9 Best Syrup For Pancakes (September 2022) Reviews

What do fluffy stacks of pancakes make you think of? If I were you to are me, the very first thing I’ll think of is a sweet syrup.

I believe the sweet syrup drizzle is what makes pancakes truly exceptional. Aren’t you? A foodie would want only the best syrups for pancakes.

You’ve decided to buy a fresh glass of syrup. The grocery store is filled with many rows of syrups with various pricing and flavors. In addition, the variety of brands that make pancake syrup is overwhelming.

Don’t quit for a while! To give you the best of this crop I’ve looked at 9 of the best syrups for pancakes on the market.

Learn everything you should learn about syrups for pancakes. From various types to different flavors, I’ve discussed everything to aid you find the best you can find.

Let’s get started.

Different kinds of pancake syrup

A pancake stack isn’t enough without syrup pouring all over it. However, to locate a great syrup for pancakes you must be aware of the various types of syrups.

To begin to get started, there are two kinds of syrups for pancakes. Organic maple syrup and flavor syrups for pancakes.

1. Organic Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup comes from saps of the maple tree. They are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and a lot of sugar. It is true that maple syrup contains around 66% sugar in it.

There are varieties in this category as well! The majority of maple syrups can be referred to as grade A today. They are also divided by color.

A. Golden Color-Delicate Taste:

The maple syrup is made in the first few days of harvest. It also has the mildest taste and gorgeous golden hue. This is fantastic with buttermilk pancakes, ice creams or fruit and salads.

B. Amber Color-Rich Taste:

You’ll get a clear, deep maple flavors from this. It’s ideal for baked goods since it has a stronger flavor than the golden.

C. Dark Color, Robust Taste:

If you are looking for a deep, strong maple flavour, then opt for this flavor. It is made later in the process of harvesting. This type of wine is typically used to make pies, marinades and glazes.

D. Really Dark Strong, Strong Taste:

This syrup is the strongest maple taste. It’s so strong that it’s like molasses. It’s mostly made by candy makers.

2. Flavored Pancake Syrups

Flavored syrups are typically made with corn syrup. They also contain various flavors, colors, and preservatives. The most well-known flavors include caramel, maple and butter.

But, the more healthy syrups can substitute corn syrup with chicory root, vegetable or other insoluble fibers. These syrups are sweetened by Monk fruit and stevia leaves or the erythritol.

The major benefit of flavored syrups for pancakes is that they’re less expensive than maple syrup in its pure form. Additionally, you can get Keto or vegan sugar-free and low-calorie options.

Top 9 Best Syrup For Pancakes 2022

1. Butternut Mountain Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

When it comes to syrups for pancakes I’m on the maple syrup squad. Nothing can compare to the sweet and pure sweet maple syrup that is served on pancakes.

What’s more delicious than maple syrup that is made in Vermont? Yes, Butternut Mountain Farm’s 100% pure Vermont maple syrup offers the authentic taste.

The years of experience that have been gained in the manufacture of maple syrup is the reason why this syrup is excellent. From the sap collection process to making the syrup with a rich flavor, every step is carried out with the utmost attention to provide the sweet drink.

If you are a fan of the maple flavor that comes from nature you must try this syrup. The distinctive maple taste from the GRADE A syrup make it the most delicious maple syrup to use to use in pancakes.

It’s a great addition to not just your pancakes, but also a variety of other meals. To mention a few things, you can enjoy it along with breakfast cereal, drinks fruits, salads baked vegetables, grilling fish and meat.

We can’t forget about the practical packaging. The 32-ounce containers seem surprisingly light. Therefore, they are much more convenient to carry and pour.

And that’s not all. The packaging is made from BPA-free plastic. So the taste remains tasty and fresh for longer.

This flexible, budget-friendly but premium maple syrup will satisfy your cravings for maple syrup.

