5 Best Transfer Switch for Generator (September 2022) Reviews

Looking for the Best Transfer Switch for Generator? Read through this article!

Transfer switches are essential. A transfer switch is crucial when using a generator. It can create a safer connection between the generator and your house’s electric wiring. The device can be left on the service panel but allows your generator to operate more safely and securely.

Your electrical circuits are protected from frying by the best transfer switch for the generator. This is a great way to ensure a safe and reliable environment for your family.

Top 5 Best Transfer Switch for Generator 2022

Finding the right quality switch for your electrical device can be difficult. We’ll discuss some of the most popular transfer switches you can get. Let’s begin!

1. Reliance Controls Corporation Transfer Switch

We start with the Reliance Corporation’s 30 Amp transfer switching, which is undoubtedly the best market generator transfer switch. It features quality securing mechanisms that allow for safer power transfer when your house generator runs and when the grid power returns.

It makes it easy to identify the circuit wires that are found within it by making them visible with black and red wires. A large, three-position switch makes it even easier to maneuver. These light switch toggles will remain in the middle of the line. When your grid power goes out, simply place it in the ‘Gen’ position.

You can also save time and money by using the patented junction box.

Generator users are often faced with overloading issues. Reliance’s smart watt meter allows you to monitor the loads and take preventative measures to minimize overloading. In addition, it helps to reduce wear and tear, ensuring a longer-lasting and safer performance.

This reliance transfer switch is a great piece of equipment that ensures safety when using a generator. It is highly recommended.


  • Easy Installation
  • Distinguishable Circuit Wires
  • Large, sturdy three-position switches
  • Watt Meters Prevent Overloading


  • Can AFCI Breakers sometimes cause problems

2. Reliance Controls 30 Amp Generator Switch

Reliance Controls has a second transfer switch that is outstandingly efficient. This transfer switch can handle a generator of up to 7500W and allows you to transfer individual circuits.

You can quickly and easily understand the load center connection with the red and black colored circuit wires. In addition, the switches are more proportionate, making it easier to do your work. This one also supports the three-position setting. Simply switch to “Gen” when the Power goes out.

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Installation is easy thanks to the junction box that includes the transfer switch.

The wattmeter allows you to monitor the load that the generator is taking in. For example, if you have a 2000-watt generator, and your appliances draw 2500 watts, the generator will overtake its designed wattage and cause overload. The wattmeter will allow you to monitor it and ensure it does not exceed the limit.

The conduit may be a little difficult to bend. However, it is an extremely well-designed transfer switch with only minor issues.


  • Convenience in Operation
  • Supports up to 7500 Watts
  • Large, well-designed switches
  • Includes Overload Preventing Mechanism


  • It can be difficult to use the conduit.

3. Connecticut Electric Manual Transfer Switch Kit

We have a third, highly-received Connecticut Electric transfer switch. This high-quality device is NEMA 3R waterproof to be used indoors and outdoors.

Installing the transfer switch can often be a major hassle. If you hire a professional, it will take up your time and result in a large bill. Instead, you can expect an easy installation with Connecticut Electric. This will make it easier for users to eliminate any extra hassle.

It is suitable for use with a water sump pump because of its two-pole 240-volt circuit support design. You can bring it for heavy machinery use, just like sump pumps.

This device is a great option if you are worried about power surges. The double throw rocker switches in the device reduce the risk of power surges, making appliances safer. In addition, this increases the device’s safety rating, making it an equipment piece you can trust.

Individual circuit switches can be delicate, so please use them with care. However, despite this minor problem, the device should still perform extremely well.


  • NEMA 3 Rainproof Outdoor Use
  • Hassle-Free Installation Process
  • Useful with sump pumps
  • Double Throw Rocker Switches Increase Safety


  • Individual Circuit Switches Must Be Handled With Care

4. Reliance Controls, TF151W Simple/Tran Transfer Switch

This transfer switch from Reliance Controls is designed for a single 15 Amp circuit. It also has a variety of critical potentials to deal with an unexpected power outage. You can rely on the generator without the fear of it back feeding.

You can also get an 18-inch aluminum conduit prewired to make it easy to connect to the circuit breaker.

The transfer switch can handle 1875 watts of Power from watts generators. It can also accept Power from nearly all types of backup devices, including generators, fuel cells, generators, RV generators, and other sources that can supply adequate current.

