11 Best Printer For Waterslide Decals (October 2022) Reviews

A good decal can add value to nearly any item of art.

Imagine you’ve made an t-shirt for someone else, and you wish to make it look more appealing by using a design they will love.

In these instances using the most suitable printer for water slide decals is a big aid.

While these water slide decals may be but it’s still something that is a niche product and finding the best printer to print them can be a challenge. For your convenience, we can help.

This article we’ve examined 11 of the most effective printers for the task that we have mentioned earlier.

If you read our reviews, you’ll have a clear idea of what you require from your printer.

Our Top 11 Best Printer For Waterslide Decals 2022

This is the portion of the article in which we look at the 11 products we have selected and look at what makes them stick out. By reading through the list, you’ll get an understanding of your choices.

1. HP ENVY 5055 Waterslide Decal Printer

The first printer we’ve listed is the perfect model of “Jack of all trades and the master of all trades.” HP’s Envy 5055 is able to perform many tasks efficiently but it’s not going to be the most distinctive among the categories. It does make a compelling argument for itself by its flexibility alone.

Regarding flexibility, the printer can serve as a 3-in-1 gadget. It can function as a copier, printer and scanner all at once. However, the envy 5055 only has two cartridges, and is not suitable for regular home usage.

Additionally it’s resolution sits at 1200 DPI x 1200. This resolution is ideal for printing small-scale decals. However, for large-scale decals this resolution may not offer the best results.

In the case of monitoring the printer, you are able to monitor it remotely using the aid by HP Smart. HP Smart app.

With its extensive variety of features and its simple user interface, the application is simple to make use of. The printer can also support the widest range of sizes for paper, ranging at 3×5 inches and going up and up to 8.5×14 inches.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a two-ink cartridge system as well as 1200×1200 DPI resolution which makes it perfect for home use.
  • Supports a range of sizes for papers.
  • The functions can be performed by an scanner, printer and copier.
  • It’s very easy to use application for monitoring the functions.

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2. Canon Pixma MG3620 Printer For Decals

In terms of flexibility in the production of decals Canon’s Pixma MG3620 is an excellent choice for the top decal printer. This is primarily from the multiple resolutions available on this printer.

The printer is able to work with various resolutions, starting at 600×600 DPI up to 4800x1200DPI. It can thus be able to support small-scale, intricate designs as well as large-scale designs at the simultaneously.

In addition, the printer also functions as an scanner. The resolution of the scanner on it is set at 1200×2400 dpi, which is ideal for any kind of work.

Additionally, it has a quiet mode which minimizes the amount of noise generated by printers in a significant way.

To enhance the overall ease of use to make your life easier, Canon PRINT includes a great mobile application called Canon PRINT. The easy-to-use directions and design of the application makes it user-friendly.

The overall design merits lots of praise. It’s extremely compact and occupies the smallest amount of space. Additionally, it offers three distinct color options that include red, black and white.

In addition to being a practical layout, they also also contribute to give the printer a stunning aesthetic value.

The only two of major issues that plague the printer is its weak technical support and connectivity. It’s difficult to connect your printer to your Wi-Fi.

Key Features:

  • Different resolutions are available depending on the size of your work.
  • The app is a fantastic mobile application that is user-friendly and packed with distinct options.
  • Has a special quiet mode for a noise-free operation.
  • The design is compact and requires only a little space.

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3. Epson Eco Tank ET-3760 for Waterslide Decals Paper

If you’re in search of an eco-friendly printer that doesn’t run you dry because of its expensive ink prices then this printer is perfect suitable for you.

The most important reason is the way it utilizes ink differently than its modern products. Instead of using cartridges for ink it has a massive ink tank. By filling it by filling it with Epson ink bottles that are very inexpensive and can be used to run the printer with ease.

Additionally it is equipped to print up to 6500 B&W pages as well as 5200 color pages. It will take some time before you’ll need to refill.

The paper tray in this machine is huge and is able to handle large amounts of paper of different sizes. It can handle almost all sizes of paper. The capacity of paper is extremely large and the speed at which it can print is remarkable.

Although it has a bigger tray for paper than is usual but the overall layout is still quite compact and occupies very small space.

The most frequent complaint from users is that the printer Epson supplies is a little dull sometimes. While this can be a problem for some, it’s certainly not a problem.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes an ink tank instead of cartridges in order to save money over the long haul.
  • Initially , the ink is sufficient to print at minimum 600 B&W pages.
  • It is small in size and requires little space.
  • It has a large capacity for paper in addition to printing speed.
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4. Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220

It’s a economical alternative to the Model MG3620 as we have mentioned earlier. It has many similar features, but at a lower price. Despite its lower cost it still performs effectively in comparison to higher-priced models.

First of all, it’s resolution incredible. With 4800×1200 DPI it is able to print any kind of decal you’d like. If needed, you may reduce the resolution as you like.