Key Features::

  • This syrup is loaded with antioxidants and minerals.
  • It is an A grade maple syrup with a rich amber-colored.
  • It can be used in conjunction with a range of foods and drinks.
  • It has a light maple flavor and the hint of vanilla from nature.
  • Available in a sustainable BPA-free Jug.

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2. Lakanto Sugar Free Maple Flavored Syrup

The majority of people enjoy the flavor of traditional maple syrup when they eat their pancakes. However, let’s face it: they’re loaded with calories and carbohydrates. This makes them unsuitable for those trying to adhere to an optimum diet.

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Are you in search of an healthier substitute for maple syrup also? You’re in luck! Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup is the most nutritious pancake syrup you can find on the market.

The syrup for pancakes has no added sugar. It is sweetened with non-GMO monkfruit extract. If you are interested in sweetened pancake syrup without sugar it is perfect for you.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the flavor of maple syrup without having to consume lots of calories. It’s because it’s only got just one net carb for each portion, and less calories than the real maple syrup.

In addition, the syrup is appropriate for all natural diets. So, those following Keto or vegan, candida and paleo diets as well as diets with low carbs will be able to take pleasure in the delicious smooth taste of maple syrup.

This isn’t all! People who are diabetic can add sweetness back to their pancakes using this syrup without sugar. It’s all without increasing the glycemic index! Start your new healthy lifestyle by using the Lakanto pure maple-flavored pancake syrup.

Key Features::

  • A gluten-free, low-carb and gluten-free syrup for pancakes.
  • Made of non-GMO monk fruits as well as vegetable fibre.
  • It supports a variety of diet plans.
  • It is not a source of sugar.
  • It can be used as an ingredient in sweeteners for a range of food items.

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3. Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup

Then, there’s the syrup that I’m certain that most of us had when we were kids. It’s nothing less then Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.

There are plenty of syrups made of corn sugar for sale. What is it that makes Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup distinguish itself from the rest is its unique flavor.

It has a creamy smooth texture to this syrup. It’s like an icing on the cakes, this syrup contains a hint of honey and maple flavour.

The distinctive taste texture and profile of this syrup is a perfect match for pancakes and waffles. superbly. Some people go as even as to claim that this is the best syrup to serve with waffles and pancakes.

If you’re looking for the best pancake syrup, it’s hard to get a better choice than this. It has made pancakes mouthwatering since the year 1961.

Furthermore, they employ less than 2 percent of preservatives made from artificial ingredients. Original packaging a reminder from childhood for many. You can also take a slow and delicious drink. The 128 ounces of pure delight is a great gift for all the family members.

Key Features::

  • Honey and maple syrup with honey flavor.
  • Made from the high-fructose corn syrup.
  • It is renowned for its distinctive creamy texture.
  • It is a healthy source of 20 calories per serving.
  • Available in a 1-gallon family pack.

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4. ChocZero’s Maple Syrup to make Pancakes

You know how addictive sweet maple syrup that is sugary sweet can be. However, we all know that too much sweet goodness isn’t healthy for us.

So, many are looking for alternatives that are sugar-free for sweetening their pancakes. For that, ChocZero’s Maple Syrup can be a great alternative.

The syrup that is sugar-free has been dubbed by many the most delicious syrup for pancakes. Are you curious about what makes it so delicious?

The first thing to note is that the syrup is the most appealing smooth texture. In addition it also has the distinct maple taste. This combination makes this a truly delicious.

All this without the weight. Yes, this caramel-y goodness is made up of natural vegetable fiber as well as monk extract from the fruit. In the end, there’s just one gram of net carbs in each portion of the sugar-free syrup.

Furthermore, the manufacturer guarantees that the syrup is free of artificial preservatives as well as soy, sugar alcohol as well as GMOs. Therefore, you can be confident about the excellent quality of the syrup.

Another crucial aspect is the thickness of the syrup. ChocZero does not add filler or water in their syrups. Therefore, you can have a syrup that is naturally thick to make your pancakes unforgettable.

