10 Best Soundbars For PS5 (September 2022) Reviews

PS5 is an advanced gaming console. It is equipped with the latest technology, and is more efficient than PlayStation 4 as well as other consoles for gaming. For a thrilling gaming experience, you’ll need more sound and an enormous display. The 3D monitor needs the same high-quality 3D full-bodied surround audio. A soundbar is an excellent alternative for PS5. We have also examined the top soundbars available that are suitable for PS5 gaming consoles.

Professional gamers generally prefer soundbars. There are many reasons why you need to consider a soundbar instead of the speakers. One of the advantages of a audiobar lies in its compact and sleek appearance. It is not taking up huge area. Additionally, the soundbars feature well-placed speakers. This makes for a larger soundstage and a deep bass.

You require a top-quality soundbar to go with your PS5. It must support Dolby Digital as well as DTS: on X. Furthermore, it must offer the deep bass. A soundbar that has subwoofers is ideal for gaming.

There are a variety of varieties of soundbars on the market. Which one should you pick?

This article will answer your query. We have provided you with an entire guide that will be helpful in purchasing the perfect soundbar for your PS5.

Top 10 Best Soundbars For PS5 2022

1. Klipsch 600 SoundBar

Klipsch audiobar is the top option for gamers. It is perfectly compatible with PS5. There are numerous reasons to enjoy this soundbar. It’s our number one Soundbar to use with PS5.

Its 3.1 CH soundbar gives a surround sound. Additionally, it can support Dolby Atmos as well as DTS: X that gives high-definition audio. Contrary to other soundbars, you don’t need to sacrifice quality of the sound.

It provides the authentic audio without loss. The frequency of response is 28Hz-20 kHz. Audio transmissions are extremely fast. This soundbar comes with a beautiful design that is stylish and attractive.

Additionally, it has two-color speakers. The speakers are located in the middle of the bar to improve the sound. A central speaker is added to the quality of sound.

Klipsch soundbars are specially created to create cinematic sound. Its 45 inches of length creates the real-life sound. It has 7 speakers of high-end quality.

In addition, an 8-inch wireless subwoofer has been added. Both the bass and treble sound are amazing. You will hear a clear and clear sound, with the deep bass. It truly gives an earth-shaking sound.

Alongside PS5 it is also possible to connect the soundbar to other devices for media. It has an HDMI ARC, which lets you enjoy a smooth sound flow. Furthermore, it is capable of working with Bluetooth. This means that you can create wireless connections.

It’s amazing that the speaker has 600W and produces the highest quality sound. This powerful speaker provides an intense gaming experience. It’s highly compatible with the most recent technology of PS5. For professionals this is a great option.

A variety of remote controls comes with the soundbar. It is possible to perform a variety of functions with this remote. It is also able to control the TV, if you want to connect to it. While it comes with many functions, the cost is quite reasonable.


  • The most compatible soundbar compatible with PS5
  • 600W powerful speakers
  • An 8 inches subwoofer
  • Bass is deep and loudest
  • 3.1 CH soundbar
  • Supports Dolby Atmos/DTS Supports Dolby Atmos/DTS:X
  • The features include Bluetooth and HDMI Includes Bluetooth and HDMI
  • Measures 45 inches long


  • The control buttons for basic use are located at the top of the screen.
  • The front panel is equipped with LED indicators.
  • Manual is in need of improvements

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2. Sony HT-G700 3.1CH SoundBar

Sony soundbars are another fantastic option for PS5. It is a specifically designed soundbar designed for gaming and entertainment. Its sleek and stylish design enhances the aesthetic value of your living space.

7.1.2 CH sound. 7.1.2 CH sound enhances your gaming experience in many ways. In addition the Vertical surround technology produces stunning audio.

It is compatible with Dolby Atmos as well as DTS the X sound. You can enjoy a full-bodied surround sound. The soundbar is 41.5 inches wide. It has a larger soundstage.

The powerful speaker of 400W offers a virtual sound experience with uncompromising clarity. The frequency response ranges from 24Hz to an 192 kHz. Its features are suitable when gaming with PS5.

The major benefit of purchasing this Sony audiobar is the fact that it is compatible with the PS5. Since PS5 is PS5 comes with a soundbar made of Sony. Therefore, this Sony soundbar is a great option for quality and performance.

Furthermore, it includes the subwoofer. Its bass as well as treble sound are sufficient. It can be used in different modes of sound for various gadgets.

Connectivity options for this device are fantastic. In addition to games consoles it can be used with other media devices. You can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Furthermore, you can set distinct sound profiles to every input. For instance, the soundstage can differ between different devices such as PS5 television, PS5 and even tablets. You can alter the sound quality of every device.

