6 Best Tomato Chopper (September 2022) Reviews

You grabbed your standard knife and brought some tomatoes to cut. You tried to slice them in the shortest amount of time however you didn’t succeed!

It’s true! It’s virtually impossible to cut lots of vegetables quickly using knifes in the kitchen unless one is an experienced professional chef.

However, if you are fortunate enough to find the most efficient tomato chopper you don’t requirement to be a professional chef to complete that job quickly.

When we think of a tomato choppers, they should be not just durable, but also portable to facilitate transfer.

What’s more? Sharp blades are essential to cut many types of food items in one time!

The material’s quality will be higher as you’ll be using it to cook your meals every day. Non-toxic and BPA-free ingredients must be used on the cooking equipment.

Yes, your slicer ought to be easy to clean. Because at the end the day, no one will wish to take long hours cleaning it!

Top 6 Best Tomato Chopper 2022

Our team of experts selected 6 efficient choppers specifically for tomatoes, as well as a variety of vegetables and fruits. Surprisingly, the majority of them are extremely user-friendly and lightweight. They are also cheap.

1. Pro Food Chopper from Fullstar

This is the first tomato dicer machine made by Fullstar that can make your “food-slicing” task as simple as ABC!

It ensures that you are able to cut up a massive amount of veggies quickly and easily. And you know what? The cost is comparatively lower because of its manual operation mode.

With its four superior blades (interchangeable) It allows users cut, chop or even cut lots of tomatoes.

Not just for tomatoes, but also , the champ could be used to cut a variety of kinds of fruit with its sharp stainless steel cutting blades. It is good to know that they are resistant to rust and last for a long time.

It measures approximately 10.6 x 4.5 and 4.7 inches. The amount it can carry is not more than 2.01 pounds. It’s therefore safe to move the device at any time and from anywhere when you’d like.

In the kitchen, to the dinner table it will fit practically every space because of its elegant style!

Here, you’ll find a particular 1.2L lid tray made to allow you to harvest tomatoes straight away and do it without causing a mess!

Despite its plastic construction this material is guaranteed to last forever and the majority of users experience good outcomes.

Alongside a solid base with anti-skid features, it has an exclusive grip handle that’s very comfortable.

Yes, you are able to replace the blades , without having to deal with injuries from accident because of its efficient “safety locking mechanism,” making it one of the best, even if it’s not the top tomato dicer!

Key Features:

  • 4 blades that are razor-sharp let you cut, chop and julienne vegetables and fruits.
  • Plastic construction, with stainless steel blades made of 420 (rust-resistant).
  • It weighs only 2.01 pounds, and it measures 10.6 in. x 4.5 and 4.7 inches.
  • Built-in tray is available in the capacity of 1.2L for the purpose of capturing enough food.
  • A comfortable grip handle that has an anti-skid base to ensure users’ comfort.
  • The safety lock lets you replace blades more securely and quickly.

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2. Brieftons 754169671068 Tomato Dicer

This model is from Brietons should be on your top list of choices should you be looking for an equipment to chop tomatoes which is more efficient than other models.

From chopping tomatoes and carrots to mixing soup and eggs Everything will be done in just a few just a few minutes!

We’d like mention its overall look that it displays and the mix of classic green and white color, eco-friendly ABS material and the highest-quality stainless steel blade make this product exceptional!

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It’s a good thing that both the bowl and the blades are dishwasher-friendly making it easy and effortless cleaning.

It is your go-to for those who require an item with a lot of area due to its 6.8 cups of capacity. It is ideal to store a variety of fruits, vegetables and similar items in one time. Just a few times on the pump handle could suffice to get the task done!

You’ll also find an inbuilt lock button on the top of the screen, which is that is designed to keep your device secure when you don’t need to. Plus, what else? You’ll get five recipe Ebooks as well as user’s manual (printed) as well.

Key Features:

  • It can chop vegetables finely within minutes using the stainless steel blades.
  • BPA non-toxic ABS material and 1.1 pounds of structure that is lightweight.
  • 6.8 cups seems to be sufficient for any cook or household worker.
  • Dishwasher-friendly and easily cleaned.
  • Perfect for chopping or slicing, as well as mixing.
  • Includes recipe ebooks and the user’s manual.

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3. Manual Chopper by Vivaant

It’s true, it’s a great time-saver when you need to cook tiny meals in just a few minutes. The stainless steel blade with a zigzag will allow you to cut up tomatoes onion, capsicum, onions garlic, and many other items without spending hours! Not to forget, the blades can be removed to allow for simple cleaning.

