9 Best Printer For Watercolor Paper (September 2022) Reviews

From your wildlife photographs to digital art, printers can make everything sustainably on paper for a long time to come.

However, when you print with watercolor on paper you’ll have to choose an printer that has specific capabilities. The process of selecting a printer with all these capabilities could be a challenge.

We’ve thoroughly researched the top printers available to print with watercolor on paper. Let’s now get down to the details of these printers and find out what they can offer in exchange for what.

Top 9 Best Printer For Watercolor Paper 2022

The printers listed below performed extremely during our tests and can be recommended to anyone who needs a high-quality printer with a budget.

1. Canon Pixma IX6820

A majority of printers in the budget range available today don’t work with larger paper sizes that is larger than a legal or letter size which is what makes Canon Pixma iX6820 stand out.

The inkjet printer is capable of handling many different types of paper such as glossy photo papers as well as watercolor papers. We are often concerned with the quality of the printout for watercolor papers.

The good thing is that the printer prints up to 9600 x 2400 dpi, which is twice than the average printer in this category. Printing professional quality with an affordable printer range is an enormous benefit.

Like the name implies, the iX6820 makes use of Wi-Fi to be connected to your devices. It is also compatible with all devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

This means that you can direct print your photo or artwork on your phone or computer. This is logical since you only have one printer in your home and everybody uses it.

When it came to final product, we’re pleased by the clarity of the details and color. Utilizing a 5-ink printer that produces sharp images printed on watercolour paper.

The speed of printing is also sufficient with 14.5 photographs per minute in color and 10-images per minute in black.

The thing we’ve found most beneficial is the cloud print feature. Print directly your media using cloud storage such as Google cloud or iCloud.

Then wrapping your artwork by printing it borderless an extremely intriguing features you can obtain from this printer.

Key Features:

  • The 5-ink tank system provides top quality printing and sharp clarity.
  • Prints up to 9600 x 2400 dpi.
  • Utilizes WiFi, Ethernet, USB to connect to any device you own.
  • Printing using cloud-based storage.
  • Support sizes for support paper up to 13 19” to meet your larger requirements.

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2. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

The name implies that the XP-15000 model from Epson can take on a broad variety of paper sizes up to 13 x 19 inches, that are generally sufficient to print moderately. However, the size of the paper or size of the printer isn’t the only thing that is wide here.

This printer was designed for an ultra-wide range of colors by using gray and red inks instead of light magenta and light cyan.

In the end, you can get sharper images due to the color spectrum being widened. Also, it enhances the grayscale picture by adding an additional layers of grey ink between.

In addition to being able to achieve color accuracy, you are able to print borderless images on paper that measure 13 x 19 inches. This is a fantastic feature for the printers of this size.

Another feature that is great is duplex printing technique. It lets you create prints on the two side of the sheet simultaneously.

The print speed is moderate for this device it prints 9.2 pages per minute for monochrome , and 9.9 pages per hour in color.

You can utilize the 200-sheet front tray to place it on top of your watercolor papers to input. The rear tray of 50 sheets can be useful for managing distinctive papers.

With an array of connectivity options, you are able to decide to connect your printer to all of your devices via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB.

Whatever method you prefer the printer can print any media you want using a user-friendly control panel at the front.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with larger papers, yet small in size.
  • 6 colors Claria Photo HD technology ensures an even wider range of colors than previous versions.
  • Prints the highest quality possible within this budget.
  • Can print borderless photos pretty quickly.
  • Connects to all devices , making printing simpler.

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3. HP ENVY Photo 7155

This extremely affordable printing device from HP is our top choice to print on watercolor paper. Bring life to your photographs and digital artwork with this affordable printer.

Utilizing an inkjet printer on watercolor paper for the 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution is something that you will cherish for.

The maximum size for paper will be the one used here. what else would you like to see from a printer costing $55? However, the printing speed compensates for this by printing as high as 14 pages per hour in black, and nine pages per second for color.

So, if you’re seeking an printer that prints often on watercolor paper, you could save some of your time with this.

