8 Best Tennis Racquets (September 2022) Reviews

We have compiled the most comprehensive reviews of tennis racquets after spending 40+ hours researching them.

What were we able to take into account and why should you believe us?

  • This guide to tennis racquet reviews has been divided into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • When making our list for beginners, we first considered the price range as well as the power of the racquet (below $100 is the ideal range for beginners). The racquet should be lightweight, provide more power, and have a wider sweet spot. This will help beginners. These are all parameters that we have included in our list.
  • We considered how well the racquets provide control and quality to make our list of intermediate and advanced players’ racquets.
  • All racquets were evaluated based on performance parameters such as serve, groundstroke, returns, maneuverability, and so forth.
  • We were not biased in any way towards any brand during the review but rather focused on the usability and capabilities of various levels of players.
  • We discussed both the pros and cons of each product.

The Best Tennis Racquets in a Glance

You need to be able to choose the best tennis racquet online. Which way would you prefer to go? Which tennis racquet is best for you?

We will provide all the information you need to select the best tennis racquet. We hope you find this guide helpful and can quickly make a decision and then proceed to buy one.

Top 4 Tennis Racquets For Beginners – A Comprehensive Review

1. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 – Top Pick for Beginners

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Head Size 110 sq. in
Strung Weight: 9oz / 255g
Balance 5 Points Head Heavy
Beam Width 28mm/25mm
Length 27.5 in / 70 cm
Stiffness/Flex: 70
String Pattern 16X20
Swing Weight 301


  • This is a great game for both beginners and older players, and especially for recreational and learner players.
  • This model will be helpful for older player who is looking to improve their game after a long break.
  • Perfect maneuverability, and stability.
  • Groundstrokes are good, stronger than the natural serving power, and have powerful topspin.
  • Hammer technology allows for a larger sweet spot.
  • The hyper carbon material is 65% lighter than titanium and four times stronger and four times more rigid than titanium.
  • For extra power, a dual taper beam improves stability.
  • This product is suitable for doubles.


  • If the ball doesn’t hit the sweet spot, there will be more vibration. This problem can be solved with a good shock absorbent rubber.
  • There is a lot of string movement when the topspin is hit.

Detail Review

This model has a lot of technical details. It’s now time to evaluate the practical results and determine if they are as detailed as the specifications.

We wanted to add this racquet to our list due to its potential to produce extra power. However, we were initially curious to see if it can deliver that added power.

Of course, you will need to hit the ball with your power. The question is, “Will the ball travel faster than your power?”

The answer was “yes”.

You will be able to find your power potential by trying different shots such as serves, baseline shots, and backhand shots.

You can test the rebounding speed of the racquet when it is stationary to determine the power. If the ball bounces well in stationary mode, it is a good indicator of power. This is also the case with this model.

What about the sweet spot? Hammer technology is known to offer a greater sweet spot. Hammer technology retains most of the frame head’s mass, which results in a reduced shaft and handle the weight.

The Hammer technology proved that it was right. Even if you don’t have the skill, you will still be able to find the sweet spot during ball impact.

Next, we wanted to see how comfortable the model was. The power of the racquet also plays a role in comfortability. You can expect comfort from your racquet as a beginner or intermediate player. The racquet won’t twist, turn, or bend during ball impact. This is a good sign that this model is very comfortable.

However, people have found that the racquet vibrates when the ball hits it, especially if you miss the sweet spot.

This is not a problem because your hand will not be injured by the shock absorber rubber.

This is not a common occurrence, however. The sweet spot is large and you will often be able hit it without much skill.

We wanted to find out how spin-friendly the model was. The combination of the open string pattern and the stiffness in the frame helped the ball spin very well.

Spin is affected by other factors such as speed, skill, and the angle of your ball. We took into consideration the performance of our racquet in this instance as we don’t have any other focus than the racquet.

We then tried to answer these questions. Is the model light enough for the required maneuverability and stability? This model is ideal for young players who want to improve their game.

The answer was yes. The Hyper Carbon Material used here is 65% lighter that titanium. Even a 50-year old player won’t have any problems maneuvering. Based on real user reviews, this is a proven fact.

We got the green light regarding maneuverability. Good maneuverability is demonstrated by the low swing weight of 301.

This model showed good stability, despite having a heavier swing weight and stiffer material. The racquet was stable during impact with the ball. It did not twist or bend.

This model measures 27.5 inches in size, which puts it under the large category. This will make it easier to perform the groundstrokes and will improve your serving.

This is a great choice for both single and double play. We haven’t tested the potential benefits of the double play, but we don’t know how practical it is. The theory is that a racquet should provide extra support during groundstrokes and serve during double play.

Some Technological Details & Benefits

Hammer Technology This technology offers a larger sweet spot.

Hypercarbon Material: According the claim, hyper carbon is four-times stronger, four-times stiffer and 65% lighter that titanium. This provides the racquet with pure power and strength, and is evidently super light.