It includes HDMI along with Optical cables. You can enjoy clear and clear audio. The Sony soundbar also comes with Bluetooth which allows for a seamless and effortless connection.

A remote is available along alongside the soundbar. The remote can be used for a variety of purposes and could be used to control television and cable boxes. The set-up process is simple and straightforward. It is as easy as taking it from the packaging and connect it to the internet to relax.


  • 7.1.2 Channel Soundbar
  • 400W powerful speakers
  • The PS5 comes from the same manufacturer (Sony) like PS5
  • Does not support Dolby Atmos as well as DTS Supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:
  • Compatible with numerous media devices
  • HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity. HDMI connectivity


  • The cost is higher
  • Sometimes, the connection is lost without a reason.
  • The bass could be enhanced

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3. Samsung A650 3.1CH SoundBar

Samsung introduced this new audiobar back in the year 2022. This is a clever and modern soundbar. It is extremely light and small-sized design.

The speaker measures 38.6 inches long and comes with a main 7.1″ loudspeaker. The powerful speaker is 430W and provides a great sound. The audio quality is excellent on your PS5. It provides 3.1Ch Surround Sound.

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It can handle all audio formats with high definition. It supports all high-definition audio formats. Samsung audiobar fully supports Dolby Digital as well as DTS Sound: X. It has adaptive and virtual sound technology.

This technology produces an immersive sound experience that is immersive surround sound. You can also play music in dialogue mode as well. In addition, it has users to use the “Bass boost” function. Thus, you will get astonishing bass and the treble.

The best sound quality for PS5 is in the game pro mode. If you change into this setting, the sound perfectly syncs with your games. It provides a neutral and balanced sound that is ideal for professionals.

A wireless subwoofer can also be found in the soundbar. It delivers premium-quality 3D surround audio. Furthermore, this soundbar comes with numerous connectivity options.

It is compatible with Bluetooth it also supports Wifi. Therefore, you can establish a connections via wire to any device. Fiber-optic digital as well as USB port allow wired connections to TV.

The quality of the material is top-notch as is the soundbar’s durable. The soundbar is made of aluminum and plastic that are high-quality. Its front panels are protected with a mesh to allow for proper ventilation.

This helps keep your soundbar cool, which makes it work effectively. The sound is evenly distributed. You will hear clear, clean sound with a the deep bass.

The purchase comes with a practical remote. The remote is versatile and can controls the connected devices. It is possible to mount it in the walls.


  • Perfect for PS5
  • 430W powerful speaker
  • 5.1 Channel soundbar
  • Supports Dolby Digitaland DTS Supports Dolby Digital/ DTS: The X
  • Virtual surround sound 3D
  • Does support Bluetooth and Wifi
  • The latest versionis smart and stylish


  • The channel is not centrally dedicated.
  • The bass can be enhanced
  • Not the best choice for TV.
  • Optional or USB ports, instead of HDMI port

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4. Polk Audio React SoundBar

Polk soundbar is a slim and intelligent soundbar for PS5. It provides 3D Virtual surround audio. This version is updated with numerous new features.

It has a 6-driver array that is equipped with two drivers, two tweeters, and two passive radiators. The amazing soundbar is compatible with Dolby as well as DTS Virtual Surround Sound.

The larger soundstage provides an full-bodied experience. The bass and treble sound is ideal for those who enjoy gaming. The sound is balanced and neutral.

It isn’t a subwoofer but nevertheless, it provides high-definition sound. It is possible to connect a subwoofer should you would like. It is a good and appealing design.

One of the major advantages to this audiobar that it has integrated Alexa Voice Control. This means that you can carry out different functions using voice commands.

The Alexa can also provide messages and calls for international calls to be made from your soundbar.

Voice adjustment syncs the sound with the type of content. The sound can be played in movie, music or night modes. This feature can enhance the gaming and listening experience.

Additionally, in addition to PS5 in addition, it’s compatible with TVs and other devices for media. It can be used from an home theater setup. It has cinematic sound experience with the full enhancement of dialogue.

There are connectivity choices numerous. It’s equipped by HDMI ACR, Optical audio output, as well as USB type-A. It lets you connect to your smartphone. If you’re looking to listen to films and music streaming, you can do so through Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn and many other.

The installation is very easy and simple. It only takes the few minutes to connect to your desired devices immediately.

At this price, it’s an excellent purchase. It comes with all the latest features for a reasonable cost.


