6 Best Thermometer for Big Green Egg (September 2022) Reviews

If you don’t know about the Kamado style of the grill will be missing amazing food and cooking experiences. Kamado originates from its Japanese language, which translates to the stove.

It is the Big Green Egg is an original form of the grill, which allows you to cook incredible food, but thermometers are crucial to make it work. With this list, you’ll be able to choose the ideal thermometer for the large green eggs.

It is easy to regulate the temperature of your grill to get the perfect flavor you’re essentially looking for because excessive heat could damage the grill completely.

Top 6 Best Thermometer for Big Green Egg 2022

There are a lot of options available on the market, however it doesn’t mean every one will deliver the features you’re looking for. We’ll assist you in finding the right one for you.

1. ThermoPro thermoPro TP20 Wireless, Big Green Egg Remote Thermometer

ThermoPro is among the most popular thermometers on the market. Because of its distinctive functions and features It’s capable of carrying out extensive tasks on your grill to ensure it can ensure that whatever you cook is of the highest quality.

The most appealing aspect of this huge green egg and dual probe wireless thermometer is its incredible range. Most people favor wireless technology because it offers users more flexibility.

When you’re cooking delicious food it is essential to be in a position to keep your family amused, and it’s never enjoyable to constantly linger over the grill and make sure all is well cooked.

300 feet lets you monitor each temperature variation on your steak, or whatever you cook without having to be present physically.

However, a greater range of temperature doesn’t suggest a lack of precision as the probes are constructed to ensure that you get a temperature reading that is accurate. The dual step-down tip that has stainless-steel construction is able to withstand temperatures up to 716 F.

If you’re creating your device effortless. Everything is set up; you don’t have to sync all the components. Unpack the program and begin using.

There are situations outdoors where it might not always be light and you shouldn’t have to worry because ThermoPro features a large LCD and a high-quality backlit function.


  • It comes in two different colors.
  • Does not require any complicated installation process.
  • Synched in advance with all the components.
  • Ideal for low light conditions.
  • Built-in timer function that includes an alert that flashes.


  • Ports are not labeled correctly.
  • The grill clip may not be stable often.

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2. Alpha Gamers Instant BGE Thermometer

Of all the products listed among them, this has been named as an thrilling egg thermometers. It is distinctive in many different settings, ranging with design and ending with functionality.

If we were trying to define the style the closest thing to it would be similar to an a-switch knife. This tiny and effective device comes with a safe flip mechanism that is safe from causing accidents.

It’s also easy to use and store as it is fitted with a hole on the bottom that permits users to connect it to something to allow an easy access.

You may be contemplating the installation process of your device, don’t you? The positive thing is that there’s no need to do it! It can be used right out of the package without the need to setup it.

By inserting the thermometer’s tips into the roast or grill to receive a precise and precise reading in just a couple of seconds. All the information about the temperature will be visible at the top of the dial.

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After using it, you can just flip it back in The device will turn off and stop it from using energy. This is also beneficial in the long-term durability of the device.

The temperature range for the device is between 58 and 572-degree Fahrenheit, which means you can experiment with the temperature however you’d like to. This gives you more flexibility in using the device.


  • It has a safety flip mechanism.
  • Simple recalibrating function.
  • Waterproofing system.
  • Ideal for giving as a gift.
  • Includes an instruction guide.


  • Doesn’t have wireless capabilities.
  • Not the best match for sponges.

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3. NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Big Green Egg Thermometer

This is definitely an intriguing options on the list of being the top thermometer for the large green eggs. It is equipped with amazing technology to ensure you get the most from the device.

One of the interesting aspects that is unique to the BGE thermometer is its Bluetooth connection system. It is able to connect wirelessly in all directions that means you are able to operate the device directly via your smartphone.

If you’ve already put the thermometer in the food item, it will be continuously monitoring any temperature changes. If there is a significant variation in the temperature it will notify you via push to your mobile.

This application can be used on any operating system and all of them are perfect optimized to ensure that you receive timely alerts without delay.

The probes that come in the gadget are made of stainless steel to ensure they are able to stand up the higher temperatures. They can withstand up to 482 F temperature.

