7 Best Sausage Stuffer (September 2022) Reviews

A special sausage stuffer is typically the last step in your path to becoming a sausage-loving madman.

You’ve probably already tried making your own and have become frustrated the use of a caulking gun or the attachment included with the meat grinder.

In this article we will provide the best sausage stuffers available for cooking your own sausage.

We’ll also discuss the various options available on the market, and offer some suggestions for how to use your new gadget.

If you are looking to learn more about home sausage making , we suggest the MEAT! Your Maker 5lb Sausage Stuffer. The stuffer is manual but it comes with a variety of features to allow it to be used easily and will not cost you over the top.

If you don’t own one, make sure you look over our top food grinder review guide too.

Meat! 5lb Vertical Sausage Stuffer


  • Simple and smooth cranking
  • The valve for air release ensures that there is no air in your sausages
  • A removable cylinder makes it easy to clean and load


  • Base is prone to slide around during the crank is turned

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Top 7 Best Sausage Stuffer 2022

1. Best Overall – Hakka 7Lb/3L Sausage Stuffer

A step up in terms of size and cost we offer this Hakka Brothers vertical sausage stuffer.

We examined the vertical option, however Hakka offer a wide selection of choices. You can pick from both horizontal and vertical options, and capacities that range from 7lb to 30lb vertically and 7lb to 15lb for horizontal.

The quality of the build and the features do not alter, so consider the amount of meat you’d like to process. The greater the quantity, the greater number of sausages you could create in one batch without the need to replenish.

It is important to remember that in actual use, you won’t be able to accommodate the exact size of the meat inside the. In the 11lb stuffer it could be 9lbs.

The plate, the base the cylinder, the canister, and stuffing tubes are all made of stainless steel, and all components that come in contact with food directly meet the SGS food hygiene standards.

The handle is well-sized and it is possible to switch to two speeds, based on the angle on the hand.

The base is solid and sturdy. It won’t move on the bench when you’re stuffing.

What We Like About:

  • Chrome and stainless steel construction – All components that make up the Hakka Stuffer, from the small gears, to the frame made of stainless steel, are made to last.
  • Ergonomic handle Chrome-plated polypropylene handle is specifically designed to be ergonomically made more comfortable to use and easier to turn. This is great when you’re making lots of sausage in one go. It is able to be fitted to both the two-speed gears and remains steady regardless of the gear you select.
  • A Convenient Cylinder The cylinder of the Hakka Stuffer is tilted back in order to make it easy to fill. This is particularly pleasing considering the size of the item when it is placed on counters.
  • Air Release Valve The piston made of metal air release valve allows air to escape from at the very top of piston. This decreases the risk of your sausages forming huge air bubbles to pop when you work.

Our Things That We Do Not Like:

  • Meat Catches at the Elbow The elbow of the tube has an unavoidable tendency for the casings to bunch around the bend of the tube. This can cause kinks in your links and can ruin the quality of your chain. It’s recommended to start slow until you have an understanding of how fast you can achieve reliable results.

Its Hakka Sausage Stuffer is a sturdy and effective manual stuffer that is ideal for your daily or weekly sausage stuffing requirements.

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2. Best Electric Sauge Stuffer – LEM 20 Pound Motorized Sausage Stuffer

The move to a 20-pound motorized sausage stuffer will definitely put you in the category of the enthusiastic.

If you have to process large quantities of sausage and other sausages, you’ll appreciate the one person operating, power, and precision in the LEM motorized stuffer. There are 8 speeds based on the speed you’d like to go.

The foot switch is included to let you free your hands. Once you’ve had the chance to make sausage using one, you’ll never return.

In addition, there are four stuffing tubes measuring 1/2 5/8 1″ and 1-1/4”..

We like:

  • Solo operationThis will enable you to make sausages in just a fraction of the time using the foot switch as opposed to manual stuffers.
  • Automated shutoffThere is no need to manually switch off once you have reached your lowest point.
  • Clean up is easy The stainless steel cyclindar can be removed to make cleanup quick and easy
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We don’t like:

  • It is heavy to moveIt weighs 37.5 pounds, which makes it easier to stay in place, but makes it heavy to move around in the kitchen.

This item is available in a variety of sizes and only two can be motorized (20 or 30 lb versions) so make sure you pick the appropriate one before you buy.

