3 Best SoundBars Over $1000 (September 2022) Reviews

There are numerous soundbars available on the market. They differ in cost and quality. They can cost as little as $200 while others are more expensive than $1000. It’s all about your budget and what you decide to purchase. A less expensive soundbar is equipped with fewer features. In contrast that a higher-priced soundbar has several modern features. It’s also durable and long-lasting due to its high-end materials. However, not all high-end soundbars are worth the cost. Only a handful of them are top-quality and perform well.

In this article, we’ll examine the top three soundbars priced over $1000. They’re worth the price and produce high-quality sound. If you’re in search of the best soundbar for $1000, then you’re at the right spot.

Top 3 Best SoundBars Over $1000 in 2022

1. Sony HT-Z9F SoundBar

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Audio Performance

Sony The HT-Z9F soundbar can be described as an 7.1.2 Soundbar with a channel. It is among the most powerful soundbars available in the $1000 mark. What makes it stand out from other soundbars is its vertical surround motor.

The sound is clean and clear. If you’re looking to experience an authentic home theater experience, Sony HT-Z9F is your best soundbar. Sony HT-Z9F provides unbeatable audio experience and HD sound. It can be used with Dolby as well as DTS The X Vertical S-up mixer.

The distinctive design is what makes it an extremely recommended soundbar. The drivers that are up-firing enhance the sound effect. While it’s an 3.1 channel soundbar, it has the sound of it’s a 5.1.2 soundbar with 5.1.2 channels. The soundstage is fantastic with the bass being powerful enough.

It is equipped with a dedicated central speaker, and comes with the wireless subwoofer. The quality of dialogue is superb. The most recent technology in this soundbar differentiates background noises. This is why it gives you the most immersive sound and video experience.

The Sony soundbar is compatible with the 4-K HDR 18 channel pass-through. It is extremely compatible with every device. The soundbar supports five options for sound, which include games, music, movies news, sports, and more. It syncs the sound to the content. This means that you will be able to experience a vivid and immersive audio experience.

A total of 400W of output power delivers excellent sound. The versatile soundbar is ideal for home theaters and outdoor entertainment, as well as events, and offices.

Other Specifications

The soundbar’s elegant design is constructed from high-quality plastic. It is wrapped in a gorgeous grille. It measures 39.4 inches long and 2.6 inches high. It can be placed under the television. It is best to place your wall.

This soundbar is suited for a variety of purposes. It can be connected to TVs, gaming consoles or projector, PC and even to your home theatre system.

Furthermore, this soundbar features two fully HDMI inputs. It supports all audio formats. With its HDMI inputs, audio is transmitted smoothly. There are two speakers on the rear to increase the sound quality further.

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A HDMI output is located on the back panel. Other options for connectivity include USB optical digital input, as well as the analog stereo 3.5mm input.

In addition, it supports Bluetooth to ensure a seamless connection. Additionally, an Ethernet port has also been available to allow you to connect Wifi. You can then enjoy all kinds of music and media through your favourite apps. It is equipped with Chromecast and also works with Google Assistant and Spotify Connect.

The control options are diverse. A reliable remote is included along with Sony Soundbar. In addition, the bar features touch-sensitive buttons to control input volume, power, and volume. Its HDMI CEC HDMI CEC allows controlling the entire set-up with one remote.

The Sony HT-Z9F is an entire package. It comes with all important components. Apart from the soundbar it comes with an extra subwoofer HDMI cable, remote along with mounting and other accessories.


  • Fantastic sound quality
  • It supports Dolby Atmos as well as DTS Dolby Atmos and DTS:
  • Technology for vertical surround engines
  • Google Assistant is built-in Chromecast along with Google Assistant support
  • Bluetooth and Wifi are both supported
  • Two HDMI inputs that are fully functional with HDMI out, as well as HDMI CEC
  • Multiple connections options
  • A multipurpose soundbar
  • 5 sound modes, enhanced clarity of dialogue


  • Overhead sound quality isn’t good.
  • A high-end and heavy-duty soundbar
  • Custom sound adjustments are not offered.

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2. Sony ST5000 SoundBar

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Audio Performance

Sony The HT-ST5000 is an 7.1.2 channel soundbar. It comes with five 2.6 inch drivers that are located on the top panel. In addition the top panel is home to two upward-firing driver with an DSP-enabled virtual surround.

The soundbar is well worth the cost. When compared with other soundbars that cost more than $1000, this one has an eerie sound. A powerful subwoofer comes with the soundbar. It offers a high stereo frequency response, as well as a rich bass.

It’s compatible with 4K HDR and provides high audio quality. Additionally, it comes with an built-in Chromecast. This makes it appropriate for setting up multi-room music. This soundbar is versatile and serves as a multi-purpose gadget.

What separates this Sony soundbar from other models is its distinctive design. It features coaxial tweeters that are exposed which enhance the sound quality. It has a wide stereo soundstage.

The subwoofer has an 7.13-inch woofer. It is an in-built passive radiator. Both the subwoofer and bar are able to provide you a full-bodied audio experience.

An output of 800W power is far more than optimal. This soundbar can be used for gaming, home theater music nights, celebrations as well as office. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It’s not just the best choice to listen to music, but also to watch television and movies.