  • Soundbar with six drivers
  • Features Dolby and DTS surround sound.
  • Compatible with TVs and other devices. Compatible with TV and various
  • The streaming is available through a variety of apps.
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa voice control
  • New version released in 2022
  • Design that is compact and clever


  • A flashing LED light on the front of the panel could be irritating
  • Remotes are not effective enough
  • No subwoofer

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5. Nakamichi 7.2.4 CH SoundBar

This soundbar is the ideal match to your PS5. It’s a complete soundbar. The powerful 800W speakers provide amazing audio quality. It’s an 7.2.4 Ch soundbar, with complete audio configuration.

It’s not just a simple soundbar but it is a complete surround sound kit. The best part is that it’s designed as an audio system for cinema. You will get the experience of a 3D full-bodied sound. If you’re looking forward to playing games that have virtual surround sound, this is the ideal option for you.

The soundbar features two eight” wireless subwoofers. It also has two satellite speakers to provide back-up. The soundbar itself measures 45 inches long. The whole system emits Earth-shaking sound of 106 decibels.

This soundbar is very capable of working with Dolby Atmos as well as DTS The X. The frequency of response ranges from 35 Hz to 22 kHz.

Nakamichi soundbar is designed to boost the sound quality by a number of folds. Subwoofers face downwards. This configuration increases the bass and frequency of audio.

Furthermore, it is fitted with SSE technology and three high-end engine for audio processing. The sound can be played with various ways. If you’re an experienced gamer, Game Mode is the best option for you. Game Mode is premium for you.

When you play on PS5 You can alter your volume, frequency and bass to be most appropriate to the game you are playing. The sound is clear and smooth which provides the best experience in FPS action.

The set-up is easy and straightforward. Just connect the device and then all the components sync perfectly. It is equipped with HDMI optical, ARC or coaxial input.

These connections provide high-quality sound without quality loss. It also can support Bluetooth connections. This means you can create seamless connections.

Alongside games consoles and gaming systems, the set-up can also be used with TVs as well as other media equipment.


  • A cinematic sound system complete
  • SSE technology to enhance bass
  • Included are dual subwoofers, as well as satellite speakers.
  • Does not support Dolby Atmos as well as DTS Supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: Supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:
  • 7.2.4CH audiobar that has 800W of power
  • Virtual 106dB surround sound
  • Supports Bluetooth and provides seamless connection
  • HDMI as well as Optical input


  • The design of the remote isn’t very appealing and it has small buttons
  • Bluetooth is a single connection that can be used at a time.
  • Adjustments must be made every time you turn it on.
  • Switching between input sources can be difficult.
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6. JBL 9.1 CH Gaming SoundBar

The JBL 9.1 soundbar features an exclusive design. The soundbar is versatile and has detachable edges with satellite speakers. It also has subwoofer that is 10″ subwoofer.

It is possible to use it as a soundbar using its two speakers, and connect the subwoofer. It can also be removed to play audio only through the soundbar. This is among the top modern soundbars on PS5.

Its response to frequency is 35Hz up to 20kHZ. Total output capacity is 820W, which provides an earth-shaking surround sound.

It encodes Dolby Atmos as well as DTS Sound X. It is therefore the perfect gaming device. Its most recent audio technology provides an immersive sound. The soundbar is smart and delivers cinematic sound that is rich and deep. It will provide you with an immersive and immersive experience.

It is likely that you would like a unique 3D soundscape experience when playing. A specific configuration of this soundbar can provide the sound you want. The bar should be placed in front, with satellite speakers to the right and left of your gaming chair and the subwoofer in the middle. This arrangement will enhance your experience with audio in many ways. You’ll hear the tiniest and quietest sounds like footsteps as well as bullets and other sounds.

Furthermore, it is compatible with Ultra HD 4K pass-through. This technology allows for high-quality audio formats with complete clarity. It’s capable of working with Dolby Vision.

This soundbar is also compatible with Wifi as well as Bluetooth connections. This means you can stream media and music. Apart from gaming this soundbar can be the ideal option for your home theater.

It provides control for conventions and configuration with an remote. The entire setup is able to be mounted on the wall with brackets included.

The package includes the soundbar, two wireless speakers that can be detachable, a the wireless subwoofer and power cables HDMI cable, remote U and L-shaped wall brackets, and screws.


  • Unique design, with satellite speakers that can be detached
  • Surround sound 3D in 3D
  • Ten” subwoofer is included.
  • The total power is 820W. of power
  • Supports Dolby Digital as well as DTS Supports Dolby Digital and DTS: X
  • Compatibility with Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Ultra HD 4K pass-through
  • Included Chromecast as well as Apple Airplay
  • An entire wall mounting kit is included.


