10 Best Printer For Stickers (October 2022) Reviews

Labels for stickers help organize your things. When you get started creating the labels and using them you’ll never look back.

It was then that I realized how important it was using a printer which could print stickers. It took me a lot of time and effort to find out on the ideal printer.

Printing stickers is very different from printing regular sets of documents. If you don’t use the correct printing equipment and the right color printer, your sticker will look odd, and the durability is likely to be severely affected.

In any event it is unlikely that the sticker will be as durable like bumper stickers you find on vehicles. When I began using the top printer for stickers It did not only assist me in making superior stickers, but it also made creating cards for Christmas or holiday gifts for children much more enjoyable and thrilling.

Top 10 Best Printer For Stickers 2022

We have compiled a list of some of the best sticker printing equipment available in the market. So, without further delay let’s get started.

1. Phomemo M02 portable thermal Printer

We’ll be starting our off using a small pocket printer made by the company Phomemo. This is the ideal choice for those who don’t need to buy the full-size printer and solely printing stickers. It’s not the greatest in terms of flexibility, however, for printing stickers it will do perfect job.

There are those who argue that tiny-sized printers might not be sufficient for large-scale jobs, and they’ll be correct in the majority of instances. This printer isn’t intended for professional use.

If you’re looking for an ideal Christmas or birthday present for children, this product is the best option. If you print stickers, it produces outstanding results.

The Phomemo app is the greatest feature of this device. With this device, you can use a number of adorable templates to simplify your work.

Because it is based with thermoelectric technology, users will not need to invest any cost on ink cartridges. The maximum resolution of this unit is 300 dpi. That is sufficient for a device similar to this.

It is compact in size that fits in your pocket. Its battery, built-in at 1000mAh, is a good life-span and when in standby mode it will last for a whole week. It is compatible with both Android and iOS and also has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity options.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with both Android (4.0 and up) as well as IOS (8.0 or above).
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connection.
  • Also includes a mobile application.
  • Printing without ink.

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2. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 WiFi Printer Printing Stickers

If it was our job to choose only one printer to meet our requirements, we’d probably pick that printer, the Epson Ecotank ET-2720. It’s a budget printer that offers incredible performance and versatility for the money. Many might say it’s among the top printers for stickers printing.

This printer has an input tray of 100 sheets together with 10 envelopes as well as 20 sheet of photo-paper tray. In the end, you can print a huge quantity of stickers without needing to feed one sheet of paper every time. This feature can also come in handy when you print other kinds of documents.

The speed of printing of the device is pretty decent. If you print monochrome it is possible to expect an average of 10.5 pages/minute while for color prints you’ll get about five per min. For printing on stickers the speed is sufficient for the majority of people who are just looking for a hobby. However, professionals may prefer speedier options.

The overall output of color along with its resolution also are impressive. No matter what design you print, the sticker, it will remain in the original accuracy of color without the need to modify any aspect of the printer. The price per print is affordable, making it an excellent budget printer for everyone.

Key Features:

  • Durable and compact construction.
  • Fantastic color output.
  • Good papers handling, speed and efficiency.
  • Low cost and affordable price per print.

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3. HP ENVY 7855 Photo Printer For stickers Paper

If you’re looking for the dependability of HP without having to shell out an enormous amount of money the ENVY Photo7855 is a fantastic option. It also comes with HP Instant Ink, which is the HP Instant Ink subscription for this printer to save much money on the replacement of ink. Overall, this printer is an excellent choice in the race to be one of the top printers for stickers paper.

While it is marketed as being a photographer it is able to handle other applications fairly effectively. It’s a multi-functional machine which can be placed in any workplace due to its small and light design. There is also a tiny 3.5-inch touchscreen with color to control all the features on the printing.

The device has an input tray that can hold 125 sheets as well as a separate photo tray that can hold 15 sheets. But, the absence the automatic feeder for documents may be a concern for some. Because it’s a photo printer the quality of the output and resolution it offers isn’t remarkable.

