7 Best Sprinkles For Funfetti Cake (September 2022) Reviews

Funfetti cakes aren’t simple vanilla cakes with sprinkles sprinkled throughout the batter. It doesn’t matter whether you refer to them as confetti cakes or sprinkle cakes, there’s something nostalgic about them.

They are great for birthdays and other celebrations. Cake crumbs tend to be moist and the frosting is packed with sprinkles. A vanilla butter cake that is topped with vanilla buttercream , sprinkles and dust is referred to as Funfetti cake.

But, you cannot bake these vanilla-y cake without sprinkles. In other words, it wouldn’t be Funfetti cakes. In fact, I don’t think I’ve come across a recipe without Jimmies or other types of sprinkles.

This is the cake with a white frosting that’s known as Funfetti. Egg whites have been used in the making of this cake, making it appear white and also gives the crumb an elegant appearance.

However the golden yellow color of the vanilla cake is due to whole eggs. After that, simply mix in the Jimmies.

You already know, there are many kinds of sprinkles. How do you decide which is the most suitable to use for Funfetti cake? Do I need Nonpareils or Jimmies?

Top 7 Best Sprinkles For Funfetti Cake 2022

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Funfetti sprinkles you can sprinkle to decorate your cake.

1. Wilton Rainbow Funfetti Cake Sprinkles

If we hear the word sprinkle we instantly picture Jimmies and there’s an important reason why.

Jimmies are widely recommended for cakes that are confetti-themed. If you’re planning serving it with sprinkles cakes pops, hot peppermint cocoa or cookies, Jimmies are the perfect thing to top it off.

The crisp, sweet and vivid hues make this traditional topping irresistible. Crispy toppings adhere to iced cakes with a beautiful. These can be poured on stencils or brushed over birthday cakes.

It is possible to create an appropriate sprinkle mix to match your theme for your celebration by mixing hues from eight bright shades.

These jimmies can be found in a variety of colours. Some sprinkles possess an aroma that is distinct, but they’re not bad tasting. It is recommended to apply them before the icing is set. So they will remain in place. It is easy to make an array of colors to your most loved sweets.

You can easily make the centerpiece of a special cake by frosting it and pipe swirls with a single color of frosting.

In the lower three-quarters of the sides make jimmies in different shades. Sprinkle the rest of the mixture across the swirls. This is a cake recipe that’s simple that is sure to impress your guests.

Key Features::

  • Edible sprinkles with a crispy texture
  • The product is made in the USA
  • Meets FDA requirements of FDA
  • Gorgeous and vibrant shades

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2. Decorating and Flavoring Desserts Sprinkles of Rainbow Sprinkles by Chefs Choose

The rainbow-colored sprinkles that are available by Chefs Select are the perfect accompaniment to a fun and festive Funfetti cake. The cake comes in a 14 ounce container and has many jimmies to play around. Sprinkles can be used to add flavor or garnishing desserts such as cupcakes and muffins. The best part is that they’re gluten-free.

Apart from cake icings and cake icing, sprinkles can be sprinkled on yogurt, ice cream as well as other ice cream flavors. It’s delicious and is a hit with kids as well as adults of all ages.

Remember that batter that is wet will cause sprinkles, such as rainbow and chocolate varieties to leak.

This is why you must include them in the baking of the cake. Be cautious not to stir too much. If the batter isn’t thoroughly stirred, it will cause the color to gets softer.

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As a result that the jimmies leak out into the batter. While the bleeding is very minimal, you do not want to be in any danger in baking a cake with Funfetti.

While it does come with an open lid it is possible to take out the entire lid. If I was you I’d take it off. It’s a waste of time to have a lid on a shaker.

A tiny amount of sprinkles will come out. You can remove the lid for a large amount of sprinkles sprinkled on your cake. In terms of taste they are soft, sweet and slightly crunch.

Key Features::

  • These sprinkles have very little bleeding.
  • Certified gluten-free
  • It includes all the primary colors.
  • Perfect for toppings

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3. Hoosier Hill Farm Multi-colored Sprinkles

Cakes and sweets are fun to eat when you decorate the desserts with sprinkles made by Hoosier Hill Farm. There are a variety of colors for these long-lasting sprinkles, which means they can be personalized to fit the theme of your event.

They are sold in jars which are resealed so that they keep the freshness for longer. For the flavor they taste like frosting with a sweet taste.

They taste great. It’s hard to resist eating these delicious treats. In addition the rainbow sprinkles are produced from the USA.

If you’re an expert on sprinkles You know how chewy and sweet sprinkles can be among the best of the most popular.

The chewiness is lower and consistency with these. They aren’t as crisp as sprinkles are.

They are sufficient to be used in cooking and baking. Their waxiness makes them melt when they are heated.

In the sense that these sprinkles concern, they’re normal. The containers are lovely and durable and can be reused repeatedly.

I’d prefer an spout that is easier to pour, so that I can put them in an appropriate container for my personal use.

