkins and tablecloths for your dining table a polished and unified appearance.

You can utilize the entire collection for formal dinners holiday or formal dinner. You can make use of them in daily eating. The reason they made it onto our list is due to their ability to be washed by machines.

So that the ketchup, oil or wine stains will not cause you to smile since you can just throw them into the machine and voilà! They’ll be like the fresh ones you purchased them.

Let me share an fascinating fact. Linen is made of flax fibers that are naturally flexible and breathable, but they are not very flexible. Therefore, wrinkles could be visible on the surface. But, the wrinkles will only enhance the beauty of it. You can iron it with steam for a cleaner appearance.


  • The material is stain-resistant.
  • Available in 15 appealing colors
  • Machine washable, making cleaning simple
  • It won’t shrink or fade after washing.


  • These placemats aren’t very thick.
  • Some wrinkles are hard to get rid of after washing

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2. SD Day – The Top Non Fading Table Mat

These easily-maintained sets of placemats are made using Vinyl which is one of the strongest resistant to staining for mats. The rectangular-shaped mats feature soft and fresh earthy tones and the stunning texture of woven vinyl make it ideal for any event.

Let’s discuss the cleaning techniques for placemats. Since they’re stain-resistant mats they will not let the stain get absorption into the fibers of Vinyl and is easily cleaned.

You could also employ a toothbrush with soapy water to get difficult stains cleaned. If you use it regularly it is easy to wipe it clean and then you’re finished! But, placemats made using Vinyl aren’t washable in the machine.

Placemats from Sendey are the perfect combination of the top placemats, which are washable and heat-resistant. They shield the table from the heat scratches and staining.

As I’ve observed, These mats are much thicker than other vinyl placemats and you can place your hot dishes or pots at temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius without having to worry about marks from heat.

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Furthermore, the placemat does not have rough edges since the edges are smooth cut using corners sealing technologies. When paired with table runners that coordinate the earthy-colored placemats are ideal for any occasion.


  • Stain-resistant and durable material
  • It is resistant to heat to 200degF.
  • Both sides of the mat are slip-resistant.
  • Clean and easy to wash.


  • Weave isn’t secure enough to stop spill leakage
  • The shrinkage may be a little after washing.

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3. BeChen – The Best Dishwasher Safe

Third on our listing is made of durable polyester-vinyl that is woven into various colors and textures. The range of patterns is from plain to wide stripes and attractive winter designs.

The vast selection of choices provides you with a variety of choices to choose the right design of dining room table.

Additionally they also have excellent grip, and because they are non-slip they are the ideal tablecloths also.

BeChen Set of placemats come with matching table runners, which means you can use them at formal events, gatherings and even for festive meals.

A stylish set of placemats is a good choice to decorate your dining area and will be a symbol of your personal style. Also, using table runners will enhance the dining room in general.

Cleansing stains off BeChen Vinyl placemats is straightforward. Just wipe it clean or wash it using water, or use detergent to wash difficult marks. They dry quickly, but you should avoid washing them in the machines.

Another advantage that these mats have is the ability to provide insulation that can reach the temperature of 185°F. Therefore, you can place hot dishes and pots on them. But, you should avoid placing the dishes on them right after you take them out of the oven.

Because they are weaved, the liquid can be able to seep through to stain the table however, if you wash the table quickly, it will not cause damage to your table.


  • Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic substance
  • Offer adequate protection against the heat
  • Do not slide or slide off the table.
  • It is easy to dry and wash quickly


  • Liquid spills effortlessly across the mat
  • The size of the cut may vary due to cutting by hand.

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4. DII Varigated – Top Machine Washable Placemats

The Horizontal streak pattern of the placemats brings classic beauty back to the dining room. The different tones are interspersed and end with fringes and knots on the ends.

The collection features a variety of colors funky placemats and table runners to be used for any event.

Made of 100 100% natural cotton. DII tablecloths come in a size of 13 19 inches x 13 inches as well as 13×23 inches, with fringes. The best part about this cotton placemat is its simplicity of cleaning.

When they become stained, put them in the wash machine and the staining will disappear. To be safe avoid putting them in the machine along with other clothes. The other clothing could be smudges on them. The mats can be laid flat in the sun to dry.

The addition of matching napkins and table runners gives the final elements to the tablescape and provides comfort to dining space.