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3. For KitchenAid – KitchenAid SSA Sausage Stuffer Kit Attachment

A lot of serious sausage makers begin using their KitchenAid meat grinder and sausage maker kit, before moving on to a separate grinder such as one like the Hakka as well as the LEM.

I would not recommend following the KitchenAid option if you are planning to make several hundred pounds of sausage per year.

If, on the other hand are just looking to get started making your own sausage , and already own an KitchenAid standing mixer, this grinder with stuffer kit is a good alternative.

If you choose to purchase the metal food grinder attachment that already comes with the sausage-stuffed tubes should you choose the plastic option you’ll have to purchase the tubes separately.

We have a more in-depth review of the KitchenAid Meat Grinder review that you can look over.

This video you will observe the entire sausage making process using the KitchenAid attachments.

What to make Homemade Sausage

The kit is comprised of two different stuffing tubes , which are the 3/8 and 5/8 inches respectively.

The tubes are joined by an attachment ring made of plastic to attach them to the KitchenAid grinder securely.

Each of the tubes are constructed from a tough plastic that is safe for dishwashers for easy cleaning.

The purchase is also protected by a one-year warranty.

What We Like

  • low cost If you have an KitchenAid This is an cheap option to start making with your very own meat.
  • Easy switching Switching between tubes is a breeze due to the attachment rings. Unscrewing it only takes two seconds, and it will keep the tight seal to keep air or sausage from leakage when they shouldn’t.

Things We Do Not Like:

  • Small Capacity The tubes are based on the capacity already low of the KitchenAid unit.
  • can block easily – Based on the kind of meat you’re making use of, these tube-like stuffers can be blocked.

Given the cost and the low cost, this is an excellent option for those who are planning to make sausage on occasion or in small quantities and already have an KitchenAid grinder.

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4 Happybuy Manual Sausage Stuffer 24.2lb


  • Size of the unit: 26.8” x 12.8″ 10.6” x 10.6”
  • Capacity: 7.7lb
  • Weight: 24.2lb


A Happybuy Manual Sausage Stuffer is a sturdy and well-built device that, in a nutshell does the job.

Manufacturer, VEVOR The manufacturer, VEVOR is a US firm based in the United States that started in 2007. They have earned an enviable reputation for their high-quality products.

The thing I like with this item is its stuffing tubes which come in 5 sizes: 0.63, 0.87, 0.98, 1.26, and 1.50 inches. The review in this article, VEVOR is rated as having the most extensive assortment of tubes. It is possible to crank out massive hits.

If I had to change just one aspect of this sausage stuffer, it is its sharp edge. I’d feel safer when using it, without having to be vigilant about my fingers. I’m hoping that the next models will include this new feature.

The 7lb cylinder is an adequate size. It’s not as large than those 15lb Kitchener model however it’s suitable for many homemade sausage making.

The Good

* Fantastic selection of sizes of stuffing tubes
* Solid construction
* Valves for air release
* Simple to take apart and remove and

Potential Problems

* Handle could be rusty
* Sharp corners

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5. LEM Product 1606 5 Pound Stainless Steel Horizontal Sausage Stuffer

This is the less expensive manually operated version electronic stuffer we’ve already looked at.

It is available in a variety of sizes, and it is available in horizontal and vertical variations.

It is the vertical manual stuffer from LEM is equipped with a cylinder that can be easily removed for cleaning and filling. It isn’t necessary to move the stuffer when you begin your task.

There are two clamps that anchor the unit to the countertop, and three different stuffing tubes to accommodate different dimensions of links.

The warranty is two years that covers labor and parts. All of these elements are what make this product very worth the cost.

What We Like About:

  • Cylinder – The ability to lift the cylinder out makes it much simpler to put your casing in unlike others vertical stuffers. Instead of lifting the meat or casing over the cylinder (which could be difficult especially if you’re short) it is possible to lift the cylinder and put the items in at a height that is more suitable or at a different location.
  • Gears made of carbon steel The gears are constructed of carbon steel, which ensures their longevity and dependability. As you turn the handle, you can feel how strong and smooth the filling process feels. The gears aren’t prone to any jams or slips that are common.
  • Release valve for air Similar to our top choice overall the LEM Stuffer also has an internal piston that has a release valve that lets air escape from its top. This makes your sausage is more uniform and also means you don’t need to make into the casing in order to remove air bubbles. But, this piston is made from hard plastic, not steel, which makes it slightly less robust than the one found that’s on the Hakka.