  • There are no user-selectable sound modes
  • There are no Setting for EQ
  • Firmware updates may cause issues
  • A soundbar that is expensive

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7. Razer Leviathan Gaming SoundBar

Leviathan soundbar Leviathan soundbar is a clever and small device. It also provides the highest quality audio. The unique design makes it the perfect option for gaming consoles.

It has an 5.25″ subwoofer that is a dedicated unit and measures 19.7″ long. The 5.1CH soundbar is the ideal option for PS5 as well as different gaming consoles. The four drivers that have been tuned to perfection provide the sound of surround. You will experience a truly immersive experience when gaming.

One of the advantages is that this model has all the necessary features at a low cost. The style is stylish and will add aesthetic value to your gaming system. The powerful, downward-facing subwoofer provides the deep bass and high-definition sound.

The design improves audio quality and provides the most powerful sound. Its frequency range is from between 180Hz and 20kHz. It produces a stunning audio with great clarity. The volume, both higher and lower are equally great.

It can decode and support Dolby Digital as well as Dolby Pro Logic II. Every format of sound is transmitted in high-quality. Furthermore, the latest Dolby technology provides the best sound experience for gamers.

Additionally it is the Leviathan soundbar can be set to three EQ settings , which include music, movie and gaming. The movie mode offers crystal clear and clear dialogue.

Music modes deliver ideal symphonies. Gaming mode offers an full-bodied experience. It can also be connected to other devices for media such as PC, TV etc.

Connectivity options for the device are diverse. It is possible to connect it via cables or an additional port. It also allows Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired effortlessly with all devices.

It’s equipped with NFC and technology called aptX. The pairing process is swift and reliable. The Bluetooth connection is able to provide the same high-quality audio quality as that of wired connections. It keeps track of recently paired devices. Therefore, you can pair via a single click.


  • Unique and compact design
  • 5.1 CH soundbar
  • Powerful down-facing subwoofer
  • Supports Dolby Digital
  • Modern technology provides top quality audio
  • Clear sound quality both at the high and low end
  • Three EQ settings
  • The most affordable soundbar available for PS5
  • NFC and technology aptX
  • Supports Bluetooth connection
  • Price is reasonable


  • The system shuts down automatically after a brief period of inactivity
  • It’s not equipped with an access point
  • Volume setting should be adjusted each time

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8. YAMAHA the YAS-109 SoundBar

Yamaha is a soundbar that comes all-in-one that comes with the latest features. It’s among the best options for PS5. The slim soundbar has two subwoofers built-in. You can enjoy deep bass as well as high-definition sound with this clever soundbar.

It can provide an output of 120W power. It is compatible with DTS: X Virtual and offers a 3D surround audio. The bigger soundstage boosts the experience of gaming in multiple ways. Furthermore, you can enjoy cinema-like experience with a soundstage which is perfect for gaming.

The voice enhancement feature creates an extremely vibrant sound. It performs well in both high and low volume. The frequency response is 48Hz to 192kHz.

Connectivity options for the device are diverse. It can be connected via HDMI that transmits high-quality audio. The optical cable is also compatible with this soundbar.

It is also compatible with WiFi as well as Bluetooth. The Wifi connection lets you stream from an array of services and apps. Apart from gaming consoles This soundbar is an ideal choice for home theaters.

It allows you to connect with podcasts and audios on Spotify. It is a perfect connection. The speech enhancement technology provides the most crystal clear sound.

One of the most impressive features is that it comes with an built-in Alexa. Thus, you can accomplish numerous functions using voice commands. The ability to stream songs or set alarms, operate devices at home, read the news, and so much more. An app for mobile devices is accessible to control the soundbar.

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Furthermore, the remote has a variety of control options. It can play sound in six different modes, and it supports six EQ settings.

Another advantage is that the remote for your TV can be used to control the soundbar. The installation process is simple. The slim soundbar can be easily mounted onto the wall.

The company provides a 2-year warranty on technical and customer service. For a price that is very affordable you will get top-quality audio.


  • A multi-purpose soundbar ideal for PS5
  • Subwoofers with dual built-in speakers
  • A deeper bass and a wider soundstage
  • Sound quality that is crystal clear and 3D.
  • Virtual DTS Support for X
  • HDMI connection as well as 4K HD pass-through
  • Supports WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Connect easily to multiple devices
  • Alexa voice control built-in
  • Rapid response at high frequency and no delay
  • A great option for a home theaters


  • The Alexa volume isn’t adjustable independent of the soundbar.
  • Bluetooth transmission is not very efficient.
  • The LED light flashing could be irritating

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9. LG SL5Y 2.1 Channel SoundBar

LG soundbars are highly regarded for their the quality. It is excellent soundbar that has a flat design as well as an wireless subwoofer. It has the user with a total output of 400W power. It’s one of the top soundbars that are compatible with PS5 as well as different gaming consoles.

