7 Best Truffle Shaver / Slicer (September 2022) Reviews

Did you know that truffles are able to in the fight against cancerous cells? The fungi that are found in calcareous soils across Europe are loaded with health advantages.

If you’ve made the decision to make the investment in truffles or If you’re an experienced chef and your clients enjoy truffle-based dishes, it’ll be an excellent idea to find the most reputable truffle shaving tool.

This device makes the job of cutting truffles effortless and quick , making the possibility of cutting slices of the exact thickness you desire.

There are a variety of truffle slicers available however they’re not all equally. Some are fantastic, but some are mediocre.

This review is designed to help you steer clear of the pitfalls and purchase the right truffle grater. The thing that is amazing about the units listed below is that they are able to be used for cutting not just truffles, but many other items such as vegetables as well as chocolates, tomatoes and much more.

Let’s dive in.

Top 7 Best Truffle Shaver / Slicer 2022

1. Truffle Slicer and Chocolate Shaver

Truffle Slicer is a relatively new product on the market, having first been introduced in the year 2016. Two of their buddies, Rob and Vara, were cutting with knives truffles to prepare their meals. Recognizing how awkward using a knife they decided to design an instrument that was easy to use and could accomplish the task with greater efficiency. That’s the reason why Truffle as an entity was created.

One of their products includes it’s Truffle Slicer & Chocolate Shaver. It is, of course, the best choice on the market, this product is well-rounded and has great ergonomics.

If you’re in search of an item that is easy to operate This is the one. The handle, as well as the knife was designed with user-friendliness in the mind. First of all, the size is just right. Its length is approximately 8 inches.

The blade’s area is approximately 3 inches. The handle measures about an inch. Together with the form and design to fit the hand of the user The dimensions are suitable for almost every person.

One of the most frustrating things about certain cutlery tools is the slipping of the handle. It can make it difficult to even use the device. However, the Truffle Slicer is distinct. Its handle was designed for easy use and security. In other words, it’s made to fit most users’ hands. Additionally, it comes with an anti-slip surface.

Are you aware of what factors make the top truffle shaving tool? Apart from the its ease of use the aspect of cutting effectiveness is crucial. This particular machine comes with a sharp stainless-steel blade that cuts effortlessly and evenly.

The blade is equipped with a knob adjustment so you can select the size of the slices. You can even use it to make pieces that are thin enough that it is possible to see through the slivers.

Key Features:

  • Made from stainless steel to ensure durability and strength.
  • A razor-sharp blade that is easy to cut.
  • Handle that is non-slip for easy use.
  • Adjustable knobs so that you can select the thickness of slivers.
  • It comes with a cotton bag to store the items in.
  • Free duster for cleaning , and an e-book for free that is full of truffle recipes.

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2. TruffleHunter Professional Truffle Grater

TruffleHunter has earned its name in the cutting of truffles. The company, located in Italy is some of the best and cutting-edge tools for cutting not only truffles, but other food items such as garlic and vegetables.

What stands out as the most distinctive thing about TruffleHunter Professional is the handle. TruffleHunter Professional Truffle Shaver, is its handle. In most cutters handles, they are just an unfinished metal structure. Some manufacturers add texture to their handles in order to make them non-slip however there is nothing that can match the ergonomics of the TruffleHunter’s handle.

It’s actually something like the knife blades.

The handle is long and made of high-quality Rosewood the handle makes using the slicer a simple task. It’s non-slip and simple to grip. Even when it’s wet the handle will not be slippery, which is practical since there are times when you’ll be working with wet materials.

Since the handle is not slippery and simple to use the hands are safe against the cutting blade. It’s easy to get injured when working with other slicers as you could slide and slide your hands over the blade, however with this slicer’s handle accidents are very rare.

If you are a fan of working with beautiful utensils and tools, you’ll appreciate the look of this knife. The stainless steel blade coupled together with the Rosewood handle displays a hint of elegance and style ideal for cooking.

