10 Best Spatula For Smash Burgers (October 2022) Reviews

Who doesn’t enjoy devouring delicious smashburgers? The burgers are cooked by pressing it into the skillet in order to bring out each flavor as well as pure flavor of the beef.

Making an ideal smash-burger can be impossible without the correct spatula. With a top-quality spatula it is possible to cook the best smash burgers within a matter of minutes.

The most effective spatula to smash burgers is flexible and extremely sturdy, so you can press the perfect smash burger patties.

To help you choose the best purchase to help you make the right choice, we’ve created an inventory and looked over the top models on the market.

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Top 10 Best Spatula For Smash Burgers 2022

1. Mercer Culinary M18340 Hell’s Handle Spatula with Heavy Duty

A sturdy spatula with undisputed quality the Mercer Culinary m18340 is among our top selections.

It stands out on the marketplace among its rivals because of its enormous ability to make an amazing burger with the greatest accuracy.

It’s not a bit annoying to put on an oven glove to flip the burger’s the patty using a spatula?

This unit it is not necessary to deal with the difficulty of wearing oven gloves in order to protect your hands from burning burns as it has a temperature-resistant handle. The handle uses half the heat of other models.

The cool-touch handle has a dual-textured surface that provides a better grip and stops it from sliding out of the hand. This means that you can make use of this spatula for slippery and oily hands without having any problems.

Produced using top grade Japanese stainless steel. This spatula offers the perfect blend of stiffness and flexible.

Because of its rust-resistant and anti-corrosion design, this product can last for an extended period of time.

Another unique aspect of this product is its sealed handle for sanitation. This ensures that no liquid or oil get into the inside of the handle, ensuring the proper hygiene. It’s also endorsed by NSF the world’s leading service provider of solutions for risks based on safety in public health and safety.

Key Features:

  • The spatula is made from the finest stainless steel, which is ground to perfection.
  • It has a sanitary sealed cool to touch handle.
  • Its measurements are 5 inches by 3-inches.
  • Its handle can stand up to 450-degree Fahrenheit temperatures.
  • It is NSF certified.

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2. MANNKITCHEN MK21680 Spatula For Smash Burgers

In the realm of kitchen appliances MANNKITCHEN is a brand that requires almost no introduction. They’ve been delivering the highest quality spatulas to restaurants and homes around the world for a number of years now.

With a precisely straight edge with a beveled bevel the spatula can be placed under the patty of smash burgers easily and guarantee optimal release of food. The edge is smooth, ideal for using in the pans made of cast iron surface.

The product is constructed with 420 Stainless Steel, which is resistant to corrosion and prevents rust. It also blocks any kind of flex, to allow you to the burgers with no issues. This makes it among the most durable spatulas to smash hamburgers.

We are awestruck by the way it smooths out the rough texture that the iron has slowly over a set amount of time. Smooth surfaces of this casting iron pan ensures satisfaction in cooking.

It comes with a single wood handle , which ensures that it doesn’t overheat the hands and cause burns when pressing and making the smash hamburgers.

The handle is tapered to give an incredibly comfortable and secure grip when preparing the Smash patties for burgers.

Key Features:

  • This spatula is made of the 420 Stainless Steel.
  • It is equipped with a hardwood cool-touch handle.
  • The product has a fine edge that scrapes.
  • The size of this spatula measures 5 inches and 2.87-inch.
  • It’s a rustproof and resistant to corrosion.

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3. Anmarko Big Metal Griddle Spatula

If you’re looking for an spatula that is easy to clean, this product made by Anmarko could be exactly what you’re searching for.

The spatula is made of strong and non-reactive stainless Steel It is able to clean the spatula using any kind of scrub and not cause damage to it. It’s dry and dishwasher safe so cleaning is easy.

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The span of this spatula measures 8 inches and its size is 4 inches wide. Furthermore the thickness of the spatula is 1/25 inches.

The kitchen appliance’s dimension is sufficient to flip large smashburger patties easily.