The speed of printing is also very good with 12.7 pages/minute in black, and 4.6 pages per second for graphics-heavy or color printing.

Although it isn’t the fastest, but for the cost, it’s fantastic. In addition to the standard Ethernet the device also includes Bluetooth as well as Wireless connectivity as well as cloud-based printing.

Key Features:

  • Access to HP Instant ink subscription.
  • The wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Excellent print quality.
  • Works is compatible with Alexa.

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4. Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer For Labels and Labels

If you are a fan of portable printers, we are sure you’ll be delighted with the next item we’ve got for you. This Canon Selphy CP1300 wireless printer is a small and compact device that gives top-quality, large-sized printers an opportunity to compete for price. Despite its size the Selphy CP1300 is one of the top Printers to print stickers for your planner.

The print quality of this device is what makes it stand above all other capabilities. It produces sharp, vibrant hues without the need to alter any option. It is affordable at 35 cents for each print, you can reduce your costs to an affordable level with this printer.

It comes with a large LCD display on top, allowing you to use all the printer’s features easily. It allows you to connect to devices by using WiFi, Bluetooth, or a Mini USB cable. The lack of a wired connections means that if are planning to connect it to your computer it is necessary to purchase an extra mini USB cable from a retailer.

Portable printers don’t often get paper tray. It’s surprising that this printer has only a small tray with an 18-sheet capacity, which means you can get a more efficient printing experience. It’s a sleek and elegant printer that is perfect for those who want to be able to move quickly.

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Key Features:

  • Small and lightweight design.
  • Bluetooth and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Fantastic output of printing.

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5. Brother Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Sticker Printer

There are a few manufacturers that print on printers that are as well-known as Brother. In reality, walk into any printing store near you and there’s an opportunity to discover a Brother printer. It is an all-in-one Inkjet printer made by the brand is a good option if you’re looking to invest your money in these printers.

The capacity to handle paper in this device is extremely effective it comes with the ability to feed documents 20 sheets at a time and an input tray with 100 sheets of normal paper.

However, it doesn’t provide automatic duplexing therefore printing on both sides must be completed manually.

The speed and efficiency of this device are comparable against the top models despite the affordable price. With speeds that is 11.8 pages per minute of monochrome printing as well as 10 pages for color printing, you’ll be capable of printing lots of stickers without any hassle.

This printer is equipped with all connections you’ll ever need from the top printer to print planner stickers.

You will have wireless and wired connectivity, in addition to USB 2.0 and an direct USB connection to connect to a computer. It also supports wifi direct as well as NFC to connect your mobile directly to your printer.

Key Features:

  • It has an automatic document feeder that can handle 20 sheets.
  • NFC and Wi-fi Direct to allow smartphone connectivity.
  • Quality of color and speed.
  • Entry-level price tag.

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6. KODAK Smile Instant Digital Bluetooth Printer For IPhone & Android

Printing with instant photo printers is usually overlooked when it comes down to printing stickers of high-quality. But with this model from the famous Kodak all doubts you might have regarding the kind of device you’re looking at will be gone. It’s also the best thing about it; this gadget is affordable which makes it an excellent option for a gift to a loved one.

The device can be used for each iOS or Android. You can connect your phone and print a sticker you have designed without difficulty. You won’t be able print large amounts, but if print your own stickers it will work perfectly.

The most surprising aspect of this device is its print quality and color. Even with its tiny size the unit is uncompromising with regards to output. The color you see on your phone is the color you’ll receive when printing it out on the sticker paper.

Additionally, you can utilize an app called Smile Editing Studio app from your smartphone to make tiny adjustments and tweaks to your photo prior to printing it. The device doesn’t require printing inks or even toner. It runs on rechargeable batteries and offers a long-lasting battery that gives you true freedom to travel.

Key Features:

  • It works with rechargeable batteries.
  • Excellent output quality.
  • It is compatible with iOS as well as Android.
  • Set of Zinc papers to get you to the right place.

