8 Best Rolling Pin for Pizza Dough (September 2022) Reviews

Sure you can make pizza dough using the pin of a regular pin, or bottles, but do you feel satisfied with the outcome?

The dough is likely to be uneven, with bubbly crusts, and may be irregular in its the thickness.

The best pizzeria dough rolling tool in order to avoid this issue. It’ll have the perfect design and material, along with non-stick surfaces to roll the perfect pizza dough.

Since there are a myriad of rolling pins available there is a chance to be confused. Our team has compiled the top 8 rolling pins according to their capabilities and user-friendliness as well as their durability and cleaning methods. These rolling pins will ensure easy and efficient dough rolling.

The Rolling Pin to Pizza Dough Buying Guide

When you are looking to purchase the rolling pin, take into consideration the following points to ensure you buy the right item.


Rolling pins are constructed of various materials The three most well-known ones are steel, wood, and marble.


It is a fact that bakers adore the traditional wood pin. They can roll virtually every kind of pastry using this type of material.

Furthermore, adding a bit of flour on the wood will make it non-sticky and dusty. Then, lastly wooden rollers can last for decades if they are treated with maintenance.

Stainless Steel

It is recommended to use roll pins made of stainless steel when you prefer lighter tools. The main benefit is the ability to chill them to allow the pastry to cool. In addition, steel pins don’t accumulate stains and cleaning them is easy.


Marble pins are very heavy and smooth. This makes them efficient in rolling dough for cookies as well as pastries (shortcrust). It is also possible to make use of a marble roller to roll puff pastry , but make sure to you must chill the pin before.


There are two main types of roll pins: tapered and straight.


For those who are just beginning to learn about baking, and would like an all-purpose rolling device choose the straight form. It is important to remember that with this model, the user will not determine the size of the dough because of the inability to gauge the thickness of dough of the roller.


A tapered pin’s narrow edge allows the user to feel the dough and then pivot through it. The pivoting capabilities of these pins make them perfect for pastry of all kinds. The majority of pastry chefs believe they are the ideal rolling pins for pizza dough due to their ability to roll yeast-based doughs.


A rolling pin that has handles allows you to have a designated space for rolling to provide greater stability. The handles help reduce your pressure you need to put on your rolling.

Shortcrust and puff pastry can be easily rolled out with handle pins. Additionally, they are simple to hold for those who have arthritis in their hands.

While these pins work for puff pastry, their absence of pressure can make them less effective when baking cookie dough. In this instance it is necessary to use non-handle pins that can exert enough pressure by pushing your hand.

Also, take note that If the handle-less pin isn’t large enough, you might not have enough room for it to be rolled.


When you are looking to purchase a rolling pin, take into consideration the surface. A lot of pins are equipped with a myriad of options, but they aren’t non-stick.

Therefore, instead of purchasing these, search for ones with a non-stick coating that is, for example, the silicon surface that is non-stick.

This prevents it from adhering to the rolling pin and protect the surface of the item. Non-stick surfaces are easy to wash.


A rolling pin is not able to perform its work on its own. There are many accessories to use for rolling dough out to create great pizza. Wouldn’t you like it to have some of these accessories inside the box, such as plastic scrapers, rolling mats or rings that are adjustable?

Manufacturers can be kind enough to offer pastry brushes along together with rolling pins. If you see these kinds of offers, don’t allow these opportunities go by.

Top 8 Best Rolling Pin for Pizza Dough 2022

It can be difficult to choose the best dough rolling pin among hundreds of possibilities. To help you save the time and energy, we reviewed many different options and chose the ones listed below are the best feature packed, and also reasonably priced.

1. Farberware Wood Rolling Pin

It is worth noting that the Farberware label has been producing premium kitchen appliances for more than 100 years. As with their top-quality frypans and saucepans the rolling pin is packed with options to create perfect pizza dough every time.

The pin is made of wood. It is not like other woods, but it is water-resistant. In many instances we are unaware of making food wet using tools that aren’t moisture-resistant.

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Moisture can encourage the development of bacteria, which results in the loss of food. Due to the properties that resist moisture that this wood has, you’ll be free of worries.

The process of rolling dough with a traditional rolling pin could be quite a hassle. Bearings aren’t there, which causes your hands to get tired quickly. The nylon bearings of Farberware eliminate these issues. They allow rolling to be effortless and quick. Because they are rust-proof they are not likely to be a source of contamination for food items.