It is important to remember that this syrup is a great one to enjoy in a variety of ways, not just pancakes. It’s now possible to add the sweetness of your meals, without straying from Keto or other low-carb diets.

Key Features::

  • Delicious sucralose-free pancake syrup.
  • The sweetener is made from natural monk extract of fruit.
  • It has a silky, dense consistency.
  • Excellent to use for Keto and diets with low carbohydrate.
  • Does not cause spikes in the glycemic index.

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5. This So-Nourished, Keto Pancake Syrup

There are numerous advantages to eating ketogenic food. But it’s not easy since you must comply to strict guidelines regarding diet and nutrition too.

Many people believe that you must quit delicious pancake syrups after you begin Keto. Because maple syrup has 66 percent sugar, it’s not Keto-friendly .

Luckily, the ‘So Nutrished Keto Maple Syrup’ is available. This syrup with a maple flavor lets you enjoy your pancakes and not derail you from following the Keto diet.

This isn’t the only thing. those who adhere to a low-sugar, vegan, or low-calorie diet may also benefit from this syrup. Why? because this syrup, which is sugar-free, has only 1g of carbs and 20 calories for each serving.

Artificial sweeteners like sucralose can affect your digestive health. But So Nourished makes use of natural sweeteners to protect the health of your gut.

Its combination with erythritol monk fruit along with stevia leaf extract guarantees an unbeatable sweetness. Erythritol’s addition provides it the texture of real maple syrup.

Additionally They also use in addition, chicory root fiber. This means the glycemic index will not rise. Therefore, diabetics can enjoy it alongside their pancakes. This keto-friendly syrup lets you enjoy the sweet taste without guilt.

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Key Features::

  • This syrup is loaded with 9g of fiber per serving.
  • It is sweetened by 3 natural sweeteners.
  • It’s only 20 calories from 2 tablespoons syrup.
  • It is also known as a low-glycemic sugar.
  • It is great for ketogenic diets and gluten-free diets.

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6. Walden Farms Sweet Syrups

Are you tired of the same syrup in pancakes? This five-pack Walden Farms Sweet Syrups is perfect for those who are.

For you to make your breakfast enjoyable every each day Walden Farms has brought an assortment of five delicious syrups for pancakes that are flavored with flavor. Yes, you’ll get the pleasure of chocolate caramel, strawberry, blueberry and pancake syrups.

You can now jazz your pancakes with any taste you’d like. Additionally fruit salads, desserts and smoothies the coffee taste every meal will be more interesting by using these syrups.

They are totally without calories. They don’t contain sugar or gluten, carbs or cholesterol. This means you can enjoy sweet treats while keeping a healthy diet.

The fruitsy flavor is organic and fresh. The coloring process was also done with natural ingredients such as violet sweet potatoes.

Flavored syrups can create a weird after-taste. But there aren’t any complaints from these syrups. Because there is no sugar alcohol, it eliminates this issue.

Walden Farms have been producing healthy syrups for pancakes for more than 40 years. Therefore, you can be assured of top-quality, flavorful syrups.

If you’re trying to adhere to a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing sweets take these syrups. They have 0g net carbs per serving. This product is truly the ultimate dream for those who love pancake syrup.

Key Features::

  • The package contains five flavors of syrups for pancakes.
  • All syrups are free of calories.
  • Sucralose is used to sweeten them.
  • This product comes with FDA certificate from FDA.
  • Adds delicious variety to your dinners.

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7. 365 By WFM Organic Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup contains more nutrients and antioxidants than honey. It also helps to maintain and improve Bone health and cell growth and metabolism.

However, you’ll be able to benefit from Pure maple syrup. This is exactly the is 365 By WFM Maple Syrup gives you.

The syrup made from maple is solely from the sap of top-quality maple trees. Therefore, each spoonful of syrup contains minerals like calcium as well as potassium and iron.

