10 Best Smash Burger Press (September 2022) Reviews

I personally believe that the patty in the Burger is its soul. In the end, it’s the patty that decides if it is a Burger is good or not. Do you think that’s the case?

I’ll reveal the secret. The most effective method to make an incredibly juicy and delicious patty is pressing it using the press for burgers. If you follow this method and you are satisfied, there will be no issues with the hamburger.

To accomplish this it is all you need to do is smash the burger press. I can assist you in this regard as I’ve compiled the top 10 best smash burger presses below.

The advantages of using a Burger Press

Before I present to you the options of 10 burger presses I’m going to examine the advantages of the similar.

  • The flavor of a patty-based burger is amplified when the proteins in it disintegrate due to temperature. By using a Burger press you can increase the surface of the patty as well as speed up your process for breaking it down. In simple terms, a using a burger press can to make your burger more delicious.
  • If you use an Burger press will be able to make the crust more thin but more crisp.
  • A Burger press helps to cook the patty evenly. patty.
  • It’s also an excellent way that cooks the meat with out burning your hands.

Top 10 Best Smash Burger Press 2022

By using the following list it is possible to choose the best smash burger press without spending hours researching.

1. Burger Iron Rounded Smashed Stainless Steel Burger Press

The Burger press can only be sufficient if it’s simple to use. That’s the reason why this smash burger maker is at the my top list.

The top handle that is made of heavy-duty is what makes it so simple to utilize. Additionally, the 6-inch press will easily increase the surface area of the burger and improve the taste.

If you take a look at the press’s surface when it comes into proximity to the battery you’ll see that it is made from stainless steel. This is the reason why there is no need to be concerned about the burger patty adhering to the pressing’s surface.

Wear and tear are normal when you apply massive force to any device. But this press reduces wear and tear thanks to it’s double screw structure. This is the reason why you can keep it for a long time even when you’re using it every day.

The design of the Burger press is designed so that it’s suitable for commercial and personal use. So long as you’ve got the proper temperature it will be capable of flipping the burger patties within about 3 or 5 minutes once you have the correct thickness. This is the reason it is important to use it for commercial purposes it will allow you to cut down on time.

This smash burger maker is not a disappointment with its extreme durability and comfort of use This smash burger press will not let you down.

Key Features:

  • 6-inch diameter
  • Ideal for personal and commercial applications
  • Construction of stainless steel
  • Durable double screw design
  • Large handle

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2. Flat Handle for Smashed The Burger Press By The Burger Iron

The handle that is extra wide of the smash-burger press certainly is to its advantage. This means that, when you wish create a Patty thinner it is possible to apply a lot of force to the handle. With the space available that can accommodate 2 handles, using this large amounts of force is certainly feasible and simple.

Do you want to know more about the subject?

It is made of 100 percent stainless steel. The welding process means that there aren’t any joining or moving components inside it. Burger press. This is why wear and tear won’t be a problem. to cause any problems.

The surface that is touching the burger patty’s surface is smooth. This is the reason why you don’t need to worry whether the grill will stick to your burger patties either. These functions are definitely useful when making food for a gathering or for commercial purposes.

The stainless steel has another benefit. No matter how you store it and how you utilize it, you will not have to be worried about wear and wear and tear.

I like it due to the extra-large handle, which makes it simple to press the patties.

Key Features:

  • 100 100% stainless steel construction
  • Extra-wide handle
  • Excellent durability
  • Smooth surface
  • Perfect for cooking in bulk

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3. Cuisinart the CSBK400 Cast Iron Burger Kit

If you don’t have any other tools to create the perfect burger, it would make sense to invest in an all-inclusive Burger kit instead of one accessory, such as the smash hamburger press. The one I’m featuring now has a range of options to make the perfect Burger.

With using this Burger press, you’ll be able reduce the thickness of your patty very quickly. To begin, it comes with a 6-inch Burger press. It has an edge that is raised by 1 centimeters along the sides. Its advantage is that it allows you to apply massive force without worry about the loss of juices.

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The manufacturing of the burger presses is accomplished with cast iron. This is the reason why it is more convenient to use it for many years.

The handle is large and the burger press helps in pressing the patties.

There’s another thing that can make the burger patties more delicious. This is called the paper that makes up the patty. With this paper, you’ll be able easily press the burger patties without having to worry about sticking.