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7. Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 Sticker Making Printer

The Expression Premium XP-7100 is a great product by Epson. If you’re looking for a small printer, but don’t wish to compromise on the limitations of a portable printer This is the ideal option. It’s a budget-friendly option capable of handling some demanding tasks, including printing on stickers.

The most significant improvement you’ll see with this device is the addition of a document printer with double-sided printing.

This will help greatly if you’re planning to make use of the printer for other purposes in addition. In addition it comes with a 100-sheet input tray, as well as 20 sheets of cassettes for envelopes or stickers.

In terms of printing output and graphics this unit doesn’t fail to impress. You can enjoy vivid colours and dark backgrounds with any issue. This, coupled with the low operating cost of the printer is a fantastic option for home and office settings.

The speed of printing on the printer is good. With a speed rating of 15.8 minutes for monochrome printing and eleven pages per minute when printing prints that are colored The speed is better than other competition in this price bracket. In terms of the printing machine for stickers is concerned, this is one of the top available.

Key Features:

  • A small , but powerful device.
  • Great connectivity options for connectivity.
  • Amazing speed of printing.
  • Supports single pass automatic document feeder.

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8. HP ENVY Photo 7155 Printer for Planner Stickers

The ENVY 7155 is an earlier version of the model 7855 that we have previously reviewed, but at a lower cost. Even though it’s an old model, quality of the model has held up well to this day. It still has many of the features you will find within ENVY 7855. ENVY 7855.

The most noticeable difference in this model is the absence of a document feeder that is automatic inside the unit. This means that you’ll need to feed documents one by one which could be a bit tedious. The device comes with the 125-sheet input tray as well as an additional 15-sheet photo tray when you purchase the device.

With a rating at 14 pages per minute in monochrome, and 11.7 pages per minute in color printing You should not have any concerns when it comes to printing speed. In actual fact the speed is similar to the speed you’d receive with the latest versions, which can be remarkable considering the rise in price.

The unit is also equipped with everything that you’d need, including dual-band WiFi, USB, and Wi-Fi direct. It is also compatible with AirPrint and Eprint applications, along with connection options for all Alexa device. It’s quite a compact device that will meet your needs as a printer for your home.

Key Features:

  • Affordable entry-level printer.
  • Great value for money.
  • Flexible connectivity options.
  • Decent printing speed.

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9. Canon IVY Mobile Mini Photo Printer

The next time we will be launching a product we’ll be looking at a portable device. This time, however, the name Canon will be present to support it. While it is most well-known for its contributions to photography Canon also enjoys an impressive reputation in the world of printers.

The color resolution and print output of this unit are exceptional which allows you to achieve excellent levels of color accuracy for every print. This can be attributed to the resolution of 400 dots per inch on the device, which in the size of this unit is impressive. It prints stickers of 2×3 inches that can be made in just a few seconds.

This device can be used on your phone regardless of whether it’s an iOS or Android that uses Bluetooth. Additionally, you can utilize Canon’s Canon mini print application from the store, and make minor adjustments and tweaks to the sticker and choose the appropriate output quality.

This IVY Mobile Mini printer is an ideal addition to any person who is a hobbyist and likes to print stickers every now and then. It’s not the most equipment for professional use however if you’re looking to try some easy printing, this printer will accomplish the task perfectly. With its ridiculous cost, it is a great present.

Key Features:

  • Fast printing of stickers.
  • Extremely compact and portable.
  • It works for both iOS as well as Android.
  • Affordable price tag.

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10. HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Wireless Laser Printer for stickers

If you’re looking for the top laser printer to print stickers, then the last item in our review list is the one for you. It is the LaserJet Pro M255dw, a fantastic option that is made by the well-known HP. While the cost is a bit expensive If you’re looking for quality it is worth it.

