10 Best Soundbars for A Small Room (September 2022) Reviews

If you’re planning to purchase the perfect soundbar for your apartment or small space go through this article to the very end. We carried out an extensive study to determine the top 10 soundbars suitable for small spaces or an apartment.

Soundbars are always superior to regular speakers. Because they’re more compact, efficient as well as budget-friendly, and stylish. Soundbars combine several speakers to create outstanding sound quality.

There are various types of soundbars that are available on the market, based on the requirements of your. Some soundbars are extremely compact and small , while others are heavier and have additional features.

Some soundbars include one extra subwoofer however some brands incorporate the subwoofer inside the same unit soundbar.

Typically, soundbars are integrated to TVs to boost the sound effect. They can also be connected to your computer or projector as well as gaming consoles. Therefore, it’s up to your purpose why you’re looking to purchase an audiobar.

What kind of Soundbar Do do You Need to Have for A Apartment?

You can’t utilize the same soundbar for the smaller and the bigger apartment. The requirement for both spaces differs.

You’ll need a compact and slim soundbar that can provide balanced audio for the small space or apartment. A loud soundbar with a rumbling sound is not just going to disturb your neighbours but also you.

Therefore, it is suggested to pick a soundbar with the addition of a subwoofer. Since the subwoofer provides additional bass that shakes your home.

If, however, you are looking to purchase a soundbar for your small space in a larger house, you may opt for a subwoofer as well.

Therefore, we’ll take into account the essential aspects to help you select the best soundbar for your small space or home.

Guide to Selecting Soundbars For Small Room

There are many aspects like cost and connectivity, size and audio quality, as well as audio features, and location that you must consider when purchasing the perfect soundbar for your space.

Sound Quality

The chosen soundbar must be able to produce an immersive sound. Each driver should have at least 20W of power. A soundbar that is upward-firing or multi-directional speakers provides the best audio quality.

The amount of channels impacts the quality of the sound. A soundbar with two channels is the most basic but it’s adequate for rooms with a smaller space. A 2.1 and three channel soundbar is the best choice.

Another feature is “> A 5-channel soundbar provides an immersive audio experience, however it’s not the best choice for small spaces or an apartment.

Audio Modes, Voice Enhancement and Sound Modification

A majority of soundbars are equipped with a voice enhancement (also known as dialogue clarity) function. They are more effective in compact areas by enhancing the sound.

This is why they can transform your apartment or small space into a theater in your home. When selecting the ideal soundbar for your needs, look to find this function. EQ, bass, as well as the ability to adjust the treble are all beneficial features.

Different sound modes like games, TV, movies news, music and sports let you enjoy perfectly synchronized audio to the video.

This means that you can make use of this soundbar to serve multiple purposes as well as with other devices.

Dimensions and Position

A soundbar with a large size does not necessarily mean that it produces top-quality sound. It is important to have powerful driver with multi-directional capabilities. It is recommended to select a compact and slim soundbar to fit in a small space or an apartment.

“>A soundbar with a diameter of between 24 and 36 inches is adequate for a room with a limited space. It must also be lightweight with the minimalist design , so that it can be placed comfortably underneath your television.

Also, consider the wall-mounting option in order to make space. Its size is dependent upon the dimensions of the screen on your TV.

Accessibility and Control Option

Connectivity is probably the most crucial aspect to think about when buying the right soundbar for your smaller space or an apartment. Nearly all soundbars have wireless and wired connectivity.

Wireless connectivity comes with Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC as well as voice assistants. Bluetooth is a must-have because it lets you connect your soundbar with any smart device.

While Wifi lets you stream live video content from a variety of platforms and channels. Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are available as an option.

They let you manage your soundbar with voice commands. When talking about the physical connection, HDMI is required to be present on the soundbar.

Since it is one of the strongest connections that can deliver regular audio, 4K and HDR formats without distortion or lag. Digital optical input is the second position.

Control choices include physical, remote and touch-based control panels as well as mobile applications. Remote control is included with all soundbars.

But, they aren’t compatible with mobile apps. The majority of soundbars come with one HDMI CEC feature which allows you to manage both your soundbar and your TV using the same remote. The most efficient alternative.

The cost of the Soundbar

The cost of a soundbar is determined by the features. A soundbar with the latest features will cost you a lot.

Support for voice assistants and WiFi as well as multiple HDMIs as well as additional subwoofers or drivers make the soundbar.

In addition, some soundbars can be elegant and stunning, however they aren’t cheap. It is possible to pick an average-looking soundbar for a lower price.

You should therefore choose carefully what features you want to have in the soundbar. Don’t pay for additional features that aren’t useful to you.

Top 10 Best Soundbars for A Small Room 2022

After having read the guide to buying, you are aware of the top soundbars. This article will list the top 10 soundbars for your apartment or small space.

They have all the vital features you’ll need. We have also picked high-quality, cost-effective soundbars that are also of premium quality. We will review each one to help you choose the right one for your needs.