A non-stick coating is applied to that barrel. This means that you can roll the dough as quickly as you want without having the dough stick into the barrel. But, keep in mind that even the smoothest surface may be sticky at some point. Therefore, it is recommended to put some flour inside the barrel to ensure you are in good shape.

Making several pizza doughs in order to feed guests can be a hassle. It’s not something you want to do to spend a long time cleaning afterward. With the hand-washable outer that the roll pin has you can clean it by wiping it with an aqueous cloth.

Key Features:

  • It comes with two handles to ensure comfort and control
  • 360-degree rotating roller
  • Rosewood construction provides durability the stress of
  • Covers a non-stick surface
  • Clean up is easy with a damp cloth

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2. Fox Run Dough Roller with Wooden Cradle

What’s more desirable than a rolling pin? One made of marble? Indeed! Indeed! The Fox Run rolling pin stands apart from the crowd thanks to its striking design and many features that make your dough fantastic.

There’s no limit to the appeal that white marble has to offer. In addition to its striking design, it is the most non-sticking material you can find because it is a non-sticky material.

Another advantage of this product is the fact that it doesn’t retain any smell or moisture regardless of the material it is rolling over.

Marble is an ideal option for the barrel. But, it wouldn’t be ideal for handling as it’s difficult to grasp. In terms of convenience and ease of gripping nothing could be better than wooden handles. This Fox Run rolling pin’s wooden construction and comfortable design ensure that it won’t cause any wrist pain as time passes.

The pin weighs around 4.6 pounds, making it extremely heavy. However, if you’ve had marble pins, it shouldn’t be a surprise as marble is an extremely heavy material. We consider the weight an advantage because it reduces the stiffness of pizza dough.

With the wooden rolling pins you won’t need to chill it in the freezer. Marble however is safe to freeze. If your rolling pin has been cold, it can be helpful when making pie crusts or puff pastry since these are highly sensitive to temperature.

Key Features:

  • The product comes with an extremely cold surface
  • The perfect amount that is 4.6 pounds for stretching dough from hard pizza
  • Base that offers greater stability
  • It is easy to clean by using soap and warm water.
  • 10 inches length makes it perfect for pie crusts, cookies and other pie ingredients.

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3. Quellance’s The best roller with Thickness Rings

As a well-known kitchenware maker, QUELLANCE has been producing several impressive bakery items recently. Recently, they added this roll pin into their extensive collection of kitchen appliances.

It has solid construction it has multi-purpose functions, and affordable prices making it the best dough rolling pin in the list.

There are four rings with different dimensions in the package. In order to roll pierogi pasta, tortellini, and pasta, simply attach the 2mm rings on the hand.

The other way around the 3mm and the 6mm rings are designed for thick and thin pizza dough.

We also have the 10mm ring which creates the best chewy cookies. If none rings are utilized it will be converted to a simple rolling pin.

The baking pin made of stainless steel is constructed from stainless steel grade 430. It is strong and can apply enough pressure to dough to make it roll into a perfect shape. It has a smooth brush finish and is therefore more non-stick than it was before. We still suggest using a bit of flour to boost the non-stick qualities.

You’ve probably underestimated the bread dough’s size and made it too big several times.

Its baking mat provided along with the roll pin will prevent any waste. Place the mat on the counter, and it will essentially adhere to the countertop. It will provide the proper dimensions for baking the perfect pizza.

Key Features:

  • Four rings that can be removed to accommodate different kinds of dough
  • Rings are able to maintain the exact thickness by maintaining the same thickness.
  • Made from stainless steel
  • 17-inch long , perfect for bread, biscuits soft sweets, pizza
  • The baking sheet for pastry is also included.

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4. KARRYOUNG Wooden Roller Pin to help pour Fondant

One of the least expensive yet most effective rolling pins that pizza dough can use can be that of Karryoung rolling pin. If you’re most interested in longevity, versatility of usage, and easy maintenance for rolling pins this is the ideal choice.

It can be a bit frustrating that your rolling pin fails right when you’re craving pizza? The construction made of rubberwood on this rolling pin will prevent problems similar to this. It is extremely rigid and robust. It’s sturdy enough to be used for extended periods of time at the home or in restaurants without any worries that it could break.

The tapered shape that is the rolling pin provides you with sufficient supervision over the dough. So, you can adjust your dough’s thickness to your preferences. This design will also help to roll the dough with ease and with less effort.