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There’s nothing more enjoyable with a cutter than the ability to cut without effort. It cuts down on the time you need to put into and allows you to complete the job quickly. Luckily TruffleHunter is a great tool. TruffleHunter has a sharp and super-sharp blade.

The blade cuts through the hardest ingredients as if it were cutting through butter.

Finally, the blade is adjustable, allowing for you to control the thickness of the shavings.

Key Features:

  • Rosewood handle to ensure security and comfort.
  • The handle comes with apertures to hang the device.
  • A sharp blade that cuts easily.
  • The blade is adjustable , so you can control how thick the shavings are.
  • Made from stainless steel, it is robust and durable.

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3. Eppicotispai Stainless Steel Truffle Cutter

Its EppicotispaiStainless Truffle Slicer made of steel has an unpronounceable name that I can’t even try to pronounce, but it does bring a lot in the kitchen.

The first thing to consider is should you be looking for an affordable option then this is the one. It’s priced at less than 10 dollars. However, the quality is quite remarkable.

The blade is probably the most vital component that any truffle cutter. If you have a weak or dull blade, you’ll struggle to complete your work, however when you have a sharp blade, you can be easy and quick.

The blade of the Eppicotispai may not be robust, but it’s sufficient sturdy. It can cut truffles and soft food items without having you to apply excessive elbow grease.

With the knob for adjustment You can choose how thick the pieces are. It is amazing that you can cut thin paper pieces.

Alongside the blade, an additional aspect to consider when buying a cutter is the handle. The handle of this cutter may not be made from Rosewood however, it is non-slip, so working with it is not a challenge. The handle is approximately 1 inch. Its form is well-suited for most people’s palms.

Are you wondering how to store the device? This is a simple answer! The top handle is fitted with a tiny hole. It can be used as a way to place your slicer from the kitchen.

It’s a budget-friendly unit this cutter doesn’t provide the same quality as the Truffle Slicer or TruffleHunter however, it is functional. It could disappoint you when you try cutting through hard foods using it, because it’s not as robust. On the other hand it’s cutter is great on soft food items like garlic or tomatoes, as well as truffles and truffles.

Key Features:

  • The 18/10 stainless steel is designed for strength.
  • Blade adjustment wheel to define the thickness of the slice.
  • Non-slip steel handle.
  • Sharp blade for efficient cutting.
  • Affordable price.

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4. Craftsmanship Chocolate Truffle Shaver

The Scandicrafts Chocolate Truffle Shaver may not be the most visually appealing unit available however, it definitely offers a lot.

Before I give you the details on the benefits and features of this product, here’s a small information I’d like to share. When looking for truffle shavers The country of origin is an effective indicator. What’s more? Cutters manufactured in Italy are an excellent choice to anyone looking for top quality. They’re built well and work.

One benefit of the Scandicrafts shaving shaver is that it’s made in Italy.

Although the company did not pay attention to design, the product is made well. It is extremely sturdy and, based on all the evidence this is an item that will last.

Imagine a knife that is covered in the rust of time? This is not a good sign is it? Make sure you avoid this situation by buying this razor. The product is made of stainless steel, from the blade all the way to the handle. It’s a good thing since it will not have to deal with corrosion issues.

Its blade is the main reason people choose this type of cutter. It’s razor-sharp and serrated. If you are looking to create lovely chocolate curls you’ll find this device extremely helpful. It isn’t necessary to exert a lot of effort. The blade will cut immediately after coming into contact with food product.

You may have heard of or have used a shaver that has an unwieldy blade, but it doesn’t have enough power to deal with hard food items. If you’d like to stay clear of these types of units and instead purchase something that can handle both hard and soft food items This is the one to ensure.

For a reasonable-priced, high-quality truffle shaving tool that isn’t too focused on appearance The Scandicrafts Chocolate Truffle Shaver is a great choice.

Key Features:

  • Made in Italy.
  • Razor-sharp serrated blade that is easy to use for chocolate curls.
  • Steel construction with high-end stainless steel.
  • Blade is adjustable from 13mm to thin paper.

