5 BEST Remote Control Ceiling Lights (September 2022) Reviews

Do you ever feel like you are getting comfortable in your bed and realize that the light is still on?

Imagine if you could control the lights from far away with a remote. This convenience is possible thanks to smart tech.

It’s easy to turn off any light by pressing a button.

Which remote control ceiling light should you buy? We tested some of the most popular remote-control ceiling light brands.

These are our top five!

Our Top Picks

1.Overall: Corso 18-inch Remote Controlled LED Ceiling Light FixtureThis lighting fixture is versatile, and attractive, and can be used for a wide range of purposes.Check Price
2.Budget-Friendly: Romwish Remote-Controlled LED Ceiling Light FixtureThis light is great for anyone who wants stylish and practical lights on a tight budget.Check Price
3.Ideal for Glamorous Spaces: KAI Modern Remote-Controlled Dimmable Ceiling Light Flush Mount ModernDo you want Old Hollywood or Art Deco style? This chandelier is for you.Check Price
4.Best For Modern Spaces: Modern Ceiling Light, Metal Acrylic Lampshade Remote ControlThis simple, geometric design will tie your modern space together.Check Price
5.Ideal for Minimalist Spaces: Depuley 35W Remote-Controlled Modern Dimmable LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting FixtureThis LED ceiling light fixture is a great choice if you want a minimalist design.Check Price

How to Choose the Best Remote Control Ceiling Lights

We can help you make your living, dining, and bedroom brighter with the right lighting.

Ceiling lights are one of the most prominent features in a room so we took the time to notice every detail.

We must first determine which lights are most affordable. Remote control technology can be quite expensive.

They are not all budget-friendly but most are within the price range of what most people need.

We expect to see a few DIY projects in this article. So we paid attention to whether you could create an inviting space all by yourself.

When choosing these ceiling lights fixtures, ease of use and easy installation were key considerations.

Why not make the light super versatile if it can be controlled by a remote?

We were particularly attentive to lighting options and whether the remote control was able to adjust the brightness of the room.

Can it regulate the temperature? While you may prefer blue light during the day, warm light is more popular for when you are winding down.

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These lights should create the perfect atmosphere, no matter what time it is.

Before we start the review, we want you to be cautious if mounting your own lights without having any experience.

It is important to ensure that all breakers to your light are off. If you have any questions about mounting the lights, it is a good idea to get help from a professional.

Best Ceiling Lights Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Corso 18 inch Remote Controlled LED Ceiling Light Fixture

Product Ratings

Easy of Use3/5

Watts: 48

What We Liked

  • Sparkling design
  • Installation is simple
  • High quality materials at a reasonable price
  • Dimmable

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Latch problems reported

This is the most versatile option for the price, but it still has its flaws.


They are of high quality. They are light and sparkly. That’s right, they’re sparkly!

Although this might not be what some people want, it adds an extra layer of intrigue to the room.

Although we didn’t notice it when we tried it, there are some complaints about the “strobe” effect. So over time blinking lights might become a problem.

While this is annoying for some, it can pose a Installation and Mounting

This ceiling light is lightweight and easy to mount.

From start to finish, installation takes only 15 minutes. The mounting is flush and not recessed.


The light can be adjusted in three different ways to adjust its intensity. There are also several options for changing the color of the light.

There are endless possibilities with a sliding range of temperatures from warm to cool.

It will also remember the setting it was last set to. It will remember the last setting you set, so if it was at 5% dimness before you turned it off it will be there again when you turn it back on.

2. Best For Budget: Romwish LED Ceiling Light Fixture With Remote Control

Product Ratings

Easy of Use3/5

Watts: 30

What We Liked

  • Amazing price
  • Excellent warranty
  • LEDs help to save energy

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Light bulbs cannot be replaced
  • Mounting supplies didn’t come with it
  • The remote control doesn’t completely shut off

We can only say that this ceiling light is great value for money. It does have its downsides.


They are very strong, so there is no reason to be concerned. The LED lights can also save you money and energy.

We have reviewed and rated the top Outdoor LED Ceiling Lighting.

However, there are still some issues.

It was disappointing, for one, that the mounting screws weren’t included with the ceiling lights. Also, the lights won’t shut off completely when is used only the remote.

You don’t want burnout when you consider that the bulbs can’t be replaced.

Installation and Mounting

The set did not include mounting tools, but that doesn’t mean you have to immediately mount it.

We believe and agree that it is very easy to install if you have all the necessary supplies.


Although not as versatile overall, it’s still very useful. You can adjust the lighting settings to suit any purpose, but not for a wide range of temperatures and brightness. Check Price on Amazon

3. Best For Glamorous Spaces: KAI Crystal Remote Controlled Dimmable Temperature Adjustable Ceiling Light Flush Mount Modern

Product Ratings

Easy of Use5/5

Watts: 30

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What We Liked

  • Chandelier design
  • Reasonable price
  • Faux crystals

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • The small side
  • There have been some complaints about the flimsy design latch

This is the perfect addition to a modern glam house. We think there should be more!


We love the crystal look. We wish it were a bit bigger.

It’s important to have something that is distinctive, but the space is too small to achieve that effect. This is a great option for small spaces.

It is extremely durable, which makes it super cool. Although some people were concerned about the fragile design, it didn’t seem to be an issue for us.

You might however get a defective unit.

Installation and Mounting

When you install, you’ll be working with those beautiful crystals. It took us 30 minutes to complete the job, so it was not a problem.

Once you have put the screws in, you’ll be astonished at its power!


