8 Best TPU Filament (October 2022) Reviews

TPU filaments are typically employed in 3D printers with full-fledged capabilities because they are extremely elastic and able to withstand the force of. A majority of top quality phones cases and stress toys are constructed from TPU filaments.

Although Thermoplastic polyurethane is suggested to make 3D-specific materials, you may want examine your options for the most suitable TPU filament because it will guarantee more solidity of the parts.

So, by reading this list you’ll be introduced to a variety of fantastic products that will be useful in order to effectively make use of this 3D printing device. They will also give you high-end customization and greater resistance to impact.

You might think you’re right. All TPU filaments are identical, isn’t it? However, this isn’t the scenario. Let us take you through and you’ll see the difference in no way:

1. The PRILINE TPU-1KG 1.75 3D Printer Filament

The great feature of PRILINE is the fact that they come in a variety of colors variants when it comes down to the TPU filament. Therefore regardless of the color you prefer you’ll surely find it at PRILINE.

They are also well-known for their high-quality TPU that is ideal for those who want to construct things with a sturdy and complex design. Whatever size you choose they’ll always be a symbol of durability.

One spool of this weighs 1 kilogram that is around 2.20 pounds roughly. Therefore, in the case of bigger projects, this spool can be sufficient so you don’t need to purchase additional spools.

If we are looking to get deeper into the spool’s dimensions the diameter is approximately 1.75 millimeters while the width is around 7.87-inches. Additionally it’s Spool hub hole measures 2.83-inches.

The most important temperature to print for this item is 200-210 degC. The base plate temperature should be at least 50 degrees Celsius. With this classification you will have better control over the creation of the objects.

The thing that’s wonderful with this particular product is its incredible rubberized shape. It allows you to make repetitive moves with greater flexibility because of that you are able to go on longer without breaking.

The soft material is perfect for handling greater force and maintaining their shape in any circumstance So you may consider this material in the event that you plan to purchase this.


  • Great for big projects.
  • High-quality material.
  • Flexible and flexible functionality.
  • Ideal for repetitive motions.
  • Elastic rubber like material.


  • Some wrinkles.
  • It can be difficult to manage the first time you use it.

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2. NovaMaker TPU Filament for 3D Printer

If you are looking for the idea of a product with all the great features are expected for in a high-quality TPU filament Then this 3-D-TPU filament is the best completely!

NovaMaker is definitely very specific about what they expect from this product. They ensured that you’ll enjoy the smoothest and most productive 3D printing by using it.

For the purpose of the hardness, it has the hardness of around 96A. This is fantastic for designs that are intricate because they are able to maintain their shape even when subject to high pressures or any other pressure.

This will make your projects resilient to impacts as well as being better able to stand up to a larger impact if you plan to design something that can be utilized in these scenarios at any moment.

We already have the ideal toughness that you want The most interesting aspect is its flexibility. The filament can be stretched up to 3 times longer than its initial length.

Thus, the products made with it will be more flexible and will be able to handle compression better than other filaments available in the marketplace. It is ideal for creating shoes insoles, or any other product similar to that.

Additionally, this product is free of bubbles and provides soft and non-odorous strips. Additionally, they be resistant to warping, which lowers the possibility of damage or mishaps.


  • More stretchable, three times the stretch of the original.
  • Low-odor build.
  • Reduces the chance of the possibility of.
  • Ensure ultra-smooth distribution.
  • Accurate diameter measurement.


  • Color pigmentation may be incorrect.
  • Refraction creates air traps inside the filament.

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3. The Overture 3D Printing TPU Filament

The most appealing feature of Overture filaments is the color combination is gorgeous and accurate. Utilizing these shades, you could design stunning products.

A variety of colors are readily available to purchase and each is of the finest quality. This is not all, these are extremely stretchable and will not diminish their accuracy in pigmentation.

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The most intriguing thing concerning the 3D printer TPU filaments is they can be used to create any desktop. You can make a stunning product using your own home’s comfort as these are extremely simple to operate.