1. Polk Audio Signa Soundbar S2

Audio Performance

The Polk Audio Signa S2 is a great soundbar to buy. It comes with a variety of features that make it the perfect audio solution for a smaller space or an apartment.

Polk soundbar is paired with the powerful wireless subwoofer. The combination provides excellent sound quality for a small room or an apartment.

At the price the quality of the sound is much better than the other soundbars. It’s an 2.1 channel soundbar that gives you high-quality sound and high-quality bass. The front soundstage is larger enough.

It is completely wireless, and will connect automatically to the soundbar when you switch on the soundbar. It features the front facing 5.25 inches drivers that can enhance the sound quality.

The soundbar comes with left and right drivers. There are also the central tweeters that are specifically designed for it. Together, they provide the best sound quality and balance, as well as a 45 20 kHz to 20 Hz frequency range.

Furthermore, the soundbar is equipped with V.A technology to ensure optimal dialog. It produces high-quality audio on all levels. It gives you an enhanced audio experience when you watch shows, movies and even music.

This soundbar gives the user a virtual surround experience. It comes with EQ features which can be set in accordance with your preference.

Additionally, this amazing soundbar is able to decode 5.1 Dolby Digital signals. It can transmit any type of sound to this soundbar and give you the most optimal output.

The mid and low frequencies are incomparable, but the maximum volume could not be optimal. The soundbar could provide an immersive sound experience in a small space or an apartment.

It’s great not just to watch TV but also to listen to music. It is also compatible with laptops phones, computers, and laptops.

Since it has Bluetooth technology to allow seamless pairing. The audio quality is very smooth and acceptable for gaming. Signa S2 has two basic sound modes, music and movie.


The soundbar is sleek and fashionable. It is constructed from high quality aluminum and plastic. The exterior of this soundbar has been protected with a tough fabric.

The soundbar is approximately 35 inches. The slim and compact body make it ideal for small spaces such as an apartment or a small space.

It can be positioned beneath your TV to ensure the perfect timing. The dark black color of this unit blends perfectly with other devices within your living space. Polk Audio Signa S2 offers users a simple and fast installation.

Additionally, the soundbar can also be mounted to the wall. It’s not heavy, and it can carry a small weight. It is also small and fits in tight areas easily.

As with the soundbar, rear of the subwoofer is secured by the mesh. Overall it’s a great soundbar. Polk Audio Signa S2 soundbar looks fantastic and adds aesthetic elegance to your space.

Connection and Control

Signa S2 features “> HDMI ARC provides one of the strongest connections, and gives you the best audio quality.

“>It can support Dolby Digital Dolby Atmos DTS and other high-quality audio formats. Digital optical technology is the next-best choice for transmitting sound in a perfect manner. “>

an AUX port. In terms of its connectivity choices, the device can be used with a variety of devices. This soundbar has been tested on many multimedia devices.

It provides the best sound effect to any device thanks to it’s Bluetooth feature. You can also stream music via Spotify, Pandora, and other apps.

This soundbar is equipped with the HDMI CEC function. In the event that you plug in your television and soundbar via an HDMI cable both devices are controlled by one remote.

On the top, you’ll find a soundbar that houses the control panel, which includes the essential control options like volume adjustment, the on/off buttons, Bluetooth, and input buttons.

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The soundbar comes with four LEDs to show the soundbar’s settings. Additionally, it has a remote control. The remote can be used for all control options like the adjustment of treble and bass.

Additionally, it has an evening mode that reduces the volume of bass at night, so that your neighbors will not be offended.


  • It comes with an wireless subwoofer
  • A sleek and slim design that is ideal for small spaces.
  • 2.1 audio system in 2.1 channels with five drivers that are full-range
  • Sound effects that are enhanced such as deep bass, large soundstage
  • Affordable and top audio quality
  • Does support DTS as well as Dolby Digital Encoding
  • Multiple options for connectivity and compatibility with different devices.


  • The display screen is not there, however it includes LED indicators
  • Auto shut-off function is disabled after short period of time of no activity
  • Do not expect a real surround sound effect.

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2. Roku 4K/HDR Streambar

Audio Performance

If you’re in search of an elegant, slim and inexpensive soundbar to fit in your tiny room or home, the Roku Streambar could be the best choice for you.

The soundbar has impressive specs, and you’ll enjoy it. It’s not just small, but it is also an outstanding audio solution. Roku isn’t just an audiobar, but it is also it is a streambar.

It comes with a built-in streaming device that allows you to access to more than 150 channels. You can connect it to the TV, or directly stream from it.

In terms of cost the soundbar is an excellent value. This soundbar comes packed with four strong 1.9 inches speakers that provide you the full-bodied bass.

Two drivers forward-firing, whereas the other two are left and right. The clarity and soundstage are amazing. It’s a four-channel media streamer, which supports HDR10 formats.