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Because the surface of the product is non-stick and smooth it can roll even the most delicate of doughs without sticking. Furthermore, there’s not one crevice across the entire surface. This means that dough pieces don’t get accumulated around the roller, which makes the cleanup process much easier.

The non-stick properties that the pin has implies that it won’t have much to wash. If you wish cleaning it up, simply wipe the surface using a damp cloth. You could even restore the beautiful wood finish, if you’d like. To do this, clean your wood using mineral oil.

Key Features:

  • Design that is tapered allows for easy dough adjustments
  • Made of eco-friendly and durable rubberwood
  • It weighs just 8.4 pounds, making it simple to operate
  • Great to roll out pizza, bread and even cookies
  • It is possible to tenderize meat and crush nuts

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5. Norpro Pizza Roller

We’ve used enough roll pins that can make pizza dough. What about a device that can flatten pastry dough in the same way as pizza? The Norpro wood roller definitely falls into the bill of the top rolling pin for baking , as doughs can be made for pastry, pies cookies, cookies and, of course pizza using it.

The most distinctive aspect of this model is the fact that it has two rollers. You must roll out the dough with a huge roll (4.25 inches) to get an even formed crust.

In addition, the smaller rolling’s (2.5 inches) task involves smoothing the edges and sides that the dough has, in case it is necessary. Both are easy to place on cutting boards.

The material used in the roll is beechwood. Although it is heavy enough to press the dough but not sticky enough to stop any of the dough not sticking. Another benefit for this type of wood is the fact that it doesn’t make the baking dough hot.

Have you ever created an amazing dessert that you wanted to decorate with crushed nuts, so that they would impart a nutty flavor, but did not have blenders to crush the nuts?

There’s no need for the use of a blenderin the case of such situations when you own the roller by Norpro. The device can easily crush nuts, cookies crackers, breadcrumbs, and crackers. crumbs.

Key Features:

  • Two rollers allow for an even shape and thickness of the dough
  • Top-quality tortillas are made because of the curvature
  • Storage is convenient because of its compact size
  • All-in-one device for pizza making or cookie dough
  • It is easy to clean by rinsing it off with a damp cloth

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6. French rolling pin for pie Crust from Ultra Cuisine

If your hands have become tired from rolling heavy pins, you might want to replace the pin you have with this one. Hand rollers are lightweight and allows you to roll many dough pieces without causing hand pain.

Stainless steel is the reason for the light weight of the product. It is barely weighing 1 pound, yet it is strong enough to last an extended period of time. Furthermore it is non-porous so that users can prepare pasta, tortillas dumplings, pie and so on. In addition, it can be used to make pizza dough.

One of the most common issues of straight pins can be that they make lines in the dough. If you’re not a fan at all of those lines then this French pin is an easy choice. The 1.5-inch center of the pin taper towards 1.25-inch at the 1.25-inch finish in a gentle fashion that allows for a smooth, smooth rotation. In the end, there’s no trace left across the pastry.

You’ll feel the tapered pin under your fingers when you roll. The pin gives you feedback to inform you how your dough will be. If you are aware of the thickness, it is possible to alter it by adjusting the pressure.

You may notice that wooden rolling pins that retain taste, the color or smell. This is not the case when using stainless steel. So washing the Ultra Cuisine pin is just an issue of wiping it off using your fingers. Then, place the pin in the dishwasher for an easy cleaning after your hands are full.

Key Features:

  • Non-porous surface that is easy to clean
  • It allows you to alter the thickness of the dough by using the shape of a tapered
  • It has a cooling effect comparable to marble stone.
  • Matte finishes do not absorb smell or color.
  • Creates perfect pizza as well as tortilla and other bread doughs

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7. OXO Non-stick Roller

The company named OXO produces a variety of office and homewares and kitchen appliances such as rolling pins are well-known. When we searched for an effective roller from OXO and we could not overlook this particular pin because it’s stunning from every angle.

It’s definitely one of the strongest pizza dough rolling pins we have on our list, with a strong metal structure. The weight of this unit is somewhat heavy due to the weight of the steel. It’s the only reason that it is a good choice for rolling out large dough.

Another benefit in this particular product is its capability to stop this dough from sticking. It is coated with an ILAG non-stick coating which is multilayered, reinforced with ceramic, and scratch-resistant. It is a true barrier to sticking, unlike other non-stick products.

