10 Best Soundbars for Samsung TVs (October 2022) Reviews

The most recent Samsung TVs are stylish and slim. While this design has built-in speakers, they sound dull. The Samsung TVs provide the best viewing experience, however, they do not have the best audio. Therefore, you must include the top soundbar on you Samsung TV to enjoy a true sound experience while watching shows or movies.

You will be able to enjoy your films and television shows with clear and vibrant images. However, the sound quality of the built-in speakers does not match the quality of the images. You can improve your experience with a watch by incorporating a louder sound. A weak sound could ruin the watch experience.

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Why do I recommend adding A Soundbar To your Samsung TV?

You must connect an external audio source for the Samsung television. since the built-in speakers don’t provide enough to provide excellent audio.

A audio receiver as well as a sound system might be an option, but they’re not cheap. When compared with various sound equipment, the Soundbar is the most effective choice.

There is no need to spend much moments connecting your Soundbars and the Samsung TV. They come with the latest features and are very user-friendly. Plug it into your television.

I have friends who use another brand of soundbar with the Samsung TV. Because they are fond of that specific soundbar.

If you’re looking for an immersive audio experience from you Samsung TV giant picture, we suggest that you invest in an excellent Soundbar.

This article I will examine the 10 top Soundbars that work with Samsung TVs. I will review the most important aspects for each Soundbar.

The Top Soundbars to use with Samsung TV

If you’re looking to buy a soundbar to go with the Samsung TV, you should be looking for compatibility. Since not every soundbar is perfect to you Samsung TV. I conducted extensive research to identify the most popular soundbars.

Top 10 Best Soundbars for Samsung TVs 2022

Let us choose the most suitable Soundbar that will work with the Samsung TV.

1. Samsung HW-Q950T – Overall Best For Samsung TV

Sound Quality

Q-950 is truly amazing and the best speaker for Samsung TV. If you’re looking to enjoy home theater , you must get this amazing soundbar. It can support Dolby Atmos as well as DTS the X. It provides the virtual 3D surround sound and the deep bass that swells the room.

It boasts a genuine 9.1.4CH sound, and includes nine channels. It comes with a subwoofer and four channels that up-firing. The soundbar is equipped with two speakers on the right and left panel, and another on the back panel. The power combined of all the speakers provides a full sound that has a wider range of coverage.

Furthermore, the soundbar comes with an advanced technological advancements in audio. The Samsung soundbar comes from the Samsung Q-Series that is famous for its Q-Symphony. It is perfectly synchronized with Samsung QLED TVs. It’s also compatible with different versions of Samsung TV.

The unique feature of sound detection allows you to play your sound in various modes and offers high-quality audio even at low volume.

It analyses the audio and then syncs it to the video content. The audio is balanced and improves the listening experience in many ways.

It can play in standard, adaptive as well as game professional modes. The adaptive mode is fantastic because it can detect the content and alters the sound to match the content type. This feature is a blessing! It renders voice and dialogue that are crystal clear.

Extra Features

This soundbar has modern features. It is compatible with an Bluetooth connection. This means you can join it with other gadgets for streaming music or audio. Another great connectivity choice is Wifi. It lets you play songs from your streaming services.

Its elegant and sleek style is appealing. It is available in black and is durable. The physical connectivity choices include HDMI and optical input as well as one HDMI output.

The controls include manual control using button on the display, remote controller, Alexa voice command, and the Samsung Smart-things App. You can alter the bass level or change the sound mode as well as perform other functions with the help of a remote control.

Furthermore, the soundbar can be used with Alexa and recognizes voice commands. Thus, you can manage various functions by simply giving commands in voice.

Another option for controlling Another control option is Smart-things App that is user-friendly and can perform a wide range of functions. The App has more options than the remote.

For performance Q950T is extremely robust and durable since it has been evaluated by highly skilled engineers.

The soundbar comes with a variety of incredible features for the lowest price. It’s similar to high-end and powerful soundbars.

The soundbar purchase comes with itself, wireless subwoofers , the rear speakers. Also included is an HDMI cables, a manual as well as a warranty card. The set-up process is simple and doesn’t take much time.

Key Features:

  • Samsung HW-Q950T is an elegant and complete audio system you can complement your Samsung TV
  • It’s an 9.1.4 channel system that lets you listen to Virtual surround sound and a 3D-immersive experience
  • The system supports DTS: X and Dolby Atmos and comes with advanced audio technology


  • The device comes with built-in Alexa
  • With 9.1.4 channels
  • Supports WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Numerous control options are available, which include options for controlling the app SmartThings
  • High durability and low cost


  • Not the best alternative in older Samsung TV models. Samsung TV
  • The bass could use some to be improved.

2. Sony Beam and Smart TV Sound Bar

Sound Quality

The sound is clear, sharp and powerful, covering vast areas with total clarity. The beam comes with one tweeter with four elliptical subwoofers as well as three radiators for the base.

The full-range woofers are placed in the side. This means they provide high-quality and clear sound that’s compatible with the huge images.

The exceptional performance of this beam offers the best audio quality. It also can completely fill the room with its clear, loud and clear sound. This beam lets you listen to music or TV with its stunning sound.

To create an surround sound system you can connect this beam to other sound systems or speakers within your home. This small beam comes with Dolby digital audio as well as stereo sound.