Additionally, it doesn’t fail to impress you with high frequency and delivers a smooth audio with no distortion. Mids and lows sound great.

The soundbar can be capable of creating an immersive sound effect that is cinematic even in a small space or even your apartment. When watching films you’ll be awed by the clear and crystal-clear dialogue.

Furthermore, playing music with this soundbar is a great experience. It is, in general, a soundbar with multiple functions and is an ideal choice for spaces that are small.


The size of this soundbar is just 14 inches in length and weighs only 2.4 pounds. This makes it perfect for use in tiny areas and is extremely mobile. However, its compact size doesn’t affect the sound quality.

It can be positioned on top of your television. The rear of the soundbar comes with two mounting holes. You can place it against the wall. The design can be expanded.

You can also add an external subwoofers and satellite speaker to your Roku streaming bar. The device appears decent and gorgeous.

and Connectivity and Control

This Roku Streambar does not have controls, but does feature an LED light at the side panel. A nice remote is provided with this soundbar. It comes with all the buttons for controlling the soundbar with decent layout.

The remote also comes with an option to search for voice. It also has buttons that are specifically designed for streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu as well as Sling TV.

The modern soundbar gives you plenty of possibilities to stream media. It also works with Youtube, Google Play Movies, Apple TV, Apple AirPlay 2 and Homekit. So, you are able to connect it to either your Android and iOS device.

Although it provides a range of connectivity options. The majority of smart and inexpensive soundbars do not have any HDMI port. However the Roku soundbar is not just equipped complete with an HDMI port, but it also has one with an Optical Audio connection.

Furthermore, it features an USB port. HDMI is the most popular connection to upgrade the sound of your TV. Power connection ports as well as reset buttons are both found on the back of the panel.

The best part regarding this device’s streambar is that it connects with Alexa It supports WiFi as well as Bluetooth. This means you can stream any film, or listen to music, or any other song with this device.


  • A perfect, compact and sophisticated soundbar
  • A complete streaming solution for audio
  • Fantastic clarity in dialogue and audio quality
  • With 4 drivers
  • Works with voice assistants.
  • HDMI, Optical, and USB ports
  • WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility
  • 4K, as well as HDR10 streamer
  • Direct media streaming using different streaming services


  • Doesn’t Support Dolby Vision
  • The bass isn’t particularly remarkable, but it is acceptable for the price.

3. Sonos Beam Soundbar

Audio Performance

Sonos is a brand name that has earned confidence in the field of acoustic. Sonos Beam is one of the most well-known soundbars. It’s the perfect sound solution for small spaces such as tiny rooms or apartments.

In actual fact, Sonos Beam is an all-in-one soundbar. The compact soundbar has an extremely deep bass and an incredibly powerful sound effects.

Since it’s It is a 3.1 channel soundbar, it includes the full range of four drivers as well as one central tweeter with a dedicated center, and three radiators that are passive.

While Sonos Beam isn’t equipped with an external subwoofer , it delivers impressive sound quality. The audio quality is not lower than those of the high-end soundbars.

The mids and lows are well-balanced and vibrant. The high-ends are also excellent with minimal distortion. Furthermore the soundstage is large and is ideal for films as well as music.

In comparison to speakers for TV, Sonos Beam provides you an exceptional listening experience. With its enhancement of speech feature, audio clarity and dialogue flow are quite amazing.

Additionally, it has it has a Night Mode to avoid disturbance. An HDMI connection will ensure a clear audio transmission, without delays.


The soundbar is thin and sleek to be a perfect fit in your home. Additionally, it has an extremely elegant and classy appearance. The soundbar can be used with regards to positioning.

It is a perfect fit underneath your TV or you can put it up to the wall. With the 25.6 inches size, Sonos Beam will not interfere with your view when it is placed in front of your television.

The design can be expanded and it is possible to create the 5.1 surround system with 5.1 channels. Even with its small dimension, Sonos Beam is packed with the latest features.

The best part is that it’s available in black and white color options. It’s attractive and will add a sense of style to your space. The soundbar is secured by a mesh that is made of fabric and isn’t too heavy.

The package includes all necessary accessories, including the plug for power supply, HDMI and Ethernet cable, Optical adapter, and the quick-start guide.

and Connectivity and Control

The top on the Sonos Beam soundbar is equipped with touchscreen controls. The basic control options such as play/pause, volume control Next/Previous, Mute, and more are on offer.

Additionally, it has an LED light to display its status as well as voice feedback. There are physical buttons on the back on the back of the speaker. It has a pairing button as well as a power button.

The connectivity ports are located at the back. Alongside HDMI There is also the Ethernet port. This means that you can connect the soundbar to WiFi. This feature lets you stream via various applications and services.

One of the most impressive features that this audiobar has is TruePlay. It allows the software to synchronize the soundbar’s audio to match the setting of the room.