The second thing is that the speed of printing of the printer merits applause. It can print at 10 ppm for color photos and 15 ppm for white and black photos.

The third reason is that it is a great product in the realm of convenience. It comes with a 3 ” LCD screen. This screen allows you to monitor the quality of your images and ink levels rapidly.

It is also controlled by it’s Canon PRINT app, and as we’ve discussed the app is very effectively on all devices.

Additionally the printer is also compatible with Alexa so you can print using your voice.

Finally the printer comes with five different cartridges for ink to ensure the highest quality possible image. The printer is also available with two shades (black as well as white) to provide you with a wide range in its appearance.

Key Features:

  • Prints extremely fast, at 10 per minute (color) as well as 15 per minute (Black).
  • Just the right resolution for printing any type of decals.
  • Includes five cartridges to ensure top quality.
  • It is possible to monitor your health with the help of a companion app.
  • Compatible with Alexa and allows printing with voice activation.

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5. Epson Workforce Wf-710 – Laser Printer for Waterslide Decals

The printer is known for its effectiveness. It is, as the name implies it’s a workstation. The speed and capacity as well as the quality are top-quality and virtually unmatched.

Let’s first discuss speed. The printer can print 18 black or ten pages with color within a matter of minutes. Only a handful of printers can achieve this speed.

Additionally, it has large capacity for pages. It can print as much as 20000 pages in a single month. However, to ensure the safety for your printing device, it’s recommended not to print more than 1300 (which is still a ridiculously excessive amount)

Additionally, it assures the high-quality of its decals due to due to its high resolution. Its resolution is 4800×2400, which is greater than the average printer can offer.

If that’s not enoughfor you, this printer takes care of your comfort. It can firstly, be used by up to five individuals at once. It also comes with a an 4.3 inch LCD display to effortlessly assess ink levels and the quality of images.

Thirdly it is worth noting that the Epson iPrint mobile app has simple layout and it’s simple.

Additionally, it is an Laser printer. However, when compared with other laser printers, this one uses 80percent less energy that is hugely good for the environment.

Key Features:

  • Provides exceptional speed with 18 ppm on black pages.
  • The resolution of the image is higher than that of most printers with 4800×2400 DPI.
  • Prints about 220,000 pages per month.
  • It saves energy in comparison to others laser printers.
  • It is possible to use five users at once.

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6. HP Office Jet 5255 For Custom Waterslide Decals

This printer by HP is designed for the ultimate ease of use. HP recognizes the importance of convenience and performance This knowledge is evident with this printer.

It is, first of all, an all-in-one printer which can print and scan, copy and even send documents and images to fax.

Additionally, it has an automatic document feeder that will help you make your work more enjoyable. The printer also has an auto-duplexing feature that further enhances the convenience.

The third option, the companion app dubbed HP Smart goes a long way to make this printer among the most comfy printers on the market. Print photos straight from your social networks or the cloud using this application.

Additionally, it is equipped with an extremely compact and lightweight design. It not only takes less space, but it’s also extremely moveable.

Apart from being extremely easy to make use of, these printers offer a superior performance. It can print at various resolutions.

Prints that do not have color the resolution is 1200×1200 pixels, while for pictures with color, it can have an resolution of up to 4800×1200 DPI. Additionally, it can be used with almost all sizes and varieties of paper, allowing for the greatest flexibility.

As if that weren’t enough it’s extremely economical. The only problem with this printer is its slow speed as well as its IOS application. The IOS application isn’t working like it does on other devices.

Key Features:

  • With an automatic document feeder and automatic duplexing feature to provide maximum ease of use.
  • It comes with a fantastic companion application.
  • It supports all kinds of papers and sizes of paper.
  • Very light and small design.

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7. Canon TS8320 All-In-One Wireless Printer

Similar to the first model the new one places your convenience in special consideration. In comparison to other printers by Canon it is designed specifically for maximal efficiency.

This printer is also equipped with an 4.3 inches LCD display. The large screen’s size is ideal for observing ink levels, entering commands and determining the quality of images quickly.

Furthermore it is further, the Canon PRINT app further adds to the ease of use. We’ve discussed before the factors that make this app excellent and the reasons it is easy to use. An excellent companion app improves the reputation for the printing device.

The unique aspect for this model is its dual feeding. It allows you to input paper on two sides. As a result, you will accomplish more with less time than various other printers.

Alongside other distinctive characteristics, this model can print using voice. If this doesn’t make printing more convenient it won’t ever.

But it’s not the only thing that this printer excels at. In terms of making sure that you get the best quality images the printer has your back. This is achieved by using six distinct ink systems. Additionally, the printer can handle a wide variety of sizes for paper.

Despite all these capabilities the printer does not rank in the top tier when it comes to the top water slide printer decals. Although it’s a great printer and print decals on it, there are better printers that have been designed to meet that purpose.