Other Features

SONOS Beam is an excellent and budget-friendly soundbar that is affordable. It comes with all the latest features that make it on the the top 10 best soundbars available for Samsung TV.

SONOS beam is 26.5 inches of length and width. The simple and elegant design and tiny dimensions make it a stylish option on you Samsung TV.

It’s capable of working with Wifi and can be connected the beam to other soundbars or speakers to create a surround sound system. Furthermore, you can build an audio-visual network in your home by connecting several SONOS Soundbars. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity to begin the initial installation.

In addition, it functions to function as a Smart Speaker because it has an Alexa. It also comes with HDMI output and is compatible with AirPlay2.

A variety of input options provide the possibility of a simple setup. The Beam includes the Ethernet connection, AC input, HDMI output and a Join button. HDMI connects to Optical adapter allows for a simple connection to TVs with optical connections only.

There are a variety of control options including manual control, the remote control for your TV and the SONOS App. The App lets you manage all the speakers in the surround system.

In addition, you are able to control the quality of sound and change the sound settings with this app. It also accepts commands from your voice. You can also turn on or off your TV , or Beam, and adjust the volume or sound modes by saying a word.

Furthermore, you can change the bass and treble responses along with sound enhancement, as well as night mode with The SONOS App.

Key Features:

  • Sonos Beam is a smart audio system that combines all of the features within one bar
  • It is extremely appropriate for surround sound systems.
  • It comes with built-in Alexa Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth support.
  • It has HDMI ARC to connect with the remote control for your TV


  • A beam with a low budget
  • High-quality audio
  • Highly compatible with Samsung TV. Samsung TV
  • The SONOS App offers incredible control and adjustments
  • It is possible to connect via any SONOS Soundbars, speakers or even soundbars.


  • Doesn’t provide Dolby Atmos
  • Remote control isn’t available.
  • Due to the small size, the bass can be a little low.

3. Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q80R Soundbar

Sound Quality

This soundbar is extremely advanced and falls into the category of most powerful soundbars that work with Samsung TV. You can expect to experience the best stereo sound since this beam is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

The most remarkable feature is the 13 drivers which are located in various locations around the soundbar, distributing the sound in any direction. The drivers are located in five channels which include the front the height, middle left, right, and center.

It also includes 10 full-range woofers, each with 18Watt of power, and an 8-inch wireless woofer. Its 3 tweeters give total 30Watt power (10Watt each). The total output power of the soundbar is 370Watts.

The high-pitched and loud sound is able to actually shake earth. And the listener can sense its crystal-clear resonance within your heart.

Its subwoofers that are wireless and its pass-through technology in 4K HD makes it the perfect option in QLED TVs (manufactured from 2019 onwards).

Don’t worry! You can also sync this beam with various Samsung TV models and even with every TV model.

It is very compatible with all TVs. It does not offer features that are exclusive to Samsung features, like OneRemote and Game mode, which are available for other brands.

If you’re looking to improve your sound experience, then you can add extra rear speakers. They aren’t included with the purchase, however they are the best option for the surround sound system.

The soundbar works with all surround sound formats, including DD 5.1, DD+, DTS 5.1, DD real HD.

Other Features

The HW-Q80R is among the latest soundbars and offers high-quality sound. This soundbar is a result of the collaboration of two well-known firms: Samsung as well as Harman Kardon. It is guaranteed to deliver superior sound quality.

This soundbar is a combination of an attractive and stylish style. A frame made of aluminum and aluminum grills make it robust. It is the ideal soundbar for TVs with large screens (50-60 inches) because it measures 48.3 inches in size.

Additionally the input options are the dual HDMI inputs as well as USB inputs, as well as optical. The output can be described as also an HDMI ARC. The output and input ports are situated on the rear of the panel.

Apart from wired connection, this soundbar also can be used with Bluetooth as well as Wifi. It is easy to stream media and music on this soundbar.

The soundbar comes with a variety of control options. It has four buttons to control the basic manual and setting. Another alternative can be controlled via the remote, which offers more control features like EQ adjustment and audio-video sync.

It also accepts voice commands. You can also connect it to Amazon Echo and Alexa for voice control. The fourth option for control is the SmartThings app that comes with lots of features that are advanced.

The soundbar is best suited to the most current Samsung televisions (made in 2019 or after) however, it will work with others Samsung televisions as well as TVs produced by other brands.

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In addition, there are four different ways to enjoy the sound: standard, adaptive surround, game, and adaptive.

The most impressive and intelligent of them all is the adaptive mode, which automatically detects the type of content and then synchronizes the audio output in order to improve the quality of sound.

Principal Features

  • Samsung Q80R is produced in conjunction with Samsung as well as Harman Kardon
  • It’s an 5.1.2 channel audio system that includes 13 powerful drivers
  • Super loud and high bass to give you an exciting experience
  • It includes 10 full-range woofers, an 8-inch wireless woofer as well as 3 tweeters. an additional subwoofer
  • Dolby Atoms and of the other surround-sound formats that are compatible make it the perfect choice for home theaters.


  • It is equipped with all the latest features
  • Particularly designed for Samsung TVs
  • Four different sound modes
  • Four control options , including voice control
  • It supports Bluetooth and Wifi


  • The soundbar is costly.
  • Supports Alexa only
  • It is not compatible With AirPlay2 or Chromecast

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4. Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar

Sound Quality

It is the Bose soundbar is among the most effective soundbars available for your Samsung TV. In comparison to other soundbars in similar price it’s more modern and effective.

