5 Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg (September 2022) Reviews

Are you someone who likes barbecues and backyard picnics with your family and friends? Smoking meat could be a lengthy process and the result is always delicious.

But who would want to wait that waits for the meat to smoke?

Instead of keeping an eye on the big green egg, make it a point to forget it by using an electronic controller.

Because choosing a product such as this is like a challenge We have taken the time to look into the most effective temperature control for a big , green egg that you can use at your leisure.

You will now be able to let the meat to smoke with no any worries!

Top 5 Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg 2022

In our guide to the best grilling controllers there are devices that can control the heat of your grill. Thus, your meat will cook flawlessly every time.

1. Flame Boss 500- Wireless Big Green Egg Temperature Control

The main reason to purchase an electronic controller for your large egg is to make sure that you are not having any issues managing the temperature. If the device you are using isn’t equipped with an easy-to-use instruction and option to use it, then there’s no need to buy this item at all.

Flam Boss 500-WiFi Controller comes with top-of-the-line technology. But, this advanced technology doesn’t mean the product isn’t user-friendly.

This is not the case at all the product offers unbeatable customer service and the ability to configure your device in a few minutes.

In addition, it is equipped with the most recent technology and has the ability to control the speed of the blower to allow you to precisely regulate the temperature. The main purpose of purchasing a device such as that of the Flame Boss is to have adequate control over the temperature.

You can also utilize voice commands to control your device since the product works with Google Home or Alexa.

Additionally, this product offers outstanding capacity. It can be used in conjunction with Kamado charcoal grills that are styled in charcoal as well as the entire size of Big Green Egg, and all sizes of Vision Grills.

Whatever size of Egg machine you own It will keep track of the temperature accurately. Speaking of monitoring the temperature, you can count on this machine since it comes with an internet-based dashboard.

If you think the Flame Boss 500 is off your radar, take a you take a take a look at our deep review.

Key Features:

  • You can control precisely the temperature.
  • Variable-speed blower as well as voice-command system is available.
  • Set up alarms and alerts that you can customize to your preferred cooking time.
  • No need for additional software installation.
  • The package includes an WiFi controller as well as grill adapters.
  • Supports as many as three probes for meat.

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2. DigiQ BBQ Controller for Big Green Egg

Even though the Big Green Egg is an ideal device to slow cook meats to achieve the tender and smoky flavor, ensuring that it is evenly heated throughout the entire cooking process is a challenging task to complete. However, thanks to the technological advancements that you don’t have to be concerned about it.

DigiQ BBQ Controller will be the ideal device to use with you Big Green Egg. It will guarantee an even distribution of heat throughout the cooking process to ensure you get the perfect cooked meat. You can even utilize the thermometer for a big eggs in green to determine the temperature of the oven precisely.

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This BBQ temperature control will give the same precision as an oven and keep track of temperature in real-time.

From now , you’ll be able to enhance the outdoor experience more enjoyable by using this product, no matter what kind of meat you prepare.

There is no need to guess as you can utilize the buttons to increase and decrease to set your preferred temperature to cook at. Apart from monitoring internal temperature, it will keep the temperature at a consistent speed.

In the end, with the aid of this highly-tech gadget it is now possible to quickly and easily manage cooking time. It comes with all the necessary features to ensure the highest efficiency.

If you decide to go with this powerful green egg temperature control , you will be able multi-task with no having to worry about cooking the meat.

Key Features:

  • High-quality thermometer that is reliable and durable.
  • Compatible with a range of products.
  • Don’t worry about overcooked food due to this ramping mode.
  • Automatically adjusts the fan blade’s oscillation.
  • High-precision temperature probes.
  • You can improve your efficiency of your fuel.
  • The installation process is rather simple.

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3. CyberQ Meat Thermometer and BGE Temp Controller

The major problem with manually checking temperature and ensuring that there is a uniform distribution is the inconsistency. You can’t guarantee your meat has been cooked properly every time with the manual method.

