10 Best Salt Cellar (October 2022) Reviews

A kitchen without an salt cellar. This small cabinet can be used to store everything from Morton’s kosher salt up to flaky sea salt. If you’re looking for a stylish and attractive solution for storing your salt and other salt, a salt cellar ought to be among your top options.

However, the question is which is the most reputable salt cellar? The possibilities are endless! There are a variety of salt cellars that are available on the market, however they are not all equally effective. This is why it’s difficult to choose which is best for you.

After looking through a variety of salt cellars, and weighing various factors such as shape, size and durability as well as lid design We narrowed it down to 10 choices.

Then we put each of them through a rigorous assessment to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

What is an Salt Cellar?

The salt cellar can be described as a tiny container constructed of glass or ceramic that is specifically designed to hold salt. Salt cellars are usually elaborate and attractive and are employed to provide salt on the table at dinner.

First salt cellars constructed by carving out pieces of animal Horns. Nowadays, they are often made of glass, wood, porcelain or silver.

Salt cellars were in use for centuries they have fluctuated and flowed with time. Nowadays, they’re getting a boost in recognition as more people are discovering their utility and aesthetic value.

Top 10 Best Salt Cellar 2022

Each item that is on our top-rated list has been chosen according to a set of criteria. We also took into account users’ opinions to guarantee an honest review. So, without further delay we’ll move on to our top-rated list .

1. Salt Cellar with Magnetic Swivel Lid by Bamboo Totally Bamboo

Are you in search of an unusual salt cellar that’s both beautiful to behold and practical? If yes, then this Totally Bamboo Salt Cellar is the perfect choice for you! It is simple but functional This salt cellar is an excellent addition to your kitchen.

With its stylish design and its rotating lid you will be able to easily gain access to salt and other items without needing to open the cabinet completely.

Its beautiful and sustainable natural ‘Moso’ bamboo frame is safe for use, making it an ideal option for those who appreciate green kitchenware. Apart from its utility and versatility, the magnetic lid swivel makes sure that salt remains well-organized and easily accessible, regardless of where you are within the kitchen.

The bamboo container looks beautiful and is a great place to keep up to 6 fluid inches of table salt, gourmet salt as well as spices, herbs or spices in the kitchen. It is also a great option in the outside kitchen for storage of small items like office supplies, jewelry and more.

Furthermore, the natural bamboo structure means that your salt cellar will not consume any additional energy or resources once it’s time to get an upgrade. This creates a fantastic salt cellar with lid you’ll be able to love!

Key Features:

  • Made of natural bamboo
  • A compact and light design that is ideal to make it easy to carry
  • Design of the lid that swivels and features an innovative magnetic lock to make it easy to gain access
  • Small, yet large enough
  • Also useful as a small storage container

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2. Tablecraft Glass Salt Cellar with Lid

The salt cellar by Tablecraft has a stunning glass top with a lid that will allow you to keep your spices and salts efficiently organized. The storage area is easy to clean and comes with elegant design that will fit in with any kitchen design.

It will have a more radiant appearance when you examine it closer; this is due to the fact that it is constructed from durable and tempered jadeite glass that has smooth, polished surface. Additionally, it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe, too.

If you are a fan of keeping your kitchen clean you’ll certainly be impressed by the salt labelling that’s been engraved on its back.

It measures 3.13 inches tall in height and 3.75 inches wide This salt container may be on the smaller size, but it has plenty of space to store your salt or other condiments or spices It can hold approximately 9-ounces of salt.

The salt cellar has a the sleek lid, which allows you to easily get access to your salt, without opening the whole cabinet. This is the best solution to meet your storage requirements, since it’s a light hue that adds the perfect pop in any kitchen. It’s especially beautiful when you have an unattractive countertop.

Key Features:

  • It can store up to 9 8 ounces
  • Modern and sleek design
  • The label is embossed on the side to make it easy for managing
  • Made from jadeite-tempered glass
  • Measurements 3.75 by 3.75 by 3.125 inches
  • Glam finish, paired with a retro style

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3. RSVP Endurance Salt Server with Spoon

Do you like the taste of salty foods, but don’t like the hassle of using an salt shaker? Take a look at our RSVP Endurance Salt Server that will meet the demands of your top-quality catering.

