5 Best PVA Filament (September 2022) Reviews

If you’re an artist and 3D art lover, then this is the ideal reading for you. Technology has advanced to the point that we are able to make realistic art works using 3D-based machines. You might be fascinated by the ways you can create these art forms.

It is possible to use top-quality filaments for creating these 3D objects. The filaments form layers when they are melted by the machine, forming an object.

Thus, buying the finest PVA filament will allow you achieve better outcomes.

The Best PVA Filament Available On The Market

Since the final result is contingent on the quality of the filament used we’ve selected appropriate filaments to give the best quality products. Let’s dive into the filaments without needing to go on.

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1. Fused Materials PVA 3D Printer Filament

If you’re looking to create prints that dissolve when you soak them in water or submerge them into water, then a water-soluble printing material is your ideal choice. This type of filament is ideal to create support structures. They are a good choice if you wish to design intricate designs.

The Fused Materials Filament can be the ideal choice for these situations. It is water-soluble and has properties. Therefore, you can make supports for complex designs. The PVA material is completely dissolvable in water. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for you regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced.

Additionally, you can utilize this unique device in conjunction using dual 3D printers. This kind of use can provide an excellent support structure to design your final designs.

In addition, it comes with an unidirectional diameter of + 0.03 millimeters. This means that you will be able to achieve the highest degree of precision when you select this gadget. Because you will not have any issues with precision, you will be able to complete the designs with no trouble.

You can utilize this designed PVA device to work with different types of materials. It will work better with PLA material. These filaments are renowned for their superior performance when working with PLA as opposed to other materials. In the end this PVA 3D filament will be ideal for your project.

Key Features:

  • Weighs about 1.4 pounds.
  • Water-soluble feature is offered.
  • You’ll get 0.03 millimeters of dimensional accuracy.
  • Includes optimizations to optimize PLA works.
  • Print temperature is very low.
  • Dual extruders are compatible with 3D printers.

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2. Gizmo Dorks Filament

The terms used to describe PVA filament and the way in which it functions could be difficult to understand. Since polyvinyl alcohol is water-soluble it completely dissolves in water, and can be used as a filament supporting.

We’ve found the ideal filament that can enable you to design unique designs. Gizmo Dorks has an outstanding filament support feature that will enable this PVA to dissolve quickly and effectively.

Many materials won’t dissolve properly in water. However, you should not have to worry about this particular product.

For the best and the best results from this device, you need ensure that it is stored in a dry location in the event that you do not use it.

In this way, this product will keep all their properties once you apply it next time. If the product is still wet it will likely disintegrate. Additionally, you can utilize the PVA 3D filter filament with dual extruders to make complex support structures.

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In addition, you can make prints or supports that you could later, dissolve and then dissolve. This feature may not be offered by other devices. This means that you could utilize it to create out structures that you then dissolve if you want to.

Key Features:

  • The product is excellent and is able to dissolve in water correctly.
  • 2.85 millimeters of external diameter are in place.
  • It can be used in conjunction with extruders for designs for support.
  • It holds 1.8 kilograms of mass.
  • White color is suitable for RepRap.
  • The ideal printer for any standard spool 3D printer.

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3. Polymaker PolyDissolve Support Filament

Before you pick the PVA filament item randomly You must take an in-depth look at the manufacturer. This is a common error that many make. It is possible to purchase a product but not be aware about the brand. But, if the company isn’t experienced enough to offer you the benefits from the purchase.

We are aware of how challenging and time-consuming it is to complete this. We have done some research for you. Polymaker is a company which produces high-quality PVA filaments. It’s possible to use their product to get solid results.

They’re PolyDissolve product, particularly is made with high-end features to make high-quality support designs and prints. When it comes to all PVA filament, the size is an essential aspect. This package comes with the standard PVA filament 1.75mm size that you can utilize to achieve the desired outcomes.

It is available in a natural-colored color which gives it a traditional appearance. In addition, the company comes with an aluminum bag that features the ability to reseal. So, after every usage, you will have the ability to ensure that the product is clean and well-sealed.