The patty has beveled edges which allow you to flip the patty around without damage, and can cut food items. The sharp edge also makes it perfect for scraping griddles.

The product comes with an ergonomic and non-slip grip that will ensure you have a the best burger cooking experience.

Because of its grip that is anti-slip you’ll be able to rest assured you won’t slide away from your hands even when cooking with slippery and oily hands.

Key Features:

  • It is constructed with high-quality stainless steel.
  • The product’s thickness is of 1/25 inches.
  • This spatula provides a sturdy and non-slip grip.
  • Its dimensions are 8 inches by 4 inches.
  • There is a hole in the handle to allow for storage.

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4. Fox Run Medium Size Spatula

The spatula you are using now is a great option for you! This amazing product from Fox Run is equipped with amazing functions to assist prepare a perfect smash burger in a matter of minutes.

The length and the width of this spatula’s flipping surface is 5 inches and 3 inches respectively, that’s how you’ll be capable of flip anything from pancakes to smashing hamburgers.

In contrast to other spatulas on the market the handle and flipping surface aren’t connected in a separate way.

This handle, made of POM, that comes with the spatula is triple-riveted to its body. The handle is extremely durable and sturdy.

If you make use of the spatula every once in period of time but don’t want keep it in your utensil storage and you’re looking for a better solution, look into this amazing product.

It’s with a loop made of metal for hanging or storing the spatula anyplace you’d like easily.

Maintaining the cleanliness of this spatula is fairly easy. It is possible to get the grease and oil from your spatulas and pans by using an ordinary tree.

Key Features:

  • The size of its useful flipping surface is 5×3 inches.
  • It’s incredibly simple to clean and dry.
  • Metal loops are included to make it easy to store the.
  • It is produced using the finest stainless steel.
  • This product has a Polyoxymethylene handle.

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5. Mundial 6-Inch by 5 Inch Hamburger Turner

Mundial is a fairly large spatula with the potential to turn medium and large smash burgers with ease. It’s also not bent just a bit.

From burgers and smashed burgers to BBQs This appliance can cook anything because it measures 6 inches in length and its width at 5 inches.

This makes it among the most adaptable products on the market today. It will easily meet the requirements of both chefs and home cooks.

This handle gadget is made from wood which is not common with spatulas. Because of this handle made of wood this unit is cool, no matter what.

Therefore, you do not have to endure the inconvenience of using oven gloves. Naturally, it doesn’t cause any environmental harm or people.

Have you ever thought your mind that handle of your spatula was broken while flipping the burger patties?

If yes, then using this product you won’t need to be concerned about this because it includes a three-rivet handle. It is nailed into an stainless-steel body to guarantee maximum durability.

Key Features:

  • The size of this spatula measures 6-inches by 5 inches.
  • It has an e-handle with three rivets.
  • The capacity of this unit is 1 pounds.
  • It is produced using high-carbon steel.

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6. Royal Home Extra-Large Stainless Steel Spatula with Wide Spatula

Royal Home is a popular brand in the kitchen appliances sector, and with good reason. With a huge product range the brand has grown into an iconic brand for cooks at home along with cooks.

The spatula has an elegant appearance, which makes it perfect for open kitchens as well as Teppanyaki type eateries.

If you’re in search of an appropriate spatula for your restaurant, this multi-purpose device is the ideal choice for you. It is able to flip and turn or carry cakes, pizzas and extra-large patties for burgers.

The size of this spatula measures 6.5 inches, which is the most wide spatulas available on the market. It also has the long length that is 7.5 inches. It’s fully-equipped to offer you a pleasant and stress-free cooking experience.

Unforseen burns and accidents are commonplace when cooking. However, with this device you’ll not face these problems since it was designed with safety of the user in mind.

It has a handle comprised of wood that is a natural insulation of heat. The handle absorbs the smallest amount of heat when moving and pressing the burgers to smash.

Key Features:

  • The span of this spatula, including the handle measures 13 inches.
  • It comes with a wooden designed cool to touch handle.
  • The unit is 6.5 inches in diameter. in the range of 6.5 inches.
  • It’s a multi-purpose device.