It is compatible with Dolby Digital as well as DTS audio files. Furthermore, the pass-through in 4K provides you with a stunning audio experience that is compatible with TV programs. Four full-range woofers as well as one tweeter offer powerful output.

The rear panel houses bass radiators as well as phase guides. are located on the left and right panels, which adds more character in the audio.

The overall sound quality is fantastic and covers a large space. It is no doubt that this soundbar delivers crisp and stunning sound that is bursting with complete details.

The sound is exciting and more powerful when compared to the dimensions of this soundbar. The soundbar has a bass control, and you can alter the bass to suit your preferences to create a richer and more balanced sound. It also produces a clear bass even at low levels.

To increase the quality of sound You can connect two speakers that are seamless surround sound.

The sound comes with a unique mode, called the dialogue mode which enhances the quality of sound by enhancing the quality of vocals. This mode provides you with an incredible listening experience syncing the sound with images to provide higher frequencies at various levels.

The most intriguing feature is that you can make voice commands to the Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar to carry out essential functions and setting as it has Alexa speakers, such as Echo as well as Echo Dot.

The soundbar is compatible with SoundTouch App which provides a range of options for control and adjustment. For instance, you can stream music wirelessly through your soundbar.

The app also works to other services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer that allow users to stream music on a continuous basis. It is possible to save your most-loved playlist using the app.

Other Features

Although this model is similar to the soundbars mentioned previously, it’s not as efficient because they’re. The company has released the most recent versions of the soundbar but this model is a more old-fashioned. It is nevertheless an ideal option to use with your Samsung TV for a very low price.

Alongside the soundbar, the purchase comes with the remote as well as electricity cables HDMI as well as optical cable headset, user’s manual and the warranty card. The package doesn’t include wall-mounting equipment. You will need to purchase the wall mounts separately.

The style and the texture of this soundbar is similar to other products of Bose. Bose. The Shiny glass that is tempered on its top-most panel is look elegant and appealing.

The other panels are secured by the grill made of solid aluminum. The soundbar is robust and reliable. It is the ideal choice for big Samsung televisions (40-50 inches) due to its 38.5 inches large body.

Furthermore, it comes with an array of input options. The ports are all present on the back panel, including HDMI input as well as HDMI output for ARC optical USB and Ethernet port, as well as two jacks to allow auto-calibration as well as wired connection.

Bose soundbars have modern connectivity options like Bluetooth or Wifi. Control options are impressive. There are remotes, manual buttons SoundTouch App Alexa as options for control.

The universal remote lets you to control volume as well as other functions. However, you must set it up using your soundbar. The remote comes with a unique function that you can use to make your playlist.

Thus, you can stream music you love from your favorite streaming service by pressing the appropriate button from a set that includes six unique buttons. The remote can be used to control the settings of your Samsung TV by entering the code for the device.

Principal Features

  • Bose SoundTocuh 300 is a great choice for big Samsung TVs.
  • It’s a compact and slim soundbar which delivers clear and loud sound
  • Advanced connections and options for control, such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Alexa mobile app, remote
  • This soundbar is compatible together with Dolby Digital as well as DTS it also has pass-through for 4K.


  • Four full-range woofers
  • Many control options, including apps, remotes, and voice commands
  • For a reasonable price, you can get the highest performance
  • It is a durable material that gets protected with an aluminum grill


  • The remote and soundbar synchronization takes some time
  • The version you are viewing is older
  • The process of setting up takes time

5. The Polk Audio Signa Ultra-Slim sound bar

Audio Quality

Polk soundbar not only offers an outstanding performance, but it is also an affordable soundbar. It has features that it’s comparable to more expensive and larger soundbars.

If you’re looking for the top audiobar to go with you Samsung TV then Polk Audio Signa S2 is the premium option for you. It works with TVs that are 4K-HD, and it perfectly aligns the sound with the image.

The stereo soundbar has five drivers. In addition, it comes with 2 tweeters as well as two oval-shaped woofers.

It also comes with subwoofers wireless. Its Dolby digital decoding provides more volume and can make your room sound larger.

The audio quality is fantastic and very entertaining. It’s clearer and louder and can enhance your listening experience. The soundbar also offers three different sound modes, including movies, music, or night time mode. The various modes allow you to synchronize your sound to the music or video.

For instance the night mode can reduce the volume and bass level to reduce noise. Thus, you can watch your films or listen to music with out disturbing your neighbors in the peace of night.

Furthermore, the soundbar provides three voice adjustment modes that let you make various EQ adjustments to enhance the quality of sound. It can also enhance dialogue to provide crystal clear audio even when you listen at low volume.

Another impressive aspect in Polk’s soundbar Polk soundbar is that it is compatible with different formats of sound like DTS 5.1 or Dolby 5.1. The base output has 2.1 sound.

Extra Features

The bundle includes the soundbar itself and power cords, wireless subwoofers, a remote, HDMI and optical cables as well as a manual and a warranty card.

The soundbar is simple installation and adjustment due to its light weight; it weighs just 3.9 pounds. It is possible to place it the corner of your TV, or you could also put to the wall.

The style for this speaker is straightforward and attractive. The front and top screen are safeguarded by a cloth grille that provides an elegant black look on the speaker.