Alongside a significant degree of solubility, this device is also extremely compatible. It can therefore accommodate PLA, TPU, PVB, and Nylon filaments in addition. Since you won’t have problems dissolving it your filament, you can expect great interface support, too.

Key Features:

  • This item has 1.65 pounds weight.
  • Reliable Polymaker brand can provide top quality filaments.
  • Natural color.
  • This item is available in the 1.75mm regular size.
  • You can use it to make the TPU filament, PolySmooth, Nylon and PLA filament.
  • Great for casting investment applications.

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4. ESUN PVA 3d Filament

The most well-known filament brands available on the marketplace is eSUN. This company is well-known for its high quality filaments that offer precise support structures to the final design. Particularly they offer .75mm PVA filament is a sought-after product since it has exactly the right size to dissolve well in water.

The main issue with filaments is that they may encounter difficulties removing them to finish the job when you are using them to support structures. This does not happen with the one. The eSUN filament can be removed without a trouble. You could even employ your hands to eliminate the filament from your designs.

Additionally, it is simple to print, but it is also known for not leaving a lot of a mess to clean up when you’re done. It is possible to integrate this device in your workflow since once you soak into warm water, it will disintegrate immediately.

We are now at the next temperature point. For a 3D artist the most powerful feature of any filament is its melting point and the temperature. If the filament fails to melt correctly in hot water then you’ll have to contend with a variety of messes.

Fortunately it is that it is fortunate that the eSUN PVA filament is available with the temperature of printing of 190-210 toC. This temperature is great for printing support structures, without leaving a huge mess.

Key Features:

  • The item weighs 1.10 pounds.
  • The product comes that has an 1.75mm diameter.
  • The printer has a temperature between 190 and 220 OC.
  • White color can provide contrast.
  • Best if you make sure it’s dry.

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5. 9732 (9732) Ultimaker Natural PVA Filament

You can pick one according to how fast it melts. However, it’s a false assumption that the faster that it melts the greater the it will be. In reality, we all are aware of that slow and steady wins the race. This is also true for the 9732 model of Ultimaker Filament.

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The product might take a while to melt however we can assure you that it will deliver an excellent result when over the other brands. It isn’t as hot however, it makes up for that by having a suitable diameter , as well as other features.

You can achieve up to 2.85 millimeters of external diameter, which is different from other models when you opt for this model.

In addition, it has polyvinyl alcohol, a substance. It is renowned for its ability to provide the ideal foundation to support 3D designs. The most interesting aspect of this product is the fact that it has dissolving properties. When you dissolve the device in water, it transforms into polyvinyl Acetate.

This particular kind of material is non-toxic. This means that you don’t be dealing with any hazardous substances, in contrast to other items. It is a non-toxic material, which means it is safe for children. This device is therefore going to be a great choice for educational projects.

Furthermore, this product contains around 3mm of organic filament elements. The filament’s diameter is important since it will determine the amount of support it can give to the base design. If you’re looking to design a massive structure with intricate details, a diameter of 3mm is the best choice in this case.

Key Features:

  • The main element of the device is polyvinyl Alcohol.
  • It will be no problem melting it down in the water.
  • 2.85mm external diameter provides better support. 2.85mm external diameter offers more support.
  • Weighs about two pounds.

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PVA Filament Buyer’s Guide

PVA filaments aren’t easy to obtain due to their sensitiveness to 3D printers and software. This is the reason we’ve chosen to select a few of the top and most essential attributes to consider before buying every PVA filament.


This is essential because ultimately you’ll use PLA filaments that will support your concept. Since this filament is needed to support your design, it is obvious that it must be strong enough to support the main structure in the right place.

So, the more powerful the filament’s power, more effective it will be suitable for printing on your 3D printer.


It is interesting to note that the filament’s elasticity is supposed to be lower than its strength. This disparity may be difficult to understand to the person who is reading this. When the PVA filament becomes flexible, it is likely to easily move from its spot. The primary task that every PVA filament is maintain an appropriate place.