It is not as varied in temperature and intensity as some of the other items on this list. But is it really glamorous if it isn’t brilliant?

At first glance, it might seem that the large size could be a problem in large spaces. Although we agree that this is a valid criticism, the light intensity of the lamp can brighten large rooms.

This ceiling light is small and can be used in a variety of ways. Check Price on Amazon

4. Best For Modern Spaces: Pomerol Metal Acrylic Lampshade Remote Control

Product Ratings

It’s easy to use5/5

Watts: 72

What We Liked

  • Sleek design
  • Night mode
  • Longevity

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Sometimes impractical, but sometimes big design
  • There are some complaints about the flimsy materials
  • Somewhat dim light

What a unique design! Although we love the art-deco, geometric style, it is not always as striking as it appears.


This light is made of space-quality aluminum so it will last a long time.

It’s light for its size, and we love that it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Mounting can be difficult due to the design, but that will be covered later. Negative note: The light can sometimes be dimmed.

Installation and Mounting

Talk about large! This should be placed in a large room to avoid it becoming overwhelming. It is difficult to mount because of its size.

Although its shape can be frustrating to manage, the feeling of accomplishment is unparalleled.

This video will show you how to install it safely. It is easier and safer than you might think to install a ceiling lamp.


Although the light is dimmer than you might think, the lighting range is comparable to the best.

Although it doesn’t have the same temperature range as other lights, it will work just fine for almost any occasion. Check Price on Amazon

5. Best For Minimalistic Spaces: Depuley 35W Remote Controlled Modern Dimmable LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

Product Ratings

Easy of Use5/5

Watts: 35

What We Liked

  • Large temperature range
  • Energy savings up to 85%

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Very small selection
  • Very heavy

The ceiling light can be controlled remotely from anywhere, and it even has a lighting range. It is heavy, however.


These materials are fantastic, but they can be heavy. If you are trying to install a light, 17 pounds is quite a bit.

Clear the room before your children learn new words.

It doesn’t blink and is mercury-free. This will save you your eyes over time. It also

Installation and Mounting

The weight will be the last thing we’ll discuss. It’s heavy again! When you are putting it in, we recommend that you have a partner.

They will get a great shoulder workout and may not like you afterward, but Versatility

This is our least favorite part. The brightness has only three settings, although it can be set to a wide range of colors.

Although it may not be as powerful as others, it will certainly lighten up any room. Check Price on Amazon

Comparison Chart

ProductBest OverallBest for BudgetIdeal for Glamorous SpacesModern Spaces: BestIdeal for minimalist spaces
Overall Rating4.6/54/54.2/53.2/54.2/5
Easy of Use3/53/55/55/55/5

The Winner

The Corso has it all. This light is the most affordable for its variety and quality.

This is the ultimate light that will fit in any space and saves you energy.

How to Choose the Best Remote Control Ceiling Lights

You will need a ceiling light that suits your needs and settings.

You may want different colors, or you would rather not use the remote control. In these cases, you can control it using your smartphone.

Here’s how to decide if none of these lights appeal to you.

How responsible are you with your belongings?

Let’s face it, if you need to look for the remote control multiple times per day, you won’t want to have to remember another one.

There are many options available that don’t require a remote such as Amazon’s Alexa.

An Alexa device or smart bulb will allow you to control your lights using your voice.

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Which Situations Will Your Lights Be in?

It is possible to want a soft or bright light at dinner, but what about in unusual circumstances?

Parties and games can influence the lighting you desire.

What if you play a game that places you in a fake situation like you are on a submarine?

A light that can change colors could be very cool. You can get a light that can change colors completely in this instance.

It is possible to envision a space that looks like it belongs in a fantasy or steampunk novel.

Remote control lights look more like a chandelier in this instance. This type of lighting fixture could almost be considered another piece of furniture.

Your lighting style can change depending on the settings. Think about the situations it will be used in and the aesthetics you want to convey.

Who is Putting It Up?

While you might be an expert at DIY, intricate lighting might require you to hire specialized services. Before you start to install a ceiling light, consider your level of skill.

We’ve also seen some lights that are too bulky or difficult to use.

Even if you are a DIY expert or not, the weight and maneuverability of your tools can pose a problem. If you’re looking for a partner to help you put it up, be sure to plan ahead.

Honorable Mentions

1. Viugreum LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light Considered Best Overall

This one was for us because we wanted to get the best bang for our buck.

The honorable mention isn’t as appealing and doesn’t offer the same opportunities as the winner.

This is a great option if you are looking for practicality without any flairs.

2. DLLT Modern Ceiling Lighting – Budget

This one was very close because they are so similar.

This product is not as versatile and high quality as the winner and is certainly not as affordable. It’s still a great buy for those on a tight budget.

3. GANEED Modern LED Ceiling Lamp – Designed For Glamorous Spaces

It all came down to how the look. Although it is smaller in size, the winner of this category packs a lot more glamour in its small package.

This is the place to go if you are looking for something similar but much larger.

4. Zhongze Room Ceiling Lighting – Considered for Modern Spaces

We liked this design more. But, appearances aren’t always as they seem.

Although the exterior design is more elegant, there are serious concerns about the quality of the product (and a high price), that makes it a no-go.

5. OOLF LED Ceiling Light Considered for Minimalist Spaces

Okay, so we were really torn about this decision, but in the end this one didn’t win.

We wanted to be minimalist and we wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Even though we love sparkles, we had no choice but to accept that they are not minimalistic.

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