Additionally, a shaker for seasoning lets you infuse other flavor in the patties. Therefore, adding flavor to the taste of the patty isn’t going to be an issue. The shaker for seasoning is made out of stainless steel.

Of course, if you slice your Patty thin, you will need something to flip it. The same is true for flipping the Patty. need the hamburger spatula. It will make life easier for you.

If you’re looking for a kit , rather than only a press, you must definitely consider this one.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a 6-inch burger press together with a host of other tools
  • Cast iron press iron construction
  • Highly durable and simple to make use of accessories
  • A large handle is needed for the hamburger press.

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4. HULISEN The Square Burger Press

Personally, I am impressed it is a Burger press is made of stainless steel. There are many advantages to stainless steel that work to its advantages. For starters, stainless steel is nonstick in design. This is why when pressing the burger patties there will be no difficulties getting the press separated from the food patty.

Additionally it’s stain-resistant and dustproof. Its stain-resistant design is easy to wash. Rustproof guarantees that you’ll be in a position to use it for a long time.

Without looking at the design of the handle or the dimensions of the handle, choosing an ad-hoc burger press an error. You must use force to crush the burger patty. This is why it’s essential to verify the shape on the handle.

The one you see here is the circular grip handle. It is constructed using laser technology that ensures that it’s extremely perfect and flawless in its design. The welded design guarantees that you don’t have to be concerned over the handles breaking regardless of the force you apply.

The whole design of this press has been created to allow you to decrease its thickness, and cook more quickly..

A uniform thickness at bottom guarantees that you do not need to worry about uneven patty any time.

While other burger prices are quite heavy however this one isn’t. If you take a look at its weight on the Burger Press, you will notice that it weighs only 0.95 lbs. This feature is useful in the event that you have a large amount of hamburger patties that you need to press.

If you’re curious about the cleaning process it’s dishwasher safe. It can be cleaned with your hands too. So, choose this press for burgers if you’re looking for something that is easy to make use of.

Key Features:

  • Construction made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Extra-large handle
  • A completely smooth, nonstick surface
  • Simple to maintain and clean

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5. Wener Burger Press With Wood Handle

Cast iron is a material that is renowned for its long-lasting properties. This is the reason why, if you find an Burger press made from cast iron, you can be sure it can endure for many years. The one we have here is indeed made of cast iron.

The total weight that the Burger press weighs 2.6 pounds. Although that may seem a bit too heavy, it’s for you when pressing the hamburger patties. This is because it can decrease the thickness quickly.

The handle is made up of wood. Wood provides you with a solid grip. It is extremely durable so you can put on any amount of force you like.

With a round shape this is the perfect tool for pressing the patties into burgers. It can be used on the gas, griddle electric, electric or on induction cooking stoves. There is no issue with compatibility.

The dimension of 6.88 inches means that you can utilize this Burger press to make large patties, too.

After using the burger presses Cleaning it is similarly simple. It is possible to wash it by hand. When you are storing it, be sure to dry it using the normal towel.

That’s it!

There is no need to perform any other cleaning procedures on it.

If you are looking for a reliable and top burger press to smashing burgers, this is an excellent choice.

Key Features:

  • Cast iron construction
  • Handle made of wood that is heavy-duty and durable
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Ideal for larger patty sizes as well

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6. Geesta Smash Burger Press for Griddle

USP for the Burger press is the high top quality stainless steel design. It is completely food-grade, so it is easy to smash the burger patties using this press.

This burger press comes with many advantages, including being rust-proof. It is easy to store and use it. It is not necessary to replace it in the near future.

Steel construction made of stainless steel allows for easy cleaning. This is why less effort is required to do the same.

Handle design is the reason the design of the handle is where this Burger press is different from the rest of the. It is made up of an wooden handle. It gives you a more grip and is durable in appearance.

Another reason why it comes with a great grip is due to its ergonomic design. This means that when applying pressure or force it is not necessary to be concerned about damaging or scratching the hand.

The handle of the wood is thermally insulated. This makes it simple to not burn your hands. Its ultra-wide shape means that grasping the handle and applying the pressure is simple.

With all the features that are on the handle it’s not going to be a lot of a challenge making use of the Burger press.

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In the absence of a thorough examination of the size of the burger presses, picking the wrong the wrong one is an error. It is 5.5 inches capacity. This is the reason it is a good choice, regardless of whether you are dealing with the hefty hamburger patties, this one is not a source of worry.