The soundbar is enclosed with a plastic case. The soundbar’s width is 35.4 inches, which is the perfect fit for big Samsung televisions that measure 35-45 inches.

It supports both wireless and physical connectivity. The connectivity ports support HDMI, optical and an AUX input.

It can also be connected wirelessly with other gadgets using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This means you can stream audio or music of television shows, or directly play music through streaming services and streaming apps such as TuneIn, Spotify, and Pandora as well as others.

In terms of control involved, it has two options: manual and remote control via buttons on the upper panel. It is possible to turn off or on power or adjust the volume and join the device to both the main source as well as Bluetooth by pressing five buttons.

The remote, however, gives you additional options for controlling. It is possible to perform additional functions with the remote since it lets you adjust volume and bass, and change between different audio modes.

Principal Features

  • Polk Audio Signa is best for high-quality stereo audio and 4K HD TVs.
  • Five drivers are included as well as an wireless subwoofer that can provide the most powerful sound
  • HDMI, Optical, Aux, Bluetooth, and Wifi makes it a multi-functional soundbar


  • Does support Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Budget-friendly
  • Different different sound settings and modes of voice
  • Lightweight and easy to set up


  • It is devoid of an HDMI port.
  • Doesn’t support any app
  • It’s incompatible to Dolby Atmos. DTS: X

6. Yamaha YAS-209BL Soundbar

Sound Quality

If you’re in search of an affordable and high-quality soundbar to go with you Samsung TV, Yamaha is the ideal choice for you. One of the most amazing features of Yamaha is that it’s the first ever soundbar that has DTS support for X. It provides the true 3D surround audio.

A wireless subwoofer provides an amazing and clear sound. While it’s an older version , it can support DTS that supports X, Dolby 5.1, and PCM audio formats and supports pass-through in 4K HD.

It is equipped with four woofers, each measuring 1.75 inches, two tweeters as well as one driver that measures 6.25 inches. They are distributed throughout the bar in the right, left and middle panels. This configuration provides a more powerful sound, which covers a greater area , and also fills your space with the standard sound quality.

It is possible to play sound in different ways and also play sound from various sources.

The front of the bar features LED indicators that inform you of the mode playing and the origin that is the source.

The bass is powerful and deep, giving you an immersive audio experience. The sound is crisp and well-balanced even at mid and low levels. The dialogues and the vocals have crystal clarity. Additionally, you can utilize the enhancement feature for voice to make it more enjoyable to the music you listen to.

Extra Features

It’s equipped with numerous options that make it on the top soundbars that work with Samsung TVs. Regarding positioning and adjustment it’s adaptable and clever.

The YAS-209BL soundbar is a good and elegant design. Three panels have a cloth grill that gives it a stylish black appearance . A solid piece of plastic covers the fourth. It’s ideal for a 35-45 inch Samsung TV as it is 36.6 inches in width.

It comes with a variety of physical connectivity options like HDMI or optical input HDMI output and an AUX port. This means that you can utilize both connectivity options.

Furthermore, you can utilize Bluetooth in order to link your Soundbar with other devices. It is possible to stream the sound via your tablet, smartphone or PC.

The soundbar comes with three options for controlling. Five buttons are available in the control panel with touch sensors to carry out basic control functions.

The remote can be used to control additional features like the ability to adjust the bass and voice. You can also adjust these features through using the Home Theatre Controller app. However, the remote is preferred since the app can be a slower.

In addition to the soundbar, the purchase comes with the remote and power cords, an the optical cable as well as wireless subwoofers the user’s manual, as well as a warranty card.

You must purchase an HDMI cable and mounting kit, as they’re not included when you purchase.

Key Features:

  • Yamaha is the company that was credited to create the world’s first soundbar that had DTS:X support
  • YAS-209BL is compatible with 4K HD pass-through, Dolby 5.1, and PCM formats
  • There are a variety of control options including remote, app and touchscreen panel
  • Many different sound options like TV, movie, music and dialogues and more. enhance the listening experience


  • A wireless subwoofer is also included.
  • Clear and clear sound, with clear dialogues
  • Includes high-bass for deep bass
  • Offers voice enhancement option


  • The input options are limited.
  • It doesn’t allow Dolby Atmos.
  • It does not have WiFi connectivity.

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7. Sony HT-S350 Soundbar

Sound Quality

The soundbar made by Sony comes with the most advanced features. Its price is low and its high performance make this the top audiobar to go with your Samsung TV.

The soundbar comes with subwoofers, and it supports Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, LPCM, DD 5.1, DTS 5.1 along with other audio formats. The soundbar is compatible with other contemporary audio formats like ALAC and FLAC as well as playing audio files over USB.

The 2.1 channel soundbar is also able to support 7.1.2ch sound through a single click. It also allows for passing through in 4K resolution. The sound is huge and immersive , with surround sound.

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The drivers are on two channels, and the maximum output is 300Watts. It comes with an integrated vertical surround sound system as well as advanced software that enhances and spread the audio across more of a larger area.

You can also play music in five modes that include music, movies gaming, sports and even news.

The sophisticated technology of this soundbar syncs the audio with the content by increasing the background voices to lessen the impact of background sounds.

The sound-picture compatibility provides authentic and virtual sound experience to give you an incredible listening experience.

