10 Best SLA 3D Printers (September 2022) Reviews

It is hard to find any person who doesn’t like action figures, regardless of whether it’s a superhero or G.I. Joe. The past was a time when everyone loved miniatures. In reality, I owned my army of G.I. Joe Action figures.

If you’re still left buying the figures, there’s another option. It is now possible to 3D create your very own action figure.

3D printing nowadays is much simpler than it once was. Nowadays, finding an affordable printer to print models of high quality is not too expensive.

Numerous printers employ different printing technologies to create 3D models; I will concentrate specifically on SLA 3D printers.


As three-dimensional printing with SLA gives the best print quality for a low cost. The only drawback is the slower speed.

I’ll review all you should know about the top SLA 3D printers in this post. Since you’ll create these models for my pleasure, speed isn’t my main concern. I will provide a comprehensive analysis of the printers worth knowing about.

What is SLA Printing Technology? What’s the Process of An SLA 3D Printer Work?

Several different printing techniques are available today to 3D printers. SLA, also known as Stereolithography, is among the most popular and well-known methods. In addition, the two other techniques are LCD, Liquid Crystal Display, and DLP, which means Digital Light Processing.

The concept behind SLA printing was first thought of in the mind of Chuck Hull back in 1986. It is perhaps the oldest printing technique that has remained among the most effective and efficient methods if you are looking for high precision and accuracy for creating 3D-based models. But, it has been through many adjustments.

This printing method uses UV lasers and galvanometers (mirrors) to make the photosensitive resin before molding it into the desired shape. An SLA printer isn’t an individual item but a mix comprising a building plate, three galvanometers, a laser, and the resin vat.

What is the way that resin printers function? If you’re unfamiliar with resin printers, find out whether they’re right for you with this guide!

Top 10 Best SLA 3D Printers 2022

Once you have a basic understanding of the way an SLA printer works, let’s move on to the exciting part. You can find the ideal tool if you want to use this technology for business or a hobby. In the next part of this article, we’ll give our top choices for the top SLA 3D printers you can get available.

1. ANYCUBIC Photon Mono SE Resin 3D Printer

The Photon mono SE resin 3D Printer from the brand Anycubic is a great starting point for those who are just beginning to get into the field of 3D printing due to its reasonable price. It has no great capabilities but consistently provides high-quality prints and excellent speed.

With an XY resolution of 51 microns, this unit is a great choice. of the XY resolution; this model can produce 2560×1620 pixels with no issues. It’s no surprise that this means that you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality details and high-quality surfaces without having to spend much. Since the device requires only little support for complicated models, you’ll reduce the number of resin per printing.

Furthermore, the device has a high-resolution 2K monochrome LCD. Because monochrome LCDs are naturally superior to color LCDs, it is a fantastic feature to possess. Additionally, it’s very energy-efficient and durable, meaning you don’t need to worry about increasing electricity costs, even when using it often.

The main issue with the device is its low capacity for building. Despite its enormous design, however, the building capacity of the device is quite tiny. This means that you get the benefit of a more rapid printing speed which takes only 1.5 seconds to print every layer of your intricate model.

Key Features:

  • It is priced at an entry-level price.
  • Fantastic speed and quality of printing.
  • The device has a 51-micron resolution in XY.
  • Energy-efficient design.

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2. ELEGOO Mars 2 Mono MSLA 3D Printer

Nowadays, the market for 3D printers is filled with new companies trying to make this printer affordable and accessible to newcomers. Mercury Plus by Elegoo Mercury Plus by Elegoo is an office SLA printer that provides great functionality in smaller dimensions.

This printer is an obvious upgrade from the original Mars SLA printer by the brand. It has a higher resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels due to its 6-inch monochrome LCD. It’s a total of 50 microns in the x and y levels as opposed to the prior version’s 46 microns.

Despite its tiny size, it provides a substantial building area that lets you use larger models. It also comes with a great curing rate that allows rapid layering without wasting time. Unfortunately, this means that the cooling fans have to spin more quickly, resulting in a louder floor than normal.

But it shouldn’t be an obstacle if you’re searching for a premium SLA printer at a low cost.

While it may not be suitable for use in a commercial setting, it is one of the most effective SLA printers you could purchase if you’re an occasional user who wants to print 3D models as a pastime.

Key Features:

  • Compact design.
  • Fantastic build area.
  • A short curing time for the layer.
  • Quality and impressive print resolution.