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7. Dexter Russell 31655H High Heat Spatula

Dexter Russell 31655H offers excellent value at a reasonable price that combines amazing build quality, great grip and more. You’ll be able to make the most perfectly shaped and crushed burgers from the moment you begin using this spatula.

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This spatula has sharp edges that feature an elegant incline, which allows it to slide underneath the smash burger, and flip them over without breaking.

The product is made of carbon steel with a glossy finish that gives an elegant appearance along with the durability. Because of the high-quality materials, the item is very durable.

It’s not bent by the its weight. This makes the spatula ideal for lifting, flipping, or pressing big smash hamburgers.

The product includes a Sani-Safe polypropylene handle, which has a texture that gives amazing grip and is easily cleaned. The color of the handle is blue, which provides an aesthetic value to your kitchen too.

The handle is unaffected when temperatures are extremely high and can stand up to temperatures as high as 500°F. It won’t cause any burns to your fingers if you use the spatula in the absence of gloves.

Key Features:

  • The width and length of the unit is 5 and 6 inches respectively.
  • It is made from carbon steel.
  • The handle is made of polypropylene, which is slip-resistant.
  • The handle of this unit is able to be able to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

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8. Sabatier Black Triple Rivet Big Burger Turner

Comfortable handle and high rigidity, combining to provide you with the most delicious smash-burger cooking experience. Sabatier’s Black Triple Rivet spatula can surely assist when you place the burger in the pan to reveal the most delicious flavor of your meat.

Since this spatula is composed of stainless steel, it is guaranteed that no corrosion or rust will develop within its body, which ensures it lasts for a lengthy period of time. It’s BPA-free and toxic. Additionally, it is relatively easy to clean, and is dishwasher safe.

The size of this device is six inches by three inches, which is enough to turn it around or carry hamburger without ruining the shape of it or breaking up into pieces. This is why some people believe it is the ideal spatula to smashing hamburgers.

This spatula’s handle constructed from premium plastic. It is triple-riveted into the frame of the device and you can be at ease knowing that it will not fall off while you are pressing and flipping the hamburgers. Additionally, the handle insulates the heat and remains cool during cooking.

Key Features:

  • The spatula weighs 6.1 grams.
  • The length of the overall spatula measures 12.25 inches.
  • It is extremely simple to maintain and is dishwasher-safe.
  • This spatula is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The dimension on its face is 6x 3 inches.

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9. Winco Tn56 Offset Turner

Are you looking for a functional spatula for smashing hamburgers? Do you need a spatula for smashing burgers? Then look into this incredible product made by Winco. It’s loaded with incredible features, providing everything you require and more.

This product is made of Titanium that has one of the highest high strength-to-density ratios in comparison with other metals.

Thus, this device is very durable and can the burgers with no harm. Additionally titanium is not a toxic metal. It doesn’t release toxic metals into the smashburgers the patty when pressing.

The size of the surface is five inches , and the length is 6 inches. This is the size of most large smash hamburgers. Therefore, you’ll be capable of flipping the patty and not break them into pieces.

There is no longer a time where you needed oven mitts to flip the burger’s the patty. This model comes with wood handles that are naturally insulator of heat so the handle will be cool, even if you do not leave it in your pan. Naturally, it provides maximum comfort when cooking.

Key Features:

  • This blade item is made from titanium.
  • It has an edge that is beveled.
  • The handle is made of wood.
  • The dimensions of the surface is 6 inches 5 inches by 6 inches.

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10. Victorinox 40808 Turner Beveled with Peggable Sheath

Victorinox 40408 is one of the models that made it into our top selections because of its incredible quality of construction and beautiful design. It’s fully-equipped to cater to your needs for smash burgers for a long period of time.

The usable flipping surface as well as the handle are so tightly connected that the spatula is able to manage the extreme pressure, and doesn’t bend slightly towards the handle as you press the smash hamburgers.