The salt cellar that comes with a spoon lets you cook and evenly season your food by using its unique spoon shape. The outer frame and spoon are made of polished stainless steel that is durable and heat-resistant. While the spoon is small for everyday use It’s useful on an eating table.

The body of the container is constructed from tempered glass, which provides an additional dimension of elegance. The salt container can accommodate up to eight ounces which makes it ideal for large gatherings or occasions. In all it’s a beautiful constructed salt dish that isn’t only functional, but visually appealing too.

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Although this salt holder can be washed safe and simple to wash, we suggest hand washing it only. It is a plus that it has a gasket made of silicone to ensure that salt is kept in a clean and dry environment.

But, its small size lets you keep it neatly within your kitchen. The server comes with an open top lid that makes it simple to refill and fill.

Key Features:

  • 18/8 stainless steel frame with a durable, sturdy stainless-steel construction
  • A visually appealing design
  • The gasket made of silicone locks moisture out
  • Dishwasher safe and simple to clean
  • Base made of stainless steel
  • Flip-top lid for simple one-handed access

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4. Dowan Ceramic Salt and Pepper Container

We are pleased to introduce the Dowan Ceramic Salt Cellar! This innovative storage solution does not only look great and stylish, but also functions. This stunning kitchen appliance does more than keep your spices organized, it also comes with an lid that makes it simple to find what you need of spice whenever you require it.

If you’re cooking at home or dining out This useful salt container makes the process of storing salt simpler than ever before. Additionally, it features embossed labels on its sides so that you can maintain a tidy and well-organized the dining area or kitchen.

It is used not only to store salt, but also to store sugar, paprika, pepper and many other powdered ingredients or complete condiments.

It is made of ceramic which is resistant to corroding in time, making it an ideal option for those who want to give a classy touch to the food they cook. This model features a vintage style that gives your kitchen an elegant appearance.

The ceramic design is great in aesthetics, and makes the cellar more healthy than bamboo and plastic boxes that is why it is regarded as the top salt storage container that has lids in the class.

The lid shields your spices from dust and dirt which makes this container ideal for kitchens of any size.

Key Features:

  • The versatile bowl is ideal for storing salt or pepper as well as other powdered condiments
  • The lid stops splatters getting into the contents
  • Made from top-quality ceramic
  • Ceramics of the highest quality resist corrosion and bacterial growth.
  • The vintage style is more appealing and adds value

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5. RSVP Dual Herb Container, Dual Compartment

Another amazing edition from RSVP International. Are you a fan of entertaining guests and showcase your culinary talents? If so, you’ll be delighted by your RSVP International Double Compartment Salt Cellar.

This incredible item of equipment for the kitchen is ideal to host parties or create an impressive display of food. The stunning salt cellar is constructed from top-quality materials, and comes with a sleek style that will amaze your guests.

It’s no doubt the most popular salt keeper due to its stunning design and practicality. Its minimalist, sleek design is ideal for modern interiors and the double compartments allow it to be simple to store and retrieve salt.

The great thing about having two compartments is the ability to store other powdered condiments such as sugar and pepper that makes it easier to track your items.

In addition it is extremely durable and sturdy in addition to adding an extra dimension of beauty. The salt holder comes with two cups of capacity and is great for storing salt and other spices. The salt cellar is equipped with an adjustable lid that helps keep the contents safe while making it more easy to use.

All of these This kitchen salt container will surely help you in your kitchen tasks or enhance the appearance in your home kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Made from solid marble for greater durability
  • Measures 5 inches in diameter.
  • The swivel allows for smooth operation
  • Dual 5-oz compartment provides flexible storage capacity
  • Modern and sleek design

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6. Chef’n Salt & Sugar Cellar with Top Cover that Flip Top Cover

In the kitchenware world, CHEF’N is a popular name that has been adored by professional chefs from all over the globe.

