5 Best Tape For Watercolor Paper (October 2022) Reviews

If you are painting on watercolor papers, the main worry is the smearing of color around the edges. Masking tapes can be useful to make your painting appear more sleek and cleaner appearance.

However, not all masking tapes is suited to your needs. You must choose the most suitable taping tape to use with watercolor papers.

Which one has all the features necessary to offer you the most overall experience with watercolor painting?

We’ll go over the top tapes on the market, and guide you to locate the best tape. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Tape For Watercolor Paper 2022

We’ve carefully selected this tape from the marketplace based on their performance, quality and other features.

Let us share the entire information with you , and help you choose which would be the best fit for you. We’ll try to be as brief as we can.

1. Mr. The Pen Tape Masking Roll

If it’s a art project or a DIY using a masking tape that is thin is always a better option to protect your back.

You can make use of Mr. Pen masking tape for small spaces, which can be 50 or 150 yards on one roll. Three rolls with the package They are therefore good enough to wrap 150 yards up to 450 feet.

The strength of the adhesive on this roll of masking tape is greater than other masking tapes which is why it can be attached to any kind of surface like walls or even paper.

When painting with watercolor it is easy to attach the tape to the edges of the canvas to ensure pure paint without messing up colors.

However, peeling the tape following the painting, is where the issues begin. Sometimes, you will ripple the paper when peeling the tape.

However, with this tape you will get a smooth peel when you’re done. It will not tear the paper or ruin your work and you can apply this tape without anxiety.

In the tape adhesives the use of acids is common to make the adhesive work better. But over time the acids cause changing the color of the paper over time.

To preserve the artworkfor long periods of time You will require tape such as Mr. Pen, which is made without the use of acid.

It is also possible to use it as a labeling tape. The writing on this tape using markers or pens is simple. Label jars and tins using this tape. The 3-in-1 deal is extremely useful for people who require a large number of tapes daily.

Key Features:

  • A very long length of masking tape that is precisely 100 feet or 50 yards on one roll.
  • It comes in a set of three tapes that will keep you covered for a wider usage.
  • Acid-free formulation helps protect the paper.
  • Simple application and removal will ensure that the paper doesn’t get damaged.

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2. Nova Supply Watercolor Masking Tape

This masking tape measures 1 inch in length, which means you can cover a bigger area around watercolour paper’s edges, or other surfaces, like floors wood, wooden surfaces, etc.

This will allow you to complete the DIY projects without having to alter the surface’s smoothness.

When you remove the tape from its packaging, it breaks into pieces very quickly. There is no need for any additional force to get the correct dimension of tape for different needs.

It is also simple because the tape is manufactured by hand with accuracy. You will get sixty yards on one roll, meaning that most of your work will be covered by drippy paint.

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The strength of the adhesive on this tape is amazing. It remains in position until you take it off. When you remove it and gently remove it off the surface leaving behind no trace.

No matter how fragile the surface you will be able to clean the surface following removal.

This tape is offered for a reasonable cost. However, buying bulk deals is even better. For example, if require a large amount of tape to paint or other tasks You can purchase different bulk packs at a lower bargain.

The use of it was relaxing. Removal was quick and simple, and the results were excellent every time we applied the tape. It is an ideal choice that is worth a try.

Key Features:

  • 1 inch width which means you have more ground for whatever task you’re doing.
  • 60 yards of tape is sufficient for regular use.
  • Peels off like nothing was ever there on any surface, leaving no trace.
  • Acid-free, so it won’t harm the watercolor paper you use.
  • The flexible tape can be used for many reasons.

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3. Scotch Delicate Painter’s Surface Tape

In the title the tape is perfect for surfaces that are delicate. Any masking tape for watercolor is a great way to hide different surfaces in paintwork or for decorative art.

However, this tape has a higher performance than almost every other tape with its ease of application, broad coverage and easy removal.

Everything begins with the beautiful wrapping of this tape. There are various sizes of this tape based on your preferences.