The shore toughness of the material is ideal for bigger projects because it provides greater structural strength. Each layer will be as much strength as any other layer.

Additionally, the flexibility can be used to create bracelets and other items that need to be stretchy. They can be stretched to a considerable degree without causing damage to the shape.

A good bed adhesive is vital to ensure that the product to remain exactly where they are supposed to be. Therefore, the premium bed adhesive in this product is highly recommended.

Clogging is also an issue with nozzles but thanks to the patent Clog-free for the device it is possible to use the unit all the time you want without a single resistance.


  • Printing is reliable using overture roll. Overture rolls.
  • Amazing for intricate designs.
  • Drys completely within 24 hours.
  • Tangle-free construction.
  • Reduces the chance of snapping.


  • Due to the extreme heat, there could be a slight discoloration.
  • Interlayer adhesives can be slightly ineffective.

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4. SainSmart Flexible TPU

If you’re in search of an affordable product that provides the top high-quality filaments for your projects This is the product to look into.

The incredible color range and the flexibility makes this an excellent TPU filament suitable for a 3D printers. The entire product will ensure you get the most out of every project you make.

If we take a the more precise classification, then the product’s diameter is of 1.75 millimeters and the shore hardness is 95A. This is approximately 1.76 pounds per spool, with a suggested platform temperature of 40-60 degrees Celsius.

The most appealing aspect of the thermoplastics is they maintain excellent structural integrity, even though they are flexible in what they can do. So, you’ll have the ability to repeat any procedure.

Compatibility is crucial when using a filament to make your 3D printer. You have to choose one that fits into the temperature control as well as the dispersion nozzle.

This amazing product is ideal to use with any FDM printing printer that is used from your home or office This is the best option for anyone who wants to print robust and flexible items.

If you are able to establish the settings, you’ll be able to manage the temperature and alter the build according to what you’d like without having to add additional work to it.


  • Fantastic bed adhesion capability.
  • Ideal for drones and watchbands parts.
  • Compatible with the majority of FDM printers. Compatible with most FDM.
  • Correctly sealed packaging.
  • Shore toughness is 95A.


  • Packaging may be exposed to humidity.
  • Diameter can lack consistency.

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5. TRONXY 3D Printer TPU Filament

This is among the most flexible and adjustable TPU filaments that is available currently. But that’s not all the remarkable thing about this product when it comes to printing.

There are a variety of TPU filaments to print 3D This one stands out due to the low-odor and low warp design. It is a breeze to use for a variety of projects, and it’s well.

The majority of filaments in the marketplace today have this issue with odor due to the additional temperature they undergo. However, you will not have that problem with TRONXY TPU.

Being brittle could be an issue when trying to print something that’s flexible However, because of the soft texture of this product it’s possible to modify it in terms of the construction.

PST. Here’s how to repair the filament that is brittle to avoid significant printing problems.

It also features an adjustable degradation of the material to ensure that performance remains optimal, regardless of the heat rate or the environment it is used in.

The diameter must be maintained. This is important if you want to have a clean distribution of the nozzle. This is why, because of the unit’s guarantee of maintaining the same diameter it will give you a fluid flow.

When wrapping, the material has to be dry, which is why the vacuum seal works great in this case. It is possible to use it straight out of the package without problems.


  • Adequately controlled to allow for degradability.
  • Tolerance to high temperatures.
  • Vacuum sealing packaging.
  • Free of hazardous substances.
  • Achieving optimal softness in the process of printing.


  • Smaller applications are more prone to collapse.
  • Induces tension on the extruder.

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6. Eryone Filament for 3D Printer

When it comes to being clear-colored, it is recommended to opt for these as they are incredibly flexible to work with as well as having stunning color combinations.

Another crucial aspect about filaments is the fact that they have to be properly vacuumed so that the filaments do NOT come into contact with water. This is beneficial in the process printing and ensures proper dispersion.