Another aspect that could be of interest to your is their various functions; this version includes two other probes. You could be combined to make up to six probes, all having different presets you can utilize.

The most appealing aspect of that is that you are able to set the temperature that is required for various recipes and receive notifications depending on your preference and the monitoring can also be taken care of keeping this in your mind.


  • Multiple probes are part of the package.
  • Complete wireless connectivity.
  • Stainless-steel probes.
  • Preset function for better personalization.
  • Efficient alerting system.


  • Sensors may malfunction from time to time.
  • Probes can be very easily lost.

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4. Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

Another fascinating addition, complete with wireless capabilities But this isn’t all that’s intriguing about this huge Green Egg thermometer.

The most practical elements of this device could be the system of real-time notifications. It’s capable of providing you with notifications regarding your food intake and keeping you informed without the need to check it often.

It is easy to download the very efficient software which will manage all capabilities of your device. It will also provide you with regular information on the process of making your grill, roast and everything else.

It’s relatively simple to setup since it works with the basic Bluetooth technology, meaning it doesn’t require any Wi-Fi features. It is easy to locate the gadget on your smartphone and begin using its functions from the application.

One of the most essential features of every thermometer is its accuracy reading. In addition the probes must cope with a greater amount of heat to ensure that they are able to get accurate readings at any time they are required to.

This model comes with six different probes. It’s very useful because there is a spare when you have to replace one. Also, you’ll always have backups in case you lose the thermometer.

If you want to customize it the app gives you some flexibility with the app that comes with your smartphone, which makes it the ideal wireless thermometer for a big green eggs.


  • There are 11 temperature presets.
  • The app is simple to use.
  • Highest temperature rate is 572 Fahrenheit.
  • Fully powered by batteries.
  • Real-time notifications.


  • The delay for notification is not adjustable.
  • It doesn’t have an auto-power off system.

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5. KAMaster Grill Temperature Gauge

It is the traditional method of thermometers. It does not use any fancy technologies It uses a simple gauges to measure temperature. However, the most appealing aspect of it is its accuracy.

With a basic build structure this is a durable device that can withstand temperatures of high temperature without causing damage to the device. The stainless-steel structure is the main reason for this solidity.

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Because the device employs manual methods to read temperatures, it guarantees that you receive an precise temperature reading. Therefore, you can be sure that everything has been properly cooked.

Another factor that often appeals to people is the easy installation process of the device. There is no need for wireless connectivity or other notification system.

With its simple-to-read display it is possible to read each temperature shift the food you are eating. Also, it has appropriate marks on the body to ensure that you can assess the quality of food.

One of the main issues with most probes is that they’re too short for cooking tasks, and that’s why you need an extra-long green egg temperature probe you’ll never come into contact with food.

Another feature which makes it one of the more effective items is its clipping mechanism so that, while grilling, it will not slide off the meat. It’ll stay in place for as long as you want it to.


  • Waterproof device.
  • This prevents the screen from becoming frosted.
  • Great for grills of all types.
  • High-temperature tolerance.
  • Extra-long probe.


  • Needles that indicate are susceptible to freeze.
  • Temperature readings are not adjustable.

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6. Big Green Egg Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer

Another large Green Egg remote thermometer which is great for spontaneous cooking and for balancing your food’s temperature while cooking.

A variety of amazing features can be found in this device, among these is that it has a dual probe. It allows for more precise readings and, in addition it lets you use the probes in a pair.

It is not necessary to be near for a reliable reading from the device since it is easy to put it into food items, and it will continue to monitor the temperature of the products.

Another benefit of this product is the clipping mechanism that allows you to keep the item fixed to the meat’s surface to ensure that it won’t slide off while grilling.

It is an important feature as it can cause readings to fluctuate. So you must ensure that it is balanced so that you can get better readings from your device.

With the addition in an LCD monitor, one are able to see the state for the foods you’re cooking. You can choose various options to reach the desired temperature based on the foods you’re cooking.

It also will inform you periodically when the grilling process is complete or if it’s reached the temperature required. The entire process can be controlled through the gadget, ideal to help you make the most of an temperature control for a big green eggs.