What We Don’t LikeAbout Us:

  • Clamps aren’t big The clamps that come with them are a nice addition however they are too thin to only be suitable for use with smaller countertops. This means that they will not work with a lot of counters in the kitchen that are commonplace.
  • Handle is loose The gears are designed to ensure that they turn smoothly without slippage. However, the attachment to the handle is loose. It’s simple to loosen the handle or slide off, even when you’re moving slowly while taking it slow.
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6. VIVO Vertical Sausage Stuffer V003

This sausage stuffer made by Vivo has a lot similarity to the Hakka as well as LEM.

There are three models to choose from 3-7L models, which all are dual gear , but you may choose to use a one gear for the 3L model.

The savings are only marginal, therefore we’d recommend opting for the dual gear model, however.

The cylinder and spout are both made of stainless steel, while other pieces are composed from different types of plastic or metal.

The kit includes four nozzles in the total. This is more than other options we’ve presented to you so far. The dimensions of these nozzles range from 0.4 millimeters, 0.79 inch, 1.18 inch 1.18 inches, and 1.57 inches, respectively.

The cylinder is especially beneficial, as it mirrors the Hakka’s idea of tilting backwards to allow for simple filling and clean.

The gears utilized by this machine have plenty of power to prevent them from colliding or stalling even when you put lots of meat in the machine at the same time. This stuffer can accommodate as much as 7 pounds of food in one batch.

The handle is simple to move.

This V003 Stuffer also has an aluminum piston and air valve. The piston is further augmented by a gasket made of rubber that keeps the sausage from leaching through the air release valve.

Cleaning the unit is easy since it’s designed for ease of removal and storage. This is fantastic for those who have a busy kitchen, and you need to put your stuff in a cabinet when it’s not being used.

However, the build doesn’t seem to be at the same that our two top stuffers.

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7. Super Deal 5L Heavy Duty Vertical Sausage Stuffer

This stuffer for sausages is constructed using a stainless steel body as well as all-metal gears and piston.

Its Super Deal cylinder can be removed in order to refill it or clean it much more easily unlike the models that tilt we’ve looked at previously. It can accommodate five L (or 11 pounds) of food at one time.

It includes four stuffing tubes , which are also made from stainless steel. They are hypoallergenic.

A locking nut is also included which stops the sausage from seeingping when it is inserted into the casing.

You can pick between two different speed of stuffing. Furthermore this handle can be used by right-handed and left-handed people.

The Super Deal Stuffer’s bottom comes with four suction nozzles that ensure the stability of your countertop. Although they work to an extent, they’re not nearly as solid as we’d prefer.

Find the most current cost at Amazon.

Do you require an sausage stuffer?

If you have a the meat mill you may already contain a sausage stuffing feature.

Then why would you want to spend your cash on a specific sausage stuffer?

Meat grinders are made to crush to make meat (duh!) and are not designed and specially designed for loading ground meat into sausage casings similar to a stuffer.

A sausage stuffer that is specifically designed has advantages, such as:

  • It’s simpler to manage a sausage casing by using an stuffer
  • It is possible to stuff more sausage and quicker, using an inflator
  • Stuffers are great for large quantities of sausage.

If you’re planning on eating sausage regularly it is possible to get more value from the sausage stuffer than you would with a meat mill.

However If you only consume sausage occasionally, it might not be economically worth it to buy the additional machine.

It is all dependent on what you need.

Things to think about when buying the sausage stuffer

These are the top things to be aware of when you are choosing the perfect sausage stuffer.

Sort of sausage stuffer

There are three kinds of sausage stuffers you could come across.

  • Sausage stuffers made of Horn They are hand-crafted and typically comprised from cast iron. They occasionally plated with chrome or tin to keep the rust from developing with time. Horn stuffers usually hold up to 5 pounds of sausage per batch.
  • Vertical sausage stuffers come in motorized and manual versions. They usually come with a larger cylinder that can accommodate up to 20lbs of meat in one batch. Because the cylinder is turned in a side direction, the sausage comes out of one side and then is pushed into the opposite.
  • Vertical sausage stuffers are the most commonly used and well-known type of sausage stuffer that are available. They are available in manual or motorized versions. This cylinder for stuffing is set upwards, and sausages emerge at the base of the tub from the horizontal shoot.

The 5lb Meat! option we reviewed is a vertical manual stuffer


The majority of sausage stuffers listed in this guide are available in a variety of sizes.