It will enable you to make stronger components and gain sturdy structural strength and. It is vital in most projects because TPU filaments are generally employed to increase their strength for construction.

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The size of the strips is an additional factor to consider to consider when you need a an even distribution of the nozzle because, without it, you’ll get more clogging, and more trouble.

Due to the precise diameter the product has you needn’t be worried about sudden clogging or breaking. Eryone made sure that every part in the strips is positioned properly.

If you’re curious to learn more about the spool then it’s the 1.1-pound version. It is typically used for smaller projects. However, it’s great for big ones too, as they’re not going to be finished in a hurry.

A proper distribution will ensure that each product is utilized, and none are wasted in any situation. Whatever time they are utilized for it is guaranteed that you benefit the best performance out of it.


  • Its outside diameter is 1.75-mm.
  • Incredible translucent color combination.
  • It is easy to handle.
  • Efficient nozzle dispersion.
  • Reducing the amount of clogging and breaking.


  • Sealing isn’t always efficient.
  • It could be much more flexible.

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7. NinjaTek TPU Filament

A midnight black-colored filament can be among the most popular units available. They are famous for their exceptional performance and quality, as well as with their remarkable flexibility when used.

This is certainly the most effective TPU filament because of its long-lasting properties when compared to other filaments. It is more durable and has the capacity to withstand greater stress than the average material.

In the event of handling stress, it’s significantly strengthened by the high elasticity rate. You can make it compress any way you like, without permanently affecting the shape of the object.

Roundness is crucial for nozzles to function properly, while also ensuring that dispersion happens in a way that doesn’t become stuck or clogged in the nozzle.

Consistent diameter is useful in these scenarios when you’re in a situation where you have a consistent dimension, flow will be smoother and you’ll be able to construct products with no interruption.

Another intriguing aspect about it is the fact that it’s composed of a specially-formulated thermoplastic polyurethane which is able to withstand the technology that permits it to be easy to feed texture.

In terms of the degree of hardness, this product has a shore hardness around 85A that is very flexible, while maintaining a solid and sturdy shape. When it is dried it is able to withstand more pressure.


  • Patented technology exclusive to the material.
  • It is the smoothest and easiest to remove texture
  • Shore hardness is 85A.
  • A great smooth, low-friction texture.
  • Great for elongation.


  • Packaging doesn’t include proper vacuuming.
  • A little more expensive than standard filaments.

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8. HATCHBOX Thermoplastic Polyurethane Filament

One of the unusual features of this item; it’s recognized for a variety of reasons, beginning with the durability of the material and a remarkable flexibility when trying to be precise regarding what you produce.

This is 100% designed for projects with intricate requirements which require maximum flexibility with high structural integrity to ensure you enjoy the most optimal of both.

The package contains a 1 kg spool that has the diameter of 1.75 millimeters. The accuracy of the dimensions is between +or- 0.03 millimeters. The minimum temperature needed for dispersion ranges from 190degC to 235degC.

If you plan to create multiple models and designs, then this is definitely one of the top products to consider. With Hatchbox filament it is possible to make models beginning from small to big.

Another major reason to move towards this direction is the huge flexibility it gives. It is possible to get a variety of things accomplished using a one-use.

It’s great for internal fillings as it is precise in diameter throughout the entire process. There’s no misbalance in distribution that can result in a break or hole.

In addition with color, you will get extremely accurate and vibrant shades that can help you create items that look fantastic in whatever form you keep them in. This is why it comes in both yellow and black shades.


  • They are fairly easy to wash.
  • Compatible with all surfaces.
  • Great color accuracy.
  • Ideal for making several items.
  • Absolutely free of bubbles and tangles.


  • There is a possibility of a slight variation in the dimension.
  • It is prone to small clogs around the nozzle.

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TPU Filament Shopping Guide

There are a few essential setting if you want to get to get the most out of the projects you’re using TPU filaments for. We’ll help you navigate these and help you discover what you like.