Stretch This racquet is longer than the standard 27 inch. Stretched racquets give you more power and a longer reach to the ball. They also make it easier to serve by providing a better angle and making it easier to use.

Dual Taper beam: This provides greater stability and allows for more power.

2. Head TiS6

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Head Size 115 sq.in.
Strung Weight: 8.9oz / 252g
Balance:8 pts Head Heavily
Beam Width 29mm
Length 27.75 in / 70 cm
Stiffness/Flex: 75
String Pattern 16X19
Swing Weight 318


  • This is the best choice for intermediate and beginner players.
  • This lightweight racquet is perfect for any age player, whether they are middle-aged or older.
  • Titanium and Graphite technology provide power, stability, and maneuverability.
  • ShockStop provides great shock absorption.
  • SOFTAC grip adds vibration dampening to prevent unintentional twisting.
  • Mobile, Stiff, durable.


  • Advanced players may not choose this option, as they don’t need a high-powered racquet. They can still generate their power. They want more control and don’t rely on the racquet to do it all for them.

Detail Review

This is a beginner-friendly, head-heavy model with an opening string pattern. Our first goal was to see how much power it could produce during the shot.

To determine if the racquet amplifies the power, you must hit the ball with all your power. The test was very satisfactory with the racquet. The ball travels so fast, regardless of whether you serve or play baseline shots.

This is a proof of its ability to deliver extra power.

We wanted to confirm the maneuverability. We are aware that the strung weight of this model is 8.90 oz, despite it being head-heavy. This strung weight is perfect for smooth maneuverability. This was also the case with this model. It was lightweight and easy-to-use.

We were also looking for the model’s ability to absorb shock. The handle of this racquet has a ShockStop feature that works flawlessly. There will be no problems when serving, slicing or spinning. This review is not just ours, but the majority of users’.

We were impressed by the lightweight of this model and wanted to verify its stability. This model was suitable for both young and old players.

This model has a lot of stability thanks to the Titanium technology and high modulus graphite. This fact was confirmed by both young and old players over 55 years.

This model is lightweight and stable, which can help anyone improve their performance. This model is both beginner-friendly and can be used to enhance performance by the elderly.

Technological Details of this Model

  • This model features Titanium technology and high modulus graphite, giving you more power. This technology improves the stability of the racquet and its maneuverability.
  • The handle has the ShockStop technology, which provides excellent shock absorption.
  • The SOFTAC grip adds vibration dampening to the hand and protects it from accidental twisting.
  • This is why it’s a great choice for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. You get power, mobility and durability. It also shock absorbs shocks well.

3. Wilson [K] Zero Performance Tennis Racquet

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Head Size 118 sq.in.
Strung Weight: 9.1 oz / 258g
Balance: 4PTS Head Heavy
Beam Width 26mm/29mm
Length 27.5 in / 70 cm
Stiffness/Flex: 70
String Pattern 16X19
Swing Weight 298


  • Excellent choice for intermediate and beginner players.
  • This gives you more power and solid feeling.
  • Strong,stable,maneuverable,light.
  • The large head provides great power and more sweet spot.
  • Helpful for defensive shots.


  • Because it supports defensive shots, advanced players might not find this model useful.
  • Because it’s a lightweight racquet, a shock absorber is recommended. It can also produce high power.
  • This model was not durable for some users.

Detail Review

We were attracted to the 118-square-inch head. This is huge. We also noticed the beam’s thickness. These two factors will give you an excellent feeling and convince you that this is a good option for you.

These two factors are directly linked to the benefits of any racquet. These benefits include the greater power and a wider sweet spot. These are the most important benefits that a beginner, learner, or part-time player wants.

Our experiment and reviews from real users found online show that a teenager learning to play the game can hit the ball very well, and the ball bounces even better. This is due to the model’s larger sweet spot.

The beam’s extra thickness will allow you to generate more power.

What about stability and comfort?

This racquet’s stiffness is 70. This value alone is sufficient to show stability. The extra beam width plays an important role in increasing the model’s stability.

This model is very light in weight. Only 9.1 oz. Anything less than 10 oz can be considered lightweight. It also has a weight of 298. It is very easy to move.

The next step was to determine how many spins the model could produce. This result was completely satisfactory.

This model can be used for defensive shots, according to our research. Due to the extra-large head, defensive lob players and testers found adequate support from this racquet.

Some Technological Detail

These technologies are used in this tennis racquet[K]arophite Black – This provides strength, stability, feel, and control.[K]ontour Yoke – This increases stiffness at the key stress points, which results in better torsional stability.[K]ompact Centre: This provides great maneuverability and improves handling.

This is the perfect choice for beginners who want to have control and power, but also need to be able to maneuver well.