If you’re in search of something unique to decorate your home or a practical storage solution for salt or other salt items, this Chef’n Ceramic Salt Cellar with Flip Top Cover is sure to meet your needs. This useful kitchen gadget is able to hold both iodized as well as unionized salt, which will provide your food with a distinctive taste.

This useful accessory helps keep your salt clean and organized, and secure from spills that could happen. Its minimalist design is perfect for kitchens of all kinds. The cover’s top flap opens for easy access to the salt you need for your food, or to take all the salt out of your cellar.

It is made of high-quality ceramic that guarantees a longer-lasting method for keeping your salt dry and fresh. Additionally, the stainless-steel brushed lid and smoothed base create a sleek and modern design. It’s why it’s regarded as the most suitable container for storage of salt.

Its best feature is its reasonable price , which makes it an excellent option for anyone looking for an attractive and practical salt cellar that won’t break the budget.

In the end, if you’re in search of a low-cost alternative that doesn’t need a lot of storage space, take a look at this.

Key Features:

  • Brushed stainless lid of steel
  • Flip-up design for convenient access
  • White and smooth base
  • Simple to close stainless steel lid
  • Measures 4.4 inches by 4.4 and 3.8 inches

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7. RSVP White Stoneware Salt Cellar

When it is time to cook it is hard to beat the traditional recipes. Sometimes, however, you require something a bit different. You can try the RSVP International White Stoneware! This exclusive piece of cookware is sure to give a classy touch to any dining or kitchen table. Its versatility means that it can serve a range of functions.

We came across this fantastic saltbox that has a stunning and practical lid that is an ideal addition in any kitchen. The stoneware is constructed of high-quality white porcelain. It is fragile enough to use as a decorative dish for serving but strong enough to hold the salt.

As opposed to ceramic materials that are made of, stoneware is produced at a very hot temperature that allows the material to store more heat. This is why you can see the durability of this salt cellar actually is. However the lid, which is hinged on bamboo, aids in keeping the condiments dry and free of dirt.

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The stoneware is safe to use in the microwave and oven and oven safe, making it a great choice to cook with. If you’re in search of an individual gift or to enhance your kitchen the salt keeper will surely be a hit. One issue with the salt cellar is its absence of insulation for air that could impact the shelf life of the salt.

Key Features:

  • Made from sturdy stoneware
  • Hinged bamboo lid that allows for easy access
  • The collection combines craft and art
  • Measures 4.5 and 3.25 inches. 3.5 inches
  • The lid shields salt from dirt and other debris

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8. Everous Elegant Design Decorative Salt Box

If you’re in search of a unique and elegant option to add a splash or greenery to your living space take a look at an Everous Ceramic Salt Cellar. This distinctive item is made of high-end ceramic, and has an aesthetically designed wooden lid that protects the salt from humidity.

Its stunning green ceramic body creates this cellar as an aesthetically appealing kitchenware piece. This is the finest salt container we’ve ever discovered. It is easy to use and helps keep its salt fresh over a long period of time. It also comes with an elegant spoon that’s perfect to serve salt, as well as other spices.

In contrast to traditional salt cellars made of ceramic This model comes with lid made of natural acacia wood which is guaranteed to bring an extra splash of colour for your tables. The lid made of wood makes it simple for you to ensure that your salt is in good condition and ready for use. Regarding design, this visually appealing salt cellar is simple unlike anything else!

It’s a wonderful option for your kitchenware table top, or dining table. Because of the glossy finish on the surface the salt container is able to be resistant to scratches.

Concerning the design the unique salt cellar is made of the type of ceramic known as porcelain. This material gets fired with high heat in a furnace in order to guarantee the best longevity.

Key Features:

  • Durable ceramic construction
  • The glaze finish on the surface protects against scratches
  • Natural acacia wood lid
  • A high-quality glaze to store spices
  • Attractive green outlook

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9. KITCHENDAO ALARGE Wood Salt CELLAR with Lid made of Marble Lid

You’re looking for a fashionable large salt cellar made of wood to keep your condiments and spices? Take a look at this KitchenDAO Wooden Salt Cellar! The stunning piece is constructed of high-quality timber and comes with a the lid of marble that gives an extra element of luxury.