It is equipped with it’s 2.65 touchscreen in color from which you are able to control all functions. According to us, it is among the sleekest printers on the market today, and within this price range.

The connectivity is superior considering the price that this printer is priced at. It is possible to connect to all of your devices with Wi-Fi.

However, what we’ve observed is its ability of printing straight from your SD card. You can put the SD card straight into your printer and then browse your files with the touchscreen in color.

Cloud printing is available with this printer. However, the most practical option is printing using HP Smart App. HP Smart App that you can download from the app store.

Keep all this in mind an printer that is priced at little and provides the finest image on watercolor paper is the best option.

Key Features:

  • Very affordable and cost-effective.
  • Multifunction printers are able to scan, print, and copy.
  • Wirelessly connects to all of your devices.
  • Supports up to letter-sized documents.
  • Print directly from an SD card.
  • Simple interface for users and simple control by using a color touchscreen.
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4. Brother MFC-J895DW

Then comes the all-rounder Brother MFC-J859DW. This printer can be duplex-ready. It can print simultaneously on both sides, saving the paper.

On one hand it cuts down on your pockets, while on the other hand it pollutes the earth less. Thanks to the inkjet printing technology, watercolor paper is effortlessly handled with the printer.

While the speed of printing is a bit slower, with 12 pages per hour in Black and 10 pages per hour in color the sharpness and precision are perfect.

You won’t have to worry about refilling frequently as the printer has a 150-sheet tray that is fed automatically. A 20-sheet auto document feeder lets you scan documents quickly.

While you are scanning documents, you can save them to local storage or directly scan to different cloud services directly at the point of printing.

The touchscreen that is intuitive located on one side of the printer measures 2.7 inches. From this, you can comfortably control the functions that the device provides. It can also wirelessly connect to your devices so that they can print at any moment, from anywhere.

In addition to direct scanning feature, you can also print directly using your cloud storage. In terms of cleaning of the printer, this printer is much simpler than other printers.

The ink is easily changed, and if you use the printer in conjunction with Brother ink and output, it will look much better.

Pay attention to the specifics, this printer by Brother should be included among the top printers for watercolor paper.

Key Features:

  • Auto duplex saves significant amount of paper and, consequently, lots of money.
  • A printer that can be used for all sorts of purposes at the most affordable cost.
  • Prints from all of your devices, or even from cloud-based services.
  • Excellent print speed, moderate print speed, and quality output.

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5. Canon IP8720

We all know that Canon creates great equipment to capture the world. It is therefore Canon’s responsibility to create the top equipment to put images onto watercolor paper, don’t you think?

As for jokes aside, Canon has some serious experience in the production of printers and their legacy continues for decades. Canon’s IP8720 is a printer with a smaller footprint on desks than other printers.

This means that whether you utilize it in your dorm or office space, you’ll get the smallest configuration. The output can produce an maximum of 9600 x 2400 dpi, which gives you crisp color and ultimate clarity.

Auto power on feature allows you to instantly turn on your printer when you send the image or document you’d like for printing to your printer.

There are several ways to transfer any kind of document to the printer, with Wi-Fi being the most straightforward. It can also be connected to your devices via Ethernet or USB’s aid for connecting using only one device.

You can also upload your photos directly from your camera by using PictBridge. PictBridge feature. Beginning with Google Cloud Print, you are able to utilize AirPrint to print directly from the printer on your Apple devices.

Six ink tanks are the latest upgrade that is the latest generation in which light magenta and light cyan are replaced with gray and red, giving an extra punch to your photos.

It also enhances the color spectrum of the output. The broad range of options that are available in this Canon printer makes it the ideal printer for prints using watercolor.

Key Features:

  • Prints at an amazing 9600 x 2400 dots per inch to provide sharper output.
  • Six ink systems expand the color spectrum and provides excellent color accuracy.
  • It has a variety of functions such as auto power on cloud printing, AirPrint and more.
  • Print borderless photos.

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6. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-In-One Printer

Hewlett-Packard helps printing equipment stand out every circumstance. This OfficeJet Pro 9015 is the future solution to print on watercolor paper.