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4. Head LiquidMetal 8

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Head Size 112 sq.in.
Strung Weight: 10oz / 266g
Balance: 4PTS Head Heavy
Beam Width 28mm/26mm
Length 27.25 in / 69 cm
Stiffness/Flex: 62
String Pattern 16X19
Swing Weight 328


  • This is the best for beginners. Intermediate players will find it acceptable.
  • This is the best choice for players from level 2.0 to 4.5.
  • Stable and medium weight. It is maneuverable.
  • This adds power to your shot.
  • Open string patterns are helpful in spinning the ball.
  • A sweeter, more generous spot.
  • The Integrated String Dampener technology (ISD), absorbs string vibrations.


  • This model is not for advanced players.
  • Although control is excellent, it could be even better.
  • You may feel vibrations and hear a buzzing sound. The good news is that vibrations are not very strong.

Detail Review

During our online research, we found out that this model features the Total Sweetspot Construction (TSC), which provides a wider sweet spot. This is a fact confirmed by real users.

It is possible to be less skilled, but still hit the sweet spot. This indicates that the model has a longer sweet spot. It is also an indicator of a sweet spot that can be forgiven if the ball reacts the same to impact as you missed.

Although hitting the sweet spot is dependent on your skill, a large sweet spot and a larger head size compensate for the lack of skill. You want this as a beginner, right?

Next, we wanted to determine how much power the model could produce for each shot. This is a heavy head-weight model, with an 112x26x19 inch head, 28/26 mm beam width and open string pattern (16X19). These are indications that the racquet has more power.

Its construction is not only impressive, but the LiquidMetal technology also makes use of the energy you put into the swing. This ensures that there is no power loss at ball impact.

These are only theories. We wanted to see concrete proof of the benefits. These benefits were not just ours, but also those of other users. Because of the open string pattern, the ball bounces quite well. The ball travels quickly after the service and after any baseline shots.

Next, we focused on control, stability, and weight. It’s a light racquet, there is no doubt about it.

Some users complained about hearing sound while taking the shots. They found the sound distracting and a little buzzy. We think this sound is quite common, even though it’s not something they often hear.

The NoShox Dampening System is included with this model. This feature reduces the vibration caused by ball impacts. However, it does not mean you won’t feel any vibrations at all. It will be very minimal. This factor isn’t too significant and rarely occurs so we can’t assign negative marking.

Although the control was good, it could have been better.

Technological Details of this Model

LiquidMetal is a material that has 29% more power per unit than Titanium. LiquidMetal is a material that provides the best energy return, as it doesn’t deform upon impact.

Total Sweetspot Construction, (TSC), gives you a wider sweet spot and improves torsional stability in your head. This technology also gives you complete control.

The NoShox Dampening System is another innovative technology that reduces vibration by 27% compared to other racquets. This technology is built into the handle.

The Integrated String Dampener technology (ISD), absorbs string vibrations, giving you the comfort you desire on your arm, regardless of how you play.

TWIN TUBE is another technology used in this situation. This technology improves the ball’s acceleration and gives you a great overall feeling.

The Top 4 Tennis Racquets For Intermediate and Advanced Players – A Comprehensive Review

1. Babolat Pure Drive 2021 for Intermediate and Advanced Players

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Head Size 100 sq.in
Strung Weight: 11.20 oz/ 317.51 g
Balance: Head Light
Beam Width 23mm/26mm/23mm
Length 27 Inches
Stiffness/Flex: 71
String Pattern 16×19
Swing Weight 321


  • Suitable for all levels of players, regardless of age.
  • Increases power and spin by a lot more than the original pure drive series. These are key considerations for all players, especially beginners.
  • No matter if you are a beginner/intermediate/advanced player, you will find it as one of the best weapons for the big flat serve to the big kickers, and put your opponent on defense.
  • An excellent option for both defensive and aggressive shots.
  • This is one of the most versatile service racquets. It can be used to put your opponent on defense and it’s also great for groundstrokes. It is great for returns and volley.
  • Simple to use for baseline shots and return.
  • Viscoelastic rubber is used to improve vibration dampening. This is an improved version of Active Cortex Technology, which was used in the previous version. The technology is now called “Cortex purefeel span>
  • The 2018 model features a diamond-shaped grommet hole that is FSI technology. This increases comfort and power by giving strings a wider range in movement.
  • The anti twisting elliptical frame keeps the racquet’s hands from turning when you hit the off center.


  • This racquet may be a little heavier for beginners than the other racquets we have chosen. This racquet is easy to control, but it won’t feel too heavy. This is a good weight for intermediate players. It is suitable for both advanced and beginner players.
  • You may need to adjust to the superpower boost of this Babolat Pure Drive version at first.
  • For those who prefer a crisp feel during ball contact, the extra dampening system might not be a good fit. This is up to you.
  • It can be difficult to manage a robust trajectory.

Detail Review

Here’s some good news for you.

What’s that?

You will be able to try the new Babolat pure drive even if you have not tried them before.

This paragraph is intended for Babolat pure drive users. There are many improvements over the previous version and we will be pointing them out soon. If you have not yet switched to this version, there will be plenty of reasons to do so. There are certain changes you might not like. These are minor changes that will not stop you from switching.