Extra Specifications

The best feature of Sony the HT-ST5000 is that it supports Wifi. This means you can stream music through your most loved programs and apps. The 46.5 inches bars is the best option for 50 inches or bigger TVs.

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The Sony HT-ST5000 is constructed from high-quality plastic. A grille made of steel protects drivers and is also removed. Overall, it offers an elegant and attractive appearance.

The bar comes with basic control options , including inputs such as power, volume, as well as links with streaming platforms. Furthermore, a sophisticated remote is included in this soundbar.

This soundbar by Sony has a wide range of connectivity options. It is incredibly, it comes with four HDMIs and three HMDI inputs, and an HDMI output for ARC.

All HDMI ports can support 4K HD pass-through. Therefore, your soundbar can be connected to an source of audio to enjoy high-definition sound.

In addition, the soundbar features an USB port that allows you to stream audio tracks directly. Audio input with optical digital and stereo minijacks can also be found within the speaker.

To support Wifi connectivity An Ethernet port can also be available. The soundbar can be Bluetooth-enabled. You’ll have plenty of options for streaming with this soundbar that is smart.

The set-up process is straightforward and easy. It can be placed beneath your television. It also has an option to wall mount to allow seamless pairing.

This purchase comes with the soundbar, subwoofer HDMI cable Digital Optical cable, batteries, remote control as well as a mounting template and a manual.


  • A powerful soundbar featuring subwoofer
  • 7.1.2 Channel soundbar that delivers full-bodied sound
  • Built-in Chromecast built-in
  • 4K HDR pass-through and high-definition audio
  • It supports Bluetooth and Wifi
  • There are many options for connectivity
  • Four HDMI ports. USB, Ethernet, and optical port
  • A versatile and multi-purpose soundbar
  • Total output of 800W power.
  • Highly compatible with bigger TVs.


  • There is a lack of DTS: X playback
  • Maximum volume is like it’s been compressed and distorted
  • Voice enhancement options aren’t as extensive.
  • Surround performance isn’t the best.

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3. Sonos Arc Smart SoundBar

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Audio Performance

Sonos Arc is a real stylish option to add style and elegance into your living space. It’s a stylish soundbar that costs more than $1000. This most recent version from Sonos Arc is equipped with many incredible features.

It’s an all-in-one sound system. If you’re looking for a deep bass and an immersive audio experience, Sonos Arc is the perfect choice. Sonos Arc is made for you.

The Dolby Atmos technology provides you with a 3D-like audio experience. The best quality comes from the eleven drivers incorporated into the slim design of this soundbar. It comes with 8 elliptical speakers, three silk dome tweeters and up-firing drivers.

Furthermore, it is compatible with any audio file format. This software’s Speech Enhancement technology produces clear and crystal-clear dialogue. It can detect human voices and differentiates the voices in the background from other noises. So, you get an ideal movie experience. This doesn’t bother your ears since it will automatically reduce the volume for commercials.

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Sonos Arc is also equipped with Truplay tuning technology, which improves the sound. It detects automatically the setting of the room and adjusts the sound to suit the room.

Other Specifications

This soundbar with smart technology offers many control options. Along with its remote, it’s additionally compatible with TV’s remote. The bar itself comes with an electronic control that is touch-sensitive.

Furthermore, you are able to control the soundbar via AirPlay 2 and the Sonos app. You can play your favourite songs through your preferred streaming apps and services.

Additionally, it comes also with Amazon Alexa built-in. The ability to control your voice will make your life easier. Set alarms and take phone calls, read the news as well as stream your music without hands.

Physical connectivity choices are one HDMI ACR and Optical inputs to support Dolby Digital decoding. A Ethernet connection is accessible to connect wirelessly. This means that it offers the option of streaming.

In addition, this 45-inch soundbar is perfectly synchronized with your television. It’s suitable for as large as 65 inch of TV sets. It can be placed under your TV or place your wall. This bar displays the highest compatibility with new TV models. But, it’s also suitable for older televisions. Furthermore, its white, elegant, and sleek body is perfect for any space.

The soundbar doesn’t come with an extra subwoofer. It is, however, possible to use it as a wireless connection to subwoofers and one of the One SL rears. It’s also a great option for a multi-room set-up.


  • All-in-one audio system
  • A slim, compact and stylish soundbar
  • Sound quality and bass that is deep and rich.
  • Supports Dolby Atmos
  • WiFi connectivity and unlimited streaming
  • Built-in Alexa voice control
  • Control using Sonos app
  • The app supports AirPlay 2, Spotify, and several other streaming services and apps.
  • Multi-room control options, multiple control options, as well as multi-room configuration
  • Compatible with TV remotes
  • Expandable design


  • One HDMI EARC port is available.
  • Costlier in comparison to other soundbars that do not have subwoofers
  • Doesn’t provide Bluetooth streaming
  • Manual for setting up the setup is missing.

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Wrapping Up!

Sony The HT-Z9F SoundBar is our favorite out of a range of more than 1000 soundbars for $1000. Because it’s a 7.1.2 channel soundbar, it provides real-life sound effects. Sony ST5000 SoundBar comes next. It’s also a flexible soundbar that comes with modern features. If you’re looking for a small sound system Sonos Arc is an excellent choice. It’s a one-piece device that does not have a subwoofer. Its slim appearance does not affect the sound quality. You can pick one of them if are on a budget of greater than $1000.

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