The device has tons of great features, but it can be a little difficult to use because it doesn’t have the option to switch to neutral. As a result, if you accidentally miswire the neutral or the hot, it can pose a risk to the appliances.

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The device is still a great buy, despite the small issue.


  • Prevents Back Feeding
  • It is easy to use
  • Supports up to 1875 running Watts
  • Supports a large number of backup systems


  • It’s not possible to switch to neutral

5. Go, Power! TS-30 30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

The TS-30 switch from Go Power is finally here. This automatic transfer switch is for portable generators. Dual-channel transfer switches allow you to operate two 30 amps sources simultaneously. Users often criticize the installation. However, this device has knockouts which make it much easier.

Keep in mind that switching between utility and generator can take up to 30 seconds.

This automatic switch is also known as an intelligent transfer switch. This is because it doesn’t require you to toggle it on manually and off each time there is a power outage.

Although the device has many benefits, it can be too large for some people. The wiring diagram may not be as clear as it should have been. It can also make it difficult for you to understand the wiring.

The rest of the product is excellent and worth the money.


  • Knockouts in It Make Installation Easier
  • It switches to a relevant power source by itself
  • It can be used with inverters
  • Reduces Extra Hassle During Power Outage


  • The size is slightly larger
  • A missing wiring diagram

What is a Transfer Switch?

A transfer switch is a device that simplifies and accelerates switching between power sources. This device instantly switches from your current energy source to the secondary when activated.

Do You Need a Switch to Transfer?

You do. You can easily switch between generators without waiting, and it is safer. Switching from one power source to another is much more complicated and poses a significant risk. You should avoid these methods. It is a good idea to have a switch for transferring Power when using a generator.

What should I look for in a transfer switch?

Before purchasing one, there are many things you can ask about. First, you should get as many power outlets as you require. You can get 3-4 outlets to support the switch if you have large appliances. An automatic transfer switch (ATS) can be purchased, which is easier and more hassle-free. You can also get the manual ones, but you should look for a three-way switch that switches Power on/off and neutral. It is best to get one that offers a warranty.

What does a generator transfer device do?

A transfer switch transfers Power from the primary source to the secondary power source when switched on. For example, if your utility power is the primary source of Power, it can be used to activate the secondary source of energy. When the utility power is restored, all of this happens again.

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Types Of Transfer Switches

We covered both manual and automatic transfer switches throughout the guide. We will now give you a brief description of each:

Manual Switches

The manual transfer switches are located in the box. You can manually pull the switches up or down to switch Power from primary to secondary during outages. When utility power is restored, the whole process must be reversed manually.

Auto Transfer Switches

The Automatic Transfer Switches, or ATS, do the same thing. However, you don’t need to be there or manually move the switch up and down. The ATS is equipped with intelligent sensors that can automatically switch between power sources depending on the situation. This saves you from the hassle of going to the switch each time there is no power.

Installing a Manual Transfer Switch on a Portable Generator

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How far away can a generator be from the transfer switch?

There are no strict guidelines regarding the distance between your transfer switch and your home. However, it is better to be 60-70 feet from your switch.

What is the best transfer switch or interlock?

It is hard to compare them. Each has its method of simplifying power source transfer. Interlock offers more flexibility and at a lower cost than its counterpart.

What is the cost of installing a generator transfer switch?

The cost of installing and setting up a transfer switch to your generator will vary depending on where you live, how complex the job is, and what the technician prefers. It can run from $200 to $400 in some parts of the country, but it is generally $200.

The Bottom Line

For those living in disaster-prone areas, a transfer switch is a vital piece of equipment. Unfortunately, it seems like a dull task to connect your electrical appliances to the generator by hand using a cable each time there is a power outage. It is also difficult and risky because of the potential for water damage and other electrical and environmental challenges.

Transfer switches are a great tool to help with this unusually difficult situation. Transfer switches automate the entire process. This device’s systematization makes switching between generator and utility extremely easy. You can switch between two completely separate power sources with just one button. 

This eliminates the possibility of connecting your appliances to power sources and minimizes risk manually. Here are some of the top transfer switches for generators. It’s your choice. Choose the one that best suits you and lives hassle-free, safer lives.

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