Not just for slicing, this tool can also be used as a dicer and mincer too. The base is anti-skid and a button with a rubberized surface on the top to provide greater grip.

In terms of size, it’s 8 ounce (1 cup) container that is taken away in the event that you wish to wash it away with water. To make it easier to clean you can throw it into the upper rack in your dishwasher.

You’ll be pleased to know that the creator of this product utilizes high-quality BPA-free material that are completely safe for everyone.

Are you looking to bring it along with you for your next camping trip? Easy! It weighs 1.12 pounds of light structure and small size allows you to move it wherever you want and with minimal effort! With its versatility and transportability It stands out the rest!

Key Features:

  • Zigzag stainless steel blades to chop tomatoes easily and quickly.
  • This can be used to serve to serve as a slicer, mincer as well as a dicer at simultaneously.
  • 8 oz of capacity isn’t good for making smaller meals.
  • Portable and made from BPA non-toxic materials to ensure security.
  • The button’s rubberized design provides the most the comfort of gripping.

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4. Commercial Tomato Dicer from Happybuy

The commercial tomato dicer HTML0 from Happybuy is a tomato dicer that’s commercially available.from Happybuy is designed for people who like an item that can be used for multiple purposes. While the price is slightly expensive compared to other manual options however, it’s worth it to the money you spend We guarantee it!

It’s more beneficial to discuss the general construction, which is superior to its counterpart, and the merits go to its premium aluminum alloy frame, as well as the razor-sharp stainless steel blade (1/4″).

The distinctive square-cutting surface can be used to fulfill a number of different purposes. For instance, if you need to cut onions and tomatoes or cut up potatoes and mushrooms for French Fries, all is possible with little time and with minimal effort.

This will not disappoint you should you decide to invest an extra amount of money to purchase the top chopper available for tomatoes!

It is no surprise that the chopper is equipped with 4 feet with rubberized soles, which increase the stability of the device.

And do you know what? from the cutting blade all the way to the cutter head everything can be taken off to make cleaning easy and effortless.

Be aware that it could cause an mess because there’s no specific lid or container to be used.

But, it allows you to chop up tons of veggies and fruits at the same time. This is the feature that makes it perfect for commercial and home use!

Key Features:

  • Sharp stainless blade (1/4″) along with a a strong aluminum alloy frame.
  • The cutting blade and head are accessible to allow you to wash the dicer easily.
  • Four feet are made of rubber to enhance stability.
  • There are a variety of styles available from traditional to upgraded style.
  • It is a great option for commercial use.
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5. Alligator INALLI3093 Tomato Chopper Machine

If you’re concerned about durability and you’re seeking an extremely well-constructed and built chopper, then Alligator INALLI3093 could meet your needs.

Alongside a razor-sharp stainless steel blades as well as the construction it comes with is constructed of premium stainless steel to extend the life of the.

The size of this gadget is smaller than it appears, allowing you to put it in any place you’d like. With a weight of just 2.17 pounds, moving it from kitchen to room is a breeze!

Cleansing the tomato chopper is an additional benefit, as the blade is able to be removed at any time, particularly in the event that you wish to clean it.

Because the model comes with 3 blades that are interchangeable it’ll be an easy task to cut tomatoes into various forms, from very small to thick.

What’s next?

It’s a tiny container that allows you to capture fruits or vegetables using a method that is efficient while you chop. It won’t permit you to create any mess anyhow, thank goodness!

Key Features:

  • Sturdy construction thanks in the material stainless steel.
  • Three blades are interchangeable that are rust-proof as well as easy to wash.
  • Just 2.17lbs with a small design that makes it easy to store.
  • Small-sized plastic cup to hold tomatoes as you chop.
  • It lets you transform fruit or vegetables into three different forms.

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6. Slap Chop COMINHKPR119445

Are you looking for the top tomato Chopper?

We’ll wrap up our list with this sleek product by Slap Chop. In addition it’s among the lightest slicers we’ve ever seen!

If you can get a better mix of both white and black, the total dimensions of this material appears to be smaller. What’s the advantage? It’ll be too simple to move the manual chopper you have at home to your camping excursion.

Furthermore, you’re receiving an average-sized container that is designed to hold the food you cut. What’s more? It’s easy to remove so that you can wash it when you’re done chopping.

Concerning the structure the body as well as blade are constructed of top-quality stainless steel. This means it will last longer when compared with the standard models available there.