Climate Friendly Pledge has certified the syrup as being 100 organic. Additionally, it is USDA and QAI certified by QAI and USDA. Therefore, you can be assured that it doesn’t contain anything GMO and preservatives.

It’s not the only thing, this maple syrup is vegan and fat-free. So you can enjoy the rich, dark flavor of this syrup with no guilt.

We can’t forget the beautiful glass bottle packaging for this syrup. This 12 ounce bottle of sweetness is a wonderful present to your loved ones and family members too.

Overall, the genuine dark maple flavor and the silky texture make this an excellent flavor enhancer for pancakes as well as waffles.

Key Features::

  • Made from natural maple trees.
  • It contains 110 calories per serving.
  • Climate Pledge Friendly product.
  • This has a deep, robust maple taste.
  • It is a label that says “vegan” and “fat-free”.

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8. Log Cabin Country Kitchen Syrup

I’m aware that the organic maple syrups I have tried are among the finest. But, they’re also extremely expensive. Therefore, not everyone could pay for them.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to miss syrup for pancakes. Log Cabin Country Kitchen Syrup Log Sugar Cabin Syrup offers the flavor of pancake syrup for cost-effective prices.

It comes with a delicious butter-flavored flavor. Your waffles and pancakes are elevated to restaurant quality by this syrup.

Furthermore This syrup isn’t too thick. It is therefore it can be used to enhance the flavor of baked goods and beverages. It is ideal for those who enjoy the slight sweetness and light consistency of their syrup.

Log Cabin is one of the longest-running producers of flavored syrups for pancakes. The 36-ounce bottle filled with buttery goodness will surely recall childhood breakfasts.

Overall, this syrup for pancakes is an excellent choice to those who are who are looking for an affordable alternative. It comes with 50percent more inside this container. Therefore, breakfasts will be exciting when you have this.

Key Features::

  • The syrup is made from corn.
  • It is a blend of maple and butter flavors.
  • You can get 210 calories from one portion.
  • Available in a 36 fl oz plastic bottle.
  • Works great as a flavor enhancer.

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9. Sugar Bob’s Smoked Syrup

We’re at the conclusion of our best pancake syrup reviews, I’m obligated to conclude the list with an original syrup. It’s possible that I’ve kept the most delicious syrup for last.

That’s Sugar Bob’s Smoked Maple Syrup. It’s a no-brainer that this isn’t your ordinary maple syrup. It’s got a spicy flavor that will make every meal unforgettable.

Prepare to be awed by an explosion of flavor. Because this dark, rich sweet and smokey maple syrup is sure to transform your perception of syrups for pancakes.

Sugar Bob’s producers make this syrup from high-quality maple trees in Vermont. Then, they mix smoke from hardwoods into this thick syrup of maple. Thus, you’ll get maple syrup that is smokey, sweet and pure.

Another benefit of the syrup is you can use it with a range of dishes. The distinctive flavor will add flavor to your sauces, marinades glazes, sauces, and much more.

This isn’t the only thing. For those who are looking for organic products will be pleased with this syrup as well. It is completely free of preservatives and GMOs. As it is not containing any artificial ingredients, make sure you keep it in the refrigerator once it has been opened.

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If you’re looking for something different than maple syrup, you should definitely check out this recipe.

Key Features::

  • This maple syrup has an intense smoky flavor.
  • It is a great ingredient for a variety of culinary recipes.
  • It is a healthy 50-calorie serving.
  • The glass bottle is 250ml. bottle.
  • No preservatives or additives in the syrup.

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Syrup for Pancakes Shopping Tips


The first thing to determine is the type of syrup for pancakes you’d like to purchase. There are a few things to think about when buying pure maple syrups which aren’t necessary when you select flavored syrups.

Do you wish to have traditional maple?

Do you prefer different flavors such as caramel, chocolate as well as butter. There are a variety of pancake syrups on the market. If you’re not sure then you could try small-sized syrups that come in a variety of flavours.