You can wash it yourself or wash it in the dishwasher. Your choice is up to you.

The high-end stainless steel construction as well as an ergonomic handle design gives you no reason to be unhappy.

Key Features:

  • Construction made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • It is very comfortable and comfortable to grasp the handle
  • Handle that is thermally insulated
  • Extremely easy to wash

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7. HULISEN Stainless Steel Press for Smash Burgers

In general, the around burger press is simpler to use than other shapes. This is due to the fact that the patty itself is round too. This is only true when the burger press that is round is large enough. The burger press has 6.2 inches of diameter it is impossible to make a mistake using this grill press. Making burger patties is sure to be simple because of this.

For the design, it is made of the highest quality stainless steel. The stainless steel is rustproof as well as stain-proof. This is the reason why contamination will not be an issue using the Burger press.

If you examine the handle, you’ll be able to see that it is an oval grip handle. It isn’t going to fall off, either. Because laser welding technology is utilized to create the handle, you can be assured that the structure integrity this handle is high quality.

The principle behind This Burger press will be that it will allow you to create it possible to make the Patty more compact by pressing it with this press. This means that the area of cooking will be increased and consequently the cooking time will be reduced. It will allow you to have uniform cooking across the kitchen surface. This is why it’s not only efficient but also improves the taste.

Nonstick stainless steel in its design makes it simple to cook several hamburger patties in a brief time.

Another benefit of stainless steel is that it doesn’t must put it in the dishwasher to wash it completely.

If you’d like to cook it on an cooking stove or outdoor grill the option is yours. It’s compatible with almost any cooking device.

In addition to the laser welding technology, it also makes use of rivets to hold the handle in place.

With all the great characteristics, this hamburger maker will surely catch your eye.

Key Features:

  • Steel construction made of stainless
  • Diameter 6.2 inches
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Excellent structural integrity

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8. Warmodern Stainless Steel Burger Press & Squeeze Grease

Stainless steel comes in a variety of grades. One of the most durable and reliable choices is stainless steel 304. This is the reason why it is a Burger press made of stainless steel is at the top of my list of items to buy.

It is completely impervious to rust. Even if it is stored for many years there is no need to worry about securing it.

In addition it’s laser welded to ensure structural integrity. This is the reason why there are no weak joints on the Burger press. That’s what extends its longevity.

The nonstick surface means that you do not need to fret about scraping the patties off the surface. This feature will help you handle multiple patties of burgers.

It’s simple to maintain the Burger press clean, too. You can wash it with your hands. If you don’t, you can simply put it into the dishwasher. This will ensure that cleaning is a breeze.

When you consider the shape of the handle it’s simple to grasp. This is the reason it is when you apply a significant quantity in force to it, the handle is not likely to slide to the opposite side.

The 5.5 inches size is the right size to press patties.

Another benefit of stainless steel comes from the fact that it’s very light. Therefore, the whole Burger press weighs in at 366 grams.

If you’re you use it on a grill for use on the stove or other cooking surface it’s not necessary to be concerned about compatibility.

With these features, this burger maker will not disappoint you in any way.

Key Features:

  • The Diameter is 5.5 inches
  • Construction of 304 stainless steel
  • Extremely easy to wash
  • Ergonomic handle design

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9. HULISEN Burger Maker Press Hamburger Patty

When making patties in large quantities, it’s always recommended to make use of a slim hamburger press. This way pressing the patties can be done quickly. You don’t have to contend with the massive and heavy hamburger press, either.

With 8mm of thickness which is 0.3 inches, this is quite thin. This makes it simple to use.

The size of the patty is six inches. It is a guarantee that even dealing with hefty hamburger patties, you’ll be able to push them with one hand. The stainless steel construction that is brushed offers not just aesthetics, but total toughness and also.

Because the handle is made from identical material it is easy for you in applying the power.

The stainless steel, due to it’s rust-proof, has a long life span. It won’t be necessary to replace your hamburger press in the near future due to that.

Laser welding technology guarantees that there isn’t a weak point. Additionally, protection is provided through the rivets and screws to the handle’s connection.

With a weight of 377 grams it’s one of the most light Burger presses you can get. The nonstick surface guarantees you that the patties will perfectly shaped after pressing it.