Additionally the soundbar has two additional special audio features. The voice enhancement mode improves the clarity and precision of vocals and dialogues.

The night mode reduces the bass level to reduce noise. Also, you can alter the bass and the audio style depending on your requirements and preference.

The overall audio quality is sharp, clear and bright, which is extremely appealing for home theater systems.

Extra Features

The soundbar is stylish and stylish, much like other soundbars that cost a lot. If you own a huge Samsung TV that is 40-50 inches the 36.6 inches soundbar will be ideal for you.

It’s sleek and slim and is able to be mounted on the wall with an installation kit. Alongside the Sony soundbar HT S350, you will receive power cords and wireless subwoofers, a remote, HDMI cable, user guide as well as a warranty card included when you purchase it.

These ports for connectivity are situated on the rear of the panel. They include HDMI optical, the AUX inputs, HDMI ARC output, as well as an USB port.

Sony soundbars also support Bluetooth that allows wireless connection to Samsung TV or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. You can trust the Bluetooth connection because it works well.

The soundbar also offers two options for control, which include the button on the control panel as well as an additional remote. The five buttons at the top panel let you do basic tasks and the five LED indicators on the same panel show the source.

The remote gives you additional control options, such as the adjustment of audio and bass as well as the sound mode you prefer. It is also possible to dim the indicators on its LEDs with its remote. The soundbar cannot be supported by an application.

Key Features:

  • Sony S350 can support multiple advanced audio formats, including Dolby Atmos DTS, LPCM, and many more.
  • 4K HD pass-through, rich bass and surround audio experience
  • S-Force Pro Virtual Surround sound technology, enhancement of voice, and seven sound modes


  • More clear dialogues and a larger soundstage
  • HDMI ARC supported
  • Gives 300 Watt output power
  • Compatible with Bluetooth devices.


  • The WiFi connectivity option isn’t available.
  • The device has one HDMI input as well as an output for ARC.
  • Doesn’t work with any application

8. Samsung 2.1 CH HW-A550 Soundbar

Sound Quality

Samsung soundbars are the most appropriate to use with Samsung TV. It is because of its impressive build-up that allows wired and wireless connectivity.

The drivers of 440 Watts placed in two channels deliver the most immersive sound experience with the sound of your Samsung TV. The HW-A550 soundbar provides impressive and rich sound.

The powerful sound is characterized by its bass and high-frequency. In comparison to the tiny television speakers, the soundbar will give you the highest quality sound quality and rhythm.

The sound can be played in four different modes, including surround standard, smart and game. Smart mode sounds amazing since it synchronizes the sound to your content through automatic recognition of the kind of content. Thus, you can enjoy the best sound and natural sound.

A gaming-focused sound bar improves the gaming experience and makes the experience more fun. Other sound modes allow the option of choosing the effect that best suits your preferences and needs.

The soundbar has the option of surround sound. You can also connect wireless speakers from outside to boost the sound quality. Additionally, it is possible to control the sound system at home.

Extra Features

The soundbar A550 comes with numerous incredible features.

This soundbar is suitable for Samsung TVs with 35-45 inches because it measures 36.5 inches wide. Additionally its sleek and simple appearance makes it a beautiful option.

A ABS cover is used to house this soundbar. The front portion is protected by a steel grill.

Furthermore, the soundbar has multiple input options , as the input slots are HDMI input, optical out, ARC, USB, and AUX. Input ports can be organized into two slots. They are situated on the rear panel , which is organized.

In addition it is worth noting that the Samsung soundbar is equipped with both remote and manual control options. The four buttons that control the soundbar located on the right-hand side perform the functions of turning the soundbar to turn off and on, the volume controls and control of the source.

A remote control lets you to control the soundbar more conveniently and also the remote for Samsung Anynet TV. Samsung Anynet TV also works with this soundbar.

Another great control alternative is the Samsung Audio Remote App, through the installation on your phone, you will have access to many options for controlling your soundbar.

Additionally, you can connect the soundbar to your phone through Bluetooth. It is possible to pair the soundbar with the Bluetooth-enabled Samsung TV. You can thus enhance the sound quality of your TV’s media without the need for cables.

The HW-A550 soundbar has a remote wireless subwoofers, wireless power cables, and manual mounting support in the package. The company also offers a one year warranty as well as customer support.

You must purchase connections cables since they aren’t included with the purchase.

Key Features:

  • It is the newest release from Samsung and was designed specifically for Samsung TVs
  • It comes with four powerful drivers, and provides an immersive sound experience
  • Bluetooth as well as Wifi connectivity for smartphones and TV
  • A solid ABS housing as well as an aluminum grille guard the front of the unit, making it a sturdy option


  • Multiple connectivity options for connectivity
  • Controls remote and manual
  • With all the modern features
  • Four different sound modes
  • Smart mode is perfectly synchronized to the sound and the content


  • Lacks dedicated center channel
  • Pass-through for 4K is not supported by HDMI
  • It’s not compatible with Dolby Atoms
  • It is not able to provide support for FLAC as well as ALAC files.

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9. Samsung 5.0ch S60A S-Series Soundbar

Sound Quality

This soundbar is definitely one of the top Samsung soundbars. Its Dolby digital and HD 4K pass-through compatible soundbar is the ideal option on the Samsung TV.