You’re looking for one that’s sufficient to ensure that you aren’t always reloading it, but it must also fit into your kitchen and you must be able to move it around. Few people prefer to leave their sauage stuffer in the counter all day long.

The majority of sausage stuffers for home use begin at 3 pounds. They can increase to 30, or more.

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We’ve found that anywhere between 5-10 is ideal for the majority of people. Hunters or those who are processing a significant amount of meat might require 20lbs or more of a stuffer. 5lb stuffer

There is also a cost to buy larger size.

The motorized and the manual. Manual

It is possible to find sausage stuffers with manual or motorized models.

Electric or motorized sausage stuffers cost more than manual sausage stuffers.

They have a benefit in that they tend to be quicker in filling up sausage tube. They are also easier to utilize than manual stuffers because no muscular strength is required from your side.

The most motorized toys have a pedal on the foot that frees your hands.

Manual sausage stuffers are available in a variety of sizes and designs. These types of stuffers wherever you want as the existence in a power outlet isn’t required.

Manual stuffers are generally smaller and less bulky than electronic stuffers. They are usually linked on a meat grinding unit.

They are also less expensive than electric ones. One of the biggest disadvantages is that you don’t be able to concentrate on making the sausages.

Sausage stuffing is usually an occupation for two people. One person is either turning on the crank with a hand or operates the switch on an electric motor. The other person moves the sausage casing and pushes air pockets out.

However, a foot switch removes the requirement for an additional person. A foot switch lets the user to turn an electric stuffer off or on and allows you to make use of your hands to manage the sausage’s casing. Electric stuffers with foot switches typically are priced a bit higher than those that don’t. However, this is useful in the event that you don’t need help creating your own homemade sausage.


Don’t forget to mention the cost.

For a quality and dependable gift You are likely to be the price of $100.

This will give you an extremely high-end product that will last for a long time.

We suggest spending a bit more money if it’s possible, and purchasing the highest quality sausage stuffer that you could. It’s more likely that you’ll purchase a top-quality sausage gift if you pay little more. It could also help you save on costs in the future because higher-end items aren’t as likely to fail and require an entirely new model.

How to use a Sausage Stuffer

One of the best ways to know how to operate the sausage stuffer is to experience it working. You can observe the basic procedure in this video (the sound quality may not be the best however).

Making SausageHow to use the stuffer for making sausage links

We’ve broken the steps down for you further below. There are also some helpful suggestions in this article.

  1. Clean the sausage tube using an absorbent paper towel, which is best coated in vegetable oil. This will provide lubrication to the interior of the tube and help make it easier to move the sausage casing.
  2. Put your casing in the tube for stuffing. Make sure you leave enough space at both ends so that you are able to grab it. Attach the other end of the casing to ensure that your ground meat does not spill from the top as it’s filled. Make use of butcher twine or the ring of a hog.
  3. Inject air holes near the top of the casing, so that the air trapped within the casing escapes without forming bubbles.
  4. You’ll require either an accomplice or foot switch for your next move. After you have made sure that the casing is securely seated within the tube of stuffing Start putting the ground meat into the. Make use of your hand-crank or switch to turn off and on to control your speed when stuffing. Another person or your hands, should be able to control the sausage casing to keep it in place when it is filled with ground meat.
  5. Once your casing has been full to the length you want, switch the stuffer off and then pinch the casing to the point close to the beginning in the chain. The casing can be turned several times in order to link it correctly.
  6. Continue to add more sausage links after filling up the casing with twists as you go, separating the chain. After each link you add ensure that you rotate the casing to the same direction to the link that is following it. This prevents all chains from separating.
  7. Make sure to wash your sausage stuffer well and keep your meat safe.

Read our tutorial to the steps to making sausage at home..

Make your own sausage

Each of these options are great to stuff sausages, but the meat! The Your Maker 5-lb sausage Stuffer is the ideal choice for the majority of people. It’s made of durable and safe parts and an incredibly designed cylindrical.

Cleaning and operating the sausage stuffer is simpler than using grinding or filling your casings manually.

Meat! 5lb Vertical Sausage Stuffer


  • Easy and smooth cranking
  • The valve for air release ensures that you don’t let air get into your sausages
  • A removable cylinder makes it easy to clean and load


  • Base is prone to slide around during the crank is turned


Enjoy your delicious homemade sausage! Read our guide to smoking sausage and smoke Irish bangers recipe for inspiration on making sausage.

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