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3. 10-Resin LONGER, Orange 3D Printer with Parallel LED Lighting

Next, in the next installment, we’ll look at a different basic SLA 3D printer that provides excellent value for the cost. Its model Orange 10 by Longer has an incredible array of features, making it an excellent choice for commercial and casual usage. Even with its modest price tag, it delivers exceptional performance.

The exclusive slicer included in the device boasts faster performance when compared to another after-market one. Since it is configured to work with the manufacturer’s printer, you will not have to waste time configuring it. This is as easy a plug-and-play as you can get using 3D printers.

Furthermore, the print quality it produces is quite impressive for the cost of the device. If you’ve had experience with any FDM printers before this, then this SLA printer is an enormous improvement in performance.

With an elevation of .02 to .01 millimeters, you’ll be able to draw intricate details in your 3D models with no difficulties.

There is an integrated overheat protection system within the unit; it could cause problems in certain situations. If the unit detects too much heat-accumulating, it will shut down the system automatically. Although it’s a fantastic security feature, it could adversely affect your workflow in a certain way.

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Key Features:

  • It is priced at an affordable cost.
  • The height of the layer varies between .02 to .01 millimeters.
  • It has its exclusive slicer.
  • Built-in overheat prevention system.

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4. ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer

If you liked it, or even the Photon Mono SE, which took the top spot on our list but would prefer something less expensive and less expensive, the Photon Mono Original might be the best option. It has many of the same features as its Special Edition version but understandably cuts corners in certain places to reduce the price.

The print speed remains good due to the monochrome LCD. You can count on as little as two seconds for printing every layer of your preferred model without losing a single amount of accuracy and quality. For the casual user, this is all you require.

Its superior resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels is equivalent to 51 microns along both axes. This will allow you to create precise details in any 3D model. This might not be revolutionary in the current world; however, the performance is impressive at this cost.

We’d recommend this printer to anyone looking to purchase the SLA printer initially. Despite its tiny model, it offers an adequate build capacity. It can print models with dimensions of 165x80x 130 millimeters, which will be plenty for the average user.

Key Features:

  • Decent printing space.
  • Fantastic printing resolution.
  • Prints each layer at high speed.
  • Ideal for use in casual situations.

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5. EPAX X1N-DJ UV 5.5 Inch LCD 3D Printer

Up to now, we’ve focused on low-cost entry-level models geared towards amateurs who do not have much time. If you’re looking for a 3D printer for business reasons and you are looking for a commercially oriented printer, the X1 EPAX could be a great choice that comes at a reasonable cost.

The device has an LCD screen that can produce 47 microns in both X and resolutions Y. Therefore, you can anticipate 2560×1440 pixels, which is an outstanding quality of detail with every print. For commercial printing, We do not want anything lower than this.

Chiu Box software comes with an SD card slot to provide flexibility. While it is slightly lower than the other models, it’s quick enough to deliver outstanding performance. The estimated time to cure a layer of this model is seven seconds. It runs on ChiTu Box software.

After you buy, the manufacturer will supply you with a selection of resins that will get you off right from the box. But, you’re not limited to the resins provided because they can be used with virtually all resins available. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about running out of the raw materials needed for printing.

Key Features:

  • 2k resolution LCD.
  • Ideal for commercial use.
  • It also comes with it with an SD card slot.
  • It has a variety of resins.

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6. Creality The Creality

For a large portion of the population, Creality is the go-to budget-friendly brand for 3D printers. It’s an upgraded version of their earlier model, the LD-002R. The LD-002H, even with its low cost, is packed with features that will put most of the most popular 3D printers to the test. It deserves the rightful place in the top ten most inexpensive SLA printers.

If we compare this printer with any other direction, we could say it’s a superior version of the Mars 2 Pro by Elegoo. However, this version of the Mars 2 Pro features a higher price and doesn’t come in with the activated carbon filters, which gives the LD002H an advantage in the race to be the best choice for a budget-friendly printer.

As you would think, the model has a monochrome LCD with a resolution of 1620x 2560 pixels that provides stunning detail with every print. Printing speed is impressive, with a curing time of 1 – 2 minutes per layer.

It also has a lot of room regarding building space, with a size of 130 x 82 millimeters. Therefore, you’ll be able to create miniatures without a problem finding space. In addition, its easy-to-use layout makes it easy to use even if you have much knowledge of this gadget.

Key Features:

  • It has an activated carbon filter.
  • Monochrome 2k LCD screen.
  • Fantastic speed of printing.
  • It is simple to use.

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7. QIDI TECH Shadow 6.0 Pro 3D Printer

The next option we will consider is going with our favorite Shadow 6.0 Pro 3D Printer under the brand Qidi Tech. When it comes to budget-friendly printers are concerned, this is among our top picks. It has a great price-performance ratio, making it an excellent choice for novice and more experienced users.