Key Features::

  • It is packaged in a bulk jar of 2 pounds
  • Consistent color and sweet taste
  • Great toppers Funfetti cakes
  • A resealable container that is reusable

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4. Mermaid Cupcake Sprinkles

Are you looking to create a fun themed mermaid Funfetti cake? You’ll surely enjoy these mermaid-themed sprinkles. They can also be used as candy.

These can be paired with fun party accessories and cake toppers for birthday cakes. They are all carefully and skillfully made by master sugar artists.

It is safe to put any sprinkle candy left over in a stand-up bag even if you don’t need it at in the entire time. What happens to cake batter?

Are they possible to add them to it? Probably. They’re thicker than ordinary sprinkles. I believe they will keep their shape even after baking.

The sprinklers are usually too thick and difficult to cut through. I’m not sure if the sprinklers have a particular melting point. Sugar dissolves slightly in soap that is moist, which is why you’ll notice they dissolve. Its consistency as well as hardness is like the sweet tart.

They are similar to the sprinkles that you buy at the supermarket. While the price isn’t cheap when you first see that it’s on the cake you’ll never regret paying for the expensive price.

The mermaid tails taste great as well as being soft. A cake that is decorated with them is gorgeous and distinctive.

Key Features::

  • Mermaid theme sprinkles
  • Cakes for birthdays are great
  • Included are sugar metallic beads as well as pearls
  • The pack contains nonpareils and jimmies.

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5. Oasis Provides edible Confetti Sprinkles for Cake and Cookies

With Oasis Supply’s Edible confetti Sprinkles, you’ll be able to add the color and personality into the Funfetti cakes. Every cake can become an event-worthy treat sprinkled with the sprinkles. In contrast to regular sprinkles, these are bigger.

They really taste great and are a hit! I love how vibrant they are as well as how much you can get in exchange for your money. Another thing I love about them is that the sprinkles do not bleed and they don’t sink into below the surface in the cake.

In the beginning, you’ll find that these sprinkles possess sweet flavor. They taste like sweet wafers but that is not the case with many sprinkles.

The taste is amazing and the sprinkles makes the candy shine. The colors are vibrant, too making the whole the perfect thing.

The colors exactly match how they appear on the photos. The price is quite affordable for the quality you receive.

These sprinkles are packed in a sealed bag and are of a uniform size. About two batches of mini cupcakes with confetti are made with these.

Key Features::

  • Edible confetti sprinkles
  • Size uniform and high quality
  • Ideal for confetti cake decoration
  • Good size and thickness
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6. Rainbow Girl Pow! Gluten-Free Supernatural Sprinkles

The sprinkles in Supernatural are among the most safe edible sprinkles you will find.

If you are concerned about synthetic food dyes, then you may be interested in these. Sprinkles taste exactly like “normal” sprinkles, and are free of dyes.

Additionally, the sprinkles do not contain the snarky ingredients that others make use of. These sprinkles are perfect for people who consume a minimal amount of processed foods, or who avoid eating foods that are labelled with lots in the form of abstract substances. Annatto coloring isn’t great for your health. Avoid them whenever you can.

I am a fan of the colors and shapes that the sprinkles come in. Made from ingredients you can count on. This combination of bright shapes is delicious and crunchy.

The cost for the tiny bottle is very high, but. Even though it’s all-natural, shades are extremely bright.

There are many white sprinkles inside the container, which you don’t observe on the white frosting. The colors seem to flow often, which means they’re not appropriate for use in baking.

The box is mostly yellow and white sprinkles that are not particularly colorful shades. This is how natural the products are.

Key Features::

  • Food coloring powders that are natural
  • Very vibrant colors
  • Good appearance and form
  • Kosher certified

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7. Edible Orange and Blue Cake Decoration Sprinkles and Toppings

Then, last but not least we have high-end edible sprinkles that can add flavor to your cookies or ice creams cake mixes, baked goods and cupcakes. They come in a four-ounce sealed bag. It is easy to make your cake sparkle with this decorations with these premium Foam Pit Sprinkles.

There’s enough sprinkles in the container that you can create many cupcakes. Be aware that these sprinkles are not just used for decoration. These are handcrafted and only the finest ingredients from nature are used in the production of these sprinkles. They are safe to eat because they are produced here from the USA.

The sweet taste that these sprinkles add to your cake gives a an elegant and professional appearance for your cupcakes’ decorations.

The amazing and irresistible multi-colored delights will turn baking your cakes into art. It is also possible to create various colors using different packs.

Add as many vibrant and tasty sprinkles as would like to create a fun look and a delicious taste.

These are simple to prepare and ideal for any event. Be aware when you consume them. There are hard candy items that can harm teeth or cause dangers of choking for children.

Key Features::

  • Cute looking sprinkles
  • Bright and delicious
  • The colors are extremely vibrant.
  • It also contains chocolate balls

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Selecting the Right Funfetti Cake Sprinkles: The Steps

Sprinkles can make us feel as if you’re at a party or an event just by watching them. The right sprinkles can make your cake appear like a unicorn’s explosion regardless of no matter if it’s a basic cake or one with an unusual look.