It can determine the size of your apartment or room and your seating arrangement, allowing you to personalize the sound. It can transform your room into the home theater.

This feature can only be used with iPhones not Android devices. The soundbar however can produce amazing sound, with out this option.

The good thing of this particular soundbar is the fact that it works with voice assistants. Sonos Beam can be used alongside Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Apple Airplay 2.

You can also manage and stream media through the soundbar with commands using your voice. It also has a remote control that is compatible with Sonos. Sonos app.

So, you’ll are able to control a variety of options when using this intelligent and sophisticated soundbar. Additionally, this soundbar comes outfitted with multi-room tech.

It can be connected with other Sonos products within your home. If all Sonos soundbars share the same wireless connection, you are able to communicate voice commands to each one.


  • An 3.1 channel sound system.
  • Fantastic audio performance and slim dimensions
  • Numerous control options include the most popular voice assistants, a remote, touch panel, and Sonos app
  • Wi-Fi is available and supports TruePlay
  • Flexible design, perfect for apartments and small spaces.
  • Soundbars that are elegant and classy that is available in 2 colors
  • Easy and quick setup


  • Does not include surround sound technology. DTS, Dolby Atmos
  • The absence of Bluetooth Bluetooth function
  • It takes patience for setting up TVs that do not have HDMI ARC

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4. Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar

Audio Performance

You should pick the Yamaha YAS-108 due to a variety of reasons. The first is that it is a slim and stylish soundbar, which is perfect for smaller spaces or apartment.

Furthermore, it incorporates all of its features into a small body. The sound quality is unbeatable even with no subwoofer. The price is very affordable when compared with its competitors.

There are many more features of this soundbar that you need to be aware of. This soundbar is compatible with 4K HDR as well as DTS Virtual the X audio format. The Yamaha soundbar has built-in subwoofers.

The two 3-inch subwoofers and two pair of dome tweeters and woofers make a booming sound. The bass is fantastic even without the addition of an external subwoofer.

The sound quality is excellent enough to be suitable for a small space or an apartment. This amazing soundbar can decode DTS as well as Dolby Atmos. Many other soundbars do not have this feature.

Furthermore, it features two sound modes, crystal clear voices and DTS Virtual The X. Thus, the clarity of the dialogue gives you a great listening experience.

The soundstage is truly impressive and can fill an whole space or your apartment. It is possible to enjoy 3D surround, surround, as well as stereo effects. These are great for music and films.


Yamaha 108 can be expanded in design, and it is possible to include a subwoofer. The soundbar is 35 inches, and it is compatible with larger TVs as well.

It can be placed underneath your TV and can be hung to the wall. Keyholes allow it to be easily place it onto the wall. The slim appearance of the soundbar doesn’t interfere with your view as it’s just 2 inches tall.

The soundbar is available in black color, which is compatible with other equipment within your room. The soundbar’s body can be secured by mesh. The overall design is straightforward but good.

In addition, it comes with an automatic system for detecting position which adjusts the sound according to its position. This means that you can put it either horizontally or vertically. The installation is simple and fast.

Connection and Control

The soundbar comes with HDMI that provides the most secure connection. It also has dual Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you connect to two devices at the same time.

You can also connect it to other devices both ways, wired and wireless. It’s not only compatible with TVs but is it is also compatible with multimedia devices such as smartphones, projectors computers, projectors, etc.

The soundbar is basic and does not come with any display on screen. There are however LED lights that indicate level of volume and the inputs selected. Touch controls are also included in the bar’s soundbar.

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These include power, volume as well as mute and volume selection. In addition the remote control is included in this soundbar. It offers more advanced controls and a decent design.

Yamaha YAS-108 is also compatible and is compatible with Alexa. Therefore, you can control the soundbar with commands with your voice. The numerous control options make it a stylish and practical soundbar.

The best aspect of this particular soundbar is the fact that there is HMDI both in and out. HDMI ARCA along with HDMI CEC are also accessible. HDMI CEC lets you control your TV and soundbar from one remote.

Analog and optical input options are additional benefits. This compact soundbar offers a wide range possibilities for connecting.


  • A slim and compact audio solution
  • It offers a variety of connectivity options for connectivity
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports 4K HDR, Dolby, DTS: X audio
  • Remote, control panel for touch and Alexa compatibility
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Clear-Voice feature to enhance listening effect
  • Expandable design


  • It does not have a separate subwoofer
  • A bit more expensive in comparison to its competitors.
  • The bass isn’t ideal.

5. TCL Alto 5+ 2.1 Channel Soundbar

Audio Performance

If you’re someone who loves bass, TCL Alto 5+ is the ideal Soundbar. The soundbar has an innovative subwoofer to give an extra deep bass.

This sound kit is not a big space-hogger and will easily fit into the smallest of spaces or apartments. However, TCL Alto 5 comes without the subwoofer.