9 speakers are included in this soundbar. It provides the most immersive sound you can get for your home theater set-up. It comes with a variety of tweeters to create virtual immersive sound.

Furthermore, the soundbar provides rich bass and clear, crystal-clear dialogue. It’s extremely suitable for Samsung Smart TV and gives perfect synchronized and balanced sound quality compared to standard speakers.

The frequency of sound is 40HZ. This is a great value in an affordable price range. Dolby Digital sound brings fun to your television programs. Samsung 5.0’s Samsung 5.0 soundbar is compatible with all of the latest audio formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC WAV OG along with a number of others.

You can listen to the sound in various modes, such as game pro or adaptive, as well as regular. The adaptive mode synchronizes audio with the content to ensure authentic audio quality.

When it comes to performance and longevity is concerned The soundbar won’t let you down. It can block background distortions and gives you an experience that is immersive. When you turn it down you will be able to enjoy the same stunning and vivid sound.

Extra Features

It is elegantly designed and is enclosed within a rectangular case. It is protected with a metal grill that reflects the sound.

It measures 78mm high. It is therefore, putting it the front of your TV could hinder your view. But, it offers the option of mounting it on the wall because it comes with the VESA mounting kit and power loop. It is connected to a single socket with the utmost ease.

It is able to be hung to the wall easily without drilling many holes into the wall. The soundbar that is seamless is lightweight yet delivers an outstanding sound.

There are a variety of inputs available. These are an HDMI cable optical input, an the AUX input, the output port to the subwoofer as well as the USB port.

It has modern connectivity options, such as Bluetooth or Wifi. This means you are able to stream your music wirelessly and enjoy the ultimate listening experience. Bluetooth option is available to connect the soundbar with wireless speakers to improve the sound quality , and to headphones.

Furthermore, it’s compatible and compatible with Additionally, it works with the Samsung multi-room app. The app also lets users to stream media via your preferred streaming services like Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora and many more.

The soundbar comes with a variety of options for controlling the soundbar, including buttons for the basic functions as well as the remote to perform additional functions, and the Samsung multi-room app that lets you use numerous options.

The soundbar has an integrated Alexa. You can also give voice commands to have more convenience control. You can listen to music on your tablet or smartphone by calling the title of the track.

Key Features:

  • High-frequency response that handles both highs and lows effectively
  • It produces a fantastically high-quality sound with no external subwoofer
  • A newly released 5.0 channel soundbar that is priced within an affordable price
  • Acoustic Beam technology integrated Alexa WiFi, Acoustic Beam and Bluetooth connectivity


  • Samsung App is supported through the Samsung App
  • Power output 450W
  • Center speaker and side-horn
  • Cost-effective and well worthwhile for the money


  • There is only one HDMI port.
  • The stereo effect requires improvement.

10. SAMSUNG HWQ70T Soundbar

Sound Quality

Samsung has launched the latest version for soundbar in 2020. It is available at a moderate cost and includes all the required and sophisticated features.

If you are looking for a fully compatible soundbar to you Samsung QLED TV, this Samsung HW_Q70T is the ideal soundbar.

It can support Dolby Atmos as well as DTS It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It is able to connect easily to your television. Samsung soundbars are specially designed to have three channels: left, right , and center.

It also comes with two channels that up-fir and subwoofer. The 3.1.2 system gives you stunning 3D sound experience with high-quality bass and a loud sound. The soundstage is bigger and can be used for large crowd or for rooms with a lot of space.

The crystal clear and crisp dialogues will enhance your enjoyment. Without doubt, it’s the ideal choice for large TVs as well as home theaters.

The soundbar comes with the latest technologies, such as Adaptive sound Samsung Acoustic Beam which gives you an experience of sound that is immersive. The soundbar offers surround sound with enhanced features.

The Adaptive Sound mode is a perfect matches the sound with media. You can therefore enjoy your shows, movies and music in a true mode.

Because of its modern technology! It can even hear whispers with a clear and precise sound. It recognizes the kind of sound and harmonises the sound to different scenes, providing a balanced audio.

Extra Features

Its sleek and stylish design and black hue makes it a stylish choice. The 38.6 inches wide soundbar is ideal to fit 40-50 inch Samsung TVs.

In terms of control options, it comes with touch-sensitive buttons which can be used to perform basic settings and for controlling. In addition, the remote provides an option for controlling the device. You can alter the volume and bass response, treble and sound mode by using the remote. You can also make use of the Samsung TV remote for your soundbar.

An Alexa built-in has the soundbar, and allows you to give the voice command to stream your music indefinitely. It can also work with Echo, Amazon, and other streaming services that allow direct action.

Physical connections comprise the HDMI input, an optical input and an HDMI output eARC. HDMI eARC allows for a simple connection to the Samsung TV and other devices. It delivers clear, crisp audio without the risk of distortions.

Furthermore, the process of setting it up is easy and simple. Plug it in, and listen to the amazing sound. It can be tucked beneath your TV or can put it on the wall using a VESA installation kit.

A grille made of metal protects the front and top panel while the side, as well as the rear panel, are constructed from solid plastic. The subwoofer is protected by an encasement made of fabric and is enclosed in an wooden case. The soundbar does not just give the most efficient performance, but it is also reliable and durable.

The purchase comes with a complete array of accessories, such as HDMI cable remote, power cables wall mount brackets, screws, a manual, and warranty card.