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Key Features:

  • With equipped with a 4.3 inches LCD display to make it easy for you to use the.
  • Has six individual ink systems.
  • It comes with an amazing companion application.
  • Supports voice-activated printing.
  • Features dual paper feeding.

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8. HP Office Jet Pro 8025 For Color Waterslide Decals

In contrast to the majority of printers that have been reviewed so far the one we have reviewed is a top-of-the-line printer. Although that means it’s more expensive than other printers however, it also means you’ll be able to make more use of it. If you want to print professional-quality decals that are suitable for commercial use This printer is one of the top options available.

The top resolution for images on this printer is 4800x1200DPI that is ideal when printing stickers.

But it’s not the only reason that this printer prints top-quality images. The four-ink cartridges are a significant factor in delivering the highest picture quality .

Furthermore, the capacity of pages is also incredibly high. In a month, you will be able to print an maximum of 220,000 pages. This can be tracked using HP’s smart application. HP smart app that is an excellent application to control printers.

One of the greatest attributes that this printer has is its touch screen that is 7 inches that it comes with. Because of its larger size, it’s simple to use the buttons and commands on the printer.

This is further enhanced by the self-healing WiFi that keeps you connected the duration of time that is possible.

Key Features:

  • The resolution of images can be increased to 4800×1200 pixels.
  • It comes with four ink cartridges.
  • Can handle 20.000 pages per month.
  • The printer has a touch screen that is 7 inches This makes the printer simple to use.
  • It has a self-healing WiFi feature that ensures you are connected regardless of what.

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9. Canon TS532D AirPrint Printer

Like many cannon products this is one that is designed for convenience. Although it could benefit from some improvement in performance however, it performs pretty good.

Before we dive into the features of the printer it is important to mention that you can choose from three different options that come with this printer. One is an ordinary printer.

Another model comes with photos papers and additional ink and the third one comes with a stronger bundle of printers. The printer is also available in a variety of colors, including white, black, and green and pink.

Before we dive into the best aspects of this printer, we need to get a few issues off the table. It is a small display, measuring just 1.44 inches.

Due to this, the printer could be a bit more difficult to operate. It is also an ink system that is two-ink. Therefore, you are not able to use it to make frequent commercial use of it.

Let’s discuss the things this printer excels at. The printer is extremely attentive to your comfort.

It also has double paper feed. This drastically reduces the time it takes to print documents using another printer.

The printer also supports printing that is activated by voice. You don’t have to input any commands for your printer to function in a manual manner.

The compact design also contributes in making it more convenient. In addition than that, it isn’t a big space-hogger and can easily be moved from one location to another.

Then you can also use the HP smart application is always available to make printing more simple than it is already.

Key Features:

  • It is a 2-ink system which is suitable for home use.
  • It has the dual feeding of paper feature.
  • It allows you to enter commands using voice only.
  • The design is minimal and is easily moved.

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10. HP LaserJet Pro M15w

It has the most compact laser printer available. It has all the advantages of a laser printer , without taking up space that laser printers typically take up.

The printer comes in two variants. There is firstly, one that is the basic printer. In addition, there is an option where you receive an inkjet printer with black toner. the printer.

One of the unique features to this model is the accessibility of its control panel. Anyone who has never had a printer before could easily master using this due to the straightforward design for the controls.

The printer comes with a double tray. The tray that is used for input can handle 150 papers and the output tray can accommodate 100. The printer is therefore able to handle the rigors of a large workload.

Speed of this printer is something to be noticed. It prints 19 pages in less than a minute this is a blazing speed.

Additionally it comes with a thorough installation guide. This makes the setup very simple and beneficial to those who haven’t had experience with printers previously.

However, the printer can face some problems. First of all, it heats up quite quickly which isn’t an excellent indication. It also doesn’t work with all sizes of papers.

Key Features:

  • The product comes with a user-friendly and easy-to-use control panel.
  • Both the output tray and the input tray can accommodate a large number of pages (150 and 100, respectively).
  • It comes with a detailed instruction manual for easy installation.
  • Print easily 19 pages in a minute.

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11. Canon Pixma Pro-100

As with similar to the HP Office Jet, this printer is a high-quality, professional top-of-the-line printer. This is the kind of printer that will benefit your needs well if you want to use it for business reasons.

However, this also means that the printer is costly. But it compensates the difference with some fantastic features.

We must first discuss what resolution the printer has. The resolution of the image can be as high as 4800×2400 DPI. This is significantly higher than the majority of printers, and is almost guaranteed to provide exceptional quality images. In addition this printer uses eight ink systems that are independent which improves the quality of images.

The printer can print any size of papers. For decals, it prints precisely small-scale decals as well as decals on large scale effortlessly.