Let’s get on with it!

Let’s look at the additional benefits this version offers in general over the previous version.

Extra Power and Spin
We found the newest version to be a source of remarkable power and spin due to its wider string spacing and larger grommet hole.

Power is what you need if you are a beginner or intermediate player of tennis.

However, regular Pure Drive users may need to adjust to the additional power.

Was I missing the spin part?

Yes, the larger spacing between the strings is helping you to play topspin very well. You will have excellent support for spin shots.

String patterns should not be used to create wider spacing between the strings. This string pattern (16×19) is also known as an open string pattern. It boosts power and spin by default. The wider spacing will give you more power and spin.

Improved Vibration Dampening Systems

It was previously called “Active Cortex Technology”, which was responsible for preventing pain and vibration to the player’s arm. They have now introduced an improved version and are calling it “Cortex Pure Feel”. This means that they have improved the dampening system over the previous version.

However, if you are a fan of the crisp feel of racquet contact and ball contact, you might not like this new version. You have just read about “Cortex pure feeling”, which is its new technology. This is especially true if you are hitting the ball from the baseline. This is still taking care of your arm. Cheers!

Okay, let’s get to the important points. What will the performance of this Babolat Pure Drive version be in relation to some of your favourite shots?

Serve Our marking is 9.5% out of 10.

This racquet is a great tool for helping beginners.

This model will help you defend your opponent, regardless of whether you’re already proficient at big kickers or flat bombs.

This racquet is a great service racquet. It has power and precision.

With the help of this model, flat serve and kick serve will be the best options. You don’t have to worry about slice servings.

It is all about your ability to play shots. A racquet will only help you. Babolat Pure Drive 2018 will provide the perfect service.

Returns I will give it an 8.5/10

After reading the service support review for this version, you may now be asking the definitive next question. What support are you going to get in return?

This racquet increases the power and spin of your shots, which will ultimately help you play defensive shots, especially when you are playing a return shot against an opponent’s serve. It will be much easier to hit forehand returns. You will also benefit from its strength, which will allow you to achieve good depth.

It won’t be difficult to take a good cut. This isn’t the best weapon in terms of return but it’s a good and acceptable tool.

Groundstrokes We will give 9.0 from a total of 10)

After implementing “Cortex Pure Feel”, the only thing that you might feel is a dull feeling when hitting the baseline. This is especially true if you like the crisp feel during ball contact.

Due to the extra power it generates, you may need to make adjustments to your power control.

These, and others, are not the only benefits of Babolat Pure Drive. They also help you hit the groundstrokes. This is due to the extra spin and power this model generates. This model will be your best friend for the groundstrokes, and your best friend when you hit some shots.

Don’t be afraid to hit powerful balls from the baseline. The pickup from the baseline will be easy.

Volley (Our marking on this is 8.8 of 10)

This version is lighter and faster than the other pure drive versions. You will enjoy the stability of the play. This version offers power and control, which we think will make deep volleys more enjoyable.

You know that the volley shot is one where precision and placement are key factors. The stability and stiffness of your racquet can help you in this regard.
You can find out what Kim Clijsters, tennis star, said about the Babolat Pure Drive version. Video courtesy: Holabird Sports

Some Technological Details

FSI Technology Provides more responsive contact without sacrificing control. It also provides more power and comfort.

GT Technology Increases stability and power.

Woofer In standard racquets, the string is the power source but the frame remains static. The Woofer is the first system to make the frame and string communicate with each other during hitting the ball.

Only a few strings are active during contact with the ball in the case of other tennis rackets. Babolat designed a frame to allow all strings to be active during contact with the ball.

The Pulley Function improves the sweet spot, absorbs vibrations, stimulates more strings while striking the ball and increases forgiveness for off-center shots.

The Piston Function absorbs shock and increases trampoline effect.

Evo Beam: Provides better responsiveness.

Cortex Pure feel: This technology prevents painful vibrations and shocks from reaching the player’s arm or hand. This technology is an improvement on the Active Cortex Technology. It increases the dampening sensation during ball contact.

Elliptic Geometry. The Elliptical frame shape was created to reduce the extra weight, racquet bending and frame twisting. This results in exceptional power and maneuverability.

2. Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racquet

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Head Size 100 sq.in
Strung Weight: 11.2 oz / 318 g
Balance: pts Headlight
Beam Width: 23mm/ 26mm / 23mm
Length 27 inches/ 68.5 cm
Stiffness/Flex: 67
String Pattern 16X19
Swing Weight 324


  • Excellent topspin and power.
  • Ideal for aggressive baseliners
  • This is a great tool for playing groundstrokes with a combination of power and spin.
  • Carbon ply stabilizer provides enhanced control and stability.
  • Pure Aero has a softer feel and is more responsive than its predecessor.
  • Arm-friendly racquet with enhanced vibration dampening.
  • Rafael Nadal, a clay court king, has endorsed it.