The cabinet is constructed from solid acacia wood, and is decorated with a rustic look that can be incorporated into any kitchen. The modern design can be used in a contemporary kitchen.

In terms of the marble lid, practicallyspeaking, it helps you for salt storage and makes it appear as if you’ve got a display piece within your home kitchen. If it’s all about seasoning it will definitely surprise you as it’s large enough to hold lots of seasonings.

What’s more? It includes a wooden spoon that makes it the perfect tool for seasoning your favourite food items. This spoon can be put in the salt cellar, inside an area that is convex underneath the lid. Neat!

In the end the simplest terms, this salt cellar that has lid will be the ideal kitchen companion for those who are looking for an old-fashioned salt cellar that has the capacity to be used for many functions within the kitchen.

Key Features:

  • It comes with an integrated spoon
  • Convex shape specially designed to position the spoon precisely
  • It is made of solid acacia wood
  • Mable lid keeps moisture away
  • It is large in capacity that can be able to hold 10 ounces

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10. LotFancy Marble Salt Cellar with Knob Lid

Here’s our final choice to complete the list.

You are looking for a stunning yet useful salt cellar that will complement your kitchen? LotFancy offers the best solution: the marble salt storage unit! If you want to place it in your kitchen to create a beautiful piece, or on your dining table to match the salt dish the marble salt cabinet is the perfect saltbox to meet your requirements.

This saltbox for the kitchen is constructed of marble that is high-end and comes with lids that make it easy to get access to your salt. Its sleek finish adds a stylish look to any countertop in the kitchen. The salt cabinet is great for storing salt as well as pepper and other spices. It’s also an perfect gift for a cook or foodie.

The non-stick salt chamber helps keep moisture out of the contents and helps keep them fresher for longer. You can then store it in a cupboard or drawer to keep salt, pepper, seasonings, herbs, sugar or spices, small jewellery or even snacks.

The cabinet is finished with a stunning marble-like finish and an enclosed lid that makes it easy to keep your salt in. Although it’s on the smaller end but it’s big enough to accommodate your essential salt. Its stylish design and varied function make it an excellent accessory to any kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Made of natural marble
  • Stable enough to stand up to the harsh conditions
  • The lid knob is designed for easy lifting
  • It can store up to 3.8 grams
  • The polished surface gives an elegant look

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Salt Cellars Buying Guide Salt Cellar

Salt cellars that are old-fashioned are increasing as consumers discover their utility and elegance. If you’re on the market with no complete understanding of this useful item for your kitchen, it may cause you to be frustrated.

We’ve compiled this buying guide that includes a number of crucial factors to help you get the most suitable saltbox based on your personal preferences.

Long-term durability and the Lid Design

Salt cellars are a typical household item, however most people don’t think about their durability when purchasing. The salt cellar must be durable enough to withstand frequent use and drops.

Salt cellars made of glass and ceramic are extremely fragile and could easily break if dropped.

Metal salt cellars are more robust and are able to withstand being hit or dropped.


When you are looking for a salt storage container, it is important to examine the lid’s design. It is important to ensure that the lid is secure enough to secure the salt. There are some cheaper models that have lids that are susceptible to being removed, which could result in wasted salt and an unclean kitchen.


The design of a cellar will affect how easy the use, as well as the amount of salt that is dispersed.

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In the classic layout for a salt-filled cellar there is a small opening in the top that is dispensed by tilting the cellar. This kind of design is difficult to utilize because it’s difficult to regulate the amount of salt being dispensed. The hole could also become blocked by salt if it is not maintained regularly.

The modern model of salt cellars has an lid that is able to be opened in order to dispensate salt. This is a simpler design to operate because it’s more manageable in terms of the quantity of salt being dispensed.


When selecting a salt cellar It is essential to think about the dimensions of the container. A smaller salt cellar is ideal for small kitchens and a bigger one is ideal for a large family.

It is also essential to think about how often it will get utilized. If it is only frequently used the smaller size is sufficient. If it is going to be regularly used, an extra large salt cellar is needed.