The device comes with two-kilo LCD screens, as do other models. The screen, however, is slightly bigger, approximately 6 inches, instead of the standard 5 – or 5.5 inches. The screen also features its Matrix UV LED, which allows you to experience superior quality print every time you use it.

The speed of printing on the model is also pretty good; however, it is a bit slow compared to other printers in this list. Each printing layer takes between 5 and 6 minutes, which isn’t the most efficient but not an issue for many individuals. If you need more speedy printing, it is possible to have better results using a different alternative.

Since the printer is designed for beginners and novices, it has a simple and easy interface. Yes, it can produce high-quality prints; however, even if you don’t have much experience in 3D printers, you shouldn’t have any issues working with it. It’s a good option for any person.

Key Features:

  • It has a 2K LCD screen.
  • Moderate speed of printing.
  • Simple to use.
  • The LED is a Matrix. The UV LED is a feature of the Matrix.

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8. UnIZ IBEE 4K SLA 3D Printer

Its IBEE 3D LCD printer manufactured by the brand UNIZ has a moderate price appropriate for commercial and casual use. But, because of the slightly higher cost and the higher performance capabilities, we recommend this printer to those who wish to utilize it for professional purposes.

While all other models on our list featured a maximum resolution of 2K, This model has an LCD with a monochrome resolution of 4k, which is very rare to come across at this price.

Therefore, you can expect to receive the finest clarity and detail in your print. If you don’t want to compromise the quality of your print, this is the product you’re looking for

It can print at a speed of 80 millimeters a minute, which is remarkable considering the level of detail it will provide. Additionally, it gives you a huge build area with dimensions of 200 x 192 x 120 millimeters. This means you’ll be able to print larger models without problems.

It has various connectivity options, including WiFi and Ethernet, and can also be connected to a USB flash drive. It is, in essence, a desktop SLA printer, which means that it is a small light structure. Even if you’re working in an unwieldy workspace, it will not pose any issues.

High-end unit designed for use in professional settings. Key Features:

  • 4k resolution monochrome LCD.
  • Impressive build volume. Speed of printing of 80mm per hour.

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Zortax is a name that was primarily involved with FDM printers. The INKSPIRE is their very first foray into the world of SLA 3D printing. And the boy did it leave an impression!

It is one of the top SLA 3D printers available for a large budget.

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If you’re looking for print speed, this machine delivers. It can print at speeds of between 20 and 36 mm every hour; this machine is among the fastest 3D printers currently available.

Despite the faster speed, however, its quality print is not affected. The consistency in quality and speed makes it stand out from other printers.

This model has a high-quality output due to its UV LCD printing process. This method is significantly faster than the standard SLA and typically provides higher build volumes and quality. Whatever design you select in the CAD program it will be reproduced perfectly.

In the purchase, makers include a set of premium resins that will aid you in your journey. If you are out of resin, it is possible to use nearly any other resin with no issues.

While the printer is more expensive, it offers a low price per print, making it a good choice for commercial printing.

Key Features:

  • UV Printing technology using LCD.
  • Printing speed is quick and efficient.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Prints at a low cost.

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10. MALYAN SLA Printer

To conclude our review list, In the next installment, we’ll look at an amazing SLA Resin 3D printer by the company MALYAN. It’s a very cost-effective device ideal for people who want to play with 3D printing. While it’s not the most well-known model, The quality of the product is very good.

The most appealing feature of the product is its greater build size. It features a total build area of 192 x 120x 300 mm, which makes it a great option for creating bigger models and prototypes. This gives you a wide range of possibilities for creativity at a low price; it’s an excellent alternative to consider.

It also provides a superior quality of print due to its 4K LCD with high resolution. At the resolution of this unit, it will need less than two seconds to print every layer. In addition, thanks to its Dynamic Parallel Matrix UV LED, the printer is very energy efficient and keeps your costs for production lower.

It is very accessible to novices thanks to its simple-to-use interface. It runs the exclusive Malyan Slic3r software. It is calibrated before you buy it, eliminating many of the headaches associated with installing a 3D printer for an initial time. It is a fantastic option if you’re on a tight budget, but you need a top-quality printer to use on your own.

Key Features:

  • Compact design.
  • It is equipped with a 4K LCD screen.
  • Fantastic speed of printing.
  • Printing costs and energy are low.

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best SLA 3D Printer

In the case of 3D printers, there’s no absolute “one printer is best for all” kind of standard. What works well for one person may not be your best choice. This is why we attempted to cover a broad range of options at various prices in our collection of reviews that can appeal to a wider variety of individuals.