  • It is necessary to improve maneuverability.
  • Flat shots can be difficult for some players.
  • The color combination is not our favorite, but that all depends on you.

Detail Review

Rafael Nadal, the King of Clay Courts endorses Pure Aero 2019. He uses the customized version that was made just for him.

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Let’s now get to the review. We believe that choosing the right racquet should not be based on who endorses it, but rather the features.

This racquet is a good choice for intermediate players. Advanced players might also find this racquet useful. This Pure Aero version is not recommended for beginners.

The Babolat Aero line is well-known among players for its incredible supply of power, spin and speed. Pure Aero 2019 is no exception. This version not only has power and spin, but it also allows you to easily control the power.

Spin, spin, spin. This Babolat Pure Aero version is great for providing topspin for both service and return. This is something that every tester of the racquet agreed on without hesitation.

The new version is much easier to use than the earlier version, and offers more control and comfort. Pure Aero 2019 offers a more comfortable feel and is responsive.

Let’s take a look at the performance of this racquet and see some of your best shots.


This Pure Aero version is the right racquet for you if you want your server’s speed to be fast and with some quality spin.

The power and stability of the tennis racquet are affected by the swing weight. The swing weight is a rating that ranges from 0-1000 (typically 200 to 350). The swing weight determines how much power and stability the bike can produce. This version’s swing weight is 324. It is therefore a reliable source of power and stability that is essential for a good serve. These points were also confirmed by the real testers.

This weapon can provide just the right amount of spin support for kick serve and slice serve. Everyone has already agreed on the racquet’s spin friendliness.

This is the perfect combination of spin, speed, control, stability, which helps you to deliver great serves.


This weapon is not very controllable when it comes to “returns”. You can expect it to provide aggressive returns with good spin, speed, and depth. It will also help with defensive returns. This will be especially helpful if you are an aggressive baseliner.

This racquet is useful if you want to make the most of the serve that your opponent gives you.


This shot is more suitable for groundstrokes than any other. It has the ability to generate power and spin. This option is recommended for aggressive baseliners who love to play on clay courts. It will help you dominate the clay court with topspin in your groundstrokes.

This update makes it easier to control the power and also feels better. This racquet can be used to put your opponent on defensive mode.

This version of Pure Aero 2019 has a slightly lower RA stiffness (rating of 67), which will bring peace to your arm. The relocation of the Cortex dampening device will provide additional vibration dampening, resulting in greater comfort and feel.

This is a great way to dominate your groundstrokes, and cause trouble for your opponent with power and spin.


You need to be able to maneuver the racquet and play the volley well. It is not clear how maneuverable this version is. We can’t say it is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (extraordinary good) but the stability of the racquet is so good that you will find it really helpful to play the volley shots.

This racquet’s “Carbon Ply Stabilizer” provides exceptional torsional stability and enough control to encourage you to play your favorite volley shots, including crisp volley or half-volley.

Let’s Get a Bit Technical


The upgraded FSI spin technology offers wide spring spacing and the spin grommet to ensure maximum spin, resulting in a great spin.

Cortex Pure

SMAC material embedded in graphite provides vibration dampening. This technology ensures a great sound and feel. To increase the spin potential and vibration-reducing during impact, the Cortex Pure Feel was placed at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock for this Pure Aero 2019.

Carbon Ply Stabilizer

A high-performance carbon made by Chomarat, France has been added to the throat of the Racquet in order to improve stability and control.

These Aeromodular and Wolfer technologies, as well as the Woofer technology, are integrated into the system to improve swing speed and activate all strings during ball impact.

3. Wilson Pro Staff RF97

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Head Size 97 sq.in
Strung Weight: 12.6oz / 357.2g
Balance:9 pts Head Lamp
Beam Width: 21.5mm/ 21.5mm / 21.5 mm
Length 27 in/ 68.5 cm
Stiffness/Flex: 68
String Pattern 16X19
Swing Weight 335


  • Serves as a guide.
  • Ideal for aggressive players
  • ProStaff technology provides incredible control and feel.
  • Stable.
  • Excellent control with a light-weight head
  • The well-engineered foam material and the amplified technology ensure that there is no unwanted vibration.
  • Powerful touch.
  • Roger Federer co-designed this product.


  • Some shots a bit heavy.
  • Swing is only for those who are able to swing correctly. This is why it is not recommended for beginners.

Detail Review

After extensive research, we felt compelled to include this model in our analysis. This is the classic and most loved racquet in the control racquets group, according to our research.

Roger Federer co-designed this new generation of Pro Staff. The collaboration and co-creation between Federer and Wilson took 18 months.

To see how it performed, we started by serving. It was not surprising. It was performing just amazing. It was able to provide high-precision serves, which we believe is a great help.

This is an excellent friend for aggressive players. The racquet allows you to attack your opponent continuously and will make it heavier by putting a lot of weight behind it. You will push your opponent player more often as you attack.