However, we’re sharing the secret to you. Anything that is weaved and constructed from natural fibers will look appealing on a wood table. Since they are 100% made of natural fibers, they’re one of the top placemats for dining tables.

Read Full Review: DII Cotton Placemats


  • It is available in gorgeous patterns and colors
  • Absorbent enough to soak up spills
  • A decent heat-resistance
  • It can be machine washed


  • Fade and shrink slightly after washing the machine

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5. Solino Home Pure Linen – Best Water-Resistant

Linen is a second name that refers to security and comfort. Solino placemats are an easy and stylish base for your dining tableware. The main benefit of lines is their durability.

If simplicity is your preferred method of expressing yourself and you want to express yourself in a simple way, then these linen placemats are perfect for you.

Linen made of flax has the advantage of being antibacterial and moisture absorptive. The placemats are made by skilled craftsmen. They come close to perfection in their timeless aesthetic.

Whatever the way these mats are used through the messiest food items, they can be cleaned in the washing machine to get rid of any staining. The durable linen material that makes this mat soft after each wash. It requires steam ironing to give a clean look to the table.

Available in a range in a variety of colours, the tablecloths come in a rectangular size of 14 inches x 19 inches. This is ideal to place all your glasses and dinnerware on the table.

Mix mix, match and stack them up with matching napkins, runners for tables and tablecloths for elegant and classy look to your table.

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You’ll be amazed be able to see your dining area change from a normal to Instagram-worthy look by making the right selection of tablecloths and other accessories.

Read Full Review: Solino Home Pure Linen Placemats


  • Beautifully designed and handcrafted placemats
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Mats that are heat-resistant and slip resistant
  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoor.


  • Wash wrinkles and wrinkles, then iron them out.
  • The heat resistance isn’t quite enough to meet the requirements.

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6. Home Brilliant – The Best Way to Clean

If You are in search of an assortment of placemats made from fabric which do not snag wrinkles Placemats made of synthetic fiber are ideal for you.

The placemats of Home Brilliant are made from polyester fabric with a texture similar to linen which can surpass natural linen with regard to non-wrinkling properties.

Placemats that are used for everyday use don’t need been boring. The simple style and a variety of tone choices offered by these non-wrinkly placemats create a an elegant addition to your dining room.

These placemats can be washed in the machine and you don’t have to worry about your children dousing them with juice or guests spilling their wine on them.

It is advised not to wash other clothing by placing a mat in the washing machine . Also, do not use bleach or any other harsh detergent.

The Home Brilliant placemats are offered in sizes of 13×19 inches, which is one inch larger than the standard dimensions of placemats. Because these placemats were made by hand, there could be an enticing difference in the size. But, the difference in size is only close to the ideal size.

It doesn’t matter if you use it on a daily basis or hosting a special event in the backyard, these gorgeous placemats can create the perfect ambience for your dining experience, and impress your guests.


  • Durable & long-lasting placemats
  • Thickness helps protect table from scorching heat
  • Do not shrink or fade after washing.
  • Easy to clean


  • The removal of juice stains is difficult.
  • Drying requires a significant amount of time.

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7. Dolopl – The Best Placemats for Waterproofing

Material that is washable tablecloths are important in the cleaning process of them. If you want a set of placemats that are simple to wash is your top goal, then there is nothing more convenient than the Dolopl table mats made from Vinyl material.

Dolopl placemats might appear simple however when set on the table along with dinnerware, they provide the appearance of a million dollars.

The placemats are available in four shades: black, beige blue, grey, and. The colors of these modern placemats that have a subtle texture are suitable to both outdoor and indoor table.

These placemats create the perfect mood for BBQ night or a festive dinner with their classic style.

Vinyl PVC cannot be machine washed, but it can be easily cleaned by wiping or bathing in warm soapy water.

With an 18×12 inches dimensions They can be placed on various tables for dining. No matter if you’re planning to have the evening with a cup of coffee or enjoy a late-night snack, these placemats are your best option for all kinds of activities.

The basic color scheme and uncomplicated style of the placemats help keep your dining area clear and blends nicely with the dining room’s interior.

The material used in these mats is stain-resistant non-fading and an excellent grip. Thus, the mats aren’t likely to slip on a glass table.


  • Made from premium quality materials
  • A good thickness shields table from spills and heat
  • Placemats that can be cleaned and wiped


  • These mats aren’t slip-resistant.

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8. Bright Dream – The Best Mats that can be washed by hand.