Although it’s more bulky in comparison to other printers we have reviewed It packs a variety of features.

Like the name implies, as the name suggests, this AIO printer is able to print copies, scans or print images or documents. It is also possible to directly fax directly from the printer this is an enormous benefit.

It is necessary to have an extra space in order to fit the printer. However, once you’ve installed the printer, you don’t have anything to think about.

The printing speed can go up the speed to up 22 pages per min for monochrome paper and the speed is 18 pages per hour in color. That’s an excellent number. However, the speed of print is not the only factor that determines whether printing can be done using watercolor papers.

With the additional nozzles inside your printer, be assured of the same distribution of ink to provide stunning images.

No matter if you’re professional photographer or artist, you’ll be delighted by the crystal-clear output produced by this printer.

A lot of the features could be available on other printers. However, the ability printing, copying and scan the two sides of a paper simultaneously is something you won’t typically get. It also supports printing using USB drives.

We believe that no matter if you utilize this printer to boost efficiency or creativity It will assist you throughout the entire process.

Key Features:

  • Multifunction printers can print copies, scans, or scans, and fax.
  • Dual-pass technology will allow you to achieve the highest performance.
  • Supports up to legal papers printing at an moderately high rate.
  • A 250-sheet input tray and a 35-sheet auto document feeder reduce stress on your shoulders.
  • The user-friendly functions are controlled by an LCD color.

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7. Epson WorkForce WF-7720

First thing that pops into our minds when we look at this printer is the clean and large control panel.

With a larger touchscreen in color and keys that are separated by an extended distance, the Epson WF-7720 is more practical and user-friendly over its previous models.

If you’re looking for usability, there are two separate paper trays that can take 500 sheets of super-tabloid-sized papers 250 sheets each.

The possibility of printing on super tabloid paper (13 19 inches) is useful if you wish to have your image or artwork to be shown on a larger canvas. However, the scanning capabilities are restricted to tabloid paper (11 17 inches X 11 inches).

While the front tray can’t accommodate special-sized paper however, you can get an extra cassette in the rear to feed the printer’s special paper. Connecting it wired and wirelessly is an easy process that allows you to connect with various devices.

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This can be useful for when printers are employed in small offices or at home where several users can use the same printer. However, the most practical printing method in this printer could be NFC.

When using NFC devices it is possible to just tap and print on your devices, without having to connect your printer.

However, keep in mind that the printer is quite heavy. Therefore, if you’re thinking of placing it near your computer or on your reading table, be careful.

You should find a dedicated space to print from. Also, you will need to make use of Epson cartridges exclusively with the printer for the highest possible output.

Key Features:

  • The size is massive, as are the cost and performance.
  • Creates high-quality images on large paper sizes of up to 13 X 19 inches.
  • The machine has a stylish and intelligent control panel for operating the machine.
  • Use NFC for printing effortlessly using mobile device that is compatible with NFC.

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8. HP OfficeJet Pro 9025

OfficeJet Pro 9025 is the slightly improved version of the 9015 of the same company. With some adjustments 9025 can be capable of handling your paper and printing better.

Although you are aware of the characteristics of this series of printers which create prints on paper with watercolor, here’s additional details.

9025 is perfect cube-shaped. Contrary to other printers with lots of rounded corners requires more space than is commonly thought.

In the case of this type of printer, the picture is slightly different. Because all edges are identical, it occupies the least amount of space that is possible on any desk, which makes it ideal for home or small office usage.

The other difference in this series of 9010 is the dual scanning speeds. It scans documents at a double speed and also scans all sides of page simultaneously.

It cuts down on processing time. Securing those documents scanned into storage on your USB drives or in cloud-based storage is significantly more simple.

The speed of printing at 9025 is also more efficient than the previous models, with 24-pages per minute in the black version and at 20 pages per hour in color. The input tray can accommodate 500 sheets and the output tray’s capacity will be 100 sheets.

The other connectivity options are virtually identical between these two printers. But the 9025 definitely performs better in terms of the main job printing. It also creates more problems, but the end output is more than worth the cost to users.