If you are looking for an audiobar that is small for your space, this is the best option. However, without the subwoofer, you’ll must compromise on bass. Therefore, we recommend buy TCL Alto 5+.

Additionally, Alto 5+ has an extremely affordable price , and does not sacrifice on the quality. The quality of its sound has been verified and tested.

TCL Alto 5+ is an 2.1 channel soundbar with 2.1 channels. It has two full-range drivers located on the left and right end on the speaker.

It’s designed to provide the stereo sound effect that enhances the sound of your TV. The best thing about this audio pack is that it provides perfect and smooth audio.

The subwoofer provides the deep bass with no distortion even at the highest volume. The sound is strong enough to fill a small room or the apartment.

Its frequency response is exceptional The frequency ranges from 70 Hz and 20 kHz. The audio is well-balanced , and can be used to listen to music.

The enhancement of dialogue feature will provide the user with an amazing film experience. This compact soundbar will transform your space into a cinema at home.

It comes with three separate audio modes, including movies, music, and news. This means you can hear conversations even in quieter settings. Dialogue mode can also be used in the normal audio mode.

Additionally, it provides EQ adjustments that allow users to set the frequency to the frequency you prefer.


TCL Alto 5+ is an audio system with a minimalist design. Its design is simple, but elegant. Both the subwoofer and soundbar are available in a deep black color providing a classy and stylish design.

It is made of durable materials during the production process. The high-gloss appearance of the soundbar is gorgeous. The soundbar’s body is covered with mesh. There is also an elegant shiny silver TCL trademark on the front of the soundbar.

The soundbar is 31.5 inches and is suitable for any TV size. If it is set on top of it, you will find that the small design in the Alto 5+ does not hinder your view.

The subwoofer, too, is also small. The soundbar can be wall-mounted.

Connection and Control

Alto 5+ can be connected wirelessly and wired. The ports are all located on the rear of the soundbars. Therefore, if you opt to connect via wires, it’ll provide you with a stylish appearance.

The wires are able to be run across the wall and connected until the television. The wired connections are Optical, Aux, and IR passing through. Additionally, it has an USB port.

An optical connection is suggested for TVs. This soundbar comes with Bluetooth technology that allows seamless pairing. It lets you stream music from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

The TCL Alto 5+ gives you a range of options for controlling. It comes with a great remote that also works using the remote for your TV.

In addition, the soundbar includes a control panel with all of the standard controls. All buttons in the panel control are clearly labeled which makes them convenient and easy to operate.

The set-up process is simple and easy. The sub is automatically connected when you turn on the soundbar.

The purchase includes all essential equipment such as power cable wall mounting kit rapid start guides, IR pass-through, and optical cable.


  • An 2.1 channel soundbar that includes an wireless subwoofer
  • Audio that is clear and deep bass
  • Two full-range drivers and stereo audio quality
  • The slim, sleek and minimalist designs to fit into small spaces
  • Adjustments to EQ and three sound modes
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Gloss finish and elegant appearance
  • Multiple control options Compatible and compatible with TV remotes.
  • Price very reasonable


  • Doesn’t have Wi-Fi or HDMI
  • Do not have support for Dolby Digital or Dolby Atmos.

6. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

Audio Performance

Bose Solo 5 is the top soundbar in smaller spaces or apartments. The quality of sound from Bose products is unbeatable. Bose Solo 5 highly satisfies your audio quality.

If you’re looking to improve your television’s sound, Solo 5 is the best solution for audio. Its frequency range is high, ranging from 61Hz up to 19 kHz.

Furthermore the dynamic range of its speakers enhances the audio and creates the best audio experience when using big TVs in a tiny space. It provides crystal clear sound even at higher volume.

The harmonic distortion is at a minimum. In addition, Solo 5 offers various audio modes, including news, films, news games, music and much more.

Dialogue mode provides high-quality audio from movies and TV shows. Bose Solo 5 is a 2.0 channel soundbar. Although it isn’t able to produce surround sound, it’s audio quality is great for a small space or an apartment.

The best aspect of this soundbar is that it’s price is affordable. With a low cost the Solo 5 gives you the most excellent sound quality.


If you’re simple person, Bose Solo 5 is an excellent option for your small space or apartment. The soundbar is minimalist and stylish style.

The simple style makes it the perfect choice for a small space or an apartment. The soundbar is only 21 inches and will fit well in a tiny space.

Additionally, it is light in weight and easy to carry around. It is enclosed in a plastic case and secured by a metal grill the soundbar is sturdy enough.

It’s a great match to smart TVs. It is possible to place it beneath the TV or put it to the wall with an installation kit for wall mounts. Thus, this soundbar has various options for placement.

and Connectivity and Control

The Bose Solo 5 comes with the universal remote control that gives you a convenient way to control. This remote control controls the soundbar, as well as television.

Also, you’ll require a different remote that is specific to the device. You can also control the bass with your remote. The bar itself is devoid of display and control buttons.