It was mentioned previously that it’s a metal dough roller, meaning it’s completely safe to store the product in the freezer for chilling. Once the pin is cool then roll it on top of the pizza dough to keep it from becoming soft.

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Handles are designed to make your hands feel relaxed. But, they often result in the opposite. OXO created the pin with ergonomic handles to provide top-quality hand comfort. They are also slightly elevated to keep hands from pressing against the floor.

Key Features:

  • The dough is prevented from softening since the surface is kept chilled
  • Features comfortable ergonomic handles
  • Cookies are easy to cut out and huge crusts that measure 12 inches
  • Solid metal construction
  • ILAG coating facilitates release of food

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8. AooBaBa Dough Roller Set and Docker

It can be a long time spent making the perfect dough but then you see bubbles pop up in the crust after baking it doesn’t that sound like a disappointment? You can say goodbye to the bubbles that appear with this set as the dough roller will form in a proper way while the docker aerates the dough.

The device is lightweight due to its plastic structure. Both the roller and docker come with single-handed handles. This means you can utilize the set for a long time without getting tired. Furthermore, since it’s food-grade plastic, there’s no need to be concerned about odors or toxic properties.

The 4.9-inch-long roller is capable of baking doughs for pizza pastry, pasta, pie and so on. However the same size docker can cut through the dough to avoid burning and over-rising.

If a guest arrives unexpectedly, there’s no better roll than the one provided in this set. Because of its compact dimensions, light weight and user-friendly that allows you to make dough much faster than you would normally by using only one hand. The speedy and easy usage of this device is a major advantage over the other dough makers.

Key Features:

  • Do you need to dock and roll the dough
  • Simple one-handed control
  • Made from durable food-grade plastic
  • The small dimension at 4.9 inches make them convenient to take on travels
  • Top-rack dishwasher Secure

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How do you use a rolling Pin to make Pizza Dough?

Whatever the quality of you think your pizza rolling pin may be, you will have uneven and uneven pizza. This is because you aren’t sure how to utilize it properly to make pizza dough. Here’s how you can avoid this.

1. Apply the flour

Sprinkle a bit of dust of flour onto the pin, and then rub it. Do the same thing with the ball of dough. Following that it is done, neither the dough nor the pin are likely to remain attached to one another.

Step 2. Shaping the dough

Create a circular shape using your hands. You can also shape it into a square. Shape of dough is crucial as it determines the way it expands.

Step 3. Making the dough

Begin at the middle, and move ahead until you reach the finish. Return to the middle. Complete the process with a roll of the pin backwards away from its center.

Be careful not to stop too often during the process of making stops while rolling. Stopping too often can alter the shape of the dough. Continue rolling until you’ve reached the end.

Step 4: Maintaining an Even Thickness

The dough should be turned over, and then roll the dough again similar to the first step. This will give you an even thickness and shape across both edges.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. What is the best way to use a rolling pin with no handles?

Your palm will apply pressure onto the rolling pin, pressing it and then shifting it through the dough. You can adjust the pressure to make sure your dough the correct thickness. In the majority of non-handle pins the tapered pin permits you to focus on particular dough zones.

2. How do you remove a dirty rolling pin?

The wooden rolling pins aren’t dishwasher safe. In this case you should rub the dough off with kitchen paper and then wipe it off with a damp towel. It is possible to make use of oil or an antibacterial cleaner to provide an even more thorough clean. One benefit of wood pins is the fact that they develop an outer layer after some time which can help protect the surface.

3. What is it that makes French rolling pins unique?

There’s been a widespread preference among bakers of French rolling pins. They are simple to use, provide excellent control, and can apply the same pressure to each portion of dough. Furthermore, French rollers are easy to clean as they don’t have crevices.

4. What is the best method to keep rolling pins in storage?

Clean the pin thoroughly prior to storage. Be careful not to expose the wooden pins to heat since they can break. To store rolling pins made of marble put them in a container that is covered with cooking oil or olive oil. The last advice is to store the stainless steel rollers away from large objects since they can collide, causing damages to the product.

Wrapping up!

Ingredients alone will not make for a tasty pizza. To begin, you need to make a perfectly-formed dough that is evenly thick. Then, you can have the best flavor of the ingredients. This is the reason you need rolling pins.

When you’ve picked the perfect rolling pin to roll out pizza dough, your pizza will be perfect which means you can cook pizza at home and taste exactly like the one you’d get in restaurants.

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