Key Features:

  • This soundbar is made from Samsung it is highly suggested for Samsung TVs.
  • It can support DTS X and Dolby Atmos, and provides a immersive 3D surround sound.
  • It also comes with the latest technologies, such as Samsung Acoustic Beam and Adaptive sound
  • The 3.1.2 channel soundbar, with subwoofer that is separate and at a low cost
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  • It comes with 3.1.2 channels as well as wireless subwoofer
  • Supports Alexa voice control
  • An HDMI connection to eARC provides a an audio experience that is smooth and clear
  • A wide soundstage, with deep bass
  • The wall mounting kits are included with the price of purchase


  • There is a single HDMI input
  • The subwoofer is smaller.

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Guide To Buying A Soundbar For Samsung TV

If you’re trying to pick the most effective soundbar, you are overwhelmed. Because there are many brands on the market and you’re unsure which to purchase. While, Samsung soundbars are the most suitable option for Samsung TVs, but you can choose a different brand.

The choice of a speaker is based on your requirements and wants. Therefore, before you make a decision think about the characteristics you’d like for your new soundbar. Then, you must understand the fundamental features the ideal soundbar will have. Also, be aware of your budget.

Also, you should look into the characteristics of the product, and then look through the testimonials. It is also important to consider the brand’s reputation, whether it’s reliable or not. These steps will assist you to pick the most suitable soundbar to the Samsung TV.

The most crucial factor is the fact that your audiobar should have all the modern features and technology. Furthermore, it should provide the best sound quality and an optimal listening experience.

What are the most important aspects that should be included within your speaker?

Key Features: of Soundbars for Samsung TVs

Let’s look at in depth the essential features to make your Soundbar an excellent one.


If your soundbar is equipped with more channels, it will give an amazing sound. Channels are the areas in the soundbar that the sound comes out. The channel number can be described as follows: 2.1, 3.1.2, 5.1.2 and so on. The first digit is that the channel number while the final one indicates subwoofers. For normal sound, two or three channel soundbars are ideal and cost less.

If you’re looking to experience the virtual 3D surround sound, then opt for a 5 channels soundbar. Therefore, the greater number of channels will provide premium sound. Soundbars that have many channels will cost you more. You must choose one that fits your budget.

Physicaland connections via wire

Another thing to be looking for in your soundbar is the range available connectivity choices. The soundbar you choose should be flexible, providing multiple and user-friendly input options.

A majority of soundbars feature digital and analog input. It is possible to connect your soundbar to a TV, Stereo, CD player etc. via analog input. Digital connections are achieved through the HDMI cable. Most soundbars come with at least one HDMI output, whereas others have just one HDMI input.

It’s important because it lets you connect different sources and it is easy to switch between multiple video sources. Once you have connected your TV through HDMI into your soundbar the TV’s audio is streamed by the soundbar. A single HDMI input is sufficient, however two is the ideal.

In addition, your soundbar should include an optical coaxial, USB port, and HDMI ARC. The sound quality is excellent when you have HDMI output with ARC.

Connectivity options for mobile devices

Modern soundbars can be equipped with Bluetooth as well as Wifi. Bluetooth lets you connect wirelessly to a variety of devices, including tablets, smartphones, computers laptops, laptops, as well as any others.

The WiFi option is fantastic since it supports streaming services as well as the ability to listen to your media or music directly from your soundbar.

These wireless connections are useful as they allow you to connect your devices to the soundbar at various distances. Additionally, you will be able to avoid the hassle of cables and cords. It is also possible to play one sound on multiple soundbars with Bluetooth or Wifi connection. This means you can have your home theater system.

WiFi connectivity offers you numerous options. It allows you to connect to numerous streaming services, including Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music and many more. The soundbar also comes with the ability to control your voice. However, soundbars with Wi-Fi connectivity can be a bit expensive.

Dimensions and location

A soundbar with a smaller size than the one on your Samsung TV is the best option for a soundbar. Make sure it’s big enough to deliver high-quality audio and a broad soundstage. Also, you should consider the dimensions of your television. For instance smaller soundbars aren’t ideal for larger televisions.

Another factor to take into consideration is the position of the soundbar. This may appear to be an unimportant issue however it could cause you to be frustrated. Certain soundbars are not able to be put beneath your TV because they block your view.

Take into consideration the space that is available. I would suggest placing your soundbar a few of a few inches from the TV, either over or below the TV.

Be cautious not to put the soundbar near an area of heat. Therefore, you must look for placement alternatives. A soundbar that has the option of wall mounting is an ideal choice. Some have vertical mounting options to make it easier.

Advanced Audio formats (Dolby Atmos)

A soundbar that can support advanced sound formats like Dolby Atmos as well as DTS The X removes the need to have multiple speaker. A single soundbar provides an immersive audio experience that is rich in bass and clear.

The feature synchronizes audio with the content and creates a larger soundstage and spreads the sound throughout the space. This lets you experience virtual surround sound. I recommend that you buy an modern Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar.

Wireless Subwoofer

Subwoofers boost the sound quality of a soundbar in many ways. Some soundbars are equipped with built-in subwoofers whereas others come with wireless subwoofers. The built-in subwoofer isn’t preferred over large subwoofers that wirelessly connect, but it is suitable for smaller space.