Beginning at 0.94 inches starting at 0.94 inches, you can buy tapes with 2 inches of width. The length can also vary between 45 and 60 yards, which means you’ll be able to choose the appropriate package to meet your needs.

When you’ve completed the job, you’ll discover that tearing the tape simple. The process of tearing snippets from the tape to fit your needs is effortless and tape pieces can be sprayed on any surface, such as wood, watercolor paper, veneer, and so on.

Additionally it holds the tape securely to the surface to ensure that there is no chance of paint leaking within the tape. This means that you’ll get clear and sharp paint each time.

The removal of the tape could be easier than application. It’s all you need is persistence until paint has dry completely.

Make a touch with your fingers to ensure you’ve got it right, then pull the tape backwards, keeping approximately 45 degrees to the surface. Then, you can eliminate the tape regardless of whether it’s 60 days after the date of application.

While we’re not finished with our review yet, this tape can be regarded as the top Tape for water-based paper because of its outstanding characteristics.

Key Features:

  • The length and width of the tape will vary depending on the size, and so you can find the appropriate size based on your requirements.
  • Easy removal and application.
  • There is no damage or residue left is left behind after removal. The warranty lasts for 60 days.
  • Edge-lock technology makes sure you have an ideal seal.

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4. Mr. Pen- Watercolor Paper Tape

This item is made to be used on paper, specifically watercolor paper, to be more precise. This means that you’ll get superior performance than general-purpose tapes from this.

It’s not just one tape. Instead, you’ll receive six different colored tapes within one package.

We have discovered different colored tapes useful since we were splitting the paper into different sections by using different hues.

This lets you know which area of work to focus on what day and in the order in which they work. The whole procedure becomes much more efficient by using the tape package.

However, the thickness of this watercolor tape is not as wide as other tapes on the market. Its length is shorter at just 15 yards.

However, since you receive 6 rolls from one pack that’s around 90 yards worth in masking tape. Therefore, if the project is small, you will be able to complete it with less rolls. However, if your project is big you could make use of all the rolls included of the pack.

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These tiny rolls are efficient when it comes to the power of adhesive. They rest gently on the area of interest and then fix themselves when you roll them on.

The tape’s seal is extremely strong and won’t let paint escape. It is also easy and easy.

The texture of the tape can be a little rough, however it is a great way to draw with markers. It can be an excellent choice for labeling.

Key Features:

  • Small rolls are ideal for small projects, however the bundle pack is able to handle large projects too.
  • Fine tape creates a great seal on the paper.
  • Not applicable on other surfaces.
  • It is simple to remove and leaves no residue.

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5. ProTapes Artist Tape

These vibrant tapes are available in a wide range of colors, meaning you can pick depending on your preference.

Whichever you pick the tape will allow you to divide your artboard and paint with ease. But , often, using tapes on their own requires lots of effort. To eliminate the stress, ProTapes is the solution.

In any colour, you’ll receive one roll of tape in a box. The length of the rolls is about 60 yards. It’s a fair size of tape as you already know. The length that the tape has is just 1 inch, which means you’ll be able to take up a lot of paper using this tape.

Although we’ve not tested whether the Tensile strength of this tape is what’s stated in the specification, we’ve observed that it is strong enough for everyday use.

It is easily torn for smooth application and then removed easily without damaging fragile paper surface or damaging paints.

The idea of a bundle that includes different colors of tape would be an ideal idea for the manufacturer, however it could be more expensive for consumers.

However, you are able to take advantage of bundles of various widths if are working on big projects or require a variety.

Overall, the performance is good and it is on our list as the most popular choice for musicians or amateurs.

The vibrant shades of the tape help you paint more easily and make the final result will be even more impressive. Try this before you give up and observe how it alters the view.

Key Features:

  • Standard-sized tape measuring 1 inch wide as well as 60 yards of length.
  • It comes in a variety of shades, giving you many options to pick from.
  • Simple tear and application and easy clean-up.
  • The acid-free formulation will cause minimal damage to paper.
  • Perfect adhesion and sealing.