Sprinkles are also called Jimmies in certain regions in the US. It is not possible to use almost any sprinkles in the Funfetti.

Different kinds of Sprinkles

Sprinkles come in different types. This is something to be aware of. We’ll go over them in order.

1. Hagelslag

You can enjoy it on toast or bread with butter. Additionally, you can apply it to give the chocolate flavor on your dessert. If you are eating this hagelslag of milk chocolate by itself the chocolate will be waxy.

Sprinkles are a wonderful option to add flavour and texture items. Despite the minor melting of hagelslag inside the butter, it’s delicious.

2. Dark Chocolate Gourmet Sprinkles

They’re by far the best sprinkles you can find. There’s a little wax and they’re chocoholic to the max. In fact, I’d like to devour them all right from the bag.

3. Metallic Silver Hearts

There’s something very beautiful with these beautiful hearts that resembled fish scales fluttering. They’re technically edible however I do not find anything appealing about them.

4. Sugar Pearls

There are a variety of kinds and shades of sugar pearls that are available. They could cause damage to teeth however. You’ll feel as if you’re chewing on fishing weights using these pearls. They also taste similar to fishing weights.

5. Sanding Sugar

This delightful grit provides precisely the correct amount sparkle for your dish. It’s fascinating to know it is true that “sanding sugar” was used to mean an entirely different meaning. Stores selling groceries would sprinkle sand over sugar in order to help save the cost of.

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6. Confetti Sprinkles

They can be used as a topping on various kinds of bakery-style cookies available at the store, which are deliciously sweet and decorated with decorated with frosted. Confetti sprinkles are a little snappy to them, and tend to be sweet.

7. Decorettes

They’re kind of odd and waxy in their own right. Although not as solid as sugar pearls in miniature size, they do add a bit of texture. They’re referred to as jimmies in some areas in the Northeastern United States.

8. Nonpareils

Since in the 1800s, those tiny ball of starch and sugar have been in circulation. They’re referred to as “hundreds as well as thousands”. They leave an odor that is reminiscent of the color food.

Color & Quantity

It is crucial to have plenty of rainbow sprinkles, and to be able to enjoy sprinkles that are bright and vibrant shades. However, finding both at once isn’t an easy task. The most brilliant ones can be found in the smallest packages and the reverse is also true. Purchase more than you require as you’ll never get enough.


There are gluten-free and vegan sprinkles however, there aren’t all. But that doesn’t mean that none of the choices included in this list are. It’s all about what the label says on the box.

Supernatural, for example, does not contain soy, wax palm oil, synthetic dyes and animal ingredients within their sprinkles. We love this starry mix and they offer lots of alternatives to pick from.

Party Sprinkles

Try enhancing your decorating with unicorn sprinkles if bored of the traditional rainbow sprinkles and chocolate. With the popularity of unicorns so, it’s an unsurprising fact that there exist a variety of kinds of unicorn sprinkles to choose from.

Mixes for Cake Decorating

cake decorations that are placed over the top are more stunning than ones with sprinkles or jimmies. You will never run out of sprinkles. It is best to get the whole bunch.

You can purchase a mix of sprinkles in large containers. With the abundance of sprinkles available it is easy to elevate your decorations to the next step.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. What are the jimmies?

Most often, you’ll find these rod-shaped sprinkles on cakes that are colored rainbow or chocolate. They can be used to decorate cakes of any shade. They aren’t melted when mixed into dough, nor do they bleed when mixed with it.

2. What kind of sprinklers should I use?

Use Jimmies rather than nonpareils. Nonpareils can bleed color through the batter, which makes it appear dirty and muddy. Jimmies are less likely to leak. Nonpareils are round balls. Jimmies look like tiny round cylinders. Here you go. Simple and quick answer.

3. Are all sprinkles made of the same?

Sprinkles don’t all work in the identical method. Some sprinkles in cookies while others cannot take high temperatures! The ability to determine which cookies bakes can be baked in which location is crucial.

4. How do you define nonpareils?

Cakes or sugar cookies that is topped with these balls look fantastic. However, they’re not the best choice for baking dough. It bleeds and gives an unsightly appearance.

5. Can I use sugar pearls instead?

Sprinkles such as these can add some nice crunchy texture to baked or frosted cookies. But, don’t sprinkle them on the dough or batter. They can be difficult to chew.

6. How long will sprinkles last?

Sprinkles that are stored according to the right technique will last between 12-18 months.

7. How do you store sprinkles?

Sprinkles are not able to withstand temperatures, so they aren’t a good choice to be stored in warm or humid conditions. If you’re planning to keep them in glass, clear containers, be sure to select a cool, dark area with a low humidity.

Wrapping Up

Certain sprinkle mix components are not suitable to bake in certain circumstances. There are other colors that are difficult to locate. Sprinkles come in many different varieties than you could imagine.

This means that you shouldn’t make the effort to buy them all. This guide was to ensure that you have chosen the most appropriate sprinkles suitable for Funfetti cakes to ensure that when you next bake and decorate the cake with sprinkles, you’ll get the most effective results.

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