It features It has 2.1 channel layout. The soundbar supports Dolby Digital as well as DTS X and X audio formats. The bass is deeper and provides an incredible gaming experience. The immersive sound is cinematic.

Another benefit is that it includes LED lights that display various configurations and sources of input. This means you can create a an efficient setup and connection. Wall-mount brackets are provided with the purchase. This soundbar is equipped with forward-firing speakers.

The right side of the panel houses the basic buttons to control the most basic of functions. The remote is able to perform to perform all the other functions. Furthermore, it’s capable of working with TV’s remote.

The LG soundbar is also compatible with an Android application called “Music Music Flow Bluetooth”. It is possible to download the app to your phone or tablet to manage the soundbar easily.

At this price this soundbar is fantastic. For a reasonable price, it has all the modern features. The sound can be played through different modes like standard music, movie as well as night time. The standard mode produces the sound in a balanced and neutral way. Music mode boosts the symphonies, and movie mode provides crystal clear dialogue.

The connectivity choices are HDMI input as well as an HDMI input, Digital Optical, and a USB port. There is also the option to include external speakers for an enhanced audio.

It also has Bluetooth 4.0 alternative. This means that you can pair your soundbar with ease to any device. The audio transmission is seamless and seamless.

The slim soundbar is simple to set up wherever you want. You can put it on a table or a shelves and also hang to the walls.


  • Excellent compatibility with PS5
  • Superb speakers with 400W total output
  • Multi-purpose soundbar, with multi-device connectivity.
  • 2.1 channel soundbar that includes 6″ subwoofer
  • An excellent choice to use DTS: X and Dolby Digital audio
  • HDMI, Optical, and USB ports
  • High-quality sound and deep bass
  • Supports Bluetooth connection
  • An Android application is available


  • The AUX as well as the HDMI eARC are not supported.
  • No Wifi support

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10. Sonos Arc Gaming SoundBar

The Sonos Arc is our last choice of the top soundbars for the PS5 game console. Even though it doesn’t have an subwoofer, it still delivers high-quality sound. This soundbar measures 45 inches and is great to use for PS5 gaming.

It is elegantly designed and is available in white. The elegant design can be positioned anyplace, including the wall. From a design perspective this is a great option.

The latest soundbar is compatible with Dolby Atmos. The sound quality is comparable to the cost of a high-end sound system. You will experience a full 3D surround audio experience.

This high-quality soundbar has 11 drivers. The combination of these drivers creates top quality audio. You will hear deep bass and crystal clear audio , with minimal specifics.

In addition, it’s an the ideal option for TVs and other media players. Speech enhancement delivers lively dialogue. Additionally the frequency response is ranging between 50Hz and 120 kHz The output is powered by 120W.

This soundbar works with many devices. It can be connected to streaming players, TVs, as well as all gaming devices.

It’s equipped by Trueplay Tuning Technology that enhances the sound effect. It amplifies the volume and synchronizes it to the unique acoustics of each room.

The options for controlling it are numerous. It can be controlled via the TV remote, voice and also the Sonos app. It is possible to download the app on your smartphone and control the soundbar via your smartphone. In addition, it’s capable of working with Apple AirPlay 2 and many other applications.

A great feature is that it is integrated Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. This means that you can stream media and music through voice commands. The connection option is HDMI ARC, which provides more immersive sound.

If you are looking to create an entertainment system for your home it is possible to connect subwoofers and speakers.


  • A fantastic option for PS5 as well as other gaming consoles
  • Supports Dolby Atmos
  • 45 inches of powerful soundbar
  • The device comes equipped with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • It is compatible to work with Sonos S2 app
  • A 5.1 setup that includes 11 drivers
  • TruePlay tuning technology
  • Sound enhancement feature


  • Sonos S2 app shows the Sonos S2 app lets you know that how often you add
  • Price is generally higher
  • There is no subwoofer included.

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Wrapping up!

We have examined the 10 top soundbars available for PS5. This list was compiled following a thorough study. We have carefully scrutinized each feature that should be included in a top soundbar. This article provides a complete selection of soundbars. We’ve included costly middle-range, low-cost, and expensive soundbars. But, we didn’t reduce the quality. The soundbars are all reliable brands that have 5 stars reviews from customers. So, you’ll be able to pick any of them based on your requirements.

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