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5. Urbani Professional Truffle Slicer

If you are looking for a great blend of style and functionality it is recommended to look into this Urbani Professional Truffle Slicer. It has among the most coveted reviews on the internet and large amount of reviews recommend it as the most effective truffle slicer.

When I first glanced at the photos, I believed that the tool was made of plastic, but I later realize it was really stainless steel. When it arrives you’ll be amazed at the high-quality. It is, without certainty, an amongst the most durable slicers that you can find.

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The material is solid and solid and it looks to be a lot like something that’s built to last.

Maybe this could be because the item is manufactured in Italy. Keep in mind that truffle shavers which are produced in Italy are usually of top quality.

What do you want to slice using your truffle shaving tool? A good model is a good tool for slicing or cutting through a variety of items from chocolates to potatoes to truffles, and so on. The range of food you can cut or slice is contingent on the strength of the blade.

In light of these concerns, Urbani presents you with the perfect tool to utilize for everything. Its blade is hefty to ensure strength, but its edge is sharp and powerful.

This way, you are able the ability to cut with confidence both hard and soft food items.

The process of precision is easy. If you like thick, juicy shavings or light and feathery with the adjustable wheel, it can make it happen.

The style of the handle excellent. It’s non-slip, and also there are two notches along the sides to put your pointer and thumb for simple operation. Don’t forget the big hole in the top that you can use to hang the device.

Key Features:

  • A sturdy and robust yet razor-sharp blade that cuts effortlessly.
  • Made of stainless steel to provide toughness and durability.
  • Wheel that can be adjusted to accommodate thin or feather-light shavings.
  • The handle is not slippery and features two notches for ease of use.

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6. Top Truffle Slicer with Glossed Rosewood Handle

Many truffle slicers are equipped with the handle being short, which is not the best to hold. Additionally the handle is made of metal and flat, even though it is typically non-slip, it doesn’t make it easy to use the machine.

However, Truffle is among the most popular brands in the truffle shaving industry has arrived with products that have been created with ease of use in the mind of.

The Premium Truffle Slicer, with Glossed Rosewood Handle features an 8-inch long handle with the perfect holding surface. It’s quite thick to provide a comfortable grip, and feels nice and solid in your hands.

I am impressed by the design choices the seller has available. You can pick either the Brown Rosewood and it’s Beige one. I must say that they both look stunning and stylish and elegant, a perfect example of class and fashion.

Along with the comfortable hand grip, it also offers insulation, which is handy especially in winter months.

The handle is at the end. the handle, there is a hole left to make it easy to store the handle. This is the way to hang the device in your kitchen.

The blade on this gadget is among the most durable and sharpest is available. It also has serrated edges which allows you to quickly create chocolate curls.

Do you wish to cut paper-thin slices or juicy and thick slices? This cutter is made for both of these functions. It has an adjustable wheel that can be used for this purpose. What I like about this wheel is that it’s solid and simple to use.

The free products offered by the manufacturer should be mentioned. There’s the cotton bag. It’s great for storage and transport. In addition, you will receive an e-book for free that is filled with recipes for truffles.

Key Features:

  • Long Rosewood handle that makes the operation easy.
  • The handle is not slippery and provides a solid grip.
  • Two styles to choose from beige and brown.
  • The tool is durable – it’s made from stainless steel.
  • Aperture on the handle to allow for storage and hanging.
  • Razors that are sharp and flexible.

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7. Urbani Pro Oak Oak Wood Truffle Slicer

The final item on the list is among the most distinctive slicers I’ve seen. As you can see in the reviews below they are mostly constructed from steel, with a few with an wooden handle. However, this Professional Oak Wood Truffle Slicer is made almost entirely from wood, with the blade made of steel.

If you like wooden tools this truffle grater is the most effective model you could buy. The wood used isn’t of low quality. It is actually an extremely high-quality Oak material. It is a beautiful elegant touch.

The wood is strong and is so sturdy that you won’t have concerns over it breaking. It’s, at least, something that’s durable.

If you’re working with a mostly wooden device You might be wondering whether there are any spatters or rough spots. It’s a vital concern, since spatters may cause discomfort during operation or could cause injuries. What do you think?