Wireless subwoofers provide an amazing audio experience. They can provide the ability to adjust the bass as well as the treble to provide high-quality sound.

voice control and app support

Voice control is an incredible feature that makes it easy to manage on your audiobar. Certain soundbars are equipped with Alexa which allows you to do any task.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support can make your soundbar more smart and appropriate for those with disabilities. You can change and alter the settings simply by speaking the voice commands.

Another option to control the device is through an app. Many soundbar brands can be controlled by their app, which functions as remotes. The app comes with more options and features as opposed with the remote.
It’s your decision whether you’d like a sophisticated soundbar that is equipped with the most advanced technology, or a standard one.

Multiple Sound Modes

The different sound modes can add an extra dimension of enjoyment to listening. A lot of soundbars have advanced sound options like smart, adaptive traditional, games pro music, news cinematic, night mode etc. You can select an appropriate sound mode for the content you are playing.

The sophisticated sound technology detects the type of sound and optimizes the sound settings. For instance intelligent or adaptive sound modes is able to synchronize the sound to the content so that you can hear real conversations. The night mode, too, reduces the bass level to prevent the nighttime noise.

Home Theater configuration

If you plan to purchase the soundbar you need for your home theater experience , then you must choose the most advanced and the most up-to-date version. Certain soundbars provide simple connectivity to several speakers or soundbars in different locations of the home. They are connected using HDMI cords, or through Bluetooth. Thus, you can stream a single sound to every soundbar within your home. This is a true home theater.

To do this, get a soundbar equipped with Dolby Digital technology, which creates surround sound by playing your music across the whole system of sound.

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FAQs About Soundbars For Samsung TVs

A few questions might pop up on your mind while selecting the right speaker for you Samsung TV. I’ve tried to answer them ahead of time to ensure that there’s nothing to figure out.

What is the reason I require a soundbar on my Samsung TV?

Even though TVs have built-in speakers, they don’t provide a large soundstage. Particularly, if your television is large or your living space is too large, then you’ll need a bigger soundstage. It’s not a good option to enjoy a large picture while having a weak soundstage.

Soundbars come with the latest technology and come with a variety of features. They improve the listening experience. If you love music, then soundbars can be a great choice because they provide a full three-dimensional surround sound experience. You need soundbars in order to add more flavor to your entertainment or you could use the built-in speakers in your television.

What kind of soundbars are suitable for my Samsung TV?

In general, you can choose any soundbar that is compatible with generally, you can use any soundbar for your Samsung TV. You can select the soundbars of Samsung as well as any of the other brands. The Samsung soundbars come in many different varieties. They’re specially made to be compatible to work with the Samsung TV.

The ideal soundbar is one that’s compatible with your TV’s dimensions. The soundbar must be smaller in than the size of your TV to give it the perfect appearance. It is also important to select the smart soundbar that is compatible with an advanced and smart TV. Both the soundbar as well as the TV should share the same connectivity options and technologies. If you buy an older model to connect to the most recent version of the Samsung TV however, it might not be able to provide you with the audio quality.

Choose any of these sound bars on the list of top soundbars available for Samsung TVs. This list has been brought for you following a thorough investigation.

How can I determine that my TV’s soundbar is working with Samsung TV?

To be connected with the soundbar the TV must be equipped with the HDMI input. It is easy to locate your TV’s HDMI connection on the TV. It’s labeled and explained by the instruction manual. If your TV is equipped with an HDMI port, you are able to connect it to the soundbar. In addition, your soundbar must have one HDMI port. Also, you will require the HDMI cable that connects the two.

Do I require a technical assistance to connect my soundbar to my television?

The most straightforward answer is ‘No’. There is no need for a technical assistance to connect your soundbar and TV to one another. Because it’s an easy and simple procedure. Plug into the two devices, switch them on, alter the settings on your TV to select soundbar as a source for sound output and take pleasure in the sound experience.

The mode of connection; most TVs come with an HDMI ARAC in , and soundbars come with HDMI ARAC out. It is necessary to have the HDMI cable in order to join both. If this isn’t available on your device, then you could opt for either a coaxial or optical digital connection.

Which soundbar is the lowest price?

There are a variety of soundbars priced at under $100. However, they won’t provide the loud sound or deep bass. There are some soundbars that cost less than $300 and $200. They’re an excellent option. The cheapest brands are VIZIO, YAMAHA, and POLK. Samsung as well as Bose also have a selection of inexpensive soundbars.

What size of soundbar should I pick on the soundbar on my Samsung TV?

If you’re concerned about aesthetics, then pick a soundbar similar to the same size as your TV. It is recommended due to the compatibility with sound pictures. A smaller soundbar will not offer you a stunning sound quality with a huge image.

For example, if the screen on your TV measures 60 inches, then a soundbar that measures 50 inches is an ideal option. A soundbar that measures 40-55 inches can also be used with a 60 inches of screen. You can however choose any size of soundbar that you want for your television.

Wrapping up!

I’m sure this post will help you. Since it’s helped you to find the ideal soundbar for your Samsung TV. You are able to pick any one of the soundbars from this list of the top 10 soundbars that work with Samsung TVs.

I’ve provided all these details to you following an extensive study. It will aid you in making a decision of the most reliable and trustworthy soundbar.

I’ve addressed the most frequently asked concerns that could be coming to mind. If you have any questions about the best soundbars to use with Samsung TVs for 2022.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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