To chop up your food easily It comes with a push-down handle that lets you cut tomatoes, onions as well as apples, potatoes as well as cucumbers, nuts and more. The price? It’s significantly less expensive than older models on the market.

Key Features:

  • Around 0.51 pounds and an extremely compact design.
  • The container is removable, allowing you to clean it up easily and speedily.
  • Steel made of stainless steel is guaranteed to have the best endurance.
  • It comes with a handle that can be pulled down for easy cutting.
  • Blades made of stainless steel are sharp to chop onions, tomatoes, etc.

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Tomato Chopper Buying Guide

It’s impossible to pick a random option when it comes to picking the most effective tomato dicer.

It’s essential to take into consideration some factors, specifically the essential elements that can make the purchase much more simple and enjoyable.

Therefore, ensure that you take note of the things below and make a note of them down. If you do this you can get the perfect tomato chopper.

Think about the type of

In fact, there are two kinds of tomato choppers that are available on the market today, which include electric and manual. Each has particular pros and cons.

Electric tomato chopper as the name implies it is run by electricity. It’s more efficient and doesn’t require any manual effort whatsoever.

Manual choppers, which are on the other side, operate with the hands of the user. While it does require a some manual effort, it’s also light and compact. It’s also more suitable for people who are tight in cash!

Blade Material

As you’ll use the chopper in place of a knife to cut up the usual foods particularly tomatoes, it’s logical to choose a knife that is sharp and durable blades. If not you’ll not be able to get the job completed.

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For the material of the blade you should choose stainless steel, instead of the other common choices. It’s stronger, more durable and resistant to rust.

General Construction

The blade isn’t the only thing to be considered however, the whole part of an chopper needs to be strong and durable in order to be able to keep it for several years. The material you choose to use is vital in case you’re concerned about its longevity.

In this instance, ABS, stainless steel as well as aluminum alloy, are just a few of the most popular materials available.

Sometimes, there’s no card house to go with plastic. However, make sure it’s fitted with BPA-free materials and high-quality ingredients.

The base is the one that base should be anti-skid, so that you can effortlessly keep it where you’d like.


Yes, it’s important when selecting a good tomato cutter. In addition to the strength the item you’re planning to buy should be fitted by moderately weights.

The benefits? It is that anyone can transfer the device at any time and without much effort , if the chopper is able to be moved and is that not clear?

Easy to clean

It’s a pain to find something that requires additional effort to wash. If we’re talking about buying a high-end tomato slicer It should be able to be removed and, of course it will allow you to clean the blades and the container when you would like to.

Blades that can be interchanged help reduce your work in cleaning up. Also, make sure you are able to take away the components of your cutter (e.g. blades lid) easily.

Additionally, if you’d like to clean your chopper without any effort, pick the one that is dishwasher-friendly.

Safety Features

While the tomato chopper is safe for everyone it’s a good choice to buy one that has at least one safety feature. For instance, the safety lock built in allows users to change the dull blades with no injuries.

Additionally, be sure that the lid that locks the chopper is secured and that the blades don’t be able to come loose when making salads or other things similar to that.

With these features, you are able to prevent injuries from accidents while making meals.

Frequently Answered Questions

Is it ok to make use of slicers for food blenders?

The chop’s consistency won’t be flawless if you put the slicer that blends things. It will produce tomatoes instead of juice which isn’t something you’d expect from a slicer, is it?

Do I have to clean off my chopper often?

It’s dependent on how often you actually use the gadget. If you chop vegetables and fruits frequently and regularly, it’s important to wash the cut every day. In the event that it doesn’t the blade of your slicer could get stuck-on dirt and corrosion.

Are tomato choppers dishwasher-safe?

Actually there are some choppers that are not compatible with dishwashers. Therefore, before purchasing ensure that you know the compatibility of your item. Brieftons 754169671068 could meet your needs for dishwasher-friendly chopper for the most affordable cost.

Do you really need to own a light chopper?

Yes! having a chopper that is light in design is always beneficial particularly if you are traveling more frequently. When you purchase such tools, you will be able to easily transfer them to and keep them in your bag while getting ready for a camping excursion.

Wrapping Up

Finding the most efficient tomato chopper is the ideal option if you have to prepare salads or other meals every day. In comparison to kitchen knives, you can cut more vegetables and fruits, particularly tomatoes, with the tomato slicer. It’s the feature that adds even more value!

Pro Food Chopper from Fullstar is worthy of the top spot. Because of its sharp blades that are razor-sharp, 2.01 pounds of lightweight structure, and an overall capacity of 1.2L with a removable tray!

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