The handle is attached to the base using three rivets. This increases the strength of the spatula.

This amazing unit is constructed from high carbon stainless steel and provides a uniform thickness over the spatula.

Therefore, the product will not let corrosion or rust from causing harm to it. The high-quality material also ensures that the dishwasher is safe.

If you’re worried about your safety making use of spatulas to cook the smash burgers, this is the excellent choice. It comes with top security measures.

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It has a wood handle that is always cool. The rivets are also insulated from heat, which is ideal for keeping your hands free from burns.

Key Features:

  • This spatula is made of stainless steel with high carbon.
  • The dishwasher is safe.
  • The spandrel’s width is five inches.
  • It has a handle made of wood that stays cool.
  • The handle is attached the frame by three rivets.

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How to Choose the Right Spatula To Smash Burgers?


If you’re looking for an appropriate spatula for making an incredibly mashed burger, then the rigidity must be the main aspect you think about.

The firmness of a product is the determining factor in the ability of a spatula to press the burger with no stretch. For all that, a perfectly pressed smash burger is the primary thing you’ll require.

Without the proper amount of rigidity and design, the attractive appearance that a spatula can bring into the kitchen will not be worth anything. Make sure the spatula has the capacity of accomplishing the task first.

The spatulas made of stainless steel or carbon steel are usually strong enough to be able to flip and smash burgers with no bend. The more rigid the more durable the cooking experience you get from smashing burgers.


The quality of the handles is among the most vital aspects that you should be paying attention to. With a quality handles, you’ll be in a position to cook your smash hamburgers with the greatest ease. This will also guarantee that you are safe while cooking.

A great spatula to smash burgers must include a handle made of materials that do not absorb heat. Also, it should remain cool throughout cooking, to ensure that you don’t need to deal with the hassle of using oven mitts.

The spatulas that are top of the line usually have an ergonomic and solid grip. You can operate the spatula even when you have slippery and oily hands with having any issues.

A product that has excellent grip can help make the cooking process easy for you.


When you make the purchase take note of what the mass of your spatula is. The weight of the spatula will determine how it is able to lift and flip the burger patties into smash.

The typical smash burger typically weighs 3 pounds. A spatula that weighs any weight that is greater than six ounces weight should be sufficient to cook smash hamburgers. The greater your weight is, the stronger it’ll be.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. Which is the most effective spatula to smashing hamburgers?

Because you’ll be using the spatula to make and flip the patties into burgers The unit’s strength and the edges of the unit will be the most important elements.

A perfect spatula for smashing burgers comes with a strong, rigid and an edge that is beveled, so that you are able to rotate the patty and not break in pieces.

2. What are you using to smash your hamburger?

To create smash burgers You will require the correct tools. You’ll need a device that will smooth the patty. Any object with an even surface could be used to flatten it.

It is ideal If the gadget has a some weight and has handles, much like the spatula. It is also necessary to have an oven or skillet to put the burger patty onto.

3. How can I determine an appropriate spatula?

Handle of the spatula is going to decide how secure the device is. A spatula to smash a the burger that has a cool touch to touch handle protects from heat, no matter what is safest.

Although spatulas don’t usually have handles made of wood but they’re the most secure for cooking as they are natural heat insulators.

4. How do you make a smash-burger?

As you cook begin cooking, press down on the burger’s patties to make it level and release the meat’s juices. after a side of the patty has been cooked, flip it and place an incredibly thin slice of cheddar cheese over it.

Once you flip it over, do the procedure on the reverse side. Your smash burger is ready in only a couple of minutes.

Wrapping up!

Making smash-burgers has become much simpler with the help of top-quality spatulas specifically designed for smash hamburgers.

The product comes with the handle which provides solid grip. It will also remain cool, even when placed on the pan.

But, picking the right spatula for smashing hamburgers isn’t as easy as it might appear. It is important to think about a variety of aspects to select the best one.

We’ve looked at the market and selected best units to help to make the best purchase. You can pick any item that meets your requirements.

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