Green Egg Green Egg is an machine that slow-burns and smokes meat. it is necessary to wait for hours before checking the device in between doing other tasks.

The solution is the CyberQ Meat Thermometer and Controller. It is a digital WiFi controller that allows you to manage The Big Green Egg without any manual interference. Thanks to the digital control, you’ll enjoy tender and juicy barbeque every time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro cook or just a novice cook, this appliance can enhance your grilling outdoors and smoking of meat Ten times better.

It is easy to keep keeping the temperature at a constant low for long periods of time. The secret behind creating tasty and delicious barbeque is this slow and low cooking technique.

The device will manage the grill as an oven. It can make a great addition device.

Thanks to the clever WiFi technology, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature without being close to the grill.

It is also possible to analyze your cooking habits by using an extensive temperature graph. Notes can be added in the graphs is possible to examine them later.

Key Features:

  • Automatically lowering the temperature of cooking setting is available.
  • Digital thermometer probes offer the highest level of accuracy.
  • Wires have a strong sheath that protects against the heat.
  • You can look at the cooking information.
  • Alexa voice control option is accessible.

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4. The IQ110 Grill Temperature Control Kit

The majority of temperature controllers have charging functions. You must ensure that your battery is properly charged prior to using the device. One of the most common issues for this kind of device is the lack of battery power during prolonged use.

If you’re a regular Big Green Egg user, you may be aware that the meat can require up to eight hours to cook and smoke properly.

IQ110 BBQ Regulator Kit comes in handy in these situations since it can keep your food cooked on just one piece of charcoal for around eight hours.

The required temperature to allow this appliance to operate for this long is at least 225 toC. This means that you’ll get tasty and mouthwatering food each time you make use of it.

It doesn’t matter if your barbecue pit requires wood or charcoal in the large green egg since this device is able to connect to both of these types.

The user interface has dials that can be set to control the cooking temperature as an oven would within your home kitchen. This means that the appliance isn’t very difficult to use.

Furthermore it comes with an adapter that is adjustable which you can insert into the track of your door that houses an lower vent. This means that it is not required to use any other equipment to put the device in. Once you have it in the vent on your lower side, connect the device’s air hose attach to your adapter and you’ll be ready to go!

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Key Features:

  • It keeps food in a smokey atmosphere to ensure it stays damp.
  • It can run for up to eight hours at temperatures of 225 OC.
  • Kit included for operation using AC power.
  • An adapter for optional use is available.
  • The dial can be set to adjust the temperature.

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5. DJQ BBQ Big Green Egg Controller

If you like multi-tasking and multi-tasking, then an important green egg temperature control will allow you to effectively control your grill. The biggest issue with barbecuing is the length of time required to cook the meat evenly.

Thanks to the PartyQ BBQ controller, you are now able to get back to work or complete other tasks, all while regulating the temperature.

It is now possible to put aside the guesswork because this gadget has precise control options. It is possible to attach the device onto your grill, and go moving with your task because the device will be updated. In addition the installation and attachment procedure is a bit more simple.

If you’re looking to control the temperature, make it happen by using the buttons for up and down. The keys have arrows that provide clearly indicating the temperature’s tendency to increase or decrease. With this feature, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature according to what you requirements.

Additionally, the device’s exclusive technology allows you to precisely feed the quantity of oxygen into the charcoal. This means that you are able to control and regulate the temperature of your grill.

With minimal effort, you are able to make temperature adjustments to make delicious meals. Overall, this appliance can be a valuable option without doubt.

Key Features:

  • The product comes with a unique integrated fan.
  • Large digital display provides clear visual.
  • The device measures the temperature.
  • Digital thermometer probes are now available.
  • Light and portable.
  • Internal memory comes with an option to recover from power interruptions.

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Temperature Control to control temperature Big Green Egg Buying Guide

Since there are a variety of controllers in the Big Green Egg market, it’s natural you’ll get confused about which you should choose. To help you decide, we’re highlighting some of the main characteristics that this kind of controller must have.