There are a handful of things we looked at important to make sure that the printer is in line with our standards. Spending the time to look through these aspects can help you determine which printer is the right option for your needs.

Without further delay, Here are a few essential factors to consider when purchasing the SLA 3D printer for your own.

The first thing to determine before purchasing the SLA resin printer would be the print quality. If the print quality isn’t good, there’s no need to invest in it. The printers we reviewed have top printing quality, and a few are fairly affordable.

If you’re new to 3D printing, the quality of prints will likely be lacking. It is due to your abilities and capabilities.

Naturally, the longer you devote to a particular printer, the better prints will look. It is also important to keep this in mind when evaluating your print quality overall.

Build Volume

The maximum amount of built printers can handle an important factor to consider when purchasing the SLA 3D printing kit.

If you are looking to print huge models, then you require a printer that has a larger capacity. The build volume of a printer doesn’t directly affect the cost.

That means you can get several low-cost SLA printers with greater built-in capacity. However, the quality of prints on low-cost SLA printers could not be as great.

This is why you must find a way to balance print volume and quality. It’s generally not ideal to compromise printing quality for a higher build volume.

Many different variables influence the speed of printing of the SLA printer. For instance, if you’re opting for better print quality speeds, your speed could be impacted by a significant amount. On the other hand, when you reduce the quality of printing, many 3D printers will have a higher speed.

There isn’t a way to estimate the precise printing speed for your printer. The best thing you can do is examine the various numbers it displays with various quality levels. This will give you an idea of the amount of speed you can anticipate for your output quality.

Easy To Use

There was when you needed the qualifications of an engineer to understand how to operate the 3D printer. They were costly and exclusive. But these days are over, and many budget 3D printers can learn quickly.

If you’re a fanatic and want to print 3D models now and then, You’ll benefit from an easy device.

Having the most intricate features you could not utilize is not necessary. But, if you intend to use it for work, it might not be your best option.


A 3D printer reproduces the model you create using a slice or a CAD application. If the printer’s accuracy isn’t high, it won’t be able to print the model accurately. The more accurate printing, the better model will appear when printing it.

If you’re within a tight budget, precision is the main factor to consider. Our list has been compiled meticulously, ensuring our list’s accuracy isn’t affected.

If you’re looking to purchase a product that is not on our list, you must be cautious to ensure you don’t make the wrong decision.


Durability is a major concern when buying a product. In the case of SLA printers, the issue is made more acute due to the pricey nature of this kind of device.

A budget-friendly unit can cost you about a hundred dollars. Make sure that the money you spend is not going to waste.

Examine the maintenance requirements of the printer as well as the available building materials. It’s also beneficial to browse through different forums to learn about the printer before deciding to invest your money.

The final thing you’d like to do is to purchase a product that needs maintenance and troubleshooting every couple of months.

Material Compatibility

The SLA 3D printer uses resin as the base material for constructing the 3D model. There are a variety of kinds of resins that are available in the marketplace.

While some resins can be cheap, some resins can be very expensive. If your device needs a certain kind of resin, it could be a challenge for you.

Make sure that you choose one that can work with more varieties of resins.

This way, you’ll get the resin easily from a local store without needing to call the manufacturer to inquire about the particular resin. This will greatly increase your versatility when using the printer.

Customer Support

Although 3D printers are becoming easier to use, they are still very complex devices that require regular maintenance. If you’re uncomfortable taking care of the device yourself, you must contact the manufacturer and request qualified professionals to fix it.

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That’s where great customer service comes in handy. If the printer you purchase comes from a trusted brand, there’s an excellent possibility that they will provide top customer service. If you have a problem with your printer, you can count on the manufacturer for assistance—with your issue.


The cost is a major element if you consider investing in the SLA 3D printer. It is not always feasible for everyone to purchase the highest-priced model on the market. Fortunately, not everyone needs the highest-priced machine.

The first thing you need to do is to set your sights on a budget that is fixed. It is important to know your needs and consider your options objectively intoet the most from your investment. Knowing what you can spend can help you cut costly units from your wish list.

So, you can choose a few models and study their specifications closely to determine which model best meets your requirements. A model that is too expensive or has complicated features is not recommended if you do not need it.

The Benefits of Using An SLA Printer

An SLA printer provides many benefits, whether you utilize it for commercial purposes or create tiny models as a hobby. While there are various kinds of 3D printers, it is believed that the SLA printer can be the best option because of various factors.