The rear panel of the soundbar is equipped with input ports. This soundbar comes with optical and analog audio inputs. The manufacturer does not include HDMI or USB ports.

You can however utilize optical and coaxial cables to connect this soundbar to TVs or any other source of media. Wireless connectivity choices include Bluetooth.

It is a reliable connection and provides perfect audio. You can connect it not just to your TV but as well with other Bluetooth devices, such as tablets, smartphones or laptops.

It lets you stream music through many streaming and apps. In addition Bluetooth feature reduces wires and cables. Bluetooth feature cuts down on wires and cables.

Therefore, you should select this soundbar for your tiny space or apartment. The setup process is simple and fast.

The box that comes with the package contains it with the Solo 5 soundbar, universal remote control, batteries power brick, power cable, optical cable, audio digital cable as well as the user’s manual.


  • Compact and flexible design
  • A slim soundbar is perfect for apartments or small spaces.
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • The Bluetooth connection for multimedia devices
  • Modern and minimalist design
  • A variety of sound modes, as well as bass that can be adjusted
  • The universal remote controls are included with the purchase
  • Costs that are affordable


  • The soundbar is not equipped with a display or voice assistants.
  • Doesn’t include HDMI as well as USB ports.
  • The Wall-mounting kit must be purchased separately

7. Bose Smart Soundbar 300

Audio Performance

Bose 300 is a smart soundbar that has all the features. Its small size and top performance make it an ideal choice for small spaces or apartment.

The main feature of this soundbar is the fact that it provides top-quality sound quality and does not need a lot of space. This soundbar is equipped with 4 full-range speakers.

It provides crystal clear sound and large soundstage. Despite its tiny dimensions, the Bose 300 soundbars provide rich bass. The sound quality is excellent and it comes with a variety of audio levels.

The clarity of the dialogue is superb and music playback is excellent. The soundbar is not just suggested for smaller rooms but is also suitable for a tiny living space or apartment.

The soundbar can take the audio of your television to a new level. At a volume of 50 it can provide you with an immersive sound effect. The highs can be crisp and free of distortion.

It’s compatible with 50 inches or bigger televisions. It has also been tested to listen to music. It can hear each beat and symphony precisely.

In reality, Bose 300 soundbar is an all-purpose gadget. It can be connected to your television or be used as a stand-alone solution for sound. In the end, Bose 300 is a high-quality soundbar that is perfect for a smaller home theater.


Bose Smart 300 Soundbar is 27.5 inches of length, in length and 2.25 inches high. It is able to be placed beneath your TV and not block the view.

It weighs about 7 pounds and can be fixed to the wall. Bose 300 soundbars are fashionable and adds aesthetic appeal to your home.

It is available in a dark black and has an elegant and sleek appearance. The front panel is covered by a beautiful metal grille. Its backside speaker houses all connectivity ports.

While the top panel features two buttons that can be used to control the mic and mode. If you are a fan of minimalist design, Bose 300 is highly recommended. It doesn’t come with a subwoofer externally.

The design, however, can be expanded, so you can include satellite speakers and the bass module. Therefore, Bose 300 can be an integral part of your home theatre system.

Connection and Control

The variety of connectivity options differentiate the Bose 300 soundbars from its competitors. It comes with a variety of wireless and wired connectivity options.

It has HDMI ARC which makes for an extremely reliable connection to your television. Another option for reliable connectivity is Optical bass module connectivity is also available.

Bose 300 soundbar is compatible with Bluetooth as well as Wifi. It also supports Apple AirPlay 2, TuneIn, Pandora, and Spotify connect.

WiFi lets you stream content from many sources. Additionally, Bluetooth is a way to connect with all modern gadgets. You can play your favourite films, music and shows on this soundbar.

Another great aspect of this audiobar is that it works with voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Thus, you control the TV and the soundbar without the need for a remote.

But, a simple and simple remote is also included in this audiobar. Furthermore, it’s accessible via an app called Bose Music app.

This app on smartphones lets you easily control, configuration and software updates. Apart from the sound modes the bass and treble can be also adjustable. The exclusive Voice4Video technology enhances Alexa’s capabilities. Alexa capabilities.


  • Incredible sound and bass even with no subwoofer
  • Equipped with four full-range drivers.
  • Premium high-end audio and clarity of dialogue
  • Elegant, sleek and small in size
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with all of the latest streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, etc.
  • Apps that support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Bose Music app
  • HDMI , optical and other connections
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  • The mid-range range isn’t very appealing.
  • A more expensive soundbar that does not have a subwoofer
  • It is a bit of a challenge and there is no guide provided.

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8. Sony S200F 2.1ch Soundbar

Audio Performance

Sony HT S200F is another great choice for a small space or apartment. The 2.1 channel soundbar has an inbuilt subwoofer.

While the bass may not be impressive like soundbars with strong external subwoofers, it’s still adequate for a room that is small.