How well the device performs depends on the structure and design of the device. There are a variety of designs that contain different functions.


The simplest design you’ll find is one where just two buttons can be used to control the temperature. These devices don’t have any complicated functions , and they work directly to the point.

It is a good choice if you need user-friendly features and aren’t experienced with the latest technology.

WiFi Cloud

If you’re looking to learn more about the latest technology, then controllers that have WiFi capabilities are ideal for you. The controllers come equipped with settings inside that track the temperature of the food. You can track the rate by looking at the graph of cooking time too.


Certain devices can be difficult to installand might require assistance from a professional. However, the majority of Big Green Egg controllers come with adapters that can be used easily.

If you select an adapter for your device they can be connected to the vent of your smoker. You might need to close the vents on the bottom of the vent before connecting the adapter.


One of the main issues for controllers such as this is compatibility. There are a few models that include the right adapter’s size and model to be compatible with your grill.

So, prior to making any purchase, it is necessary read the manual and the instructions to ensure whether the gadget is suitable for your Big Green Egg or not. In the future you will save money and precious time.


If you’re a pro cook, the odds are that you have several kinds of grills. Some may employ different types of fuel. Most grills use charcoal for their primary fuel Some grills are best using wood as an alternative.

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Because the fuel source differs it’s normal that not all adapters work on the same grill.

For this reason, you should choose a product that has flexibility to function with your grill, regardless of whether it is made of wood or charcoal. For instance the DigiQ BBQ Controller DigiQ BBQ Controller comes with the most flexibility.


After we’ve outlined nearly all the functions an excellent temperature controller comes with there is one more feature that you should not overlook the display of the device. You might be thinking why you require the controller that has this feature.

Although it is possible to control and manage the temperature without having a display, having a visual representation of graphs can be useful. This kind of display lets you multi-task effectively without having to worry about food being ruined.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is the best control for the Big Green Egg?

It is essential to ensure that your choice of controller pick is compatible with the grill you have chosen. Once compatibility issues are gone you can look for the primary characteristics.

For instance, features like temperature, cost, flexibility and the user-friendly choices are important. These features should help you choose the right device for your grill.

What should I do to install my grill’s controller?

While it may differ between models This is the best way to follow the required steps.

Install the fan in the area where the grill’s vent is located. It could be at the top of the lower portion depending on the grill’s model.

Secure or pin the device in the location you want it to be. Then connect the adapter after it’s done.

When you plug the unit in and plug it in, you’ll be able set the temperature according to the desired temperature. It is also possible to change the temperature quickly.

What is the ideal temperature control for a big green eggs?

Although there are a variety of controllers on the market we believe that you should consider our recommendation of the PartyQ BBQ Big Green Temperature Controller. It comes with a variety of great features, such as a reliable thermometer control mechanism, a digital thermometer probe as well as an internal memory system and more.

The most fascinating and intriguing feature of this device is that it don’t need to worry about a an electrical short affecting the device. It is equipped with internal storage that restarts the cooking process when it went off when the power returns.

Are Big Green Egg controllers come with WiFi options?

There are many controllers with WiFi options. The controllers can be connected to your computer, phone television, or tablet.

If you want to you can join the control to any other device and view the graph of the cooking temperature. In addition, you could create alarms to can be aware of when time has come to an end.

What can I do to control how hot my barbecue is?

It is easy to control the temperature using switches built into the controller. You can alter the temperature based on the requirements of your needs. While doing so you will be able to monitor the progression in the graph while you alter it.

Wrapping up!

If you love barbecuing, then investing in the controller is the ideal choice. Contrary to conventional grills remote-controlled ones offer top-quality options. There is no need to stand in front of the grill and wait to determine if the food has cooked properly or not.

We also recognize how overwhelming it could be to choose a product from a the many options. We hope that our analysis of the top temperature controller for large eggs can help you select the top, such as that of the Flame Boss 500-WiFi Controller. It is possible to let it take care of the work while you relax!

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