  • Battery-powered.
  • Fantastic range of motion while being active.
  • Dual probes.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Remote control that can be customized.


  • The functions can be difficult to comprehend.
  • Fabric webbing turns black while smoking.

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Thermometer to determine the Big Green Egg Buying Guide

If you are planning to purchase the suitable thermometer to use on your grill You need a thermometer with all the features you want. We’ll walk you through these features to help you make an informed choice

Wireless Function

A single of the crucial aspects of modern technology is the wireless capabilities of the gadget. This feature is available in a variety of versions, each is beneficial, but it’s your choice that matters.

A most popular kinds is the wireless connection which comes with an accessory remote that can carry for an extended distance. It is easy to access all of the functions available on the device by using the remote.

Another purpose is to make use of an app that you can install on your mobile phone. many of which use Bluetooth connectivity, however there are different options available there, too. This provides a bit more customization.

So, if you’d like an application that allows users to modify the product you’re creating, this is the application you should choose. However, if the software malfunctions then it won’t be as effective.


The accuracy of temperature is a crucial aspect for a BGE thermometer.

Roasting, grilling, or whatever needs an appropriate temperature control if wish to enhance the flavor. Therefore, it’s vital to pay attention to even the tiniest of adjustments.

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If you decide to purchase thermometers, ensure you get one that can accurately measure temperature and allow you to have the best flavor the food you eat.

Proper Indicators

You may overlook it however, it’s actually crucial because If you aren’t able to understand the settings or assess the temperature change What’s the purpose of the thermometer all about?

There are some brands that are traditional in their indications However, the great aspect is that they’re very exact. Thus, you should definitely consider them, but they don’t give any additional details.

If you are using digital indicators, they’re ideal for smoking because they’re capable of providing an accurate indication of the state that the food is in. If you’re interested you should certainly consider using them.


You might be thinking what kind of preset could thermometers be equipped with? This is the most interesting aspect. A few of the devices offered have full-time smart functions.

There are a variety of functions that you can assign for them and you are able to modify them at any time you’d like. One of these functions is the presets. you can choose any temperature settings on the device and it will inform you on the basis of the preset.


It’s crucial that users have the right guidelines on the functions of the thermometer, as without it, you’ll never actually be able the maximum benefit from the device.

In addition to the simpleness of their functions it is essential that they are identified so that you can tailor them to your needs and fully understand them. Also, make sure that the thermometer you purchase is equipped with this feature.

Frequently asked questions

Do I require Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly?

There is no need for wireless connectivity to make the device to connect to your mobile phone because the devices utilize Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect to the device without having to connect to external sources.

Will I be notified after my meal is finished?

A majority of smart thermometers can be linked to your smartphone; as such by using the app you’ll get push notifications when the food you’re cooking or grilling is at an appropriate temperature. If it does, you will be notified promptly.

If I have several probes, should I purchase the probes separately?

It’s all dependent on the kind of unit you’re using, however the majority devices come with several probes, which means you don’t have to purchase them separately. Additionally, in certain instances you can combine them all in one unit to get more accurate readings.

Do the settings for presets actually works?

It certainly works as different food items require different temperatures. It is possible to cook each one of them with the same manner. Thus, the preset lets you to adjust the temperature according to what you’re making.

Can I create a custom delay for the notification?

If you’re using an application of the company to receive push notifications regarding your food items, you are able to alter the timeframe of notifications. It can be set to the time you want and the app will continue to notify you according to this.

Are the probes able to handle temperatures higher than 350 F?

The probes are made of stainless steel, which means they can handle heat between 32 and 572 F, which means they are able to handle that type of temperature. Additionally, they were developed to be able to stand up to that temperatures and still work flawlessly.

Wrapping up!

By reading the article, you will see that there are a few things to look towards when you purchase a product.

One of them could be The remote controls system ThermoPro comes with. If you’re looking for something that’s more convenient to carry and use, you could certainly try using the Alpha Griller.

Therefore, browsing through these choices will help you identify the most suitable thermometer for your big green eggs. Each one will provide you with an impressive performance.

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