Learn More Why is TPU filament good for? Learn all you must learn concerning TPU filaments in our article!


Be aware of the strength of your tensile is important if you are looking for sturdy and long-lasting products. Tensile strength is the measure of the amount of pressure a product can withstand.

It is possible to opt for the TPU filament that is able to take around 26Mpa of Tensile Strength. This can help you create parts that support the structure and remain in shape during extended use.

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If you choose to purchase anything that doesn’t tick the box, you may be at risk of breaking or similar because the components that support it of it won’t last for long.

Thus, tensile strength is essential for any product that will last even under the most extreme stress.


High elasticity is by far the most essential feature of any product which is an opponent for the position of being the most flexible to use TPU filament. The majority of the products made using TPU filaments must be extremely flexible.

It will make it easier to make things like handbands or phone covers that can be flexed and other similar items. If they don’t, they’ll break fast and they will not stretch as far as you’d like to.

So, it is possible to select a product with a high stretch rate because it will prevent the deformation that occurs when you stretch the products made of the TPU filament.

An elastic modulus of around 7.8 MPa is enough to handle the majority of stretch. This will help the components to keep their structural structure.


Many people ignore this initially however, this is vital for proper dispersion from the nozzle , without resistance. In the longer term, it could cause a lot of problems.

Inconsistent TPU flow may result in the nozzle becoming jammed and cause blockages which can create an extremely messy situation within a short time, since the dispersion has to be speedy.

Therefore, you can examine if the pattern is regular or not. If not it could cause problems over the long term and the mess could be difficult to tidy up.

In certain scenarios it could be that there is an interruption to the flow of water that causes damage to the structure of the objects you’re trying to construct. This can cause the project to fall apart and deform.

TPU Filament Applications

They are utilized in a variety of ways, ranging with industrial items up to 3D-printing. Because of their remarkable capability and endurance they are considered to be the most practical material to work with.

Sports Products

A few of the most popular products for sports are made of TPU filaments because they offer more flexibility and are less worn. These are durable materials that resist abrasions which is why they are handy when it comes to designing training items, equipment water bottles and much many more.

They can also be coated with certain equipment because they have the capability to stand up to the pressure of a great deal.

3D Printing

They can also be utilized for printing various items and projects with the 3D printer due to the ability to keep any form of complication with a certain stretching rate, so you can be more flexible when making use of these printers.

It’s also very simple to work with them for complex patterns and designs. If you have the proper settings you’ll be able create the most effective items.

Learn More About 3-D Dry-Box DIY. A dry container made from scratch can keep your filament dry and will save your money over the long term. Here’s how you can do it!


They are also utilized for a range of different components in vehicles such as levers, panels and other items like that.

Because of their outstanding endurance and strength, they are great for such products. They are the reason they are utilized in these scenarios.

Frequently asked questions

Are these filters compatible with the majority of printers?

A majority of these can be used with a variety of 3D printers. You can use them with the default settings for temperature however, you are able to alter the settings however you wish to.

Are They Good for Making Wrist Bands?

TPU filaments are extremely flexible, and they are perfect to create wrist bands, or anything else of that kind. The stretch can vary from one brand to the next however, they are very flexible.

Can I make Drone Components Using TPU Filaments?

It is possible to build drone parts from the filaments. They are very good at keeping the shape, and most of the parts for drones are made of TPU filaments.

Why are Filaments Diameters Important?

If the diameter is not correct the feed could be easily cut off. It could cause your products to weaken in strength and may even cause the creation of a mess that could be difficult to remove.

What Temperatures Can These Equipments withstand?

They are able to handle temperatures of around 80 degrees Celsius This means that you won’t need to worry about the rate at which temperatures are regulated by these items. You can utilize them in any climate.

Wrapping up!

If you’re searching for the top TPU filament, this review can help you to find the best one. Utilizing these products you can accomplish amazing things with 3D printers, and much more.

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