In the next part of this report, we’ll provide a short overview of the main advantages you can enjoy making use of the SLA printer:

Precise 3D Prints

Using the SLA printer can be your best choice if you’re looking for the highest quality printing for 3D models. Because it uses lasers to print intricate details using resin as raw materials, The quality of prints is superior.

Smooth Surface Finish

Precision isn’t the only positive aspect of SLA printers. The print’s texture is also more smooth after the print is completed. This is why professionals and amateurs choose this printer over modelers that fused deposition.

The Variety of Materials

SLA printers make use of readily available resins. There is also the option of purchasing LCD resins, which are less expensive than standard resins.

Lower Production Cost

While the price of resins may be a little higher than filaments, the cost of printing using SLA printers is considerably less. Even if you need to shell out a little more for your printer, your cost for production will be much lower, giving you more price.

Large Volume

Today, most of the custom-designed hearing aids available are produced using SLA 3D printing technology. Since the cost of production of SLA printers is less expensive, it is possible to produce more. Furthermore, it allows the production of any 3D design you like without a trouble.

Stiffness and Strength

Another advantage of SLA printing models is their overall rigidity and strength of the model. It is possible to create sturdy and durable models with this type of printer, which will not crack or break upon impact. It all depends on the resin you use to create your model.

Chemical Resistant

Due to the versatility of the resins, you can use in conjunction with your SLA printer, the models you print using are typically very robust. Additionally, you can utilize resins that provide your models with chemical resistance. Be sure not to compromise high-end quality resin.

High-Resolution Prints

If you’re looking for high-quality prints, then an SLA printer is sure to please you. The great thing is that plenty of low-cost options can print high-quality prints at affordable prices. We have covered a few of them in our list.

SLA Vs 3D printers from FDM: Which Is Best?

The word FDM refers to Fused Deposition Modeling. This kind of 3D printer will be the most commonly used one you can find in the marketplace. We’ve already talked about the way SLA printers function. Before we discuss the differences, you must know the basic concepts of FDM 3D.

In the same way, an SLA printer uses resin as the raw material, and FDM printers use thermoplastic filaments. This kind of printer melts plastic before laying it on the print bed to recreate the 3D model you created in your CAD software.

SLA printer. Filaments are less expensive in comparison to resins. Additionally, the speed of printing with the FDM printer is much higher. However, the quality of prints is much better when you use SLA printers. This is why most commercial customers choose SLA printers instead of FDM ones.

While each SLA or FDM printer needs a little learning about proper use, FDM printers might be simpler. It’s a less complicated printer than SLA printers and, therefore, more suitable for new users unfamiliar with 3D printing.

If you’re wondering which is the better option, there’s no one right answer. SLA printers are the most obvious winner for printing quality and precision. But, for those trying to find the cheapest method to start 3D printing, FDM printers provide the best solution.

Frequently Answered Questions

Here are the answers to several questions you might ask regarding SLA 3D Printers.

Is SLA 3D Printers expensive?

There was an era when SLA 3D printers were considered too costly for use in casual settings. But, nowadays, numerous inexpensive options are useful when you want to use them for part of your hobby. The list of reviews we have included focuses on a few affordable models you could find appealing.

Are 3D printer resins able to be used in conjunction with other printing devices? have A Expiry Date?

Yes. Regardless of the resin’s quality or price, they all have an expiration date. Most resins can be used for one year.

But, you can use the resin even when it is expired. However, the effectiveness of the resin will decrease drastically; therefore, it’s better to buy a fresh batch if you can afford it.

Should I wear Protective Gear While Working with A SLA 3D Printer?

Yes. Resin is an extremely toxic substance that can lead to severe health issues if you don’t take precautions. It is possible to develop a rash when it gets on the skin. If it gets into your lungs, you’ll need urgently visit the hospital.

It is recommended to wear protective gear, such as gloves or masks, to protect yourself when working with a 3D printer.

Are you concerned about the health risks of printing with a 3D printer? Resin is a poison that can cause harm to your health. Here’s what you must be aware of to protect yourself! Find More Information: What is the risk of Resin 3D printing?

Wrapping Up!

SLA printing isn’t everybody’s preferred method of printing. The purchase of the first SLA 3D printer can be an essential step in understanding the various techniques and techniques of printing 3D models with the precision of a professional. It’s lots of mistakes and trials; however, that’s all part of the learning process. There’s a little learning curve involved there.

As you practice, The printing quality you print will increase in no time. However, these printers I have suggested will surely assist you through the process of making and learning.

Our article on the top SLA 3D printers can assist you in determining the best printer for you.

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