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What To Consider before Buying Tape Watercolor Paper

Finding the most simple watercolor paper tape is usually the most difficult thing to accomplish. But , as long as you’re there, it’s not a have to stress about going over all the specifics.

Here are some important points you need to be looking at when choosing the best tape for your watercolor paper. Let’s dive into it.

Artist Tape or Masking Tape

While the basic principle behind the two tapes is essentially identical, they are utilized for different purposes.

Masking tapes are more frequent and affordable option to ensure that your painting is free of stain. Artist tapes can only be employed by professionals or veterans and are expensive in cost.

Masking tapes should not be glued to the surface of the paper for too long. They could damage the paper’s texture.

The tapes can be used to cover brief time periods. However artist tapes are utilized for longer periods of time and take off the paper surface without causing any damage even after a long period of time.

Therefore, you must consider your needs and then select the right tape for watercolor paper.

Formulation that is Acid-Free

Acids are typically used in masking tapes that are designed for watercolor paper. They increase the adhesive strength of the tape, but they affect the paper over the long term.

Acids in masking tapes may result in the papers to decay in time, and destroy the value of your artwork. Therefore, it is important to examined if acids were utilized in the making of the tape , or not.

Length and Width

Watercolor paper tapes are available in different widths and lengths. Therefore, you should be careful about this.

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Tapes are usually typically measured by yards length and inches for width. It is common to find tapes with a width of 1 inch and 45-60 meters in length.

Select the appropriate size for your project. The smaller rolls are cost-effective when you’re working on an enviable project. However, larger rolls are practical if you will regularly use them. Therefore, you must think about and choose.

Simple Removal

Whatever excellent the tape is but it’s not the best choice in the event that it does not remove the paper surface without leaving any marks.

Making sure you have a clean peel each time is vital since you don’t want to harm the paper or your painting. Choose a tape that’s easy to use and can be removed quickly without causing any damage to the final product.

Firm Adhesion

If the tape doesn’t stay securely bonded to the paper’s surface paints could drip into the tape, ruining the art you cherish by causing unwelcome staining.

Therefore, select the tape that has enough adhesive power to be able to stick to the paper’s surface, and not be able to curl at the middle. In this way, you’ll be able to clean the paint after you have removed the tape.

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

If you are familiar with our blog posts, you, you may have already guessed that we’d be able to answer some frequently asked questions about the top watercolor tape.

Find answers to all your questions. Let’s check if we can find an opportunity to play.

Does Masking Tape contain acid?

Masking tapes that are cheap and not branded are usually formulated with various acids. Unfortunately, these acids could damage your artwork and paper.

Masking tapes of good quality are not made with acids, and therefore don’t hinder the longevity of your work.

Is Masking Tape Better Than Frog Tape?

It depends. Certain people find one to be more efficient in comparison to the others. Therefore, we recommend you examine the efficacy of both tapes before deciding your own.

How to Remove The Masking Tape From the Paper With Out Ripping it?

The majority of masking tapes that are good quality can be easily removed off the surface of paper. But if your tape doesn’t, don’t worry.

Place a little heat to the tape, using preferably a heating gun or hair dryer. Be careful to ensure that the source of heat doesn’t get into the tape.

In a matter of minutes after a few minutes, you can easily take it from surface, without leaving any trace of dirt or dust.

Can I Use Regular Tape Instead Of Masking Tape?

Yes, you can. However, we cannot guarantee that the surface will be smooth. paper using regular tapes.

Masking tapes , also known as painter’s tapes are specifically designed to give you the smooth and clean look after removal. Don’t ruin your artwork for just only a few dollars, therefore it’s best to pick an excellent quality masking tape.

Wrapping up!

We’re getting close to ending this discussion. We want you to locate an appropriate tape that can allow you to perfectly mask the lines that you want to draw.

Whatever the difficulty of your undertaking Masking tapes will always assist you in creating clear sections.

Not every mask is always the best partner. To be precise you will require the top taping tape to watercolor papers for an untangled, stain-free painting.

In a vast array of interesting tapes, take a look around and an examination of all the choices. Make sure you select the tape that fulfills all the criteria you want.

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