In addition, the application that works with it was the Canon PRINT app works like an absolute gem, with minimal to no effort. However, it could cause an issue to IOS users. The printer is compatible with AirPrint. Therefore, they don’t have to be concerned.

The most notable issue for this type of printer is the fact that it could be difficult to setup. You may require expert assistance to set it up correctly.

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Key Features:

  • Image resolution is 4800×2400 pixels.
  • Make use of eight different ink systems in order to ensure the highest quality.
  • It supports a range of papers.
  • Controlled via AirPrint.

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Printer for Decals for Waterslides Shopping Guide

If you’ve gone through this long article, then you are well-aware of the various options available to you in the realm of printers. However, it is important to be aware of your specific requirements and needs. Our buying guidelines will let you do just what you need to know.

The Nature Of Your Requirements

A few people would like to utilize decal printers occasionally to print small-scale home usage. Some people might want to make use of this to benefit commercially.

If you’re just looking to use a printer occasionally It is not necessary for the printer to be top quality. Therefore, they can stay clear of costly printers and opt to the more affordable models. The majority of these printers come with two-ink systems.

However, for those who intend to make use of printing equipment for business use they must ensure that they have the ideal printer for water slides decals. In order to do that, a specific amount of money must be allocated.

The majority of these printers come with a 4-ink system or more. These ink systems permit the printer to create professional-grade decals which they will benefit financially.


The resolution of images is important for printers when you need it to print high-quality decals. The resolution you need is dependent on how you plan to utilize it, obviously.

For decals that are small and precise 1200×1200 DPI is enough. To print larger-sized decals printers should have a resolution of that is 4800×1200 (or 4800×2400) DPI.


Apart from aesthetics A well-designed design ensures that the printer isn’t excessively bulky. If you can, choose printers with smaller and less compact designs. They are lighter and can move from location quickly and with minimal effort.

In addition, printers that have more compact designs don’t occupy large portions of your work space. They don’t make your work hard for you.


The speed of printers is important when printing. The tide and time do not last forever This adage is much more accurate than ever before.

Today, there’s not any time to lose particularly if the stickers are to promote commercial use. Therefore, you must focus on reducing the time as you could.

This is the reason we place an focus on the speed of printing of the printer. If a printer is able to print at least 15 pages per minute, it is adequate. However the greater the number of pages it prints in minutes is the more efficient.

Tips to Get the perfect print on your Decal Printer

A printer to print decals is just the beginning step in creating decals and for those who are new to the field, creating decals is a difficult and complicated. Here are some suggestions to help you making the perfect decals.

Place The Paper In On The Soft Side Faced the Front

There are two sides to a decal. One is slightly rough, while the other one is smooth and shiny. When you place the paper in the printer, it is important to position it in so that the smoother part faces the front.

Utilize Clear Spray

Many people choose to overlook this step, which is the reason they don’t always achieve the desired results. Additionally, a lot of people aren’t aware of how to utilize a clear spray correctly.

When applying this spray, just spray lightly initially, and then allow it to dry for a few minutes. After that, repeat the process two or three times.

Drop It In Water for the right amount of Time

The majority of people place the decal in water for an extremely long period of time or for a short duration. This is an sensible error. Deciding the appropriate duration for the time the decal must be submerged is a challenge since there is no science for it. The duration can differ with different decals, too.

The most effective method to determine is to manually feel the decal. When the decal moves in the correct manner and you are able to remove the decal and only then. There is no simple way to get better in determining the correct moment. You’ll get used to the art after a few repetition.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How Do I Detach Waterslide Decals?

You can make use of a small hobby knife to take care to carefully cut the decal from the. Another option is to make use of a sponge that has been dipped into hot water.

2. What is the reason these Decals called Waterslide Decals?

The decals must be submerged in water for a long amount of time before they can be placed on any surface. That’s why they’re classified as water slide decals.

3. Do Waterslide Decals Need To Be Sealed?

This is an important aspect in the use of water slide decals. They can be sealed with an unobtrusive spray.

4. Do Waterslide Decals Microwave Safe?

After drying properly after drying, the decals for water slides can be used with microwaves without worrying about it.

5. How durable are Waterslide Decals?

However, they aren’t very long-lasting. They tend to fade after a couple of months of usage. Read this guide to find out the specifics of the durability of decal sheets.

Last Words

Decals are a great method of making any ordinary object look appealing and distinctive. Anyone who has already made ceramic accessories or t-shirts can be able to benefit from purchasing the most effective water slide printer decals.

Even those who aren’t inclined to use these printers to enhance the aesthetic value of items they already own.

They can make great gift items too. If you’re interested by the concept take action now. Find a printer to print decals the earliest you can.

You are able to always consult this article for any concerns and we’re hoping that we are able to answer every one of them. After that we’ll have to say goodbye to you. Be safe and enjoy printing!

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