Color and Grade

If you’ve chosen the pure syrup made from maple, grades and color are things to be aware of. With the brand new grades system the syrup that is all maple syrup comes in grade A. The flavor difference is due to the color.

Golden color signifies mild maple flavor. Amber is a sign of a rich maple flavor. It is then dark in color and a strong taste. The strongest maple flavor is in the dark-colored syrup of maple.


Another thing to think about is the method you’ll use your maple syrup. If you’re planning to consume it with waffles or pancakes The best syrups for pancakes are the mildly-flavored syrups.

If grilling and baking are also on your list you should choose the syrup that has a the stronger maple flavors.


If it’s about the pure syrups made from maple, a higher cost doesn’t mean better quality. There are many delicious Maple syrups that are made by local farmers for an affordable price. You can also buy from wholesale stores if are looking to save money.

If you’re looking to select among hundreds of choices depending on your budget, check out Amazon. Websites such as Amazon typically offer bargains along with convenience of doorstep delivery.


If you’re looking for sugar-free pancake syrup, you should avoid Pure maple syrup. But don’t get discouraged since there are excellent sugar-free syrup alternatives currently available.

It is possible to choose maple-flavored syrups or other syrups with a flavor which are sweetened by natural sweeteners. Natural sweeteners include erythritol, fruit extracts, stevia, etc.

Make sure to choose those that do not contain artificial sweeteners such as sucralose. Since they’re not good for digestion.

Dietary Restrictions

Many popular diets have restrictions on sugars, GMOs, and artificial additives. Make sure to take a look at the label on the syrup you wish to purchase. Does it contain Keto-friendly vegan, and organic ingredients?

There are a variety of amazing Keto low-calorie, vegan syrups for pancakes on the market today. Thus, you can choose according to your personal preferences.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between Amber and Dark Maple Syrup?

Answer A dark syrup is the most intense maple flavor. It’s used mostly in cooking. However, the amber syrup offers the richness, but not as powerful maple taste. It is often used in drinks and pancakes.

2. Does Maple Syrup Healthy?

Answer Answer:Pure maple syrup can be thought to be healthier than sugar that is regular. It also has greater nutrients that honey. However, it is important to be careful with them as maple syrup can increase levels of insulin.

3. How are sugar-free Syrups sweetened?

Answer The sugar-free syrups are sweetened with artificial or plant-based sweeteners. Sugar alcohols like erythritol the sorbitol and xylitol are among the most sought-after. They can also be sweetened by fruit extracts and Stevia.

4. Are Pancake Syrup Vegan?

AnswerThis is contingent upon the syrup for pancakes you’re discussing. Pure maple syrups that do not contain added preservatives and are vegan. If the syrup has flavor ensure that it is made with natural sweeteners and flavors.

5. How is Maple Syrup Made?

Answer It is made of the saps from trees like maple. The sap is then filtered through boiling, then added flavor and color. Around 40 gallons of maple sap are utilized to make just one gallon of syrup.

6. Do I have to keep My Maple Syrup in the Fridge?

Answer Maple syrup that has not been opened can have a two-year shelf life. It isn’t required refrigeration. After you’ve removed the bottles, you have to store it in your refrigerator. It will remain fresh for a couple of months if it is refrigerated.

Wrapping Up

Pancakes and syrups make two things that aren’t complete without the other. They can also be used for other uses in the kitchen. However, the abundance of syrup options makes picking one to be a bit difficult.

I hope that the reviews of the top syrups for pancakes will help you to find the perfect breakfast partner.

The list of products includes pure maple syrups as well as flavor syrups with flavor. I also included products that cater to people who have different budgets, diets, and preferences for flavor.

What do you have to be waiting for? Select the one that best suits your preferences and enjoy your fluffy pancakes paired with tasty syrups. I wish you a life of sweetness!

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