The 100 percent stainless steel construction implies it is easy to put it in the dishwasher to wash it. So it doesn’t require manual cleaning as well.

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The slim and light design is among the primary reasons why for this Burger press is an excellent option.

Key Features:

  • Extremely light
  • The construction of stainless steel brushed
  • Simple cleaning process
  • Light and easy to handle

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10. Seasky Stainless Steel Hamburger and Burger Press

Few burger presses are available with a variety of shapes. This one also does. You can pick between a both square and round shapes. For this post, I’ll be focusing on square shape.

The 304-grade stainless steel construction ensures it is very robust. The square shape is 5.5 inches. This is why the total size is great. It can be used with any type of grill, as well as a grill or. There aren’t any compatibility issues.

Steel made of stainless makes it rust-proof. It can be used for the steak patty, burgers, and many other.

The top handle of the wooden is ergonomically designed. The grip it gives is superb. Particular care was taken to avoid scratches on your hand while applying the force.

To clean it, wash it by hand. Just rinse it off with water and then you can clean it.

A single molding design provides an unbeatable structural integrity. It won’t fail even after years of usage. Its durability and availability in both shapes makes it an excellent option.

Key Features:

  • Available in both shapes
  • Superior durability because of a the single molding
  • Wooden handle made for heavy-duty
  • Extremely simple to wash

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Smash Burger Press Buying Guide

To decide among this Burger presses, think about the variables I’ll detail below.


A burger press can be found in square, round, and rectangular versions. The choice is contingent on your personal preferences.

After you’ve decided on the design then it’s time to choose the dimensions. This will determine how big the patties which you will be able to press it.


The strength and durability in the use of burger presses is directly related to the materials used.

The options available to you are stainless steel, steel or cast iron. Of these three stainless steel, it is the best choice because it is not prone to staining. You can however choose any one of them and they’ll remain in good condition for many years.


The process of pressing the burger patty may appear simple. In reality it requires a certain amount of force must be used.

If there’s any issue in the grip on the press it could be difficult to use that type of force. It is possible to hurt fingernails or scratching your hands too.

This is the reason why you should purchase the burger press that has an ergonomic grip. It should be able to provide enough space for you to grip it. If the grip meets both of these criteria then you are able to make use of the hamburger press.

Washing Mechanism

Of course, if you plan to make use of the hamburger press, you’ll be required to clean it following each use. In the event that you don’t, a layer of leftovers will form over the press. If this happens it won’t be clean enough to be used again.

The issue arises when you need to go through a lengthy process in order to wash it. Choose the burger press is washable by hand and then put directly into the dishwasher. If you employ any of these cleaning techniques it will take you a short time to clean your press for burgers is limited. This is the reason why it will be simpler to maintain your burger press.


There are some misunderstandings. Certain people favor a heavier hamburger press, while others prefer a lighter model.

A lighter version is best for making hamburger patties in large quantities. A heavier press is preferred when you wish to make use of the pressure of the press.

In a sense there is no reason to believe that one is superior to the other. It’s all about the method you choose to utilize the burger press.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why do smash burgers taste better?

Smash burgers are more appealing due to the fact that the cooking space of the patty is greater which means that the meat is cooked evenly.

2. What are the materials that burger presses are made from?

Burger presses are typically constructed from stainless steel, cast iron or steel. The material used to make the grip could be different.

3. How long will the burger press run?

A high-quality burger press is likely to last 3 to 5 years at the very least, more. This is in the event that you frequently use it throughout the week.

4. You should be paying close attention to the materials of the handle of a hamburger press?

The material used in the handle of a burger press does not matter except for personal preference. However, you must examine the design of the handle to make sure it’s ergonomic and easy to use.

5. Does the exterior of the press require greasing or oiling?

If it’s made from stainless steel, then it won’t need to be oiled more frequently. If it’s made of any other material A small amount of grease will ensure that the burger does not get stuck.

Wrapping Up

Making a great hamburger isn’t a Herculean job anymore. Concentrate on cooking the perfect burger patty. To do this you can choose from these top smash options for burger presses. After that, it will no longer necessary to be struggle with substandard hamburger patties.

With this buying guide, I give you the secrets to delicious hamburgers. If you use the proper technique and press it, you could even substitute the burgers you purchase at your favorite eatery. You can now simply purchase one of these and concentrate on the food instead of stressing about the cooking aspect.

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