The blade is cut in a smooth and even manner, meaning you won’t need to worry about injuries or discomfort. Due to its ease of use, you can perfectly run your food items through the blade. However, when you reach for the handle it’s non-slip, making it simple to hold an energizing grip even when the food items that you’re working with are damp.

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A smooth and consistent cutting style is the hallmark of a good truffle shaving machine. To achieve this, the maker has fitted the strongest, most efficient blade available on the machine. It is smooth and cuts easily, and the cut pieces are smooth and even.

A movable screw is located located on the blade that, when turned, can increase or decrease the thickness of the cutting.

Key Features:

  • Made of top-quality Oak wood that is light and long-lasting.
  • A sharp and durable stainless-steel blade that is reliable in cutting.
  • Adjustable screw to ensure precision in cutting.
  • Gorgeous design, gives an air of class.

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Truffle Shaver as well as Truffle Slicer Purchase Guide For Beginning Users

When we purchase an truffle cutter, it is important for a device that makes it simpler and faster to chop other foods and truffles. We are looking for tools that are easy to work with , and one that lasts.

Although there are numerous models on the market, not all offer the benefits mentioned above. If you’re searching for the top truffle shaving tool, these tips will be helpful.


The materials that the device is made from will define some things. It determines the quality of the device and its longevity.

Truffle shavers are constructed out of three major materials – plastic, metal, and wood.

Metal is superior. It is the most durable in terms of strength and endurance. But, since certain metals like iron are prone to rusting It is recommended to find out which metal the gadget is constructed of. Steel made of stainless is the ideal choice, since it has excellent resistance not just to repeated pressure but as well to corrosion.

I would suggest that you purchase the stainless steel handle which is smacked with wood. You might have to shell out more however, a handle like this is more comfortable to use however the ease of use will make the extra cost worth it.

If you’re on a limited budget, consider opting to a plastic slicer however, it won’t have the same strength or endurance like steel.

Sharpness of blade

The most important thing is that the blade should be constructed from stainless steel to ensure cutting effectiveness in addition to durability and toughness.

Make sure that the blade is sharp. The most important thing to avoid is an edge that is dull, which can make cutting a mess.

You need a sturdy and sturdy blade that is able to handle everything from mushrooms and chocolates to potatoes and truffles. It must be able to cut both hard and soft food items.

There are many who ask how simple it is to take the blade out to make a replacement. Fortunately, a majority of most highly-rated shavers, like those in the review above, have blades that are easy to replace with ease. It’s as simple as turning only a couple of screws.

Blade adjustment

According to the truffle recipe Sometimes, you’ll be in need of thin truffle slivers. Other occasions, you’ll require chunky succulent shavings.

Without the feature of blade adjustment to get the perfect amount of sliver is going to be an issue. This is why it is important to select a product that has an adjustment knob. The wheel is used to determine your preferred thickness of the material.

Non-slip handle

The best truffle cutting tool comes with the sharpest blade. While the blade has excellent cutting performance however, it could also cut your fingers!

When the hand is unsteady this is dangerous as your fingers may slide across the blade, and become cut. A non-slip handle can offer a secure grip and make the risk of injury very minimal.

Regarding the non-slip function A wooden handle is a lot superior to a metallic flat one.


The truffle slicer can be an extremely useful tool. It allows you the ability to quickly and easily cut tomatoes, truffles, vegetables potato, chocolates, as well as other food products.

However, since that not all models are built to last or last for a long time it is essential to scrutinize the model prior to purchasing it. The information you’ve read above suggests certain aspects to take into consideration are the quality of the material, the durability and precision of the knife, as well as the accessibility of the blade.

Also, the handle has to be non-slip to ensure that your fingers do not end up sliding across your cutting edges.

If I had to tell that you settle for just one model as the most effective truffle shaver I’d suggest using the TruffleHunter Pro Truffle Shaver which is second place in the above review. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel and features sharp and durable blade. Furthermore, the handle is protected by Rosewood that also offers an excellent non-slip gripping surface. A great combination of design and function.

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