The advantage of this printer lies in its speed of printing and output quality. It has vibrant colors, and the prints you print with the printer will appear amazing after printing. Regarding performance, count on a to print at a staggering rate of 19.9 pages per minute, regardless whether you print color or monochrome.

It also provides an array of connectivity options. These include cloud printing and Wi-Fi Direct for use with smartphones.

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As it’s an HP device You can also take advantage of this HP Instant Ink Service, which will have your ink delivered to your doorstep in case you’re running out.

The only issue with the product is its large size. It’s not the smallest model on the market and will take up a significant portion the space on your desk should you decide to purchase it. If you’re happy with the cost and dimensions, then this model is likely to be able meet all of your requirements for printing stickers.

Key Features:

  • High-speed printing.
  • Great build quality.
  • A wide range of connectivity options.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.

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Things to consider when buying the best printer for stickers

Making stickers is an enjoyable hobby that is enjoyable when you own an printer that prints stickers. But, not all printers offer the same quality of printing in this particular job.

You must know the features that are crucial when you plan to purchase the top printer to make stickers.

In the next part of this article, we’ll go over the most important things to consider when you’re in the lookout to purchase a printer for labeling and labels.

Type of Finish

When you print stickers there are two kinds of finishes available matte and glossy. There are a few printers that can provide the same quality with both kinds of finishes.

Yes, you can buy an ultra-premium unit that does everything flawlessly however, it will cost you a significant amount. The best approach in case you’re in a tight budget is to figure out what kind of finish you’ll require in the majority of situations.

You can choose one that is specialized in finishing of this type. If you’re buying a sticker printing machine for professional purposes, it’s best to select an expensive machine that can deal with all kinds of finishes.

Quality printing is something you should not ignore when purchasing the right printer for making stickers. If you’re planning to print stickers with stunning images and details, you have to make sure you purchase the right printer capable of handling the heavy-duty job.

You must check how high the resolution is of your printer and the accuracy of the color. It is simple as it is stated in the specifications for the product as dpi. The greater the dpi, higher resolution you will achieve. To test the color fidelity it is recommended to print an example sticker with the printer.

Speed of Print

The speed of the printer’s ability to print stickers can affect the experience. If you’re the irritable kind, waiting for the printing of your stickers may not be something you would like to do.

But, bear in mind that acquiring the fastest printer you can to make stickers for your hobby may not be a good decision. However, for a professional-grade banner or sticker-making business it is an investment that’s worth it.

The value of time is in business The faster printing speeds of the printer greater profits businesses can make. Before you decide to purchase an printer, think about the speed of printing some thought.


The capacity for feeding paper to the printer differs from model to the next. Certain models let you keep up to 100 pieces of paper in the tray for input, while certain models do not include an input tray in the first place.

For those who are looking for effectiveness, a large capacity feeder tray on the printer is essential. This way, you do not be feeding each paper one after the other when printing a lot of stickers simultaneously.

You just need to upload the design and choose the quantity of prints you require and the printer will automatically scan your paper, and then print when there is enough paper.

Paper Handling

Also, you must consider the capabilities for handling paper of the printer you’re contemplating buying. Sticker papers come in different varieties. For instance, if you plan to print vinyl stickers you’ll need an printer that is able to handle the material. Otherwise, you won’t have the best outcomes.

Additionally, if you wish to print several stickers simultaneously it is best to choose a device that is able to handle large volumes.

A majority of the printers in the budget range can print just some stickers at a time. With a printer that has better printing options, you’ll be able print for a long time without needing to adjust after each print.

Brand Name

In the case of printers choosing a well-known brand is often the best choice. We recommend that you go with a name such as HP, Epson, Brother and so on. as you’ll receive higher quality aftermarket service from them in the event that there is a problem in your printing device.

It’s true that using inexpensive printers from off-brand manufacturers might be less expensive to budget however, in the majority of cases they’ll break down within a few months.

A reputable brand ensures that you’re getting precisely what you’re paying for. Off-brand printers can also overstate the capabilities of their products.