The best part is this Sony soundbar provides an audio that is balanced and neutral. When you turn it up to maximum volume, the sound quality is excellent and you can feel no distortion.

The volume level is perfect to watch TV and movies shows. Because it provides enhanced clarity of dialogue. It comes by an S-Force surround feature.

In addition the enhancement of voice will give you an excellent listening experience. It guarantees clarity of dialogue and allows you to hear the whispers.

Sony S200F is compatible with Dolby Digital and produces surround sound. The most appealing feature of this soundbar is its low cost.

Furthermore, it comes with also an HDMI connection, whereas the majority of the soundbars that are cheap do not have HDMI.


Sony S200F is a compact soundbar in the true sense in the sense of. It’s only 25 inches, and is easy to put under your television.

With an 2.4 inches of height it’s unlikely to hinder your view when it is it is placed beneath your television. The soundbar’s back includes holes to mount it on the wall.

A smaller-sized space or apartment is not able to be able to accommodate bigger televisions. This is why the Sony soundbar can be a great fit for a television of average size. It can also be wall-mounted.

The soundbar is secured by a metal grille, and is constructed of high-quality plastic. It is available in black and doesn’t come with the high-gloss look. The design, however, is clean and stylish.

Connection and Control

This soundbar comes with HDMI ARC as well as HDMI out. These ports aren’t offered on many soundbars within the same price.

Additionally, it includes the Optical In as well as a USB port. HDMI is the most popular option for a secure connection to your TV. Optical is also an excellent alternative.

It is also compatible with HDMI CEC that allows you to control the soundbar and the TV using one remote.

Bluetooth function is accessible to allow seamless pairing. This means that this soundbar can be used with any of the Bluetooth devices.

Controls with touch sensors are on the soundbar’s own. You are able to access basic controls with convenience. It also comes with LEDs that show the source of the input.

The remote can also be used with the soundbar. The remote controls have additional control buttons. It’s superior to other low-cost remotes and simple to use.

The soundbar is equipped with four pre-set sound modes: standard music, auto and cinema. You can get the best sound quality for every type of media. There’s a Bass button that can be found on your remote that can alter the bass.

The box that comes with the package contains an S200F Soundbar by Sony HDMI, Digital Optical, and power brick, cable for power remote wall mounting pads, batteries and a user the manual.


  • The soundbar is a 2.1 channel soundbar featuring an integrated subwoofer
  • Small and stylish, great for smaller spaces or apartments
  • The improved clarity of dialogue is perfect for television
  • High-quality sound with no distortion even at the maximum volume
  • Different styles of sound and bass adjustments.
  • HDMI CEC, HDMI CEC, and Digital Optical input
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless pairing
  • The Touch Controls and a good remote
  • Affordable price , with high-quality features


  • Doesn’t offer support for DTS or Dolby Atmos
  • Bass is not as clear, and the soundstage is a bit narrow. an improvement
  • No app or Wifi compatibility

9. VIZIO M21D-H8R Soundbar

Audio Performance

Vizio M21D is the ideal budget soundbar to fit into a tiny space or an apartment. Its simple and minimalist design works well in small rooms.

The 2.1 channel soundbar comes with three-inch subwoofers that are built-in and offers decent bass. Furthermore, tweeters and woofers can be strong enough to boost the sound quality of the TV.

The most remarkable aspect of the Vizio soundbar is that it can support DTS Virtual X and 4K HDR audio formats. This gives you a multi-dimensional soundstage. It also provides a dynamic audio effect.

Additionally, it supports Dolby 5.1 content. These features aren’t available on many soundbars with low-end prices. However, for a fair cost, the Vizio M21D soundbar is the most impressive in audio quality.

The range of frequencies is acceptable, ranging between 50 Hz and 20 kHz. Audio clarity is outstanding because of its 98 dB impedance.

Alongside TV, this soundbar ideal for music as well as gaming. Because it provides 3D realistic sound effects.


Vizio H8R is a distinctive design that is simple and elegant. style. It is 36 inches in length . It is a perfect fit under your television. In addition, you could place it on the wall for saving space.

This soundbar isn’t just suitable for smaller televisions, but can also be used with larger televisions with 50 inches or more. The weight of the soundbar is 8.5 pounds which is slightly heavy.

However, in general the device is light and compact for smaller spaces or apartment spaces. It is finished in charcoal and is a decent match with other gadgets within your home.

The gadget is made of tough plastic, and is surrounded with a tense fabric. Overall, it has an elegant appearance and is simple to clean.

and Connectivity and Control

Many soundbars on the market don’t have any HDMI connection. However, Vizio H8R is equipped with an HDMI and provides high-quality audio.

HDMI is beneficial in a variety of ways, as it provides simple and easy connectivity. Therefore, this Vizio soundbar can be plugged-in and play audio solution.

It also comes with a the dedicated Aux input, and all cables are inside the box. A good remote comes in this Vizio soundbar. In contrast to other remotes, this one has a decently large and simple-to-press buttons.