The headlight balance gives you both classic feel and excellent control. The string pattern (16X19″) helps to provide a balance between spin and control.

So, what’s next? We have so far tested power, control, and spin.

We wanted to test it for both defensive shots and return serves. These types of shots were also well served by this racquet.

This Wilson Pro Staff model RF97 was a great court buddy for the players, thanks to its great counter pouch and solid volleys.

We believe that even though you have good defense support, it is still better to attack.

The swing has one disadvantage. According to some users, this racquet only rewards those who can swing it correctly. This is where a beginner might have difficulty.

This is why we recommend it to intermediate-to-advanced players.

This racquet offers many great benefits. ProStaff technology gives you incredible control and feel.

Wilson’s amplified technology provides additional control and vibration absorption power. The foam material is well-engineered to filter out vibrations.

Are you interested in analyzing your game? The Sony Smart Technology attaches directly to compatible butt caps. The system will send a picture to your tablet or phone with all details.

4. Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro

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Head Size 100 sq.in
Strung Weight: 11.6oz / 328.85g
Balance: Head Light
Beam Width: 22mm/ 22mm / 22mm
Length 27 inches/68.58 cm
Stiffness/Flex: 63
String Pattern 18X20
Swing Weight 322


  • Excellent Control.
  • Easy to swing, good stability and maneuverability
  • Comfortable.
  • Excellent spin potential.
  • Vibration dampener and improved shock absorption
  • Groundstrokes are a great option.
  • Novak Djokovic endorses it.


  • Feeling too damp.
  • It’s a little too muted.
  • It does not produce enough power.

Detail Review

We are currently trying to find the best tennis racquet control. In this instance, we first tried to analyze the control of the Speed Pro model.

A racquet must be able to perform during various shots, including top spins, groundstrokes and volleys. This model should be easy to control while you play any of the shots.

How good your shots are depends on how skilled you are. Your skill is key. This racquet will help you to have more control.

The next step was to test how much power the racquet could produce. We think this racquet failed in this instance. This means that you will only get the minimum amount of power from this model.

This is why it is a great choice for advanced and intermediate players, as they don’t require any support from racquets in order to generate power. They need to control.

Then, we focused on the stability and maneuverability. We are pleased to report that the model provided enough stability and maneuverability. The racquet will also be easy to swing.

The best thing about this model is that most users can maintain their greatest swing in the court regardless of their skills.

We should also mention the dampening sensation of this racquet.

This is too muted to our liking. This model is not for those who enjoy a crisp feel during ball impact.

The model has been updated with a soft material that provides better shock absorption and a more comfortable feel. The 18X20 string pattern provides excellent control and stability.

The fun part is here. If you don’t know what the various features of your friend on the court (i.e. A good tennis racquet is essential. This article will give you a thorough understanding of each corner.

Tennis Racquet Buying Guide


A tennis racquet’s weight ranges from 8 to 13 ounces. Anything more than 10 oz is considered heavy. If it is less than 10oz, you should consider it light.

Why is weight important? A heavier racquet will give you more control and reduce vibrations or shocks than a lighter one. For more power and spin, heavier racquets will be better. However, they can be difficult to handle and harder to swing.

Lighter models are more maneuverable and easier to swing. They provide less power and spin.

Beginners need power, but lighter racquets provide more power than heavier ones. If the head of the racquets is large, this problem can be solved. A vibration dampener can also reduce vibration. As a beginner, you will want to buy lighter racquets that have a vibration damper. A lighter racquet is better for beginners because it allows for more maneuverability.

Intermediate and advanced players should buy heavier racquets, while beginners should buy lighter ones.

Let’s take a look at this table to see which weights are appropriate for different levels of players.

WeightPlayer Level
8 – 8.9 oz ( Very Light )Beginning (Kid)
9 – 9.8 oz (Light)Beginning ( Adult ).
10 – 10.9 ( Medium )Intermediate (Adult )
11 + ( Heavy )Advanced (Adult).


  • The weight ranges between 8 oz and 13 oz.
  • A heavyweight is defined as weighing more than or equaling 10 oz, while a lighter weight is defined as weighing less than 10oz.
  • Heavy racquets provide more power and control and less vibration and shock. But difficult to maneuver.
  • Although lighter racquets are more comfortable to use and swing, they also have less power and spin.
  • For beginners, the lighter ones are better. Intermediate or advanced players may prefer heavier versions.

Weight is an important factor in selecting the best tennis racquet. But it’s not the only one. Another important factor in choosing the right tennis racquet is swing weight. Let’s find out what swing weight is.

Swing Weight

The title of this article states that swing weight refers to the weight you feel when you swing your racquet. It simply refers to how heavy the weight of the racquet feels when you swing it to hit a tennisball. This is not the same as strung weight. It’s completely different.

You may be wondering why swing weight is important before purchasing. Let us tell you why it is so important. This is because different racquets are different in length and weight.