Essential Functions

Today’s printers come with numerous functions and features to help you accomplish your job. Do you want to create stickers for yourself or do you wish to fax or scan with the printer?

Do you require an automatic document feeder? If you don’t have a clear knowledge of your needs then you won’t be capable of making the best decision.

However, not everyone will require a printer with the ability to scan or copy or fax. However, if you purchase a printer that is multi-functional it will give you the option of needing it later on. Before you purchase the purchase of a printer, be sure you give thought to the features you would like it to fulfill.

Ink Cost

The price of ink may vary from one printer another. The availability of ink is an additional factor to think about. Certain printers, though they may be costly have a low costs per printed. If you intend to frequently use it choosing a printer with a low cost is the best choice.

Be sure to check the price per print of the printer prior to investing in it. Additionally, you should determine the type of cartridge is used and if it is available it near by.

In HP printers offer the service known as HP Instant Ink which basically allows you to purchase the cartridge ink at home when you’re out, at a cost that is low.

Size of the Printer

If you are working with a small workspace where you have to put the printer in it is important to think about the size also. Many people do not have the luxury of having unlimited workspace on their table. The most important thing you don’t want to do is to buy an expensive printer that will not even put in your work table.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of small but robust models that can provide you with top performance, but not too heavy.

If you’re struggling in terms of space, then you could be able to benefit from a smaller printer. However If space is something you don’t have to think about, this might not be a an issue.


A printer isn’t an inexpensive investment. It is true that not everyone can afford the most expensive printer that is available which is acceptable.

Nowadays there is a chance to get a top printer for an affordable cost than it was. If you are aware of what you’re willing to pay and you have the right printer for the needs of your.

To ensure a pleasant shopping experience, it’s essential to set a budget. This will allow you to eliminate the products aren’t within your budget and enable you to focus on the ones are within your budget.

This way, you’ll be able to examine the features in detail and choose a product that will meet your needs.

DIY Tips to Print Amazing Stickers

Making amazing stickers requires much to do with perseverance and perseverance. It requires imagination and skill for your part to come up with creative ideas and print them with your printer.

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If you’re an aspiring student, you are likely to make a lot of mistakes. It’s aspect of learning and so you learn out of the mistakes you make, you’re on the right path.

In the next section, we’ve compiled some tips to assist you in improving your ability to make stickers after you have purchased the most efficient printer to print stickers.

Color Processing

Color is an essential aspect in the making of stickers. If you want your stickers to truly stick out, you’ll need to make sure that you’re receiving the correct shades.

One of the issues that novices often encounter is setting an exact color for the image editing software , which will be washed off or altered after printing.

To ensure the accuracy of color To ensure color accuracy, we recommend to print with CMYK processing for color. This printing method is affordable and precise which makes it a good choice for amateurs and professionals alike. The printers on our review list make use of CMYK process for color.

CMYK color processing layer colored inks in dots on top of each other to create the perfect tone you choose the color tone in an editor software. The result is that the final output is extremely exact.

Printing on vinyl stickers Another well-known method of processing color can be used. This is Pantone color. Actually, Pantone printing is much more precise, particularly for huge solid blocks. However, it is more costly and isn’t a feasible alternative for DIYers.

Selecting The Best Colors

Understanding how colors function after printing is as important as selecting the proper image processing program. For instance, when using CMYK processing 10% of the lightest colors within the spectrum don’t come out well, if they do at all. This is perhaps the only drawback to CMYK colors.

If you’re using a lighter pink colors on your sticker, it could appear whiter, which consequently, cause your sticker to appear washed out.

Balance of the shades is a delicate act that could make or break the design of your sticker. If you are able to balance all the shades, not just will your sticker appear precise, but it will also look beautiful.

Even if you are using lots of blacks, unless there are colors that make up for it the result will not turn out great.