Salt cellars are available in a range of dimensions and shapes however the most well-known is the oval or round shape. Many prefer the rectangular or square salt cellar since it occupies less space at the table. However, some believe that the oval or round salt cellars are more visually appealing.

A bowl-shaped or disk-shaped salt cellar isn’t quite so good as the salt is able to spill out when tip-over.

Different types of salt cellars with benefits

Salt cellars can be classified by two aspects. Explore the different kinds that are salt cellars in the following table.

Salt Types Cellars Based on the Design

There are three main kinds of salt cellars that are based on the layout that follows:

Open Salt Cellars

This kind of salt holder features a wide opening at the top, which lets you grasp a small amount of salt effortlessly. They are available in various sizes and shapes, however all share one thing they all have in common: the open-top.

While they’re not as widespread as they once were however, there’s still something nostalgic about the salted cellar that is open. They bring back times when people cooked using basic ingredients and did not rely on packaged foods.


  • They permit you to know how much salt you’ve got left, so that you can replenish before running out.
  • A cellar that is open is less likely to be a home for bacteria than a sealed container.
  • It’s also much easy to grab some salt whenever you require it.

Shaker Salt Cellars

Salt storage containers are used for a long time, and their style has not changed. The most well-known model is the shaker cellar, with one small hole at the top that allows you to sprinkle salt on food items and a huge area below to store the salt. Salt cellars are utilized for many years to preserve and enhance food items.

It was the Shaker community, specifically came up with a plan to create a salinity cellar which continues to be popular.


  • The main benefit is that salt is stored in a sealed container. it prevents salt from clumping up, which could occur when exposed to humidity.
  • They let you control your salt intake. you consume and can be useful when you’re trying to cut back on sodium consumption.

Closed Salt Cellars

Salt cellars of all kinds were utilized to store and distribute salt since antiquity. A closed salt storage container is a variant from the salt cellar that is open which features a hinged lid that has a the clasp closure.

The type of salt cellar is comprised from silver, pewter or glass. It is well-known due to its airtightness and doesn’t allow for the salt to take up water from the air, which could cause it to become clumpy.


  • A sealed salt cellar helps keep your salt in tip-top shape longer. This is because salt isn’t exposed the elements, it will not rapidly lose its taste.
  • They look more appealing than the open ones. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes . They are made of various materials, such as ceramic, glass, and even wood.
  • The salt cellars in closed storage are more clean than open ones. This is because the salt isn’t exposed to pollutants in the air It is less likely to get infected.

Salt Cellar Types that are based on the material

Here are a variety of salt cellars that are based on materials –

Ceramic Salt Cellar

The most well-known form of salt cave is constructed from ceramic. They are inexpensive, available in a range of designs and colors, and are simple to clean.

Glass Salt Cellar

Another kind that is a salt cellar constructed from glass. They are more expensive than ceramic cellars, yet they can serve to serve as both a storage vessel as well as a serving dish.

Metal Salt Cellar

The metal salt cellar is becoming more popular because of their stylish design and strength.

Wooden Salt Cellar

Wooden salt cellars are typically decorative and are eco-friendly too.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most suitable material for the salt cellar?

There are several materials that could be utilized to build a salt cellar but the most suitable option is wood. Wood is a sturdy material that is able to withstand the salt’s moisture and also looks attractive when it is paired with wooden spoons.

Does the salt cellar require a lid?

It’s not easy to see an salt cellar, but it’s a good idea to keep the salt dry and clear of any debris.

Does a salt cellar have to be hygienic?

Generally speaking, salt cellars that are constructed from ceramic and porcelain materials are the ideal storage for salt in clean and safe conditions.

You can put pepper into an salt cellar?

Yes, you can place pepper in an salt cellar. The two spices complement each other in flavors that are able to be used in combination to spice food items.

Do you think a salt cellar should be airtight?

The salt cellar shouldn’t be airtight. If it’s airtight the salt won’t be able to absorb moisture and will harden.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article provided you with the most suitable salt cellar for your requirements. Should we have to pick just one, we’d pick the Totally Bamboo Salt Cellar because it is eco-friendly, has a great design as well as its aesthetic appeal and of course, the spacious interior.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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