Some of these are heavy on the head, with the weight distributed more in the handle than at the head. Others are light, which have the reverse effect. In these cases, the weight distribution is more at the handle than it is at the head. In certain cases, the weight distribution is uneven. These parameters can affect how you feel when you swing your racquet.

Swing weight can be described as a rating number that ranges from 0 to 1000. It is usually between 200 and 350. You should choose a heavier swing weight if you want more power and stability. A lower swing weight will allow you to spin faster and provide more support.
In Summary

  • Swing weight can be described as a rating number between 0 and 1000. The range is typically 200 to 350.
  • A higher swing weight will give you more power and stability.
  • For more spin and faster swing, a lower swing weight is better.
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Balance is a key aspect of any review on a tennis racquet. This is especially important if you want to control your game and have power. Their balance can be divided into three types: Headlight, Headlight, or Balanced.

Heavy Head: Racquets with a heavy head have more power and stability. The extra weight of the heads helps you to hit the ball harder and provides more force. It also keeps the head stable and resists twisting and movement. This is good for stability and control.

Head Light In this instance, the weight is distributed within the handle. This allows you to swing more quickly. You will also feel less vibration and shock in the arm.

Balanced The weight of the racquet is evenly distributed, with no extra weight at either the handle or the head. However, the weight is very evenly distributed. This will allow you to hit the ball with sufficient power and stability, as well as preventing excessive vibrations and shock.
In summary

  • Head-heavy racquets provide more power, stability and control.
  • Headlight racquets will allow you to swing more quickly and cause less vibration and shock to your arm.
  • A balanced racquet allows you to hit the ball with power, stability, and avoids shock and vibration.

Head Size

We have already discussed the importance and impact of head weight in the previous point. However, the head size can also be a factor in performance.

When we speak of head size, the term “sweet spot” comes to our minds. The sweet spot, by definition, is the area where most of the power is transferred onto the ball. It is the best spot to hit the ball. The ball hitting the sweet spot will produce minimal force, which results in greater vibration and comfort.

Now you should know that hitting the sweet spot will make you feel more confident and more powerful. The greater your head size, the better chance you have to hit the sweet spot.

Comfort will come from hitting the tennis ball in the sweet spot. A larger head size can increase the chances of reaching the sweet spot. However, it may also hinder the control parameter.

This is why a larger head is better for beginners and average players, but advanced players will prefer a smaller head to gain more control. They are experts at hitting the sweet spot often, regardless of what size their head.

Head sizes range from 80 to 135 square inches. The head size range can be broken down into four parts.

  • Mid (80 – 94 square inches).
  • Mid Plus ( 95 – 105 sq inch).
  • Oversized ( 106 – 119 sq inch).
  • Super large (120 – 135 square inches).

In Summary

  • The sweet spot is where most of the power is transferred onto the ball.
  • This is the best spot to hit the ball.
  • The greater the head size, the better chance you have of hitting the sweet spot. A larger head can give you more power, but it may limit your control ability.
  • A smaller head size gives more control.
  • To maximize power and sweet spots, beginners should choose a larger head. Intermediate and advanced players might opt for smaller heads to gain more control.


Tournament play has a legal limit for racquet length of 27-29 inches (68.58 cm-73.66 cm). Standard length is 27 inches. A junior tennis racquet is one that measures less than 27 inches.

A tennis racquet that is longer than 27 inches will be considered a longer racquet. It doesn’t matter much if your tennis racquet is 1/2 to 1 inch longer than the 27-inch standard, but there are certain advantages and disadvantages.

They are better for groundstrokes and have a higher serving power than normal. They can also generate more power than standard-sized ones. This characteristic will give you the momentum to swing.

While longer racquets can be more difficult to handle, they are less maneuverable than standard-sized ones. The swing weight is also determined by the length. A longer racquet will have a greater swing weight.

In Summary

  • Standard length is 27 inches. A junior tennis racquet is less than 27 inches. A tennis racquet that is longer than 27 inches will be considered an adult tennis racquet.
  • They are better for groundstrokes and have a higher serving power than the usual.
  • Longer racquets are more dynamic because they have more swing weight.
  • It is easier to use standard-sized racquets.

String Pattern

When choosing the best tennis racquet, another important factor to consider is the string pattern. Many people tend to underestimate the importance of strings while reading tennis racquet reviews.

In reality, however, it is not the most important thing after you have decided on the head size and weight. The string pattern will determine how the tennis ball hits the string. It has a direct impact on the overall performance and feel.

A string pattern is simply the number of cross strings that you see on your racquet. This means it is the sum of the vertical (main ) and horizontal( cross ). If you see a string design 18X20, it means that there are 18 mains as well as 20 crosses. There are many patterns, but the most popular ones are 16X18,16X19,16X20,16X20 and 18X20.

String patterns can be divided into two types: open and closed/dense.