You must use the right proportion of black and colors in order to create the desired appearance. For those who are new to this, it may be quite overwhelming. However, there’s a lot of websites that can assist you in understanding it better.

Durability of Your Sticker

The longevity of your sticker is dependent on many variables. The ink used as well as the process of printing to the paper you choose for printing can affect the durability the sticker. It is important to know how each one of these factors impact the longevity after printing.

If you’re a fanatic perhaps you don’t need permanent stickers. A sticker that lasts for a couple of months may suffice for you.

However, for commercial purposes the sticker has to last for a longer time. For instance, if , for example, you print car bumper stickers and they begin to fade after a few months, it doesn’t create a sense of confidence for your company.

Die Cutting

A great way to emphasize particular design elements of the sticker would be cutting it in a unique manner. Cut-to-size stickers and decals that are custom cut are a standard method and to achieve this using die cutting, it is the ideal method. If you own the option of a laser printer in your home it can be done quickly.

But, if you’re printing on a professional press, the job is much simpler. If you are printing professionally, it could be quite costly.

The improvement you can make of your sticker can make the extra cost usually worth it. Remember, however that not all kinds of sticker will work with die cutting.

Breaking down Blocks Of Color

If you print huge chunks of color the printing costs will be more expensive. This isn’t an efficient method to design stickers. Even if you opt for CMYK printing technology, your price will be higher. Most of the time it is necessary visit an expert printing press in order to get it printed.

One way to overcome this issue is to divide your colors, so that you don’t have to print large amounts with solid color.

It will not only lower costs and increase the efficiency, but it can also be more pleasing to the eye. Additionally printing color groups with solid colors aren’t easy and there’s a possibility that the design will appear washed up.

Whatever the driver for printing, print server or printer you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the quality of printing. The printer is a good example.

You may also have the possibility to alter the speed of printing as well as ink usage. For the best printing quality you must be able to alter the settings.

When you print your sticker make sure that you select the highest print quality. Even even if it takes longer for printing your sticker however, your quality is higher, and the color will be accurate as well.

Ink Cartridges

Before you begin printing stickers, make sure your ink cartridges have been topped off. If you’re running low with ink may create a number of issues.

For example, if you have a low amount of a particular color you’re using for your print The printer may try to make up for it by using other colors, which can lead to mistakes.

But, this brings up the question of cost. The most effective advice we can offer you is to not purchase the cartridges that are branded and use reputable retail stores.

In most cases the cartridges that you purchase from them are as good as the ink you buy from a reputable brand, with the benefit of being priced less.

Note: Always dispose your cartridges properly. If you don’t dispose the cartridges in a proper manner, it could cause harm to the environment.

Paper Compatibility

Every printer has a limit to the amount of paper it is able to handle. If you’re using a compact printer , for instance, it may not be able to take on more thicker stickers. The use of thicker sheets than your printer is able to handle could result in obstruction. Inkjet printers

In addition, you need to consider the kind of paper you’re employing. Some printers are able to work with specific papers, but give bad results with other. For instance, if you use inkjet printers, glossy sticker paper will typically give you good results.

Frequently asked questions

1. What else do I need to Print Stickers Other Than The Printers?

If your printers are secured, you’ll need sticker paper as well as an image editing program that you like.

2. Can I Use An Inkjet Printer To Print Vinyl Stickers?

Yes, you can. But, the best method of printing vinyl stickers is to utilize an equipment that prints vinyl.

3. Can I use a Laser Printer to print stickers?

In general, we recommend using inkjet printers when printing stickers due to their low cost. If you do have an at-home laser printer you could use it for printing stickers.

Final Thoughts

printing stickers, regardless of whether you are doing it for a profit or just for fun It is certainly easier with the right printing machine. This review will assist you in determining which printer will suit your needs to the fullest.

The importance of consistency and perseverance are the two main elements when printing fantastic stickers. You must understand how the printer functions and how it works with various types of materials as well as ink. Therefore, ensure that you pick the right printer right from the beginning.

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