The soundbar’s own soundbar has basic controls on the right side. In addition, it has various wireless connections.

Bluetooth feature allows this soundbar to connect with any device that is smart. It can therefore be connected to smartphones or tablet, laptop as well as other media devices.

Voice Assistance is another fantastic function of this audiobar. You are not limited to giving commands via voice to this soundbar, but you can also use it to manage other devices in your home.

It brings convenience and ease to your life. Bass, Treble and EQ can be adjusted.

Vizio’s soundbar is definitely worth the cost when contrasted to the other models. It comes with the latest features providing top quality audio.

The box comes with all the necessary accessories, Optical as well as HDMI cable 3.5mm audio, stereo stereo RCA, power cables, user’s guide remote, 2x wall-hanging components, and a mounting instruction.


  • Nice and attractive design with the compact style
  • Separate tweeters and woofers as well as dual subwoofers with built-in subwoofers
  • supports 4K HDR. DTS Virtual the X as well as Dolby 5.1 audio
  • Clear and crisp bass
  • The HDMI port and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • Price is very affordable
  • Ideal for larger TVs and smaller rooms


  • The volume of production is not ideal.
  • Doesn’t provide support for Wifi as well as Atmos
  • Bass needs to be improved

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10. JBL 2.0 All-in-One Soundbar

Audio Performance

JBL is a reputable name in the world of acoustics. JBL’s soundbars and speakers are extremely popular.

If you’re looking for an intelligent soundbar for your small space or home, consider JBL 2.0 an all-in-one soundbar. The JBL 2.0 soundbar offers the highest quality and comes at a low cost.

This soundbar with two channels also comes with Dolby Digital. It’s one of the top soundbars for upgrading the sound quality of your TV. The soundbar offers 70 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response.

JBL 2.0 soundbar JBL 2.0 soundbar comes with integrated racetrack drivers that provide excellent sound regardless how big the bar.

It comes with the standard sound mode, as well as Smart Audio mode. The Smart mode offers surround sound effects when watching TV or movies.

The soundbar is not equipped with an external or internal subwoofer. The audio quality is acceptable for a smaller space or an apartment.

The clarity of the dialogue is amazing and separates the voices of the dialogue from background noises. The soundstage is stunning and doesn’t disappoint.

The unit can provide the power of 80W. It’s also great for music listening. Overall JBL 2.0 is a cheap and good choice for small rooms.


The design is sleek and chic. The soundbar is available in a dark grey hue and fits perfectly in your living space. The body of the soundbar is constructed from plastic and is covered with perforated grilles at the top.

The installation is simple. Indeed, JBL 2.0 is a plug-and-play soundbar. The JBL 2.0 soundbar is 24.17 inches in width and 2.28 in height.

This sleek design is perfect for placing under your television, 40 inches or less. It’s also ideal for gaming and you could put it next to your laptop.

The soundbar’s weight is just 3.50 pounds which makes it very easy to use. It can also be mounted on the wall with the brackets for wall mounting that come with it.

The best thing about the soundbar’s sleek and simple-to-use style. This is an efficient solution that is space-saving and comes with all the features.

and Connectivity and Control

This soundbar that is budget-friendly comes with an HDMI connection. It is a popular secure connection. In addition, it comes with USB, Optical, and Bluetooth ports.

The US model comes with an USB to play music files directly through the soundbar. Bluetooth option makes it easy to connect to mobile phones or tablets.

This soundbar is not designed to include Wifi therefore you are unable to listen to live audio. The HDMI CEC feature is integrated into the soundbar.

It allows you to control your soundbar and your TV using the same remote. The top of the panel contains four control buttons that are basic. In addition, there are LEDs to show different scenarios.

The soundbar’s back has all the ports for connectivity. In addition to the onboard physically-based buttons, the soundbar includes the remote. The remote is basic with just five buttons.

The purchase comes with the remote control, as well as the wall mount bracket.


  • Simple and simple to install design
  • Sound quality is excellent and affordable cost
  • Soundstage that is adequate for a small space or an apartment
  • Good frequency response and support for Dolby Digital
  • Smart Audio mode for dialogue clarity
  • A very light and compact soundbar.
  • HDMI Out, HDMI CEC, and optical ports
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity


  • One HDMI (ARC) port.
  • No dedicated subwoofer so lacks bass
  • Doesn’t have WiFi compatibility or Mobile apps.

Wrapping Up!

Soundbars are essential to enjoy films, TV shows, and music that have realistic sound effects. It is possible to transform your space or apartment into a theater in your home through the installation of a soundbar.

All of the soundbars that we examined in this review are capable of making your space into a cinema in your home. For the sound quality, they’re an excellent option.

We’ve considered all crucial features in deciding on the most suitable soundbars for an apartment or small space. Therefore, you can pick one or more of them according to the requirements you have.

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