Open string pattern: The 16X18 can be considered an open string design. An open string is one that has more space between the strings. This means that the tennis ball will sink deeper into the string and bounce back more, which results in greater power.

Open string patterns are flexible and allow the string to bite more deeply into the ball, which results in more spin. You will also feel softer. The open string pattern is not as durable.

Closed/ Dense Pattern: 18X20 could be considered a closed/dense string pattern. This pattern is less than the open string patterns. Because the flexibility of the strings here is lower, this pattern allows for more control. This means that the string becomes stiffer because each string has a different amount of tension. The tension will increase the longer the string is.

This string pattern will give you more clarity. Although dense string patterns offer durability and control, this does not mean that you will have more power or spin.

In Summary

  • Open string patterns produce more power, but give you less control than a closed or dense string pattern.
  • A closed or dense string pattern gives you more control, but less power than an open one.

Grip Size

Many reviews of tennis racquets only discuss the various grip sizes. We will help you measure your grip size and then show you the different grip sizes that are available.

Want to know how to measure the size of your tennis grip?

It’s very simple. You can measure your grip size by using a ruler. You will need a ruler as well as your dominant hand to measure your grip size. The three major creases in your playing hand are the middle crease and the top of your ring finger. Holding a ruler at the middle of the crease with the dominant or playing hand flat, and your fingers extended, measure the distance between the middle of your palm and the top of the ring finger. Select the grip size closest to your measurement.

If you’re an adult, your measure will usually fall between 4 and 4 5/8 inches. The grip size for juniors will be between 3 and 4 inches. Below is a list of the different sizes for conventional grips in both American and European standards.

US Standard (Unit inch).European Standard
4 1/8L1
4 1/4L2
4 3/8L3
4 1/2L4
4 5/8L5

We recommend that you choose a smaller grip than a larger grip size if you are unsure. You can then add an extra grip later if you need it.

Beam Width

Beamwidth is a factor that can be divided into two types. One has a thick beamwidth and one has a thin beamwidth. If you look at the racquet sideways, beam width is the width of its beam.

A thicker beam racquet will have a beam that is wider from one side to the other than the normal beam. A thicker beam provides more power and stiffness. A thinner beam is more powerful and flexible than a thicker beam. However, it provides greater control. The beamwidth is usually between 22mm and 28mm.

In summary

  • The beamwidth ranges between 22mm and 28mm.
  • A thinner beam provides more control, but produces less power than a thick beam.
  • A thick beam gives you more power, but less control than a thin beam.

Frame stiffness or Flex

Stiffness, or flex, refers to the resistance a tennis racquet can provide against the impact of the ball. It is also the flexibility of the tennis racket.

A rating number is assigned to frames. Most frames fall between 50 and 80. Your tennis racquet will be stiffer if the rating is higher. A racquet can be considered stiff if it has a rating greater than 69, and flexible if it has a rating lower than 60.

The more rigid ones provide extra power while the more flexible ones allow for greater control. While stiffer versions offer more power, they can cause more damage to the wrists, elbows, shoulders, and arms.

Advanced players may prefer a flexible racquet as they don’t require the extra power of the stiffer ones. They can still produce enough power in their shot. They value the flexibility of their racquets because they allow them to have more control.

The stiffer racquets may be preferred by intermediate or beginner players. They offer more power and can be very useful. The extra power provided by stiffer racquets is not much more. This will depend on personal preference. The stiffer racquets will not increase your power, but you have to generate it.
In Summary

  • Stiffness is the resistance that a tennis racquet can create against the impact of the ball.
  • A rating number is assigned to frames that range from 0-100. Most racquets are between 50 and 80.
  • A racquet with a rating higher than 69 is called stiff, while racquets with a rating lower than 60 are known as flexible.
  • More power is available with stiff racquets
  • Flexible racquets allow for greater control.
  • For beginners, it is a good idea to choose stiffer racquets as they can get more power from them.
  • Advanced and intermediate players might want the flexibility ones for more control.

Still, Confused? You still have questions?

A power tennis racquet is best for beginners. It will give you more power. If you’re an intermediate or advanced player, you might want to look for a control racquet because it can produce enough power during the shot. You need to have control over your racquet. The final decision is up to you.

Power racquets are not meant to provide a power boost. Although they can be helpful in controlling the ball, their primary function is to provide additional power.

The same principle applies to control racquets. The control racquet is not just for enhancing control. They are useful in generating power occasionally, but their primary function is to provide additional control.

Keep in mind, however, that your best friend on the court acts just like your support hand. You can just add power to what you already have. You can’t hit the ball with no power and expect the racquet to create superpowers for you.

Wrapping Up

We hope you found this guide helpful in choosing the right tennis racquet. We are sure that this guide will help you choose the right tennis racket for you, no matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player.

We also tried to cover and educate you on different features such as weight, swing weight and balance, weight, length, string pattern and grip size, beam width and frame stiffness. These factors will help you make an educated decision.

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