Bright Placemats from Dream are constructed of 70 percent of PVC, and the other 30% is polyester, the combination makes the mat robust and heat-resistant. The unique feature that distinguishes Bright Dream placemats is that the Bright Dream placemat is its large variety of color shades, textures, and patterns.

The variety of choices will make you want to spend not just one set of placemats, but at least two or three sets in a row.

From muted tones , to vibrant colors, these placemats aren’t just going impress you but also delight your guests.

The festive dinner parties and celebrations can leave marks on the placemats. However, using Bright Dream placemats, cleanliness is as easy as breeze. Place them in soapy water and then wipe them clean. For tough stains , you can apply a soft brush.

The material of the placemat can hold as much as 100° Celsius of heat. This makes them ideal for use since you can place hot pots and hot plates on it without difficulty.

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They aren’t waterproof placemats. Therefore, spills of water need to be cleaned up quickly especially if placing them on tables with wooden tops.

Read the Full review: Bright Dream Heat Resistant Placemats


  • Both sides of the mat are slip-resistant.
  • Guard table against scratching and heat
  • The best placemat for wood tables
  • It can be cleaned by hand and washed


  • It is not machine washable.
  • Packaging isn’t good.

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9. DII Chindi is the best for Everyday Use

“Chindi” means “leftover.” It is the DII placemats are constructed of leftover materials, making them valuable to those who love and appreciate the recycled or eco-friendly natural materials.

They are a emblem of the workmanship of skilled craftsmen as they are hand-woven. This is what differentiates them in comparison to other tablecloths that are machine-made.

The stunning Chindi placemats come in three distinct shades: neutral, varying hues of blue and multicolor. The three colors are in line with the style and create the tone for any dinner celebration.

If multicolor brings the excitement element to your table neutral colors create a sense of calm in the surrounding.

They can be washed in the machine and won’t fade after multiple washing cycles. These are the top placemats to use for everyday use.

The decent thickness and the texture of the mats gives them an excellent grip, making them among the best non-slip table mats. The thickness that this mat is allows it to stand up well to hot bowls and hot dishes.

With these placemats, will no longer have to worry about your dining table becoming damaged due to scratches and heat marks.


  • Placemats that are very thick and durable.
  • Reversible design allows you to utilize both mats on both sides.
  • Machine washable
  • Great for both outdoor and indoor use.


  • The color may differ slightly from the images in the sample

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10. Aonewoe is the best stain resistant Placemats

The final placemat that is washable is constructed of top quality felt material. The felt is a strong cushiony-material that is able to handle liquid spills and heat extremely well.

The placemats are available in black and grey tones. The construction of this table mat allows it to create solid grip to the table. The colors, the size and grip of these mats make them ideal for contemporary design glass or marble tables.

They are the typical rectangle dimensions of 18 x 12 inches. They can be used on a daily basis or utilize them at times for gatherings.

The placemat’s two sides are able to be used since there is no distinction in the texture on either side.

You can forget about ruining your dining table due to heat marks because the material in this placemat is able of insulating heat. You can also put steaming dishes and bowls on top of it.

They can also be used in the kitchen for putting pans and bowls removed out from the oven.

Another fascinating aspect of this gorgeous mat is that it is machine washable and dishwasher safe placemat. It is easy to wash them off after each use that is not possible when you are using linen or cotton placemats. Machine washing is a great way to clean up spills and food stains.


  • The best fabric is what makes them tough and long-lasting
  • Surface that is stain-resistant
  • The thickness is sufficient to shield tables from hot dishes and plates
  • Machine washes easily


  • They slide and slide on the smooth surfaces.
  • It takes a long time to dry

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What are the best washable Placemats?

  1. Solino Home
  2. SD Senday
  3. BeChen
  4. DII Varigated
  5. Solino Pure Linen
  6. Home Brilliant
  7. Dolpol
  8. Bright Dream
  9. DII Handmade
  10. Aonewoe


Placemats aren’t for decorative reasons only. You use them for eating, or place heated bowls on them and even keep hot bowls on them. Families with children in particular require them to be cleaned as it is difficult to keep your kids from making an messe on the table. This can result in grease-based food stains that appear on the placemats. If you own an entire set of placemats can be washed easily them, that means that you could use the same set of placemats over and over repeatedly. It’s almost like investing. To help you pick the best placemats, we’ve reviewed the top washable placemats available to help you make an informed buying choice.

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