Key Features:

  • The slim layout of this printer uses the smallest space.
  • It has a faster scanning and printing speed than the majority of printers in this class.
  • A variety of connectivity settings allow users to easily access the printer from any location.
  • The Control Panel is simple to use, even for those who are new to the field.
  • Print on a variety of papers, including watercolor paper.

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9. Canon PIXMA TR4520

The final item we will discuss is our review of the TR4520 from Canon that has been dominating the market for printers for long. In terms of printing images or artwork on watercolor paper the challenge of the TR4520’s ability to beat Canon printers is almost impossible.

The reason this printer should be included on this list?

This basic AIO printer is just 12 x 18 inches of desk space and weighs just 13 pounds. It is light enough for people who don’t require a multi-function printer with a larger budget.

TR4520 prints thousands of pages each month. This will be sufficient for any small or large family.

Because it’s a smaller printer than the competition It also has less paper in the tray. There is a maximum of 100 sheets on the tray.

However, the ADF contains 20 sheets of duplicate printing and scanning. In terms of connection, TR4520 doesn’t disappoint us completely.

With an array of connectivity options, it is able to be connected to nearly every device that you have.

Printing can be done on any device and be fully mobile. Although the display of this printer may be smaller, the perfectly placed touch buttons are simple to use and navigate.

This is a good choice if you’re planning to utilize the printer to perform a light work. With a price of less than 100 dollars this printer can perform at the right level.

Even if you own more powerful multifunction printers, it could be a great second printer to perform occasional tasks.

Key Features:

  • The slim silhouette will complement any work space comfortably.
  • Much less expensive than the bulky, funky printers, but it performs better.
  • Prints professional-quality images using watercolor papers.
  • This printer requires less maintenance than expensive printers, which means you’ll save money.

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Printer for Watercolor Paper Buying Guide

It’s impossible for everybody to go through every printer on the market separately. While we’ve already covered some of the top printers, this article will give you a the complete buying guide for the things to look for when purchasing.

Take note of these points to find the most suitable printing machine for your watercolor papers regardless of the manufacturer it is.


The first thing you need to examine when looking at a printer’s specs is its highest resolution. The one used here is dpi, which is the number of dots in an inch.

For instance, 4800 X 1200 dpi is the number of dots your printer prints up to 4800 horizontal dots and 1200 vertical dots in an inch. The more dots you can print on your paper, the greater the detail you can get from the output.

The majority of inkjet printers we have reviewed can print up to 4800 x 1200 dpi which is quite good for using watercolor papers.

If you want a better quality output for your photos or art, you should choose printers that print up to 9600 x 2400 dpi.

The cost of printers differs based of the size and resolution. If you regularly require printing at high resolution, you should choose the printer that is suitable for the purpose.

Laser Or Inkjet?

Laser printers are renowned for their speedy printing as well as clear details. However, this type of printer is suited to smaller paper.

Since watercolor papers are heavier than normal papers They may face issues getting into laser printers.

The quantity of heat used to the paper during printing is vital. On paper that is thinner the ink is able to penetrate at high temperatures.

In cases of watercolor paper the ink isn’t able to penetrate at the high temperatures. Therefore, inkjet printers are the most popular choice to print watercolor paper.

Here are the complete information on two of the most common printing techniques.

The Type of Ink

Because the watercolor papers’ surface is different from normal ones, the inks may require special care to stay in the substrate.

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Usually, any normal ink can be employed to print images or text on normal paper. But , it is not recommended using any type of ink on watercolor paper as the quality of output could be affected.

Always adhere to the guidelines provided by the printer manufacturer in order to choose the correct ink that can be utilized.

Also be aware: Pigment Ink vs Dye Ink which one should you choose?

The number of cartridges

The output quality of any printer is mostly contingent on the quantity of cartridges used to print. Each brand has its own distinct ink technology.

Although the principle of printing is nearly the same for all printers within the same class, each printer has its own unique tweaks to make their printers more efficient.