This could be a problem when the filament you select is more flexible. flexibility. Thus, you should ensure your filament pick is only moderately flexible. of flexibility.


Another crucial aspect in the material you pick is the durability. You already know the review, PLA components dissolve quickly in water.

If you are working on more of a project, it is possible to keep your concept in PLA the filament for several hours. If the filament doesn’t provide enough endurance, you won’t be able to be able to finish your project on time.

The most important characteristic of every filament is its temperature of printing. Once it reaches a certain temperature, it will cease to function and could damage the primary item.

So, it is important to remember that most PVA filaments require temperatures between 180 to 200 degrees Celsius. If you are able to keep the temperature within this interval, then you’ll be assured of a safe environment.


You might be asking yourself why solubility is a crucial characteristic of filaments. PVA, also known as polyvinyl alcohol, is well-known for its lubricity. When you design an 3D design or model the structure of support must be dissolving after the project is completed. If your filament doesn’t have any water-soluble elements, then you’ll need purchase solvents that are different.

To avoid this trouble, go to PVA filaments because they quickly dissolve into water. Therefore, you will not need to buy or purchase any additional solvent.

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Hips vs PVA What’s the Difference Between These Two?

Hips is referred to as an impervious polymer that you could utilize for 3D printing. However PVA, or polyvinyl alcohol, is a kind of filament that is used to print dual extrusions. We will be comparing these two options.


The most suitable material for your 3D printing model can be the PVA filament. Why? Because it is easy to make intricate and intricate designs by using this filament.

  • It is water-soluble characteristic. This means that you won’t be able to dissolve the supporting material.
  • There is no need to buy additional solvent since the solvent that is universal water is sufficient for this particular product.
  • This filament doesn’t contain any substances that are toxic and could harm the environment or to your health.

HIPS Filament

The issue with polystyrene that is commonly used is that they break very easily. If you are looking to purchase something that isn’t likely to easily break and will last for a long time, then hips are the best choice. It’s a waterproof plastic.

  • This kind of material has greater durability and resilience.
  • Most of the time, PVA filaments are relatively more costly. Hips are an alternative since they are cost-effective.
  • In addition to using it as a support material, it can also be used to make hips-based designs. Thus, you can accomplish both of these things with one product.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is PVA Filament?

Polyvinyl Alcohol or PVA is a kind of filament that can be used to create support materials to your 3D models. This kind of material is highly sought-after because of the outstanding attributes it offers. The most significant of these is water-solubility.

Are PVA Filaments safe to use?

Like many filaments PVA doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. It’s not harmful to your health , or the environment. They are, therefore, safe for children. You can choose this kind of filament without having to worry about harmful products.

What is the most effective PVA Filament?

There are numerous kinds of filaments that are available on the market. Each has their advantages. But, in our view we would recommend Gizmo Dorks PVA Filament is the best. Gizmo Dorks PVA Filament a great product. It has superior water-soluble quality and is compatible. This means that you can use it with a variety of software.

How can I speed up The Dissolution Process Of PVA?

While it can take up to an hour for PVA to disintegrate however, you can make use of warm water as well as a sonic bath cleaners to accelerate the process. When your 3D printer’s less in dimensions, then the Sonic bath cleaner is an ideal choice. There are also pliers or Spudger.

What is the alternative to PVA Filament?

There are several choices. There is hips while the other is ABS. Hips is a great alternative if you’re looking for filament that isn’t likely to break easily. However it is the ABS one is the better option if you are looking for a strong impact resistance. Here’s a great article If you’re looking for more information information about ABS filament.

Wrapping up!

There is no other tool that can assist you in creating intricate designs or control the internal cavity of 3D prints as well as the PVA filament. It can serve as a structure to support your design , and will provide greater flexibility.

Of the filaments we have reviewed here The PVA filament eSUN is the most effective due to its proper dissolving capabilities. We hope that our top PVA filament reviewreview will help you select the best kind of PVA to create 3D models.

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