Printers with a budget usually include two cartridges. One cartridge is black, while the second one has three colors namely Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.

For monochrome documents just the black cartridge is in the picture. For color prints both cartridges play a part.

In this scenario the accuracy of color could be quite low. It isn’t something we can expect from this kind of printer.

To print professionally You should select an printer with at least four or more cartridges. In these printers, various colors of base are utilized to provide the best vibrance to your precious photographs.

Paper Size

We often overlook how large paper that printers can print on. If you’re printing regular letterheads or even legal paper to print often, you shouldn’t have any issues. The majority of printers on the market are able to handle paper in the above sizes.

The problem comes when you must create prints on bigger paper. Printing photos or artwork on a larger size of paper is a must when you’re doing it professionally.

In this case it is necessary to have the right printer to handle larger paper. Choose a printer that can accommodate the paper size you normally utilize.


Modern printers connect to a variety of devices with different technology. As much connectivity as you can get the easier it becomes to work with the printer.

Nowadays, we use multiple devices to keep our media. If you’re not able to perform a quick connection between these devices and the printer, your task will be more difficult.

Select a printer that is able to connect to devices through WiFi, Ethernet, USB, and NFC. A majority of printers in budget models include the first three features in common.

Also, search for other OS compatibility options such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. In order to get the maximum printing capacity from your printer.

Easy To Use

A printer that is of the highest quality can be an investment worth it. However, if you aren’t able to discover the proper function for that you require there’s nothing more frustrating than the stress of that. The easy navigation of the control panel will eliminate some of the stress when printing.

It should have a reasonable-sized display that can display all pertinent information about the job. Some printers can also connect to cloud storage in your control panel.

A printer like this can help you make a huge difference in your time and stress. Therefore, you should look for a printer which is user-friendly and can complete the job in the shortest period of.

How Do I Print on Watercolor Paper?

Printing watercolor prints isn’t complicated process. However, novices may be confused on how to print their dream image or artwork onto watercolor paper.

This step-by step guide will show you on how to create the most effective output in the most efficient way possible –

The first thing you should do is to determine the maximum size of paper that your printer can print on. If you don’t, you’ll do just waste the paper.

The most inexpensive printers can be used with legal papers and letters. If you’re printing something that is large, you should consider using a printer that works with larger paper.

If you have any papers that is used regularly on the input tray remove it. Sometimes, papers are stuck to each other, causing problems. The desired paper should be placed on the tray if printing just once. If not you can stack the desired amount.

Open the document you would like to print. Select the Print option, then select the appropriate settings from there.

In this case, you can choose the printer, the number of copies you wish to print, color or monochrome paper size or paper type and so on. To get the printout you want without hassle.

You may also save your settings that you typically print on the same media, which can save time when printing the following.


These are the solutions to the most frequently asked questions that will help you expand your knowledge of watercolor printing. We hope you find them helpful.

Why do I require Watercolor Paper?

Regular paper can pill or tear when using the application of watercolor. This is why you require specially designed paper that absorbs the moisture in a short time and stay steady.

This is the reason watercolor paper is popular. They typically weigh about 300gsm.

Do Printers Support Watercolor Paper?

Partly, yes. Although some printers may not accommodate thick watercolor paper However, others can work with heavier papers. You must therefore locate a printer that is able to print watercolor papers.

Do I have the option of printing on both sides of the Watercolor Paper?

Printing artwork with watercolor paper doesn’t work the same as regular printing. Even if it’s possible to use watercolor papers on two sides but we shouldn’t do it.

Usually, watercolor paper is intended to be printed in the correct side. Locating the right side is simple. The correct side is which side is the watermark of the brand.

Wrapping up!

No longer do you have to wrestle when feeding watercolour paper through the printing. Nowadays, you have access to many premium printers that easily move watercolor paper through and produce the best quality image or artwork to the side.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a budget or fancy, high-tech or a regular printer, the knowledge you have about the printer as well as the quality of the paper is essential to get the best results.

Ofttimes, it’s not even the technology that is important the most, but rather our passion and expertise is what matters most!

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